A Blundering Generation

The Blundering Generation is on my mind for a reason:

The insanity goes all the way to the top:

Portland is openly in a state of insurrection.

The Democrats are defending it from the city council to the mayor to the state attorney general to the U.S. representative to Oregon’s governor and two U.S. senators all the way up to Pelosi and Schumer.

What is the point of all this lawlessness? Trump has the ultimate responsibility to uphold the law. The Democrats want to portray him as a “fascist” who is unleashing his “Gestapo” for doing so.

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  1. Downtown Portland is probably going to become a “soviet”, before too long. Antifas openly talk of destroying America. The people behind the riots are very real, very well funded, very well protected. The fed police coming in is too little, too late. This is coming, one town at a time. Even though the leftists are now ramping up their open violence, the media hides their violence, but promotes the idea that “White right-wing extremists” are the source of violence. Civil War 2 is in slow motion right now.

    Here is an article on Natural News, that is time relevant :


    • How many Whites are just waiting for the Blacks to start some shit up? 10s/100s of Millions? The US population is 13% Black – of that percentage what percentage of Blacks are physically fit enough in the 16-45YO age bracket to participate in an armed confrontation – maybe 40% of that 13%(say 10M males). The militant Blacks – packed into cities – can LARP all they want but any racial Civil War will be over within a matter of weeks.

      • When you have one race fighting the war and the the other afraid of optics and words, the numbers don;t matter. We are losing because our leaders are weak in comparison to the left. The “democrats” in Portland don’t support the anarchists, they fear them. If we applied the tactics of our enemy, we could easily win but violence is not an option to the right. Even Jared Taylor said violence and rioting works. The white/southern right would rather relive the civil war than defeat their present enemy.

          • Serious question here. Who is Biden’s SPEECHWRITER? Find out and decapitate the left there. It’s what they did with Tucker. Uncle shot Von Papen’s speechwriter in the Night of the Long Knives.

          • There’s a fine line between fear and support just like there’s a fine line between love and hate. When you fear your house being burnt down and protests at your house, you will pretend to support them in order for it not to happen in your backyard. When the govt fear the people there is freedom.They have whatever they want because the politicians fear their actions. They don’t fear us because they know we are weak and passive. One day you might understand how fear works.

      • That assume whites will fight back which I see no evidence of. Even our absentee landlord president thinks provocative tweets are akin to real life street action! For decades the Racialist Right has talked about the balloon going up. Where here it is and they have no organization and cannot argue this sneaked up on them because they have been fantasying about it for decades.

        • For decades the Racialist Right has talked about the balloon going up. Where here it is and they have no organization and cannot argue this sneaked up on them because they have been fantasying about it for decades.


          They are sh-t-4-brains that watched waaaaaaaaaay to many (((hollywood))) movies.

          These patriotard, “Americanist” fools are waiting for John Wayne and the cavalry to come to their “rescue” — or some kind of Rambo/Red Dawn scenario — both of which will never materialize.

          Just more thumotic porn for old, fat, diabetic boomer cucks.

      • If it were only blacks, it would not be an issue. The real issue is behind the scenes, in terms of covert, overt, and pending support. And the fact that their enemies are mostly in a stupor of apathy, and/or fear.

        Small be their numbers, they have the upper hand. When issues escalate, we can not only expect flash mobs, we can expect lots of sleeper cell types to move as well. Remember, there are literally millions of illegals in this country, and you can safely bet that a number of countries and organizations have taken the opportunity to infiltrate their torpedoes. You can also safely bet, that they will also receive active external support from countries who want the US to end, maybe even at some point overtly send active military support.

        White people had better get it together. Time is short.

      • @Mike – I understand how fear works and I also understand that fear is a mind-killer. The garbage going on in shitholes like Portland and Chicago should cause no fear or concern in any Whites.

    • Antifa is thoroughly capitalist, capitalist-funded, capitalist-orchestrated, and not going to establish any real soviets. “Black capitalism” (aka Black enterprise) to be established is the opposite of socialism. Natural News is not a good source. The Michael Snyder sites often linked to NN are also untrustworthy, and Epoch Times is the prime example of a psyop site that will tell you many “politically incorrect” truths just to get you to believe one crucial lie.

      • Epoch Times is run by the CIA-backed Chinese cult Falun Gong. Funny that self professed “redpilled” people have started to use epoch times as a source when it’s a CIA psyop. It’s probably intentionally being spread through fake Qtard accounts and the like to set the stage for the Chinese cold war.

  2. And one of the crazy council women in Seattle want to fire Seattle Police based on their being White!

    ( https://www.newsbreak.com/washington/seattle/news/0PdH0IEf/seattle-city-council-member-suggests-firing-white-officers-in-massive-reduction-of-police-department )

    Been a union man for twenty years (voting for Buchanan to keep illegal alien scab labor out & put economic protectionist tariffs in place) and hearing a progressive state that my White police union brothers should be fired solely based on race has erased all qualms I have about Trump. If I want to remain in my current union job as a White man I must vote for The Orange One.

    Now the Far Left has attacked an actual Police Union Hall!

    “Crush the anti-fascist mob!”

    • The solution:
      The PPU (along with PPD and SO) know who the communists Rioters are and have unfettered access to their information because they can access the PD databases through active members.

      Find where the commie scum live and take the fight to them covertly.

      Step 2: The Union can also find out which National Lawyers Guild lawyers are bailing out the rioters.

      Lather, rinse, repeat.

        • Pointless. The anti-White(s) who write Joe Biden’s speeches will suffer no public humiliation, defamation or de-personing. He/she/it is completely protected as they are in perfect compliance with the anti-White Narrative.

  3. Per Trump Tweet, Antifa was declared a terrorist organization a month ago. Why are they being dragged into vans & released? Pretend Tough Guy Optics?

  4. What we see on the streets of Portland and Seattle etc. is what happens when the generation of the unspanked meet for first time a firm no.

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