Bill De Blasio’s Escape From New York

Get ready for the mass exodus from these shitlib cities.

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  1. I’m amazed De Blasio can appear in public without an armed escort. He literally did kill your granny.

  2. Won’t surprise me if the Southerners here will try to make this into a North vs South thing. Thank the god and goddess that most of the Southerners I’ve known are nothing like you Civil War reenactors.

      • “Hi Denise!”

        Naw- Denise is far more intelligent than that stupid post. She never claimed to be a witch, though I may have called her one…. Denise is just a lapsed Methodist…. which is a lapsed Anglican… which is a lapsed Catholic…. which is a lapsed Orthodox….

        • @Fr. John…

          “Denise is just a lapsed Methodist…. which is a lapsed Anglican… which is a lapsed Catholic…. which is a lapsed Orthodox….”

          Hysterically witty comment. Love it!!!

  3. The lefties deserting the multicultural sh!th*les they helped their states to become always vote the same way when they move, though. They’re too stupid to learn the obvious lessons; too vain to even suppose they did something wrong. That’s what happens when one becomes more enlightened, brilliant and virtuous than the average slob.

  4. It is a cover. NYC is going to get nuked and fleeing the violence is going to be the hide for knowledge of forethought. Schlomo Kykenheimer is fleeing NYC to the countryside because of the black violence not because he knows NYC is going down.

  5. Are you advocating subtily for further expansion of the world’s largest, most heavily armed and Israeli-trained mass-surveillance, mass-incarceration, police state system? And incidentally, isn’t Blasio’s Yankee” New York doing much better with the pandemic that no one mentions anymore on this blog, than the South and other conservative areas are doing? and

      • Disproportionately more Blacks, not mostly Blacks.

        And that may be why the establishment (both liberal and conservative wings of it) and the Alt-Right are pleased with letting it spread. Subduing the non-Whites and eliminating excess elderly Whites are benefits too good to pass up. As long as it is ignored it has time to do its “good” work.

  6. The jewish-hollywood fantasy of “Escape From New York” has become a deadly, degenerate reality. Decent White People should flee that garbage dump. Leave it to the jews, their shabbos goyim, and their colored pets. Discordia will destroy itself!

    • Lock ALL Jews in Manhattan, and throw away the key.
      Then, turn off the power, and the gefilte fish…. they’d surrender in a month.
      THEN we turn on ovens….

      AND have a BBQ! Ha. Thought you knew where I was going, dinja?

  7. North Carolina has been an unofficial refugee camp for Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Southern Michigan, Northern Illinois and Northern Ohio for decades already, and, above all, for those from the Northern New Jersey and Southern New York areas.

    Our state has now over 8 million people in it, and I am sure way more than a million are Yankees undergoing a Southern Reconstruction:)

    As to New Englanders, not many come down here – they know better.

    • But mostly Jewish or Jewish-related ones that I know of. They’ve been excited about moving to Charlotte “the finance capital,” Asheville, and “The Research Triangle” for decades, yes. Or maybe buying second and third homes there.

      Re: “New Englanders, not many come down here – they know better”:

      The Maine White accent and know-it-all is too unmistakable.

  8. If NYC was anus mundi before, then “DeBlasio” must be the brand-name for a powerful laxative.

    • Check out this article about NYC, they have already lost so many people that there aren’t traffic jams anymore around Wall St., Park Ave., 5th Ave. etc. Formerly busy streets are now quiet because there simply aren’t many people around especially the type who spend money.

      This is unsustainable for NYC and NY State. The people who have left are the people who pay the taxes, obey the law, run legal businesses, repair and build things while getting abused from the takers. This is going to cause a financial catastrophe for both NYC and NY State and couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. Not only is the money drying up but everyday services such as plumbing, electrical, elevator repair (very important in NYC) etc. are becoming very difficult to get also. Needless to say this doesn’t increase the already scarce charms of NYC very much.

      The city is going to be left to the Third Worlders, and they can have it. There have been other stories about how many renters aren’t paying their rent because they can’t or just won’t pay. This is causing a cascade of defaults from smaller landlords who simply don’t have financial reserves to stay solvent. Naturally the city is remorseless regarding property taxes which were due July 1st. As this trend continues most of the rental housing in NYC will become government run slums.

      Commercial property was already in difficulties before Corona but now it is hopeless. Business simply can’t recover relying upon EBT, WIC and Section 8 clients. The local bodega already takes care of those “customers” behind three inch thick plexiglass selling them organic, healthy products like cigarettes, lottery tickets, 48 oz. Big Gulp drinks, Doritos, Ho Ho’s and other nutritious meals. Getting their regular diabetes checkups will also be a problem for the vibrants, and they need them badly.

      When the White man departs the place goes to shit, that is one of the takeaways from this story for about the ten thousandth time. Since the vibrants started destroying cities in Dixie in the early 1960’s then up North too it’s always the same tired story. Move to the outer suburbs or country, be as self sufficient as possible, arm up and watch the TV show called “America’s Funniest Home Videos” as the place burns down.

  9. Speaking of NY, if Mayor Giuliani or Governor Pataki had been elected instead of Trump we would have law and order, better immigration security, and the Republicans would’ve expanded their tent. Even Bloomberg would’ve been better on crime than Trump because he continued many of Giuliani’s law and order agenda including stop and frisk and he’s made many controversial comments about blacks and Hispanics through his life.

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