Portland Burns With DHS Secretary Chad Wolf In Town

Racial conflict has been surprisingly muted since George Floyd died.

In Why Are The Rich Revolting and Hub City Riot Ninjas, I explained that it is mainly the Woke spawn of the White upper middle class who have been marinated in Critical Social Justice Theory at universities who are revolting and causing all the destruction in large metropolitan areas. Democratic mayors and governors are looking the other way and turning a blind eye to the violence. This isn’t a working class revolt or a series of race riots like the late 1960s. Mississippi has been quiet as a mouse.

Last night in Portland, which is ground zero for the Hub City Riot Ninjas, and which has been convulsed by chaos since 2017 and now 47 straight days of Antifa rioting:

Portland is one of the least diverse metropolitan areas in the country and has been the epicenter of the violence. This only goes to show that it is not really about race. It is fundamentally about the privilege of spoiled upper middle class brats who now consider themselves above the law.

State and local officials are allowing the violence to happen. This is probably because it tends to be their kids who are the rioters. See the Antifa who cried “my daddy works for the courts” as he was arrested or the one who berated the police for being “uneducated” in New York City:

These are state sponsored riots.

They are officially backed by the governor of Oregon, the mayor of Portland, Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Berkley and Rep. Earl Blumenauer. They are allowing their supporters on the basis of ideology to break the law and attack police officers and civilians and to destroy federal property.

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  1. Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles have already seceded.

    it’s just that, being Western New England Yankee Lefties, they’ve started burning and bombarding things without letting anybody know that this was what they intended to do.

    This after having listened to them lecture us, Southerners, for decades on the evil of secession…

  2. “Racial conflict has been surprisingly muted since George Floyd died. ”

    That’s because it’s NOT a racial war, but, a feigned house of anarchic revolution that is attempting to USE racial injustice as it’s awning.

    Not just most Whites see through this, but, most Blacks and Latin’s, as well.

    The People, the vast array of races now here gathered, want real improvements, not annihilation under it’s guise.

  3. All this chaos is how you get a Pinochet. Let’s give the progtards free one-way rides on helicopters!

  4. Nothing new. All of this happened in Russia 1917 and in Weimar Rebublic 1920-1930. Both of the were zero diversity countries.

    Now is very important not to rise racial tensions. White liberal is actually very weak, so liberal need somebody else to do fighting. In Russia, they were workers and farmers, in West they need diversity. Overweight lesbians are very shitty army so they are not big problem.

    When millions strong black and Muslim and Latino men join in, then things go ugly. Those guys are not afraid for gunfight or death so thing go very ugly.

    In Europe is worse. We have more diversity than Iraq and Afghanistan population combined so there will be no luck of serious war experiences fanatical fighters. And nobody to fight back. Even European special forces do not understand, what 4th generation asymmetric warfare really means.

    Because of that, all efforts must be concentrated against white liberals. When richest people in this world manage to create 10 million strong black Muslim Latino Red Army , then the white race in west will be over.

    At the current moment everybody must pander the blacks as much as they can. At the moment, cucked, atomized and rotten white race is nowhere near for even medium war. I mentioned above, even best special forces can not even understand, what is going on.

    • Well Juri, the bad news is that time is not on our side. If Whites aren’t ready now, it’s only going to be a worse situation with each passing year.

      • Time is on our side. Prepared army can fight successfully even if minority. Disorganized cattle scared to hell from buzzwords will be destroyed even without battle. And guns are absolutely irrelevant. 4 years of Donald demonstrated that disorganized cattle can`t organize under current situation. and both Europe and US need time.

        Fighting now will be mass slaughtering of spontaneous incompetent scared rebel cells.

      • Whites on the right are only good at blaming other whites on the right. Antifa and BLM don’t eat their own like woke whites do. They help each other. I don’t blame Heimback for changing sides. All he ever got from liked minded whites was stabbed in the back.

  5. @Juri…

    “Because of that, all efforts must be concentrated against white liberals. When richest people in this world manage to create 10 million strong black Muslim Latino Red Army , then the white race in west will be over. ”

    I always appreciate your insights, Sir – you are very mistaken about a couple of things…

    #1. Mistake : —– that Blacks and Latins will be united against Whites. Far from it, Conservative Christian Blacks and Latins will be with Conservative Whites, who will be against Leftist of those races. So, this is Right vs. Left, left vs. Right – NOT non-White vs. White.

    #2. Mistake ——— that Rural Whites will not be able to, even if Rural Whites must go it alone, handle any situation.

    Rural Whites are the occupants of the majority of this vast continent, the most heavily armed body in the world, and at patience’s end.

    Moreover, Leftists only know how to conduct urban bushwhacks, not tracking, not field strategy, not combined weapons use, or, even, as an aggregate, how to shoot well.

    Most Smalltowners and Rural Whites grow up with a fishing pole in one hand and a gun in the other hand.

    You cannot learn these skills in just several dozen trips out to the range, as an adult.

    God willing, you will never have to witness what I have just told you, but, if it comes to pass, then you will know.

    White Rural America may be very weak in the political sphere, but, in the physical sphere, it is the very opposite.

    • Entire warfare history is Urban terrorizing Rural. This was the first reason, why towns were built in the first place.

      To win war, you must beat the enemy, now own items. Rural had always owned the food, guns and lot of other useful items, only to lose them to Urban overwhelming attack.

      Normal war is not occupying territories but about surprise attack. Rural are remote, they can not monitor all entry roads. Urban is dense populated, they can keep hermetic defense line.

      Tactic is very simple. Behind the defense line, powerful force is formed. Then easiest target county is picked. Then surprise terror attack. Even when checkpoints notice or try to fight back, they are overwhelmed easily.

      After that mass slaughter and robbery, everything unable to carry away, must be burned. And back to the Urban safety.

      Those horror attacks force counties to surrender and give food . So the Urban will rule rural.

      This tactic has succeeded at least 12 000 years.

      War is sophisticated thing about victory and disorganized remotely living farmers never had a chance and never will.

      Do you know, that Soviet Army actually won in the Afghanistan. They did very easy. After every ambush, they wiped couple of nearby villages away. After this tactic, resistance calmed down very soon. Coming out of Afghanistan was political decision, not military defeat. Divide and conquer.

      Rural resistance is one of the deadliest guerrilla myths.

      • The VC beat the US, and the Afghans defeated the Russkies, by being committed enough to sacrifice hundreds of thousands compared to thousands. The locals lost almost every battle, yet won their respective wars.

        There were successful rural operations, though, such as Sherman’s March to the Sea (mainly going through the countryside to sustain themselves). But they were done by conventional forces using unconventional tactics. Sherman — and Patton — was most successful when employing indirect tactics of amorphic swarming or circling action. Being unpredictable also kept most of their soldiers alive.

        Irregulars are good at controlling towns or other limited areas, not broad swaths of a nation. So in that way, they can be a success. When I think of a guerrilla action, it usually doesn’t involve taking and holding limited territories for extended time periods. They usually hit and run.

        • @Boomer….

          Absolutely excellent points, Sir!

          And may I share with you that it was a general for Czarina Elizabeth I, in the mid 18th century, who came up with what was then a revolutionary idea of warfare; this being that an army, a nation, could lose all the battles, and yet, win the war – because to win a war, only requires one thing – to wear out an opponent’s patience and willingness to sacrifice.

          Here is where this rather pedantic point gets interesting – for it was a colonial British officer, by the name of George Washington, who would watch The French during the 7 Years War, (in this part of the world dubbed, ‘The French & Indian War) apply this new type of strategy against the British, he later opting to do the same in our War of Independence.

          • The French lost the French and Indian War, they lost Canada. What did Washington learn from them, again?

          • Basic History,

            The French also lost India to the British around the same period. The British victories in the Carnatic Wars are some of the most impressive in military history.

          • @Basic…

            The French lost the French and Indian War, they lost Canada. What did Washington learn from them, again?’

            Yes and no, Dear Basic.

            The French did not lose ‘The French & Indian’ part of the war in North America, but, rather, the war on the on the continent that the Europeans term, ‘the 7 Years War’.

            Washington learned about about irregular warfare and novel strategies from that experience, something which would help steady him in the next conflict against the Crown, and help him not to be impulsive or impatient, as the years went by without a substantial battlefield victory for his army.

            He learned from that experience that, so long as your army is together, and it maintains it’s will to fight, no defeat is a tragedy – no war lost by a string of defeats.

        • VC and Afghanistan are two totally different cases.

          VC was not spontaneous peasant revolt VC was powerful well organized army supported by Soviets and China. I will not believe that today,s Russia will support Proud Boys or other similar 100 something rebels with their most advanced weapon system. Did you had S400 in C`ville ?

          Afghanistan is also not classical peasant revolt. Despite getting very little help from outside, they have very old tribal connections with supply lines of 1000 miles and resistance methods. Afghans are not bunch of constitution believing delusional gun owners who have no idea what the word war means. And of course, Afghans do not have Republican or Democratic tribal elders, who will betray them on the grass root level.

          Despite centuries old resistance network, Soviets won. And won strategically. Now, 30 years later , North Afghanistan still works as sanitary cordon and there are very little problems with radical Islam in Central Asia, on the former Soviet Union territory. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Tajikistan and lot of less known local territories are relative peaceful Russia friendly countries.

          When we want examples from history, we must take a look from Europe, where were multiple peasant revolts, all ended with mass slaughter . Before Jew took the command, there were no successful uprising against the masters.

          • So what? The locals won against an empire, right? And they won through attrition. Your going on about the different circumstances doesn’t change that fact.

        • @Juri…

          As per usual, I appreciate the depth of knowledge of the subject, and that you reply in excellent English.

          I would return you the favour, but, Mr. Griffin prefers we exchange in English.

          Look, I don’t not disagree with most of what you say, in your second remark here, I only disagree with the ironclad conclusion you draw.

          Strategies are effected by those men you put them into action, and while one strategy will succeed with one group, it will fail with another.

          As to Afghanistan, I was not aware of what you say – that The Soviets were as successful as you suggest. I have studied Russian Military History extensively, Suvorov, Kutusov, Zhukov etc etc, but, not that particular war in Afghanistan.

          However, speaking of Afghanistan, they are beating The United States Army, and they are doing it in a time-honoured irregular fashion that involves wearing your enemy down.

          Thank you for your thoughts!

  6. Why should they stop when you have a weak president unwilling to stop it. You have govt, media,FBI and DOJ on their side. This is what happens when the govt fears the people.

  7. Woodpile Report, summarizing an article at the Free Beacon: “More than 1.7 million guns were sold in May 2020, according to an analysis by Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting. That is an all-time record for the month and an 80 percent increase from 2019. May 2020 saw more sales than both March and April of 2019. The record-setting sales pace has been driven in large part by new gun owners.” Hmmm. Normies might be waking up to the coming mess. Antifa has been beaten up by “concerned citizens” in some places. Those are positive signs that I hope will continue.

    • The guy behind Woodpile Report, “Remus,” recently passed away. I enjoyed reading ol’ Remus, and I’ll miss him. RIP.

  8. Exactly, Hw and some folks here putting up great comments. In the end the Democrats want the riots. Others are coward scum like Cuomo who basically talks semi tough but does nothing. Democrats are at least 90% on board with the communist rioters. That is why demonic scum like Oregon Senators Merkely and Wyden and the governor are actually more angry at Trump for sending feds in than Portland going through literally everyday riots for months. America is failing because these politicians are not put under arrest for promoting it and the rioters are not killed by police or at minimum given 20 years in jail. This is why we are a failed nation along with shit stirring mostly jewish media and 50 years of third world immigration.

    Notice, though, just how many young Whites are part of the problem. Decaying cesspools like Seattle and Portland are mostly White cities. Whites were trying to take down the Columbus statue yesterday in Chicago while being too cowardly and brainwashed to say a thing about all the black crime. It was mostly Whites who promoted the taking down of the Columbus statue in Philly. Mostly Whites who took down statues in Virginia. Many Whites are no bargain. Obama got 43 and then 40% of the White vote when he ran. This while McCain and Romney were getting 4 or 5% of the black vote. Trump got 8%.

    Even well into the 20th century, the things done today by Democrat politicians and communist rioters would be met with long prison stints or executions. Today the rioters get out of jail in no time and the Democrat treasons get reelected and certainly not put in jail or executed. Thus, the nation must break up or it goes into full scaled marxism. Because moderates and conservatives are sure not going to save it.

    I am watching the tributes pouring in for congressman John Lewis and it’s all a show, a lie. Like David Duke said, the media always has to freeze the civil rights era in time because they certainly don’t want to show what it caused. Yup. No doubt.

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