Today’s Absurdities


Andrew Sullivan:

Not even the faggots safe!

I’m joking, of course, that the mob of woke bigots who ran Andrew Sullivan out of town work for New York Magazine and Vox Media. It wasn’t the Religious Right who got him.

Decolonizing Zhigaagoong aka Chicago:


In the anti-racism crisis of 2020, the ACLU is suing the federal government for attempting to restore order after 48 straight days of rioting in Portland that have culminated in laying siege to a federal courthouse.


After abolishing the police department to pander to the mob, Minneapolis has declared racism is a public health emergency.

New York City:

LMAO! This country has gone bonkers!

Also in Bill de Blasio’s New York City, this guy was chopped up by his black personal assistant and his body parts were placed in plastic bags. Yes, this happened in the United States, not the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Are you getting out of the Union, Ted Wheeler?

Edmonton Eskimos:

For having a politically incorrect name.

Bubba Wallace Gets Booed, Crashes, Blames Christians:


At least we’re not speaking German!

W. Kamau Bell on White Supremacy:

It is a system that promotes White Christian maleness above everyone else.

The Libertarian Party:

Lolbertarianism has endorsed cancel culture.

Radical Queers:

Public gay sex is integral to queerness.

Miss Swimsuit UK:

Cancelled for saying All Lives Matter and criticizing George Floyd. Ideally, she will be replaced by an obese “black trans” woman next year.

Jesus Christ:

Found beheaded outside a Catholic church in Miami.

The Confederate Flag:

This is what the Pentagon is focused on at the moment.

Random White Couple at Airport:

Get to experience an “anti-racism” training session.

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  1. I don’t understand why… Maybe it is masochism, but I look forward to the Daily Absurdities segment every day. Nothing is shocking anymore

  2. Knowing some history had previously helped me maintain perspective. But now, I just marvel at the complete insanity of all that has been happening. Alfred Jarry was a writer surreal enough to describe what’s currently going on:

    “To keep up even a worthwhile tradition means vitiating the idea behind it which must necessarily be in a constant state of evolution: it is mad to try to express new feelings in a mummified form.”

    “We shall not have succeeded in demolishing everything unless we demolish the ruins as well. But the only way I can see of doing that is to use them to put up a lot of fine, well-designed buildings.”

    “It is conventional to call ”monster” any blending of dissonant elements. I call ”monster” every original inexhaustible beauty.”

  3. This Columbus discovery of the Americans is not the true history of whites discovering and colonialism of the Americans.

    The Icelandic Sagas of Greenland and Vinland ( present day Canada) Viking navigation and exploration of this unknown Western Hemisphere was the first not Spain/Columbus(Italians get a circle jerk off on this) pioneering white history with this Western hemisphere.

    Nordics, Celts, and Slavic’s are for the North ice lands the Orcs will never adapt, succeed, and prevail in those lands.

    Unless the bleeding liberal white hearts Let them.

    Columbus was a great navigator, explorer, and opened up doors for us whites, I owe my existential existence to him.

    Very deep if you think about it with our heritage on this land mass called North America.

    He’ll tell the woke mob we all came from Africa hoax,

    Blow their mind?

    So yeah woke Monday all humanity is entitled to Africa!

    Fellow white folks fight fire with white fire!


    Ivan Turgenev
    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 12:00 PM
    The Establishment gives me 2 choices for 2020 – Vice-President Biden and President Trump.
    The former is a New Englander who actually is honest enough, despite his glaring grafting corruption, to admit that he wants to ‘restore’ the policies of recent decades – as if, somehow, President Trump has really altered them!

    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 1:10 PM
    Biden is not a New Englander.

    Ivan Turgenev
    MARCH 11, 2020 AT 2:12 PM
    Thank you, Dear Atbotl, but, as Joe Biden represents their ideals about what this nation ought be, and they accept him doing such, I will regard him in that New England light, just as I regard Jewry’s foremost advocate in this country as President Trump, even though he has not a drop of their blood.

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    MARCH 14, 2020 AT 3:59 PM
    “I’m factually wrong, but I’m just going to make stuff up to fit my paranoid narrative so I can avoid talking about how Southern people voted en masse for Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman and JFK.”


    LOL! You don’t normally see the level of nutty and stupid that Ivan has. ATOBTL sure nailed him and notice he didn’t respond after being utterly humiliated. Enough said.

  5. Do you know how white supremacists are so powerful? They allow maggots to protest about their grievances. And still rule.

  6. If Leif Ericson’s ship had not been mobbed by the local Injuns and sent scuttling away the red man would have been able to interact with whites before the age of gunpowder and gotten 500 years breathing room to adapt to metallurgy and European Asian diseases. If they’d been less savage there would be plenty of them living on their own claimed territories instead of whites. Time to mop up the remnant savages oh white man.

  7. @Brad Secretary of Defense Esper is from a family of really greasy Roman Catholic bastards of the Lebanese/Syrian variety who washed up on our shores after WWI.

    As far as destruction of Papal property in the US, could it be that some of the thousands, possibly tens of thousands of children and young adults who were sexually abused by Catholic priests are now taking advantage of the confusion, violence and rioting to damage Roman Catholic Church property? Do you think the sexually abused are still not pissed at the Catholic priesthood.

  8. Ffs sake I can’t take much more of all this craziness Chicago is now zhigaagoong?! How is that pronounced wtf blacks now have solidarity with American Indians now? A native Indian friend of mine hates blacks for how unpredictably violent and hostile they can be on a moments notice he hates rap more then I do and only listens to heavy metal and rock

    The left and right for that matter can’t make up its mind who has ancestral ownership of America one minute its American Indians and the next its black Americans. Remember when potato blumpf told abunch of blacks for some lowest black unemployment seminar they built most of America several months ago lol global homo and zog imperialism just kicked into overdrive for 2020

    Zoghington post just posted a remember eric garner article and its trending on twatter along with John Lewis death to kick the joggers into a violent frenzy cause why not? These journalists are evil Satanists adding more fuel to the fire like Sauron riling up the orc races for slaughter of middle earth civilians

  9. The biggest absurdity of all is government failure to fulfill its primary purpose of existence: To protect life and property. Anarchy is allowed to reign and the anarchists are enabled and rewarded for it. It’s all due to the power of words which give life or in this case death and destruction.

  10. Today’s Top Absurdity is that they mandate you wear a mask but they don’t mandate it’s a viral mask. Are you paying attention, whitey? A decorative piece of cotton or polyester will not save you from the virus. Remember, tricks are for kids and thinking adults should not fall for them.


  11. CPD were slightly better than cucked eunuchs.

    I’m sure they wanted to crack skulls, but the cury has a midget dyke as mayor and a discarded black police superintendent.

    Just keep buying lot of strong rope.

  12. Sunburn is another ignorant Nordicist. Leif predated Columbus, but his minute settlements were inconsequential and soon died out. Columbus’ discovery paved the way for global European empires and the modern age. The Renaissance was born in Italy and a result of Western Europeans rediscovering ancient Greek and Roman civilization.

    While the ancient Egyptians (who were Semites and not the modern multiracial Egyptians of today), Greeks, and Romans were creating the most advanced civilizations of their time, the Scandinavian and Germanic villagers were primitive tribesmen. If the Roman Empire hadn’t split in half due to decadence and internal discord, the West may have arrived on the moon centuries before and we could be living like the Jetsons today. Instead, the West had to reinvent indoor plumbing, which the ancient Romans had, in the 19th century.

    • Christopher Columbus the “Christian hero” was planning to steal from and enslave the Indians, right from the beginning. “They will make good slaves” he wrote in his log. He certainly did “pave the way for global empires” – including the biggest one of all that we now live in the belly of.

      Your list of advanced ancient civilisations (Egypt, Greek, Roman) does not include China, which was the world’s largest economy until it was overpowered by the western empires in the nineteenth century.

    • Rome wasn’t so hot. They never quite figured out sanitation and had plague after plague…

      • But the Romans were hot at manipulating people and controlling the world. Later, the oligarchs of the Venetian “republic” oligarchy were the hottest at manipulating the rest of the world.

        Maybe they did know enough about public hygiene but didn’t care about the public, like our present rulers.

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