What Is Deconstruction?

Deconstruction is another lovely idea that comes from our Jewish friends alongside Marxism and Freudianism which are the foundation of Critical Theory. Jacques Derrida was the Jewish father of deconstruction which is one of the favorite techniques of woke supremacists:

Woke supremacy is the idea that Woke people are morally superior to all other White people on this continent and especially to previous generations of White people who were not immersed in the culture of Critical Social Justice Theory which did not exist in their time.

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  1. Deconstruction has become a catch-all term that is applied to subjects like literary and historical analysis. But the term, as Derrida concocted it, removes context. Without context, any fact or any word can be made to mean anything. Meaning then becomes just another ideological tool in the service of gaining or maintaining power. The left has used this tool to devastating effect, as the corporate press’ narrative that ignores nig crime stats and violence in order to deify them proves. The modern press gives fact-free stories to a credulous, enervated public. If people took just a little time to check out things for themselves, deconstruction would hold little influence over us.

      • Rather, Deconstruction is an escape from a Talmudic shul…. or, ‘How to deny Christ as Messiah, in 20 long centuries.’
        There’s your answer. There’s the guilty party. Now, ‘go and do likewise.’ – J.C.
        Deconstruct JEWS.

  2. Everything these kykes say and do is out of a hatred for Christ. But they are so so pathetically weak they do not have the balls to say out loud what they hate the most. When are these kykes going to grow a pair and tell us just how much they hate the innocent Christ and why. Don’t hold your breath.

    Hey Jew, I hate your fuxcking guts. You persecute and torment the weak and the innocent and I hate your fuxcking guts. And I will scream it in your ugly fxcking Jew face. Booo. Go run to mommy kyke.

  3. Whites, around the country, and, indeed, the entire Western World, are now getting a taste of what The White Southern Race has gone though for a very long time.

    And let us not forget The Russians, who laboured under this for 3/4 of a century, nor the Scots, Irish, and above all, the Welsh, the latter which has undergone ‘reconstruction’ at the hands of the Brits since the blight of Edward I first touched their lands in the 13th century.

    It does not have to be this way, though.

    No, we can stand together, fight back, and win…

    • The White Southern Race”:

      It might be a distinct sub-ethnicity, but I’m sure you didn’t mean race literally.

      “the Scots, Irish, and above all, the Welsh”:

      Diolch (thanks), Ivan. Dydd Owain Glyndwr is coming up soon. You may like these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OMISGGz1rs and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm1TOcLWYZo and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpaYJT-5MHc

      Re: “at the hands of the Brits since the blight of Edward I”:

      But the Cymri ARE the original Brits (Britons) and their troubles began before the Papist (Norman) invasion, and before the Saxons, with the original blight of the Roman invasion.

      • @Anonymous…

        “The White Southern Race …It might be a distinct sub-ethnicity, but I’m sure you didn’t mean race literally.”

        It’s what we call it, in The South, and, yes, we mean race, because no Southerners think themselves Italian, Finnish, or the Ukrainian race.

        Thank you for your comment and your detailed observations.

        That said, they don’t change the assertion that the Scots, Irish, and Welsh, have all undergone reconstruction, for centuries, at the hands of the Brits – irrespective of whatever racial legacy your regard the Modern Brits as having.

        Be well!

        • A people, or ethnicity, or nation, is more accurate than race. But you can say race….

          Genetic studies of British Whites show the invading Saxon, Scandinavian and French components are much smaller than the indigenous Briton, although the British language disappeared outside Wales.

          • @Anonymous…

            I appreciate your finer points about history.

            You are very studious and that is to be commended!

            I wish everyone put themselves out like you do to look into things.

  4. It is important to understand what is meant by deconstruction, since two can play this game. Problem is, it’s 2-3 generations too late to reverse the tide.

    More than simple destruction of the enemy, deconstruction is about the scattering of his ashes so that no Phoenix arises. The morality justifying deconstruction is The Platinum Rule.

    The Platinum Rule is the secular version of “What Would Jesus Do?” Do to others as they would have you do (unless they are white). No reciprocation or contrition from the other is expected, much less required. The Rule doesn’t apply to the Regime or its enemies, of course. It is intended for slaves.

  5. Another historical monument “must” be deconstructed:

    The 2,000 year old Arch of Titus in Rome, that commemorates his stunning victory over the Jews and the looting of Jerusalem: “Yeshiva University senior Michael Weiner, writing in the Jewish magazine ‘The Forward’ argues: ‘Like Columbus, Robert E Lee, and King Leopold II, it too must come down. There is no excuse for Italy to maintain, fund, and proudly display a structure that celebrates the destruction of Jerusalem, the forced displacement of the Jews of Judea, and the burning of the Temple. As an ancient propaganda tool to glorify Rome’s bloody conquests and a modern emblem of Christian persecution and Jewish subjugation, the Arch of Titus is a cruel symbol’ (…) Weiner seems unaware, or more likely does not care, that there is considerable irony in his denunciation of the Roman subjugation of Judea while ignoring the very real contemporary genocide of the Palestinian people by his co-religionists in Israel”: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2020/07/16/never-mind-the-monument-feel-the-width/

  6. Wokster verbal witchcraft can be stopped dead in it’s tracks with a fist to the mouth.

    Forget arguing….it’s pointless, they don’t give a shit. They already know they’re shitbags. They want power…and if they can’t have power they’ll take chaos and destruction….which is a form of power.

    Until every one of these fucks from top to bottom are made to physically pay for their demonic shitbaggery nothing will change.

    What incentive do they have to stop?

  7. It’s all Jewjitsu. That’s why I pay it no mind.

    Tell a Jew or one of his Neo Yankee/Puritan minions that they’re stupid and full of shit, and that their ideas are retarded bullshit, and watch them come unglued. They literally do not have an answer or comeback for; “You’re full of shit.” Kevin Levin blocked me when I told him in so many words that he was full of shit, concerning Confederate memorials.

    Try it sometime. It works. Try attacking their sanity, too.

    • @James Owen…

      “Tell a Jew or one of his Neo Yankee/Puritan minions that they’re stupid and full of shit, and that their ideas are retarded bullshit, and watch them come unglued”

      While I do not tell Leftist people the exact words you say, I do go on the offensive, like you – and, yes, it flusters them, because none of their prepared attack lines work.

      Though I have never found a consistently effective way to awaken our willfully sleepy-headed Conservative Southern Brethren, I have found a lot of success kickin’ the hell out Leftists.

      Glad to hear I have company!

  8. I have a close family member who avidly read Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, and Guattari for years. Luckily, genetics and family bonds are stronger than that nonsense and they’re now branched out. I once asked them, ‘If this philosophical approach towards grappling with reality is so superior and correct, then, why did one of them jump out of a window and commit suicide in front of passerbys?”

    I think that struck a nerve…..


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