Portland Is Still a Mess

They’ve given up.

Civilization is less important than “anti-racism.”

Everywhere we look whether it is Seattle or Atlanta or Portland or St. Louis or San Francisco or Los Angeles or Salt Lake City or Washington, DC or Minneapolis or New York City or London or Amsterdam or Paris … we see the same thing. It is the same toxic idea that is plunging the world into crisis.

“Racism” is the real problem.

The “racist” is defined as every single White person who is currently sitting at home and watching this spectacle who is not disturbing the peace of their community or trying to harm others. Those people are complicit in systemic racism. They are engaged in violence by being silent.

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    • It looks like the people of Portland like their city this way. Go east into the rural parts of Oregon and there is zero tolerance for this bullshit though, it’s a different world.

  1. I’ve looked through the Transcript from the Floyd arrest, there’s no way they can oct these cops based on what I’ve read. Once the footage on the bodycams arrives its another riot.

  2. Blumph will send in the troops any day now….Not. Apparently

    he thinks this urban congoid-Jewcommunist crap is going to get him re-elected.

    • “no way they can oct these cops.” What does oct mean? Is it an acronym? I can’t keep up with these new terms invented daily. You’re one of the better commenters here is why I bothered to ask.

    • I don’t think Trump can win at this point. He’s done absolutely nothing for working class whites. And he didn’t need to do much. Only thing that could stop Biden’sVP pick is the self preservation instinct of the racial conscious.

      • @Captain John…

        6 weeks ago, I would have agreed with you about President Trump being unlikely to win reelection, but, after all these riots, the soaring crime rates, and all the ancillary insanity, such as the Defund The Police Movement, I think he is back to at least even odds, perhaps better.

        it’s almost as if The Left has taken a sworn oath to keep the current chief executive in office for another 4 years.

        Your Average Joe, no matter what the race, is aghast at what has gone on, and though most are not politically savvy, as are you, they do have the impression that The Democrat Party is complicit in all this.

        If Trump is down with some Working Class Whites, he is, when compared to previous Republican presidential candidates of recent decades, way up with Blacks.

        Moreover, young people have very little affinity for The Biden Candidacy.

        Biden does not look good a number of major constituencies, except to suburban White Women and Rural Blacks.

        And The Latins I know have no good feeling for BLM, Antifa, or the riots.

        The polls do not much reflect this, but, then again, the polls are largely corrupt.

    • Well of course it will this is “joe bidens America” don’t ya know? or is the LAW and ORDER president going just allow cities to burn an erupt in race riots spearheaded by the antifa/blm militia mob he designated a terrorist organisation 2 months ago and hasn’t lifted a damn finger against

      Also dreamers are now citizens kayne his best fake friend is stealing the black vote so now blumpf and gop inc is simping for taco Americans as a last ditch effort because lowest black unemployment failed miserably lol so much for birthright citizenship and building the wall I mean bollard fencing

  3. Now there will be problem that rich white people moving out from those failed cities and moving into your neighborhood and they taking their agenda with them. Liberal whites are like locust. Destroy one place and move on. And they do not change. Liberalism is genetic.

    This why “fellow white people” concept is dangerous. Those “fellow white people” made this mess in the first place. And they never blame themselves. Communism works, if done properly.

    There is Newsweek article linked in other thread. There are also great comments that liberalism is not failed, only Nazis and far right extremists and razizz and white supremacy ruined it, so we must move to normal white neighborhood and start over.

    Eastern Europe has similar problem. Communism is great, only liberals killed not enough people, so Nazis remained and ruined communism.

  4. Rest in power might just be the lamest phrase of words I’ve heard yet but these lefty spergs keep repeating this like sheep. Last week when blue haired non binary summer taylor was ran over and tossed 6 ft into the air by a black Eritrean driving like a savage these blender brains kept saying it non stop oh yeah thats real power alright lol

    “white silence equals violence” is another phrase of wording thats lame asf the long nose who came up with that is a certified evil genius pos

  5. One thing that is happening, is that USA whites being under siege like they are now, is greatly building up the momentum of European-heritage identity on the old continent … although UK is following the USA model

    The sufferings and killings of the USA whites, in Continental Europe which is still over 80% indigenous, is becoming a searing example of what needs to be avoided

  6. Looking back at this article from last autumn, Matt Parrot was really on point with his 2020s predictions:


    Have to give him credit. Bonds, white rapture, and black riots all spot on. We will probably see the biggest White flight in history in the next few years. His elder abuse prediction came in an even more spectacular form of mass sacrifice of the elderly with covid-19. Some of these have yet to come to fruition, but the trends are really supporting his predictions.

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