Today’s Cancellations

Bari Weiss:

Bullied into resigning from The New York Times for racist bigotry.

Andrew Sullivan:

Couldn’t take it anymore at New York Magazine.

Professor Joshua Katz:

For using language associated with anti-Black violence.

The Star Spangled Banner:

For likely being “racist.”

UConn Student Government Leaders:

For being White which is racism and white supremacy.

Martin Sellner’s YouTube account:

For being pro-European.

University of Mississippi Confederate Monument:

Because everything White and Southern has to go.

Seattle Business Owner:

For cultural appropriation.

Fortune 500 Companies:

For the “racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism.”

Museum Curator:

For white supremacy which is curating art by White men.

Issac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation:

Decolonize your mind.


Devante Bryant:

Because Black Lives Don’t Really Matter to Black Lives Matter.

Davell Gardner Jr.:

Because Black Lives Don’t Matter. The narrative is the only thing that matters.

American Patriot:

Head busted open with a baton by Antifa for publicly expressing a contrary opinion.

Federal Law Enforcement:


Random Asian Male:

For looking kind of like Andy Ngo.

White People:

For being so close to animals.

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  1. Black supremacy is being encouraged by the elites. I welcome it. Let all the natural preferences (almost) all humans have for their own kind come out, so the abnormal cultural programming can be overwhelmed. Tribalism is part of who we are. Maybe White normies will awake to that fact through the survival instinct, although I’m starting to doubt it will ever happen. Preservation of our culture and civilization will be left up to those of us who are racially aware.

    Nick Cannon, who had been married to Mariah Carey, works with Whites on “The Masked Singer.” His pale co-workers will ignore his racist outburst, being typical leftist Hollyweird pussies. Cannon’s hatred of us reads like a dystopian fairy tale straight out of Farrakhan’s mouth. Yes, they really would all be kangz, if not for the ebil cracka. Our innate White malevolence is what has held them back all this time, of course, not their ignorance and savagery.

  2. That UConn guy doesn’t even look White. Looks like he’s half Asian. That seems to be the next step. Redefining White from meaning European to meaning “not black.” I see more and more mestizos and Indians and east Asians referred to as White. I’m surprised the Bubba Wallace thing even took off because he doesn’t even have very strong negro features. He looks more like a Moroccan or something.

    And dreadlocks are not even some African thing. Polacks used to wear them when their entire society decided to start larping as Scythians. It was called the “Polish plait.”

    • It may have predominated in areas foolishly known as “Poland” but the Wiki article clearly points out the pagan nature of such vile hairstyles, (the Poles are RCC) and brings in Die Juden (as Denise was wont to say) as either emulators, or progenitors of said vulgarity, rather quickly. Every.Single.Time.
      In any event, Blacks are not Whites, Pagans are not Christians, and White people don’t need to have blacks living among them, anymore.

  3. There are two ways to differentiate the animal from the civilized human being. Only an animal persecutes and torment he weak and the innocent and you can not reason with an animal but you do so with a civilized human being. Why did the Jews kill the innocent Christ? What reason? Was there a reason and if not then how are the Jew human beings? There is more to being a civilized human being than walking on two legs instead of four.

    • Christ was a threat to the Jewish power structure. If His views would’ve taken hold with a substantial number of local hebrews, He would’ve also eventually threatened Roman rule. That’s the political side of it.

      Lucifer appeals to the insecure status-seeker, which means most people. People express evil in many forms, but mostly in petty ways. The majority of souls are weak and vain individuals. To be considered truly great in standard historical terms, you need to have slaughtered millions on your path to personal glory.

      • Boomer X: Appreciate all your thoughtful comments. However, I have come to believe @ Robert Browning simply copies and pastes the same verbiage into each thread. The annoying thing is his error in slandering the nature of animals. . Animals behave out of instinct and necessity for survival . Only humans are willfully ignorant, cruel, and destructive.

  4. Now this a much more interesting and useful daily recounting of events then the old covid-19 tally. That list had elements of unreliability and unreality due to personal and professional motivations of the evidence sources cited. The cancellation list will eventually have social and political salience because the people being silenced have power and status and assets and a capacity to communicate the wrongs done to them.

    A a result, eventually they will coalesce into a force capable of organizing genuine resistance to the Establishment Revolution. These people are Peter Turchin’s second tier elites, but unlike the cancel cultural marxists, they are collateral causulties who can fight back, as compared to the middle and working class normies who silently accept their fate as deserved.

    As always, the haters are drunk with power and do not use their exercise of force modestly. If America survives and thrives again, it will because these old school liberals who practice what they preach say enough, and shut down the communications and coercion apparatuses now being used by morons to get revenge on strangers for primary school hurts from their youth.

    So make fun of liberals at your peril. I smell a counter-revolution from the upcoming Biden-to Harris-to-Abrams regime. That will be sweet.

    • whole heartedly agree!

      a daily cancellation list of people and institutions canceled , un-personed, families destroyed for wrongthink would be far more useful and entertaining.

      a place to check and see if the jackboots came for you during the night!

  5. I meant of course a counter-revolution AGAINST a Biden Administration supported version of cancel culture, not a counter-resistance originating with that regime. Joe will be the puppet for a year or two, then Kamela-Stacey take over. They will play ball with the Oligarchs, like their role model Barack. And for the same reason-the payoffs once out of office. Keep that money flowing up to the already rich.

  6. “Just leave it on the porch”

    -Note to FedEx delivery driver dropping off another two thousand rounds of ammo.

  7. Having not known of Miss Bari Weiss before this recent kerfuffle, I did a little research and this is what I think…

    She is a Secular-Jewess Leftist who, a full believer in The New England Yankee Liberal-Conservative Corporate-Globalist state, cheered on an irregular force of NGO Judeo-Bolsheviks to hurt as many Conservatives (White Gentiles) and obliterate as many Conservative organizations as they could.

    For years it seemed like she could not twist the knife hard enough in White Gentile America’s back.

    And now that The Judeo-Bolsheviks have come from her, she is whining about what has happened in the most hypocritical way.

    That said, I find her recent maudlings very typical of Modern Secular Jews who, now that they are going to have to sleep in the bed they made, are increasingly uncomfortable.

    In my view, Jews, particularly in The South, have been given every consideration, every nicety, and every opportunity – beyond what they ever received in The West, except, save for perhaps pre-Nazi Germany, which, too, have been very very hospitable to Jews.

    Anyway, many Jews in this country, particularly in The South, appreciated the kindnesses offered by White Gentiles and reciprocated by offering their talents in service of their communities.

    Unfortunately, in the Post WWII Era, Southern Jews have rarely spoken out against their Northeastern cousins who have long been up to a skullduggery with the New Englanders in this country.

    So, now the chicken are coming home to roost, and I, for one, do not feel the remotest pity for Miss Weiss, or those like her.

    They’ve behaved abominably, and deserve to feel the discomfort many of us feel, and have long felt, from their anti-White machinations.

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