Anarchy, Plus a Street Constable

These scenes of chaos coming out of Portland continue to bring to mind Thomas Carlyle’s famous quip about the future of America:

“Anarchy, plus a street constable”: that is also anarchic to me, and other than quite lovely!

I foresee, too, that, long before the waste lands are full, the very street-constable, on these poor terms, will have become impossible: without the waste lands, as here in our Europe, I do not see how he could continue possibly many weeks. Cease to brag to me of America, and its model institutions and constitutions.”

The very street constable will become impossible!

Oregon is now suing the federal government for stepping in to quell the sustained assault by Antifa on a federal courthouse. Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden plan to stop Trump. Meanwhile, Antifa are giving speeches in Portland about abolishing the United States!

George Fitzhugh and Thomas Carlyle were right.

Democratic officials in Oregon have given up on law and order, subordination and government. These things no longer apply to the mob attacking other citizens, the police and the federal courthouse. The very street constable has become impossible in Portland because the local government simply no longer has the will to maintain order.

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  1. Just chiming in to say, “Hitler was right.”

    You can thank the AngloZionist Empire for our dystopian conditions and White genocide.

    Never firgfo. Never forgive.

    • I would hardly blame the Anglo-Saxons in America for that. Didn’t Hitler declare war on America anyhow? Germans cannot win world wars because they do not understand grand strategy and are too autistic for small details. Imagine declaring war on a nation that you have no hope of invading, but has an easy way to invade you? Is this the German “genius” we always hear about?

      • America was already waging war before Hitler declared it. Germans “can’t win world wars” because it was a nation the size of Texas surrounded by the world’s largest Empires. Those Empires were determined to disallow German economic competition in the long run.

        • You’re right America was supporting the Allies, but Hitler made it far worse by making America’s army, navy, and air force his enemies. If he actually waited a little bit America would’ve been bogged down in the pacific and would have to withdraw support from Britain and it would starve. Pearl Harbor was a gift for Hitler if you really look at it, but the Germans managed to steal defeat from the jaws of victory through their naked aggression yet again. France is surrounded by enemies, yet it managed to succeed because it knows how to work diplomacy and grand strategy whereas Germany does not. Germany should’ve just been ruthlessly dismembered after WWI like the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary. Showing any mercy towards Germans never ends well. It is too bad they had the right enemies.

          • America forced japan’s hand by sanctioning them and also was already dafacto apart of the allies by supplying them. America and the UK are getting exactly what they deserve right now for their despicable actions in ww2. karma is a bi***. Shame on every man who fought for the allies. Now we today need to figure a way out of this mess that we have been left with.

      • Too autistic for compromise? Probably. The even more autistic Japs were moments away from committing national suicide.

      • Good point! Who in there right mind believes they can defeat the United States, the British Empire (2/3 of the world under its dominion at that time) and the Soviet Union simultaneously?
        Hitler was only a nationalist up to 1938. Once he annexed the rest of Czechoslovakia, especially the non-German occupied part, he ceased to be a nationalist and became an Imperialist just like those Satanic Neoconservative f*cks in America.

        • Don’t care about Czechoslovakia or even the British Empire or any of Europe. History is full of imperialist powers rising and falling, but when Hitler declared war on America he cemented Roosevelt and the current bs in its place and basically destroyed any rightwing resistance beyond the South and for that he deserves my contempt.

          • That’s absolutely right, Dear Pat – Hitler has a lot to do with why we are in this situation today.

            If Hitler had actually been thinking with a brain, he would have promoted strong ties with Dixie, to counterbalance the evermore Zionist usurped Yankee U.S. Government, because, at that time, White Southerners and Germans thought practically identical on all matters.

            When I see modern day Nazis ridicule the fact that White Southerners were kicking German ass in Normandy in 1944, and blame that on White Southerners, I think they are incredibly myopic.

            Hitler blew it bad in the arena of international affairs, and with those failures we all live today.

          • Ivan ,

            I get the feeling that you get your Ashkenazi blood from Benjamin Judea. It would fit neatly.

            Obviously, you’ve never read the communiques between FDR and Hitler, nor the JK-JSA propaganda campaign through their respective jewsmedia enflaming the winds of war with Germany.

            Perhaps, you should seek out the wonderful short video David Irving made about Churchill’s and FDR’s zionist jew advisors and cabinet members.

            Nah, the state the contemporary West finds itself in lays at the feet of communists and the AngloZionist Empires.

      • When I hear that from conservatives( “Well if it wasn’t for us the United States would be speaking German today!”) I reply: “As opposed to speaking Spanish which will be the new reality if present trends continue? ” It leaves them speechless every time!

      • Snowhitey,

        Was he not Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1939?

        Personally, I would have been way more cautious than he was if I was head of State of Germany then but maybe that is hindsight.

        • Cristina,

          Apparently, that is what is presented to us… the media became more controlled after WWII.

          I think when you are not a product of the real controllers of our world, the threat must be reduced or eliminated. I’ve often read he was betrayed by a few close comrades. I am of the variety who believes he died in the 1970’s in Argentina. I do not believe the official narrative. I did at one time but that is long gone.

          If you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching “The Greatest Story Never Told” on Bitchute. It’s a story about Hitler not written by The Allied Forces or the Jews.

    • November,

      I read that the USA committed 80% of their resources to fighting Germany instead of Japan even though Japan attacked the USA. Also did not the Lend Lease Act violate International Law and was essentially an an Act of War? That was in 1940 I think. The USA was essentially looking for any excuse to attack Germany. It was told to me that there was an order to attack any German submarine encountered before the war. He found this information in Samuel Morrisson work on the US Navy. That is an act of war of course.

      There was an incident in Greenland before the War as well but I forgot the details.

      In short, since the USA was going to fight Germany anyway or was actually in an undeclared war already, the Germans thought they might as well fight the Americans while they have Japan as an ally. Germany did the best it could considering it was against powerful Imperialist empires such as the British, French, and the American Empire. Yes, America is an Empire. It got most of it’s land by conquering others of course.

      You are to be commended for your efforts on this website but I think many southern nationalists are too pro-American for many of them to think logically.

      I do my best in speaking to family/friends on this issue and others. I continue to wonder what Americans are going to do when the southwest becomes Mexican. I have already written on the immorality of the American/British/Soviet empires from a Catholic viewpoint. Run by freemasons, Jews, communists etc.

      I have an opinion on what I think of the USA breaking apart but I cannot say since I am forbidden to initiate or even to respond to controversy on this website. But you can read between the lines.

      • @ Christina,

        Indeed. Something smells very kosher about the JSA prioritizing the European Theatre of Operations, instead of focusing their anger at the Empire of Japan. But we know why. The sissy Brit cucks we’re getting their tails kicked by the Wehrmacht, U-Boats were cutting off the JK’S lifelines. The situation was so bleak in the JK that the government was planning to flee to Canada.

        As far as southern soldiers beating the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS troops at Normandy Beach is a the delusional boast. Any military analysis would tell you that had the Germans had more warriors, they would have repelled the zionist anglo war machine back into the sea. In the fourth year of the conflict, German manpower was diminished from fighting the powers of ZOG on three continents.

        What American southerns and northern anglos and British cucks were really excellent at was raping defenseless German wimew and children. Only the Soviet Union had more rapists in their ranks.

        From my readings, American Southerners were some if the most sadistic and trigger happy pulling guard duty of German POWs and in Eisenhower’s death camps. We already know about the Anglo’s treatment of prisoners during the Boer War, and the death camp at Andersonville during the war between the states.

        • November,

          I know. I definitely do not understand sexual attacks on women. I believe I read that the Russians even have it illegal to criticize the Red Army of the period. Surely that cannot be true however.

          My brother gave me a pamphlet a couple of years ago written by an American priest who wrote that the American Army even in France in 1944 were committing lots of rapes but they were being covered up by the controlled press. Now if they were raping a lot of French women then it is obvious what they did in Germany.

    • Leave it to some dumb liberal white bitch to do this type of stunt and thinking shes making some kind of deeply intellectual statement by taking off her clothes naked in front of cops lol

      • @Thom-that same retarded white whore would be begging for a cop in a matter of seconds if she walked around niggertown USA naked like that

  2. I’d suggest that Portland and Washington officials familiarize themselves with an ignored and unused portion of the Constitution in which the federal government is mandated to maintain in the states a republican form of government. What is happening in Washington state is rather an illegal imposition on the citizens, of a regime of violence instead of law. Thus the mayor and governor are violating the fundamental purpose of government, the preservation of domestic peace. It stands that purpose on its head and seemingly promises instead unhindered domestic violence and a massive violation of the citizenry’s civil and social rights. That is the reverse of republican government Federal courts may not buy, the argument but the court of public opinion will.

    • The 1807 Insurrection Act gives the President the legal authority to use Federal troops or Federalized National Guard troops to quell disorders. President Andrew Jackson invoked the Act in 1831 at the request of the Governor of Virginia to suppress the vicious Nat Turner slave rebellion as one example of its use. President Trump threatened to invoke the Act to suppress disorders but just bellowed about it per the usual modus operandi. He hasn’t invoked the Act in Portland or anywhere else thus far.

    • Like the shitlib mayor of portland ted wheeler cares about the consitution lol. He’s actually okay with all the rioting and destruction of public property

  3. “[R}epublican form of government”.

    You’re one of the few who has pointed this out. None of the idiots on neocon talk radio or FOX have brought this up.

  4. The commies are cheering the naked xer…saying xer “vagina” drove the cops away..they’re calling it vagina power…lol..these people just don’t understand their irony..when I first started watching these protests/riots I would think these people are crazy…now, when I watch these neo bolshevik riots I keep thinking truck mounted fifty cal..I don’t know why!

  5. Where is my “Today’s Absurdity” Brad? I had a side note to add that i saw today

  6. Portland threw in the towel on law enforcement years ago. This is a city that can’t even deal with the homeless camping and crapping all over the place – you think Ted “Nancyboy” Wheeler is going to rein in the Black-Leftist Malignancy? Not hardly – the Mayor’s only regret is that he can’t be out there attacking the police in person. I love how he now demands that the Feds clean the graffiti off the courthouse. You know, the graffiti that his incompetent administration didn’t even bother to pretend to try to prevent.

    • @Gerry…

      “White women are insane”

      And yet all the world is jumping through hurdles to kiss and fondle them…

  7. Germany declared war on the jewnited states of Anglos because the JSA was supplying its enemies with military aid; not exactly the act of a neutral non-combatant nation. The declaration of war allowed Kreigsmarine U-Boats to sink JSA ships supplying Germany’s enemies. Plus, the axis tripartite agreement called for the signature nations to go to war against an opponents of Italy, Germany, and Japan.

    F.Y.I., the JSA was agitating for war against Germany in earnest by Anglo-yankee POTUS FDR. Hitler did everything he could to avoid war with both the JSA and JK. It was those two AngloZionist empires that wanted to destroy NS Germany for their zionist-jewish overlords.

    During the war in Europe, Hitler offered peace talks to the JK on three occasions, and all of his diplomatic efforts at ending the war were refused, including Rudolf Hess’ peace flight to the JK.

    I get it. I wouldn’t want to be an Anglo either knowing that your people are most responsible for our current situation.

    To this very day, there are a substantial number of Southern Nationalists (overwhelmingly Anglos) and JK “Bulldog” Nationalists that would save the Anglosphere at the cost of all the other European ethnicities. Don’t take my word for it. Ask them yourselves.

    • November,

      Excellent comment. If I would have seen this one I would not have commented up above. Several times during the war Germany offered peace but the Unconditional Surrender Allies refused.

      I also have had trouble in Texas dealing with Anglos on any subject. Other white ethnic groups I get along with but in my schooling in Texas my Mexican friends/family have reported the same. Anglos glorify the system that hates them and is destroying them.

      My Catholic anglo girl friends are a partial exception but only due to the very traditional priests/teachers at our school and church. I get the feeling they only pretend because the priests are on my side.

      • Christina,

        On Telegram, anglos have very few supporters due to their elitist attitudes and past betrayals.

        A few British anglos have admitted that they were wrong, especially in regards to WWII involvement. Not surprisingly, most anglos will not own up to their roles birthing zionist jewish hegemony over the West in all the most important and influential institutions if government, academia, media, law, et cetera.

        They can lie to themselves all they want, but most people in ”’our circles” know what took place and who’s responsible.

        • November,

          Telegram sounds interesting though It looks like one can only access it through an advanced phone. I share a cell phone with my older sister. I do not think I can access Telegram through it.

          Anglos my age are easier to deal with than middle age/elderly ones in my experience.

          What other websites do you recommend that I could reach through a computer?

    • The declaration of war allowed Kreigsmarine U-Boats to sink JSA ships supplying Germany’s enemies.



      Do not forget as well that Roosevelt and the U$ Navy were waging an undeclared war against Germany, as early as 1940, and it’s constant attacks in the Atlantic against the naval vessels of the Kriegsmarine, which Chancellor Hitler did his utmost best in not trying to retaliate, rightfully believing that Red Roosy was setting him up to lure Germany into war with Uncle Saul.

  8. The Antifa have a powerful control over Portland. However it was Democrats that let it happen. The Democrats should have never went far left and should have denounced these Anarchist groups along with Black Lives Matter. The goal of any political party is represent all the people. However those days are officially over for the Democratic Party. Now the entire country looks like Portland…especially big cities across the US. However it was Republicans who Cucked over and over again and never fought back hard enough against the left. I personally believe that Law & Order is something everybody supports. Who wouldn’t want safe and peaceful communities? Our elected officials should stop being cowards and represent the Silent Majority. Deo Vindice !

    • In Portland, a WHITE veteran is gassed by gas-masked, body-armored Federal agents, and has his hand broken by their clubs, just for asking them a question.


      Ya think they would have done that to a Black guy???


      *What was that geezer doing out with the pantifa scum there in the first place? (He probably was a fellow Leftist, so really hard to have any empathy or sympathy for him.)

  9. Christina, is on OD’s blog roll. They are good and fair. The site provides an international overview.

    One of my all time favorite website that you can access over the Internet is the Institute for Historical Review.

    If I think of some more, I will post them.

    • November,

      Thank you for this information. I will check them out. Sorry for getting back to you so late but I was gone all day to the country for my weekly lessons in pistolship. I am starting to enjoy it.

  10. Christina,

    There were American pilots that flew fighter missions against both Germany and Japan prior to America’s entry into the war in December of 1941.

    Americans were flying RAF spitfires during The Battle of Britain, and they were also illegally helping the Chinese with the famous “Flying Tigers” fighter squadron.

    So in addition to the partisan Lend-Lease agreement with the JK, America was already acting as a belligerent before the allowed attack on Pearl Harbor.

      • Cristina,

        This article explains a lot about all Red Roosevelt did to get America into war with Germany, especially his undeclared naval war, with completely unprovoked attacks and “shoot-on-site” orders against the German kriegsmarine:

        Why Hitler Declared War on the United States — Inconvenient History

        • Virtus,

          Thank you for the link. A very valuable article. When school starts again next month i hope to give a presentation on such matters in History class—my favorite subject. My favorite time period is Ancient and Medieval.

          In the USA we will probably be forced to wear those masks making it harder to flirt and socialize. I am not complaining too badly since human life and health are more important than being social. Also, if any of us get the Coronavirus then our parents will as well. Since they are almost 50 they might be in danger.

          I tend to think the Coronavirus is dangerous but I do not know for sure.

  11. Christina,

    I’m glad to hear that you are beginning to enjoy your marksmanship lessons. Shooting can be a great way of relieving stress as well.

    Here is more evidence of the meddling the JSA and JK were engaged in to fight and ultimately destroy NS Germany.

    On a side note, while I understand why southerners are upset that their history has been altered to fit the what HW calls “the post-war consensus.” They feel anger at their heritage and history being whitewashed, but at the same time their great grandfathers and grandfathers literally burned every German textbook published between 1933-1945, and forced the “denazification” of the German people by using a blood libel against them and their children that still is in place to the present day.

    Another reason given for racial integration in schools, neighborhoods, et cetera was that the Soviet Union was using segregation and Jim Crow Laws as propaganda.

    Had the ZionistsAnglo Empires not interfered with NS Germany’s intention to destroy communism in the USSR, they might still have their lily White schools, towns, and what have you. Actions have consequences,

    • November,

      As always I thank you for the information. One of the main reasons I am on this site is to learn and soak up information. One priest who is also a teacher hinted about such matters but did not go deep into it. Last year I asked him why no elaboration. He said if his class was all Mexican he would have.

      I think that a growing belief in equality would have doomed the Jim Crow South anyway. Equality and democracy are incompatible with white supremacy. Also, starting or getting involved in a war with the Northern Americans was doomed from the start. They lacked the manpower and resources to win. Unless you are attacked or it is a moral imperative never fight a war you cannot win.

      If I know that then why do leaders of countries not know and practice that?

      The fact they put up such a game struggle is more a credit to their bravery than their strategic sense.

  12. Christina,

    The Reich never wanted war. Sure, they were virulently anti-communist (for excellent reasons), but NS Germany never sought world conquest unlike the USSR, JK, and JSA.

    Honest military scholars will tell that the war in Europe was closer than thought. Had Germany been able to develop the atomic bomb before the JSA, it would have changed the calculus of the war’s outcome. The Germans were a lot closer to building their own A-bombs than the public knows, and they the means to deliver them.

    Unfortunately, we cannot change the past, only a shabbos goys or jews would say that the West is better off by destroying NS Germany.

    • November,

      How true. Germany had a better chance of winning the war or at least creating a stalemate than the South did.

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