Trans Effie: The Progressive Ideal of Beauty

In the final issue of The Charleston Mercury, Robert Barnwell Rhett described our regional cultural divide this way: “The South, a more tolerant and congenial region, did not like change and revered the past, while the North, “fond of novelties, misnamed “progress,” was the slave of its own dogmatism.”

This was a common refrain in the Old South.

From the perspective of Southern conservatives, the liberal societies of the American North and Western Europe appeared to be boiling over with various bizarre social revolutions which they didn’t understand or want to see introduced into their own culture. The people who lived there always seemed to be in a somewhat demented state. They were strikingly never satisfied. The definition of “progress” to them was endless novelty seeking or leveling and perverting the social order for the sheer thrill of doing so. All of this sounds too familiar and closer to home in our times.

Anyway, I was reminded of Rhett’s words when I saw this earlier this morning:

There it is.

The BBC is promoting a trans version of Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games to promote transgenderism to home schooled kids. It is the poisonous culture of the Capitol of Panem come to life.

This is the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Last year, they had Moby Dick on the cover to promote fat acceptance. The goal is to push “exposure to diversity” and new norms against fatphobia and transphobia because objective beauty is marginalizing. For the same reason, black women are always being crowned winners of beauty pageants.

It is everywhere:

Here is the latest example.

E Online:

Jari Jones is making history.

The Black transgender model, actress and activist celebrated a huge accomplishment this week when she saw herself on a larger-than-life Calvin Klein billboard in Manhattan, New York as apart of the fashion brand’s 2020 Pride campaign #PROUDINMYCALVINS.

Calvin Klein’s Pride campaign features nine LGBTQ models including 13 Reasons Why actor Tommy Dorfman, artist Gia Woods, trans activist Chella Man, drag queen and singer Pabllo Vittar, and Jones, who identifies as a transqueer lesbian—just to name a few. …”

This is beauty on Critical Social Justice Theory.

It is a purely subjective social construct. It couldn’t be more clear that perversion is the point. The ideal of masculinity is black effeminacy. The ideal of femininity is black and trans and obese.

I’m not done.

The fashion industry is also built on hierarchies of racism and classism.

The Atlantic:

“Luxury fashion’s love of hierarchies has never been subtle. Telling people what they should look like often also requires telling them what’s unacceptable: To spend money on feeling better, people first need to feel bad. For decades, the industry tolerated nearly no dark skin, fat bodies, wrinkles, or outward indications that a person wasn’t summoned from the recesses of a French executive’s brain and manifested directly onto the banquette at a SoHo restaurant. Any criticisms, the industry shrugged off.

Suddenly, though, it’s the worst time to be peddling European elitism since the French Revolution. As the United States has roiled with soaring unemployment, mass death, and protests against racist state violence, fashion has had to contend with accusations that it long refused to dignify with a response. In June, Yael Aflalo, the CEO of the popular sustainable-fashion brand Reformation, and Leandra Medine Cohen, the influencer behind the style website Man Repeller, both left the companies they founded after their employees accused them of racism and classism. Vogue’s longtime editor in chief, Anna Wintour, was recently forced to apologize to her workforce for the publication’s decades of racism in a bid to keep her job.

For the most part, the tales of toxicity in fashion aren’t new …

Just last week, the fashion industry coughed up another example of the financial dismissiveness with which it treats Black talent: The designer Telfar Clemens was unceremoniously dropped by Gap, which had been promoting a high-profile collaboration with him as recently as January. …

Washing whiteness out of the hierarchy of fashion wouldn’t just take adjustments to corporate leadership or less exploitative supply chains. It would mean dramatic changes in how wealth accumulates more broadly, and in how we think about nice things and who should have them. …”

Hierarchies of objective beauty and elegance must be subverted by the woke … everywhere. Dramatic changes are necessary to wash out the whiteness in fashion.

What is the goal that runs through all of this? Celebrating the criminal and damning the cop? Degrading Whites and exalting blacks? Beauty and ugliness trading places? Injustice becoming justice? It is to subvert the social order and to turn the world upside down and call it “progress.”

Agree with my opinion? Disagree with this agenda? It is “hate.”

Note: Is our present dystopian society worth fighting for to preserve? Could a foreign conquest and occupation possibly be worse than this?

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  1. The perversion and inversion of everything beautiful and traditional rampages on. It’s nothing new, but the recent intensity of — and insistence on — overturning truth and beauty seems to be. We’ve become the Weimar Republic on weaponized estrogen. I’m looking forward to the inevitable backlash against the brazen attempt to kill off our culture and civilization. Newton’s third law of motion applies to history, as well.

    • These bastards are risking another 1488 situation and they don’t even know it. All that’s missing is a financial catastrophe and that is on the way.

  2. Dostoevsky said “Beauty will save the world.” But not that kind of beauty, and not by beauty alone, by suffering also. He said “suffering is the origin of consciousness.” The beauty that saves the world is the love of God that appears in a suffering, crucified heart. The other beauty, or allure, of carnality, selfishness and hate, destroys the world.

  3. The collection of pics for this post was stomach-turning. All that was needed to make them vomit-inducing was to include one of David French in a see-through bikini. Please God, don’t let there be one out there!

  4. Lol.

    The US is under (((foreign))) occupation.

    And as long as the fashion industry is dominated by people with names like Yael and Cohen, I don’t expect to see a serious push to diversify and harm their profit margins.

  5. In European history, small(numerically speaking), aggressive, motivated groups (like the ancient Magyars for example) have been able to successfully impose their language, culture and identity on numerically superior but disorganised and undermotivated groups.

    This is what is happening to us.

  6. Yeah, it’s all to almost blow up the mind; to totally distort it. To destroy what we sense and know to be normal. But as usual, who is behind this? Who has the money, power and resources to push this? To get it on billboards? To push it on magazines? I will not say in every case it’s Jews. But I for sure will say it’s very disproportionately Jews. There are vile goys. No doubt about it. A very large amount voted for Obama and will for Biden. But jews stir the drink shall we say. The Yid York Times literally puts a lower case for Whites and an upper case for blacks. That is truly evil, barbaric and vomit like. But actually not totally shocking.

    There is a man I know who immigrated here from Lebanon. A nice guy. He is totally against what is going on. He can’t believe this is America. He now openly talks of leaving here. He asks. ” How did America become a %=× hole?”. I get into who controls America. I mention a weak American constitution. I mention the corporations who literally have made Blm rich. He mentioned how much he wanted to be American but now hates what he sees. I say ” no doubt about it.”

    Question all you read and push back against anything that is anti White and anti normal. And for sure never quietly fund them because you like a certain tv show or sports team. It felt good gutting my remaining sports tv package the other week. Asked why I was doing it by the customer service chick, I said I am tired of all the anti White garbage I see. She actually quietly agreed. What a sick ÷%÷ up era we live in. Hopefully a far superior one many years from now will look at this era with the utter disdain it deserves.

  7. My history teacher? Now, this goes way back to when “queer” was used to denote someone we suspected just wasn’t wired correctly.

    Oh, he let us hold it more than once, to be specific: What are the symptoms of a society on the road to extinction?

    He listed many a source, among them, yes, Gibbon (THOTDAFOTRE, y’all), Yeah, that guy.

    Among such symptoms? “It don’t get no better that this!”, “What? Me, worry?” And so on.

    Cold, he listed one. One his professor told, yes. “Keep your eyes open, young people, the old man warned us, you start seeing queers? The end is quite close.”

    Greece, yes. Pax Romana, definitely. Hand up. “Sir? Can we consider that a cause?”

    “Cause, no, symptom, definitely.”

    Translation mode enabled: Like the Romans…..we have, collectively, ceased giving a durn…

    -Rather than tell the coloreds to eff off, we roll our eyes and hand them more, more and more.

    -Rather than state firmly that “queer” is an obvious malfunction……..we roll our eyes and….

    -And like the failed Romans, we’d much rather stare blindly into our cell phones and watch little candies dance than take care of BUSINESS.

    It’s gonna be interesting, yes.

  8. Well at least effie trinket was a woman and despite being a rich elitist bitch, towards the end of mockingbird 1 she sort of redeems herself as character by siding with the rebellion and trying to live as a poor commoner. I haven’t seen mockingbird part 2 yet but i’ll watch it soon its been sitting on my list at netflix for the past 8 months lol

    Who would win in a drag slapfight Lady maga or this effie divina? I’d wager Lady Maga remember how tall she was standing next to fuentes had 2ft over him, nick is so short haha

  9. Woe to he who calls good evil and evil good. I hope I live long enough to see that prophesy fulfilled.

  10. And it won’t work anyway. Beauty has a power of it’s own, people know what’s beatiful, it stays pretty much the same from century to century. Look at a Greek statue from 500 bc, or a Japanese print from nineteenth century, or a bust off an ancient queen of Egypt. Trying to pass of that list , of sheer ugliness you showed, as lovely, is hilarious. Even or enemies are trying to use what WE consider beatiful as the standard. Unfortunately, it’s like a group of orcs trying to resemble elves, and failing badly.

  11. “We are are beautiful in our own way” But if everybody is beautiful then there is no ugliness. And if there is no ugliness there we have no measure with which to measure beauty. Beauty is away from the ape and towards the angelic. The people that most resemble an angelic continence are people of Northern European ancestry (AKA “Northernkind” according to author Richard MuColloch) or what was once refereed to as Aryan.

  12. This is how our society is dragged down, into the gutter.

    Endorsing these fat slobs , who will ruin our medical system with their chronic health problems.

    Plus, the spillover effect, encouraging others to be careless in health.

  13. It must be a strange time to be a normal, teenage boy when they are pushing these land whales and/or trans freaks in the media. What are they supposed to think when they see that Calvin Klein billboard?

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