Liberalism and Leftism

It is hard to say which is worse.

I want to draw a distinction. This might be confusing to some readers.

When I criticize “woke supremacy,” I am referring to Woke people whose worldview is based on Critical Social Justice Theory. These people are leftists and their intellectual roots trace back ultimately to the Frankfurt School in Weimar Germany. The New Left, Postmodernists and modern Social Justice warriors who believe in intersectionality built their creed of political correctness on top of this intellectual foundation. These people are all on the Far Left whose roots are not in liberalism, but in communism, socialism, anarchism and other extreme leftwing ideologies.

When I criticize “liberalism,” I am referring to three distinct branches of it which make up the mainstream of American politics. Progressive liberals are the Center Left. Conservative liberals are the Center Right. Libertarians are fundamentalist liberals. They are also part of the Center Right or the mainstream Right. Progressive liberals or the Center Left are allied with the Far Left. Moderates who are socially conservative and economically populist are the swing voters torn between these camps.

I’ve already written at length about how liberalism is a solvent. Liberal societies are in “a state of thaw” or perpetual social revolution. They are steadily losing cohesion because liberal principles are incompatible with order, cohesion, continuity, stability, decency and normalcy. A liberal society is like a melting ice cube on a hot summer day or an AIDS patient whose immune system has been destroyed by HIV. Everything is based on the freedom of the individual. Society has no right to defend itself and crumbles.

James Lindsay is correct that Critical Social Justice Theory is a solvent that is destroying liberal societies. Liberalism is also a solvent though. The former is accelerating the decomposition of the latter. If the Far Left didn’t exist in the United States, the liberal mainstream alone would eventually lead to national decomposition by dissolving our social order. As things stand today, the Center Left and Far Left are political allies who work together to advance their mutual goal of national decomposition.

In the Anti-Racism Crisis, Explained, I pointed out it is a mistake to see progressive liberals and the Far Left as being at odds. “Anti-racism” was a critique that began on the Far Left, but it was mainstreamed in the 1940s once the Center Left bought into it during World War II. What is happening now is that the Center Left is losing control of the monster which they created and nurtured for so long to repress nationalism. The whole postwar order is built upon the repression of the Far Right.

Every single one of these factions is pushing toward the same goal in their own way: conservative liberals and libertarians, progressive liberals and the Woke mobs of the Far Left. They are all sliding toward the destruction of social order and the ultimate loss of national cohesion and stability. The David Frenches of the world are the ones who make the Nikole Hannah-Joneses of the world possible.

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  1. “The David Frenches of the world are the ones who make the Nikole Hannah-Joneses of the world possible.”

    Never a truer thing has been said.

    We definitely got ourselves a dang serious French problem.

  2. Good Article but without Jewish Power and Influence none of this could have ever happened.

    Jews started the NAACP not blacks.

    Jews started the ADL which brought about the 1965 Immigration Act.

    Jews pushed for Hate Crime Laws and on the 44th time they finally got it.

    Jews pushed for open borders all across the west to make White Europeans a minority in their own Nation’s.

    Jews fooled Christians into thinking they are God’s chosen people even though in their own writings they say they are not the Israelites of the Bible. (Why don’t David Duke ever quote them on that when he quotes them on everything else?)

  3. Contrarily, the true Left is the true opponent of both Neoliberalism and the Far Right. Neoliberals and other liberals of all kinds and conservatives of all kinds are two wings of the same beast. The “left” wing, that includes all kinds of liberals, progressives, and even “Wokes,” and the right wing of all kinds of conservatives, including fascists, both agree on the essentials and both oppose the true Left which is their common and worst enemy.

    Re: “communism, socialism, anarchism and other extreme leftwing ideologies”:

    Socialism as such is not to be lumped with anarchism, nor is it a mere “ideology” or “extreme.” Before atheists Marx and Engels, it is originally Christian, in accord with the Gospel, the politics of agape entirely unlike politics of power and greed.

  4. Communism and anarchism are a part of the liberal tradition (all liberalism is fundamentally anarchistic, as shown in the writings of Fitzhugh on this site). Marx’s economic analysis was rooted in liberal classical economics of the time, borrowing from Smith, Ricardo, etc. and even in theories of Locke.

    Socialism is a bit different because there are strains of socialism that are not based in liberalism (usually types referred to as ethical socialism).

    • But how can “some strains of” socialism not be based in liberalism, if socialism is based in liberalism? But in fact, only false socialisms are based in liberalism. Liberalism-based social democracies, democratic socialism, fascist national socialism and other false socialisms are all enemies of socialism, which is entirely separate and distinct from politics of power and greed.

      Re: “liberalism is a solvent (…) Everything is based on the freedom of the individual”:

      Everything that the “beast” of the politics of power and greed – in either its “liberal” or conservative manifestations – does is based on greed and power, which is based on great wealth accumulated by force and usury. The real solvent that destroys humanity under both liberal and conservative governments is money. Everything liberal or conservative is based on it.

  5. “They are all sliding toward the destruction of social order and the ultimate loss of national cohesion and stability.”

    I’d like to know what these morons think is going to happen when this is achieved.

    • That’s just it, Dear Powell – they don’t think.

      They are emoting in a way artfully guided by those behind the scenes, as they were trained to do in school.

  6. I think Russian and Chinese and Cuban communism has little to do with American “communism.” It’s one of these things where you can trace it back to a common ancestor but it’s completely changed.

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