Today’s Cancellations

Rule, Britannia!:

For being insensitive in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Generation Identity:

For “violent extremism” after NBC News published a hysterical denunciation of the group.

The Propertarian Movement:

It has imploded after Curt Doolittle went to Pee Pee Pants City.

Asian people:

“What oft was thought, but ne’er so well expressed.”

Asian Silence Is Violence!

The McCloskeys:

For defending their property against the mob which is white supremacy.

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  1. Any social or political system that bans criticism, often with draconian sanctions, is admitting that the system is an abject failure.

  2. Not enough people have read Camp of the Saints. This book wasn’t written as a manual but its become one.

  3. I have enjoyed “LAST NIGHT AT THE PROMS” since I was a small child, with the regalia of “Royal Brittania” being brilliantly performed every year with a snarky and patriotic tone. UNTIL LAST YEAR WHEN A HEAVY SET LESBIAN BEGAN SINGING IT AND WAVING AN LGBT RAINBOW FLAG IN PLACE OF THE UNION JACK.

    It was a truly depressing and disgusting moment I would rather forget

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