“Civil Rights Icon” John Lewis Is Finally Dead

John Lewis is dead.

By the way the media has reacted, you would think one of the Apostles had just passed away. Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington calls him “justice in the flesh.” Joe Biden says “we are all made in the image of God, and then there is John Lewis.” Stacey Abrams calls him “a griot of this modern age.” Elizabeth Warren calls him a “giant” and a “moral compass.” The New York Times calls him “a human saint.”

For what is John Lewis deserving of such lavish praise? It is not for his accomplishments during the 33 years he served in Congress representing Atlanta. It is for one thing. It is for leading a mob in a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL on March 7, 1965. After being ordered to disperse, John Lewis refused to do so and the mob was repulsed by Alabama State Troopers. The event was labeled “Bloody Sunday” by the media. It became part of the narrative of the Civil Rights Movement. It made John Lewis a “civil rights icon” and was a key event that led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In the naive days of the television era, White Americans swallowed this narrative as it was presented to them.

In this sacred narrative, John Lewis was transformed from a mere human being made in the image of God into a saint and a civil rights martyr who advanced the cause of “equality,” “justice” and “progress” through civil disobedience against state and local authorities. The Edmund Pettus Bridge became a symbol of a heroic struggle. Religious pilgrims from across the world trickle into Selma to this day to see the relic which has become a modern equivalent of a Medieval shrine. Selma ceased to be a city in Alabama were people live and work and took on national significance. In 2014, the movie Selma was released which glorified MLK and John Lewis. The film was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards.

In my lifetime, I knew Rep. John Lewis mainly as a civil rights dinosaur who was a throwback to another era who was fond of calling Donald Trump a racist and illegitimate president. I also knew him for coming back to Selma every year for the holy pilgrimage in which he would reenact his march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge that made him famous. Every year in early March out of state progressive liberal politicians like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and the media would parachute into Selma for a photo op on the bridge before leaving town and coming back a year later to reenact the same cynical ritual. By marching across the magic bridge, even the Rev. Al Sharptons of the world became righteous and holy!

Jesse Lee Peterson is from here and knows the truth:

There is another darker side of the legacy of John Lewis. Selma and the surrounding region never really ceased to be a place where people live and work after 1965. It just ceased to matter in anything but the symbolic sense to the elite media. After John Lewis left town, the cameras left, the marching stopped and civil rights legislation was signed into law, the people who lived in Selma and the Alabama Black Belt had to go on living under the new order. Black majority rule came to “Historic Selma.” History moved on and in the 55 years that have elapsed since “Bloody Sunday” the practical result has been that Selma has become the poorest city in Alabama and the ninth poorest city in the entire United States.

This symbol of “equality” is now one of the worst and most unequal places to live in the country. This symbol of “justice” is now unjust to anyone unfortunate enough to be born there. This symbol of “progress” is a blighted and abandoned television prop. The Voting Rights Act succeeded in establishing black majority rule. In doing so, it obliterated civilization because Whites didn’t want to live there anymore or invest in the community. As for “Bloody Sunday,” no one died on that day, but now Selma is the most dangerous city in Alabama and one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

In the Game of Thrones series, The Doom of Valyria destroyed Valyrian civilization. Go to Selma in 2020 and you will see that John Lewis brought a similar Doom which has settled like a black cloud upon the city. Selma is now a cursed place which is sinking into ruin and being reclaimed by the wilderness. It is an American version of Pompeii that was destroyed by John Lewis. It is also a place that tells us a lot about the mindset of progressive liberalism – the moral certitude and self righteousness, the disregard for established norms, the impractical fanaticism that bends reality to abstractions and the lack of interest in the real world consequences – which made Selma into the dystopia that it is today.

Note: The ghost of John Lewis will likely continue to haunt Selma in the afterlife.

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  1. I respect the God-given, and Constitutionally- given right of American Negroes to have their own heroes, whether we like them or not.

    But that Whites would carry on about this man, as if he were Saint Michael come back to life is very very suspicious to me – to put it as politely as I can.

    All else aside : ——- the problem with lionizing Congressman Lewis goes beyond the man and his particular life, and penetrates into the subconscious aether of the mind, where an accepted collective symbolism creates future reality.

    And that reality?

    That forced integration has been a success, and where it has not been, it is only failed because it has not been ‘correctly applied’.

    Nothing could be further from the truth, and, most particularly for the Black Community, for though a minority of individual Blacks have benefitted from the system The New England Yankee United States’ Government has shoved down everyone’s throat, The Black Community, as a whole, has not.

    And why is that?

    Because the new system has broken up their community, not imparted to their young men enough restraint, not taught their young ladies enough industry, and, as a whole, removed responsibility for themselves, and their community, from them.

    The Jim Crow System of the South, though it hurts many people’s ears, was a system that created a much better Negro and, because it did that, The Negro Community was much better.

    So, too, was the White Community.

    I lived it, I saw it with my own eyes, just as I have witnessed this ‘system’.

    What Liberal unWhite Whites do not get in this country, is that, beyond anyone else, the Negroes are the ones who have most suffered under the fallacies of this system of ‘civil rights’.

    But that is how The Devil works – brings in something back to you under a good name.

    Therein lies the danger of John Lewis – not in his person, but, in the fact they have made a collective monument from what he represents, and from that failure and suffering will arise more failure and suffering.

    • What a brilliant comment, on every level. Really touching on all the bullet points. Your first few lines are what I will expand upon, as nothing is more relevant towards the modern white than their need to faux worship MLK and people like Lewis. If black people want to treat them heroically (although most that I know are sour on MLK and view him as a sellout fraud who did nothing for their people) then that is wonderful. I couldnt support it anymore. But to see Republicans and grifters like Charlie Kirk quoting MLK and Rosa Parks on a daily basis like they are great sages, proves how utterly broken the average American White is

      • @Captain Schill…

        Thank you so very much for your very kind words!

        As to the expansion you took upon my statement : ——– I totally agree, and, when I hear Mainstream Conservatives, like Mr. Kirk, quoting King and others, I have to rein my reaction in, in order to keep listening.

        Glad to see that the insanity of Wilhelm DeBlasio’s Weimar Republik 2.0 has not placed any terrible mark upon you and your family.

        God bless you!

    • “I respect the God-given, and Constitutionally- given right of American Negroes to have their own heroes, whether we like them or not.”

      Neither God- nor the Constitution, gives ANY glory to the AFRICAN Negro. That much should have been obvious, after Obama. All that they have been given is the false ‘salvation’ given by the Jew and his minions- as the FTN podcast about Alexander Hamilton made quite clear.

      • @Fr. John…

        Good to see you here, Kind Sir.

        I must respectfully disagree with you – Negroes have long done a godly labour in The South and, thus, deserve the right to their own community and views – whether we approve of them or not.

        They have made other fine contributions, too – such as in comedy, sports, cuisine, and music, and it is only fair to appreciate that.

        By the same token, they certainly a game for criticism, as are any of us.

        Their community is largely in tatters, as, unfortunately, so is ours.

        it’s a bad time to be in this country, and both Jews, New Englanders, and Southerners have that to answer for.

        We have been weak, corrupt, and misguided, and that must come to an end.

        Wishing you the very very best, Sir!

        • Let me be clearer, Ivan. Just as Mauro Giuliani can be admired and respected for his work for guitar, yet, nevertheless is he an American. Just as Rodrigo’s Fantasia para un gentilhombre can be understood by most Anglos, nevertheless, he is not one of us.

          Do you see the comparison? I would hope so. WE can appreciate and respect the native elements of a foreign culture, and even assimilate elements of it (as Gershwin did with “Porgy and Bess”) that does NOT mean, however, that that culture is identical, or to be desired more than our culture.

          Lincoln was an evil man, the more I read. However, his comments on two occasions bear repeated hearings.

          Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them. It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation and deportation peaceably and in such slow degree as that the evil will wear off insensibly, and their place be pari passu filled up by free white laborers. If on the contrary it is left to force itself on, human nature must shudder at the prospect held up. We should in vain look for an example in the Spanish deportation or deletion of the Moors. This precedent would fall far short of our case.” – A. Lincoln

          In his first debate against Stephen Douglas in 1858, A. Lincoln stated clearly: “I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position.”

          “Though you pound a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain, Yet his foolishness will not depart from him.” (Prov. 27:22)

          Short-sighted is he who sees in history only fact; in it, as in the whole world, spirit rules over matter.
          I.P. Yakoby (1931)

          The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.
          George Orwell.

          Dwell on the past, and you’ll lose an eye. Forget the past, and you’ll lose both eyes.
          Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1973)

          “Theology and history,” as Peter J. Leithart
          reminds us, “are not ultimately divisible.”

          • @Fr. John…

            My God – what a brilliant comment that was, Sir – from your analogy of Mauro Giuliani to your historic quotes!!!

            And, to the extent that I would bicker with you about some of the implications of your magnificent assertion, let me forego that in favour or just applauding you, for a truly fine and cultured noodle you do possess!

            God bless you and yours, up yonder way!

  2. Lewis got power and money for himself, and did little for anyone else. Getting black rule over American cities has never helped a single metropolis. All they do is destroy the civilization they were gifted with, through dysfunction, corruption and stupidity. Blacks aren’t capable of competently ruling in the First World.

      • @12…

        Oh, com’n, Feller – we have large and very successful Negro funeral homes all over Eastern North Carolina, not to mention long and well-established churches.

        It’s one thing to justly criticize them, but, it’s quite another to act like they have never achieved anything.

        In any case, be well!

        • I stand corrected sir. I guess they can run a two car funeral, three cars befuddle them though.

          Now running a perfectly fine city handed to them on a silver platter with complete control such as Birmingham Ala., Newark NJ., Detroit Mich., Atlanta GA. etc. . . . . well that is another story.

  3. Random thought, I’d bet he’d wished he went after the Jews. He was a fighter and did some things for his people, but he was scared to name the Jew.

    I have more respect for Farrakhan’s teachings than the guy. That’s a done deal with him, if he really wanted to help his people he’d have named the Jews. He didn’t

    That’s on him. He was an enemy but he did it to the end, just a blind spot on courage.

    We won’t be seeing him on the news anymore.

  4. The best thing that ever happen to Lewis was to be whooped up the side of the head on that bridge. He was set for life as well known demagogue.

    I like what the former radio talk show host Ken Hamblin said about Lewis on his show. “Someone should by him ‘hooked on phonics” so he could learn to speak English.”

    It will be interesting to see if the “community” reacts to this by engaging in their favorite sport, rioting.

  5. Not sure if I’ve told this story here before. Where I live we have a guy that is diligent, a black Hebrew. It’s ridiculously hot here and it doesn’t seem to bother him. Suit and bow tie.

    Anyhow, at stop lights I’ve paid for the Farrakhan newspaper and read it. It’s out there. But it is well written and fact based, for the most part.

    The Jews slave trade. It’s in the paper. They don’t hide any of it. And I hope blacks would give it a read. He does his best to get the word out. He really does.

    I saw the guy in the gym and had a huge smile on my face. I gave him a hard time once. Why do I have to pay and you give it for free to blacks?
    “You don’t like White people?” I paid him because it was hot and I didn’t want to pick on the guy, and he laughed it off.

    He returned the smile and was doing some reps. I won’t say the gym is racist, but it is. Not White or black or Mexican, but it’s a tense place where people group up. He was out of place and me giving him the knod, he did a half hour or so.

    I respect people like that. He was getting a workout on and getting back to the hot streets to radicalize blacks, and he has charisma.

    And he will debate, I’ve seen him talking to blacks and giving them the real deal, an unabashed radical black guy. And he carries himself well.

    John Lewis couldn’t clean this guy’s shoes on a good a day.

    • I know alot of black guys like that as well. One day perhaps they will be enemies, but until that day I see them more as tense allies. I like most of them, yes they are open to genuine debate, and share their disgust at seeing their neighborhoods like ours become almost exclusively Indian, Pakistani and Hispanic

    • @Ron…

      Good point, Sir.

      You have reported on a courageous and admirable Negro, and it is right for Pro-White Whites to respect upright men of other races, just as it is to point out and condemn those who are not.

      The country is better off without Lewis, just as it will be when Sharpton passes.

  6. John Lewis’ legacy is the transformation of many towns and cities into the third world or ghost-towns. There is no reasonable person who would rather live in Selma of 2020 than live in a Selma as it was in 1950. Selma has one of the highest murder rates in the US. It’s a third world city because of its third world demographics.

  7. Optics matter. The alt-right set itself back at Charlottesville and Governor Wallace and his supporters set themselves back on “Bloody Sunday.” The rest of the country sympathized with the civil rights movement even more after they watched what happened on live TV.

    Compare the demographics of Huntsville and Selma and you’ll see why there’s such a difference. Whenever Northerners arrive en masse to a Southern city or state, it becomes more civilized and developed. That’s why states with lots of Northerners like FL and TX, despite being heavily Hispanic, are much more attractive to commerce and immigrants than places like MS and AL. But when you have a city like Selma, it’s as hopeless as Detroit. Perhaps Selma should be renamed Hellma.

    • @Wiccan…

      “Whenever Northerners arrive en masse to a Southern city or state, it becomes more civilized and developed. ”

      How fortunate we, Southerners, are to have y’all around to guide us, down here!

      Why, without y’all, who knows where we’d be!

      Why, without y’all’s influence and guidance we might even be doin’ jus’ fine, which, currently, we are not.

      Gee, I wonder why that is, when y’all are such good civilizers?

  8. Re: “Whenever Northerners arrive en masse to a Southern city or state, it becomes more civilized and developed”:

    What are “Northerners,” or “Yankees”? Maine is still the Whitest state. New Hampshire and Vermont are not far behind. Maine is also the state with the highest percentage of people of English descent, Rural Pennsylvania is very German and it is the most Welsh state. The Bible Belt runs both above and below the Mason-Dixon Line, but the Black Belt runs entirely below the Mason-Dixon Line.

    The English-, Welsh-, Scots-Irish and German-descended rural residents of Northern states are not the ones moving South en masse and developing the South. Talmudists and other Urbanites are the ones constantly on the move looking for “better opportunities” you can be sure.

    • @Anonymous…

      Wiccan Witch is merely a new handle for a young New England Yankee Supremacist who normally goes by the handle, ‘ATBOTL’.

      He came here thinking that this was a generic White Nationalist site that would entirely focus on ‘The Jewish Question’, and, thus, as he came face to face with Southern criticisms of his own Yankee Race, he became embittered.

      He is profoundly anti-Southern, unless we agree to adopt his particular form of New England White Supremacy, and often tries to bait Southerners, here on a Southerner Nationalist blog of all places, to engage with him.

      Let us pray that The Lord Jesus Chryst come into and fill him with a real joy, so that he will not pass away much of his time in petty emnity.

  9. The saintly “moral compass” has died and gone off to join Saint George Dindu Floyd.

  10. In order for a nation to advance economically, the average IQ has to be 90. In order for a nation to support any kind of representative government, the average IQ must be 95. This goes a long way to explaining not only our cities run by blacks, but also the African continent itself.

  11. This shuffling grifter swindled millions of Whites out of their birthright, a White America.

  12. It’s going to be more forced nonsense like when Elijah Cummings passed on. Lewis will get the royalty treatment since America is no longer a serious country. Everything is a lie. Lewis will get buried in some special tomb I am assuming. The enemedia will cover it like a true Saint passed on instead of a typical black agitator. The mostly jewish media pushes all this crap. They put these absurd words to describe this guy.

    I laugh when they say the nation is mourning. Lol. Most people have no clue who Lewis even was. And most people certainly could give a riff not because they are mean but because it’s simply the way life is. We all pass on. So if one actually believes some leftist garbage fake news or Biden’s potential vp Karen Bass saying the nation is mourning, well, I got that bridge to sell you for a buck. His family and some close friends are mourning. Everyone else ” mourning” does it for gain of some sort. The rest of the nation either has no clue who he was or could care less.

    The black routine has no end until Whites are dead or enslaved. Yet blaxxx know they need whites for all the cool stuff whitey creates. Blacks have the greatest racket in the world that people like Lewis and Cummings and virtually every Democrat takes advantage of.

    Now we are on the precipice of ” muh reparations.” Democrats literally are doing a welfare down payment of 350 billion dollars to blaxxx. Yes, because stealing trillions in welfare, prisons, food stamps, free healthcare, given billions and probably trillions in white private money is never enough. Schools and jobs lowering standards for blaxxx is never enough. More white tax dollars will go to these criminals and twerkers while they laugh at the mass stupidity of White people. Yes, whitey, voting Democrat does have major implications no matter how dumb you think Republicans are.

    It’s true. Taking down the statues was just the beginning. Churches burning and being vandalized is just the beginning. Getting rid of John Wayne just the beginning. Demons have no end because as the Bible says, ” there is no rest for the wicked.” Now it’s reparations for mutants. Basically whitey works to pay for illegal aliens and never married baby daddy and baby mamas and their future criminal sprogs getting more handouts by the minute. America is obsessed with black people. It never ends.

    John Lewis was simply another far left Democrat. Totally useless using that bridge march in another decayed, post ” cybil rots” black craphole. And lunatic Democrats, whom many White people vote for, literally keep pushing them despite everyone knowing how this ends- horribly!

    America is done. This coronavirus showed just how gone we are. It’s obvious many Democrats never want to return to normal or at least not till Trump is gone. They have destroyed people’s jobs, marriages, homes and families. They have lumped in tons of people into the ” dying of coronavirus” camp despite having other major issues or literally dying in accidents. It’s all about the cash. While I think people should be monitored and even wear a mask for a while, when does normal return? Because you gotta cover the ” down payment” of reparations, whitey. Our gang banging twerkers demand it in post America.

  13. Is Obama going to be at the funeral? With Michele? I would like to see them two together in public.

  14. I was watching on tv when I heard he was gone, the first thing I said was, “Good.” He was a commie spade.

  15. From all the praise, clearly we are a long way from judging someone by the content of their character. RIP anyway.

  16. Good news! There is a push to rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge after St. John. This will give “racism” a good kick in the shins. Better yet, rename Selma to Lewiston. That should solved all the city’s problems.

  17. I noted that on the Brian Kilmeade show today, his guest host said the Pettus bridge should be renamed the Lewis bridge. Cuckservatives, eh? They’re always chasing after those black voters who will magically vote republican and save the day. Typical ass kissing to no purpose.

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