FOX News Cancels Tucker Carlson’s Top Writer

We’re going to stand up to cancel culture until a leftwing journo hack who used to work for the Leadership Institute and The Blaze and now works for CNN accuses us of “racism.” Then we will cave. There you have in a beautiful little nutshell why mainstream conservatism is a failure.

Is the situation ever the other way around? Does the Left ever cave and fire someone when they are accused of saying edgy things or “associating” with edgy people by mainstream conservatives? Are they cancelled for racist comments? Does anything ever come from all of James O’Keefe’s clever undercover videos? Of course not. There is no check on their diatribes against Whites. It is a one way street in which conservatives alone throw their own people under the bus.

Progressives cannot even do things like, say, maintain law and order or enforce the law equally or condemn looting and vandalism or say “All Lives Matter” to say nothing about people who make anti-White comments. Those people are hired and promoted at The New York Times.

Look at the language that is used here: “racist” and “misogynistic” and “homophobic.” It is the language of the -isms and -phobias. Mainstream conservatives allow these people to redefine morality itself as being all of these various critiques and therapies. They are pushing terms like “transphobia” and “classism” and “fatphobia” now. Why do you think they lost the culture war?

*rolls eyes*

Have they heard of loyalty as a moral concept?

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  1. Tucky is a straw man or a straw dog too. And when the time is right he will be throw into the gutter too. Jews love creating straw man, they are easy to knock down and destroy and they don’t fight back. And Tucky is a Jew creation.

  2. I’m still waiting to find out what he wrote that is so offensive. I suspect that it is comments that normal people would agree with.

    • One of his turribl, turribl, ebil jokes: “Neff stated how he ‘wouldn’t get LASIK from an Asian for free’ in response to an email thread with the subject line, ‘Would u let a JET BLACK congo nigger do lasik eye surgery on u for 50% off?’

      ‘I wouldn’t get LASIK from an Asian for free, so no,’ Neff is alleged to have responded. “

      Oh! The humanity!

  3. Fox News is looking for any opportunity to cancel Mr. Carlson.

    He has become too edgy for them – too honest and too pertinent.

    That’s my sense of it.

    In any case, when that happens, Carlson will take his audience with him, so it will make no difference, and I think Fox News also knows this.

    • Carlson is the latest and most successful version of respectable conservative. That’s why he’s been able to pull the wool over the eyes of so many folks who should know better. That’s why he’s allowed to stay on the air. All the “controversy” around him is good PR.

      Listen to him carefully. He’s a respectable to the core.

      • Tucker knows if he bells the cat he is gone. Fox TV is supposed to be the guardrail on the right, supporting “our greatest ally”, Wall Street scumbags, and criticizing the latest left wing outrage is their dog and pony show. Notice how often Ann Coulter, a harsh right wing critic of Trump is on Fox now? Never.

  4. Hopefully, our elites are exposed for the pathetic, morally broken selfish parasites that they are very soon.

    There is always hope.

    Ms. Maxwell is in custody.

    If they don’t kill her or put us all into some bizarre “Orwellian” dystopia (seems like it’s already here lol) there is still hope that some kind of Dreyfuss Affair-type scandal will expose our corrupt elites and they’re evil dealings with Mossad/Israel/Big Pharma and Media Jews.

  5. Leftists are only ever cancelled when they criticize Israel too harshly, like Corbin in the UK. Or if they criticize “bankers” or other things that have been labelled antisemitic canards by the ADL.

  6. You perhaps know that whiskey, particularly the USA bourbon and Tennessee whiskey, is also now regarded as ‘racist’, particularly the types seen as ‘southern’ … a number of articles on this

    An roller coaster ride called ‘Rebel Yell’ is getting a name change, haven’t seen that re the whiskey brand yet

    The sweetness of USA whisky with its production using corn and rye – versus the more bitter barley in Scotland and Ireland – is actually much borrowed. If you dig into details you often find that fancy Scotch or other whisky is aged in USA bourbon barrels to give it a sweeter tone.

    Even Jewish singer Bob Dylan is cashing in on the craft bourbon & rye craze, selling his own brand as ‘Heaven’s Door’ named after the song lyric

  7. Tucker is just a dog whistler. The stuff he says is not much different from what Bill O’Reilly said during the Bush years. Then we had Glenn Beck as the savior conservative who had to be one of us because he talked about “cultural marxism.” Don’t watch Tucker. Read, watch and listen to alt-right content producers. Lets focus on building our own movement.

  8. Carlson isn’t bad, but I never thought Fox network was much better than the rest of mainstream media. They were always pushing for another war or cheerleading for israel. They have been fond of lecturing everybody about how the economy works, meaning a few rich assholes grab everything they can grab, and the rest just muddle along. The Wall Street Journal Report is a good example of this.

    • Fox News, as Oswald Spengler pointed out about media a century ago, serves the interests of its Jewish owners and no other. That much is obvious, so let’s start from there. All of that Country Western shtick and patriotic jingoism from Sean Hannity and the rest, therefore, is straightforward encapsulation of the lethal (for America) Israel-first meme that permeates everything on Fox, sending American soldiers (whom Jews just yesterday were calling “baby killers”) to die and be maimed “as heroes in uniform” because they’re now fighting Israel’s wars so good Jewish boys need not be bothered.

      The parent company, furthermore, openly supports BLM. The top midday talking head used to be “Shep” Smith, who said he’s not ashamed to go home after work to “the man I love.” But, there’s a deeper psy-op playing out that younger Americans are blind to, which is men being lectured to by (mainly younger) women on world events as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. The female talking heads routinely cut the balls off male guests such as generals and senators in mid-sentence, all the while men in the audience are psychologically and incrementally castrated without a clue, and now to the point they cannot even defend their country from black baboonery in the streets, let alone a foreign enemy. The talking heads–they’re actors, after all–say whatever their Jewish paymasters tell them to say, and, you can bet, vote Democratic in the voting booth.

  9. Racial jokes seem not to be very tolerated. You’re better off being totally serious and saying you’re defending whites then telling racist jokes.

  10. Conservatives should be fine with this firing. After all, they always say employers should hire and fire who they please, right?

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