A Warning From Yugoslavia


I think she is right.

Why is the media doing this? Is it worth it to win the election? We’re not the ones who are doing it. It is not us out there fomenting chaos and rioting and engaging in violence.

What happens if they end up unleashing forces which they cannot control?

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    • I was out at “triumph of the free world” lol. I’m no communist, but the “triumph of the free world” was the triumph of western global diversity capitalist liberalism. Ultimate AIDS.


  1. Wow, “Democrats are the real Nazis” from a foreigner. 😀

    I guess Boomerism knows no borders, no distinctions of age, no nationality. Whereso ye go, whatever era ye are in, there ye shall find — the Boomer!

    Couldn’t watch the whole thing — did this Yugo Boomerette also invoke the KKK? 😉 “Robert E. Lee was a DemoCRAP!!!! Get off my lawn! Bootstraps! I carry a .45 because they don’t make a .46!”

        • “Proponents of a foreign religion” = JUDEN.

          Thanks, HW. She is correct.- on THAT point.
          But her desire to ignore or downplay the reality that there is ONE group, alone that is valid- Orthodox Serbs, and two groups that are INVALID- RC Croats, and godless Bosnian Pisslamites,
          is THE REAL bolshevik strategy, here.

          1) Serbs had a huge kingdom, long before these other two existed. Moreover
          2) Croats were butchers for the RCC cult- ANY Protestant that doesn’t see in this battle between two opposing theological systems (one true, one false) with Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, is an idiot.


          • christianity is false as they believe a jew man (therein lies your continual consternation!), even any that man mid yo let alone a JEW is GOD! see Numbers 23:19 sir!!

          • Even without knowing much about the history of the region, I knew NATO and the West were (once again) the bad guys when they attacked Serbia. I wasn’t even that old back then.

          • @Erc…

            You certainly are right that there a several tens of millions of Scofield Bible misled Evangelicals who, at present, think God is a Jew.

            And, yes, you sure re right that plenty of Secular Jews are happy about that being the case, particularly the Zionist class who fostered the misinformation.

            As well, you are right that God incarnated His Son amongst The Israelites of olde, because, like The Jews of today, Khazars or not, they were flubbing their assignment to be God’s People.

            What you are not right about, however, is the Nature of God, or where it is. So let me help you out with that.

            Chryst was not successful at getting the bulk of Jewry to reform their diabolical ways, and, that so, He gave the assignment to The White Gentile Races, who took it up and became a light unto the world.

            Not an accident that, in the centuries ensuing, the world over, Western clothing is worn, Western medicinal techniques are used, Western architecture predominates, people love Coke, Marlboros, and play Bach and Beethoven, often in lieu of their own music.

            That this happened is the result of The White Gentile Races choosing to be God’s people, and, no matter how imperfect, receiving God’s silent blessings for that.

            Lastly, you, yourself, have the very spirit of God, the proof of it being that you detest corruptness and evil, just as Chryst did.

            Doubt that the very Spirit of Chryst is within you?

            Go read The Gospel of John, Chapter 8.

            Then you’ll know who is inside you and what you were born to be a part of.

    • That’s not what she suggested. Yugoslavia clearly was a proto colour revolution.

      • @Captain John…

        “Yugoslavia clearly was a proto colour revolution.”

        Colour Revolution = a power grab by, and, for the Establishment, made to look and seem as if it is by and for The People.

    • Unfortunately, American “right wing” nonsense has been making in-roads into Europe for a while now (and so has American “left wing” nonsense).

    • Sigh*
      I just tune out anyone using “nazi” in a derogatory way.
      It shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation and I’m tired of hearing it.

  2. I’ve theorized that in the near future, the US gummint will be reduced to being a moneyprinter, which will expose their weakness but maintain their relative importance in our lives. The empire is becoming more impotent; they’re not willing to force anyone but White supremacists and threats to Israel into line. Uncle Sam will exist to keep the welfare constituencies going, from the retired and disabled to the war machine and Wall Street, but little else.

    There will be de facto secession coming, with rural and urban areas splitting within states. Will new states be made, or just a quiet hands-off, revenue-sharing model that keeps states together?

  3. Strong Serbian lady, with an excellent hold over our language.

    Of course, she is talking about the manifestation of the Judeo-Bolshevik bug in The Balkans, which, eerily, even more so mirrors what we are presently going through than what occurred in Russia, a century back.

    I’d like to say something hopeful and wise, that could help everybody out, but, I’m afraid it eludes me.

    • Her heart is in the right place, even if she does not understand who is really driving this situation.

      A man named Selco Begovic has written extensively about his experiences in the Balkan civil war, and put together a couple courses called SHTF school. Some of his writings can be found on PDF.

      • @Rob…

        I agree with you some, Dear Rob.

        Certainly, I see in her eyes that she understands the dehabilitating role of Organized Jewry well, and despises it, but, she does not understand how far gone our country is, and Judeo-Bolshevism is only one reason why, not the principal reason.

        I am not sure she understands how far gone this country is, and that it has not been The Judeo-Bolsheviks who did it, but the treachery, greed, and corruption of both the natives and aliens that did it in.

      • Fine, but NOTHING excuses such callous mass BUTCHERY as this!

        “So, what do you do if you are the British and Americans? Like General Luzana, the British came to the same conclusion, but went one step further. They must prevent not only that it could be written that the Catholic Church was involved in the Serbian Holocaust, but that it happened at all. At stake was the very survival of the Roman Catholic Church, an instrument the British knew was absolutely vital to the Cold War. The Catholic priest who participated in the mass murder described by Gen. Luzana was not an isolated individual, but rather all too common in the Independent State of Croatia. The late Serbian Holocaust researcher Dr. Milan Buljaic has meticulously documented the names of over one thousand Catholic priest, monks, and seminarians that committed mass murder. So what options did the British have? Only one. To create, in the form of Tito, a force that is, one, anti-Serb and, two, entirely dependent on the West for its survival. And this is the reality behind Anglo-American policy in World War II Yugoslavia. They supported Tito not because his forces were killing Germans, but because the British knew Tito’s Partisans were killing the Serbian Orthodox resistance. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, the oldest strategy in warfare. The British, looking ahead to the Cold War, saw the Serbian Orthodox resistance movement of Draza Mihailovic as their real enemy and Tito (despite the fact he was a communist) as their friend or, more accurately, their accomplice in the cover up of the Serbian Holocaust.”

        This article is a treasure trove of films, bios, documentary, and numerous quotes. I’m still working my way through it….

        • @Fr. John…

          Thank you for this interesting and well-informed comment, Sir!

          I love to learn, and one thing I appreciate about this site, beyond the excellent investigate journalism of it’s host or it’s Southern Nationalism, is that some of the commenters are extremely thoughtful and well-informed!

        • Fr. John…

          One observation to your comment, after digesting…

          Whether through the auspices of The British, or the U.S. Government, Organized Jewry has been carrying on a blood feud war of annihilation with the Eastern Orthodox Church throughout the previous century.

          One sees that in the current attempts to divide the Eastern Orthodox Church in the Ukraine, one saw it with the overthrow of the Romanov Dynasty, and apparently the exact same thing has been going on in the Balkans.

          I suppose we ought not be surprised…

  4. Trump is not the answer here. There is no federal solution. Protesting for constitutional rights won’t change a thing. Right Wingers don’t generally protest for the good of their nation or people, they are selfish individualists. They have only protested wearing masks so far.

    This nation is divided. That’s what Multi-culturalism does. This woman presupposes unity. This is laughable. Blacks have been hating Whites and waiting to kill us for centuries.

    As far as balkanization, I don’t think so. You have to have many strong ethnic groups for that. While there are several, they all benefit from the state, and rely on it. Jews (and their liberal sympathizers) run the state. Muslims and blacks are completely dependent upon the state for welfare, so they will fall in line when they are told to. Mexicans are the wild card. They rely on the state, but some make enough money to where they don’t have to. Also, Mexico is just right over the border, so they have the foreign support they need to wage a successful war against America. They will do this eventually.

    Whites, like I said, will not unify and fight. Whites only fight back on a case by case basis, as it effects them DIRECTLY. No White takes up arms over any collective value. There have been next to no efforts in response to homo marriage, immigration, the anti-White agenda etc. Nothing but complaints on social media.

    What is happening is this: All forces in America, the institutions and the non-White people groups, are attacking White people. The middle class wealth will be attacked, destroyed, and legally stolen via redistribution (taxes) and the social standing of non-Whites will be raised, while the social standing of Whites will be forced to the bottom. Financially there will eventually be 2 classes: rich and poor. But the poor non-Whites will have the corporate and legal protections (privilege,) media support etc and Whites will be a legal scapegoat for all animosity that would otherwise be directed at the ruling class.

    It’s not about balkanization, it’s about White Subordination.

    • @JC…

      “Trump is not the answer here. There is no federal solution. Protesting for constitutional rights won’t change a thing. ”

      Very true, very true, indeed.

      Trump could have been a big part of the answer, but, he did not believe his own rhetoric.

    • Whites have fought as whites before in this country. People need to stop saying this garbage “whites will never organize and band together as whites.”

      The United States has had several times where whites have done this. Namely in the South during reconstruction as well as during the civil rights movement.

      Also, whites indicated their desire for segregation more than their willingness to win ww2 in polling from the time, to the tune of 90% preferring segregation to victory in the war.

      Also, the founders (flawed as they were) organized a country that literally offered naturalization to whites only.

      This blackpill crap about whites never acting as a group with interests is either purposeful demoralization or ignorance. In my humble opinion.

      Ive always looked at the degenerate liberal section of modern american whites as a whitepill. Here’a why: the powers that have become ascendent post-ww2 have needed to obtain complete narrative and educational control of all institutions, as well as complete economic control based on carrot/stick punishment and reward over white people’s lives in order to suppress the inherent illiberalism and fascistic nature of european man – and they have for 70 years. Yet, there are still a lot of white people who reject this garbage or are ready to reject it. Adorno was right when he described europeans largely being nazis if left to their own devices. Even with ultimate and complete societal and cultural control, they havent brought all whites into the fold. This has to infuriate them – and why replacement is necessary. This is the whitepill.

      Also, Hunter has done a fine job illustrating the fact that while liberalism has had uprisings in the united states prior to complete jewish psychological rule, he has also illustrated (maybe purporsefully or inadvertently) that the natural state of white america is to return to a racially separate and right wing basal metabolic state, if you will. See post civil war, post reconstruction, post civil rights revolution etc.

      The jews are right about whites always being a step away from either the Third Reich or the confederacy. Theyre just wrong about its morality.

      • @Dixieland…

        “Whites have fought as whites before in this country. People need to stop saying this garbage “whites will never organize and band together as whites.””

        Very very true.

        • Anglo Whites certainly did act as an effective group collective, not too long ago, in Rhodesia and South Afrika, where they held off the Marxist terrorists for years, before being sold out by the U$ & the UK.

          Rhodesia Fights Back! | Counter-Currents Publishing

          The rub though ALWAYS IS with Anglo-type Whites is that they will only do this, defend themselves that is, if their governments approve of this collective behavior. They are complete and total supplicants to state power, whatever the state wants or expects of them, even if that means their demise.

      • The civil war ended 155 years ago. Forced integration was 63 years ago. The last time Whites banded together to fight for our collective interests in this country was Charlottesville. For this, the entire country disavowed us, most specifically the right and all these AmNat fake nationalists. Pointing out some time in the past when Whites were ethnocentric is not an argument, and the accusations of deliberately trying to blackpill people are also unfounded. This is comment on a blog that might be seen by 100 people tops, so it’s certainly not a propaganda killshot. This is one man’s opinion.

        They very incentives you speak of will only get greater. Apparently you are unaware that currently in South Africa, where actual open and state sponsored genocide is taking place, there are still White traitors because of incentivization.

        The only slightly effective pushback will probably come from the center left “anti-woke” crowd, or maybe a type of civ-nat trad libertarian crowd. What I want, racial fascism, is unlikely in America. This place is Brazilifying, and the movement to stop that is atomized and powerless. There is no effort to collectivize beyond internet comment section attacks. Everyone’s best bet is to move deep country and try to join an existing rural community. This country is done, won’t last 20 years.

        • @Pete…

          Yes, this country, as is, is ‘done’ – no doubt.

          That said, every storm, no matter how severe, passes and then the sun comes out.

          If Germany can rebuild after 1945, and if Russia can recover after the 1990s, then anything is possible.

          To be clear, I understand your frustration over Charlottesville, for obvious reasons, though, 3 years down the pike since then and the mentality of many people in this country is changing.

          Too, our Dixie faced devastation in 1864-65, but,it never gave up, fought on, and bounced back.

          If just 30% of us stand together, we can do what is necessary and fight our way out.

          The key word, however, is ‘fight’, because, barring an act of God, that is what it will have to be.

          I’ve been fighting for years, as I know you have.

          Let us not despair, just as the rest of our brethren begin to awaken.

          We are entering a period of dramatic change.

          Don’t despair…

  5. no:

    Yugoslavia” was Serbia’s reward from the Encirclement Powers for sparking off WWI: a prison of nationalities – Slovenes, Bosnians, Croats, Montenegrans – lorded over by Serbs. It fragmented twice – in 1941 and 1990’s – along those coherant lines.

    Jew-SA is a former White nation now being Palestine’d by the Jews via shitskin insourcing. This will be a race war – along urban/rural geographic lines – to the death: non-pozzed rural Whites (if any) vs urban Jews/Blacks/Browns/pozzed white cosmics, with significant infighting among the latter. The former “America” will completely disintegrate.

    • The central role of Catholicism’s ten-centuries-long crusade to convert or destroy the Orthodox people of the Balkans must not be overlooked. The Papacy wants to have Serbia and Montenegro, the last strong hold-outs in the Balkans, and especially, Russia.

      • @Anonymous…

        The Vatican certainly well may wish to have Serbia and Montenegro, and, as well, wrest all of Eastern Europe from The Orthodox Church.

        They may get Montenegro, maybe, but, Serbia never – not only because the Serbs are ole-timey firecrackers, but, because Russia would never ever permit it.

        Many people are unaware of the strength of the bond between Serbia and Russia, and, as well, the strength of feeling that the Average Eastern European Joes has for The Orthodox Church, which e, even if he does not usually attend church, regards as the very symbol of his nation’s existence and it’s sovereignty.

        As to Russia : —— it certainly still has some thorny problems, and probably always will have, but it’s national sovereignty, and it’s ability to maintain it against any threat, has already been assured by the leadership of Vladimir Putin and the soul of the nation by his collaboration with the clergy of that country to reestablish The Russian Church.

        So, the Vatican, and it’s infinite partners of the shadowy internationalist One World Order web, can dream all they want about an eastern expansion, but, alas, dreams are all they will ever be.

    • Lt.-Col. Boomer Lardass…

      As I read your comment, I wondered where The Orientals would fit in. I mean, in Los Angeles there are a few hundred thousand Koreans who dislike Blacks and distrust Latins.

      Though they are pro-themselves, they much prefer Whites to all the rest, and they will tell you so.

      In their minds they came here to live in a White Gentile Nation, and enjoy the fruits of White privilege – not to live in a multicultural U.N. outhouse.

      • the east asian orientals, like the ashkenazic Jews, are high-IQ collectivists. They may not like the Jews/Blacks etc., but they are no friends of ours. In fact, throughout SE Asia and Indonesia, the overseas Chinese play many of the same socio-economic roles – middlemen – as the Jews, and are similarly detested by the native populations. If Whites win the onrushing race war, any surviving Jews and Asiatics – along with Blacks, mestizos, and Muslims – must return to their native hustings. It’s either that or

        White extinction.

        • @Lr. Col. Boomer Lardass…

          Thank you for your thoughtful reply and your service in The Marines.

          If your statement is that Orientals are, as a group, neither our friends nor our enemies, I think my experience would have to confirm that.

          As to your main assertions about the country dividing along racial lines, I’ll take that on advisement, and keep a firm eye out.

          Be well!

  6. She’s aware of the civil war that engulfed her parents country. Very interesting how she observed the same sequence of events.

  7. The difference with Yugoslavia is there were different opposing factions and deep cultural divides there. In the USA, there is only one faction, with only mild differences. Democrats support tearing down statues illegally in pursuit of anti-white revolution, while Republicans support tearing down statues LEGALLY in pursuit of anti-white revolution.

    • The difference with Yugoslavia is there were different opposing factions and deep cultural divides there. In the USA, there is only one faction…


      Excellent point.

      That’s what most people don’t seem to get – or refuse to get – is that in America there is “elite consensus” in the course of events currently unfolding, so the putative “Right” doesn’t have any key, critical elite backing, or patronage.

      • They don’t since they accept liberal influenced history/narratives. Which deny the actions of conspiracies and elites as key to “social change” since said actions undermine the same liberalism.

        • Which deny the actions of conspiracies and elites as key to “social change” since said actions undermine the same liberalism.


          Brilliantly stated, Aldon!

          That sentence should be on the tombstone of the so-called “Right” — how, and why, it never, truly became a force or agent for meaningful change (at least for anything other than insipid, meaningless symbolism).

      • You forget that the Serbs were willing to fight the Muslim invasion of Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro, and to a lesser extent Macedonia. It cost Slobodan Milosevic his life.

      • @Virtus…

        You must be a graphic artist, because the layouts of your comments are always excellent and ‘just so’.

        • Ivan,

          And I have the same precise sentiment to you my dear friend! You are always so cogent and concise in your commentary, and always such a gentleman about it all.

          • Thank you so very much, Dear Virtus!

            You made my day – or, at least, until I kiss my wife after work:)


    #1. Like all Eastern European Patriots, who despise the One World Order that Anglo-Jewry is attempting to foist upon her region, she is pro-Trump, because Trump’s George Wallacesque tone provides a kind of protective umbrella for them.

    If I vote for Trump, it would only be because it benefits Eastern Europe, which brings me to my second point…

    #2. She does not understand that though President Trump has done some decent things in Trade and has appointed very solid justices, he’s done nothing to end the wars, nothing to stem White Demographic replacement, nothing to drain The Swamp, nothing to economically buttress the ability of young White Adults to have families.

    When she calls America the greatest country in the world, she is, of course, is being complimentary, because, after President Clinton bombed them for the sake of bolstering his sagging approval polls (to support the Muslim Bosnians) Serbs have had a jaundiced view of The U.S.A., and rightly so.

    Maybe she does not realize that this is not 1950s-1960s, that a time when America WAS the greatest country in the world. The America of 2020 is a far cry from the model of 1955, and, though Judeo-Bolshevism has played a part in it, it has only been one player in an ensemble cast.

    #3. She does not realize that, though President Trump could have chosen to have become the answer, or, at least, a major part of it, he has not chosen that – but, instead, to play theatrically as if he were that.

    In saying all these things, I do not wish to diminish what she has shared with us, nor her own wisdoms. It’s just that she does not quite realize where this country actually is, and that it is beyond the pale of saving in it’s current incarnation.

    Socialists professors may be the reason for the riotings, but, they are NOT the reason why the politicians are bought and paid for, NOT the reason why the populace is drugged out, persnickety, and porn-addicted, NOT the reason why the manufacturing sector has been shipped overseas, and certainly NOT the reasons why the borders are wide open, or why we are policing practically everyone else’s security in the world, but, not our own.

    Socialism (Judeo-Bolshevism) might have been the reason why her country was crushed, exploiting centuries’ old enmities, but, it is not the reason here.

    Here the reasons have been time-honoured Greed, Indifference, Selfishness, all of which equals Treachery.


    Though many people think this coming election of November 2020 pivotal, particularly Mainstream Conservatives and Liberals, I think their thinking is unfounded.

    The die was many times cast on this country over the last century, and a trillion ways, and now it is frozen and reading snake eyes.

    On or out of office, Trump will not change that.

    He has the instinct and the flair, but, not the character, nor the gumption.

  9. Interesting but,

    As a Serb, a bit older than this woman, who lives in Serbia even though I lived for 12 years in Canada (also citizen) and the US (where I studied) I can tell you that this is exactly why females shouldn’t dabble in politics or history.

    The backstory of “in 1989 all was well, but politicians in Yugo didn’t want to cede power” is laughable. Well, politicians anywhere don’t want to cede power and in elections in 1990 all of the people in the picture got majority votes of their respective peoples. Keep in mind that Yugo had a system of rotating presidents by republic after Tito died and Serbia effectively only had 1 year of a seated president in Yugo (Tito was a Croat) and all of the figureheads that came after were non Serbian.

    She then goes on about how “THEY” (meaning the yugo political elite) re-branded under national socialism in order to maintain power. Well those elites were superbly incompetent and they noticed that Yugo was about to expire so they suck with their own kind in an attempt to secede. She is way off on this, sure the Croats were going on about the business of re-inventing the WW2 statelet, but this was first and foremost under the banner of anti Serbianism.

    She’s way off. like way off, this is the normie vanilla version of “history” that’s been refuted over and over.

    As she didn’t goo too much into history neither will I, but I’ll agree that there are parallels to what happened then in Yugo and what is happening now. I’ll list them in no particular order:

    1) The dispossessed majority.
    Just as white Americans didn’t have a democrat president they favored since the 60’s, the Serbs were the dispossessed majority in Yugo. We created the country but by the 50’s we had no real say in how it would be ran. By the 80’s after Tito died all Serbs got was a partitioned Serbian core (Kosovo and Voivodina and Macedonia, as well as the Serbian tribe of Montenegro as newfound republics carved out of it) and effectively 1/8 of say in running matters. Before war started minority worship was all the rage and Serb hating was promoted, and even goes on to this day.

    2) Forcing of equality of outcome.
    In America you went further in lower positions (corporate, government and education) in Yugoslavia the end result was equal share in political decisions. Since all new states are equal even without contributing anything to the statehood all ended up having the exact same political say. quotas of employment (this is where the girls is right).

    3) Guilt trip
    Just as there is inherent white guilt in America of today so was Serb guilt in Yugo. The communist international so much hated the Serbian historic successes that the term “Velikosrpska agresija” (The great Serbian Aggression) was coined by them and professed over and over after WW2. Serb hating was fine, and not a word could be said about the deeds of catholic Croats or Muslims.

    4) ingratitude.
    Just as the blacks and other minorities in America will never say “thank you white man for ending slavery, for housing, affirmative action, EBT, schooling, the civil rights…” but will in stead complain to no end about white supremacy and ask for never ending benefits. The same happened in Yugo, the republic of Croatia and Slovenia saw unprecedented growth and were never ever even close to being content. All of their problems came down to the Serb man holding them back. They had the greatest growth in population and GDP as well, and hated Serbs for their “aggression” while taking all of the benefits. The benefits were not only standards of living, but great territorial concessions as well (Croatia grew by 200% compared to the Austo-Hungarian backwater that it was prior, gaining in the process Dalmatia, Dubrovnik, Baranja, Istra- and they got it all while a part of Yugo). Same for Slovenia, but not to that extent. While in Yugoslavia they grew while Serbia shrunk, yet they never stopped yammering about Great Serbian Oppression. Since leaving Sebian opression Croatia shed about a third of it’s population.

    Keep in mind that same can be said of Ukraine in the USSR, the more they got (political representation, territorial concessions (Crimea) and economic prosperity) the more they hated Russians which created it all.

    5) Disrespect for the flag and anthem.
    You know how it looks like in the US, check out these for comparison.
    Yugoslav anthem booed by a stadium of Croats in Zagreb – 1990
    Yugoslav flag burning at soccer game, Split 1991.

    6) Unwillingness to use the army.
    Just as Trump hesitates and has his generals call him out as an dictator (Mad dog Matis) and in effect has a limp army that he cannot use effectively domestically – so was the mighty JNA (Yugoslav National Army). The army generals at the time when shit was getting real were all saying to the media that they will not use force “against the people”. Which end up costing scores of them getting lit up in countless ambushes and them loosing any respect and stature. JNA operations during the war were mostly organized withdrawals and other cuck actions. This emboldened the sides that wished to end the country.The army did not preserve the country even though it had the means to do it.

    So these are the parallels as I see them, parallels between Yugoslavia 1990 and USA 2020 but there will not be a civil war in USA because the war of 1990’s Yugoslavia was nationalistic in essence (not religious as the girl implied) and there were clear majorities in republics (equivalent of US states) where this does not exist in the USA.

    A more honest comparison would be Serbia of 1941, after the fall of Yugoslavia to Germany in Serbia you had two groups of Serbs, conservative/monarchist and international/communist both anti German, who slaughtered each other in a mini civil war. The prevailing side which was communist took great revenge on the conservative monarchists and never ever allowed Serbian pride to emerge, it vilified everything Serbian.

    Sorry for the long post.

    • @G. George

      There was a Serbian learning curve. The Serbs found that the Jews/Israel were not going to support them politically or militarily in their war with the Muslims. Even though the Serbs had been more than decent with the Jews going back to WWII and the Ustasha.

      We are very lucky that we didn’t get a bloody nose from the Serbs, when it turned out that the Serbs had 90% of their tanks and artillery intact, even after our and NATO’s air bombardment.

  10. “The fact remains, however, that the British-Israel is to establish a world state with a David as King, and the capital of this state, according to their own publications, is to be Jerusalem.”
    — Remarks of Hon. J. THORKELSON in the Congressional Record for Tuesday, September 3, 1940.


    “In order that the American people may have a clearer understanding of those who over a period of years have been undermining this Re- public, in order to return it to the British Empire, I have inserted in the RECORD a number of articles to prove this point. These articles are entitled “Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife.” This is part I, and in this I include a hope expressed by Mr. Andrew Carnegie, in his book entitled “Triumphant Democracy.” In this he expresses himself in this manner: ‘Let men say what they will, I say that as surely as the sun in the heavens once shone upon Britain and America united, so surely is it one morning to rise, to shine upon, to greet again the reunited states – the British-American Union.’ ” ========================================= This amazing entry in the Congressional Record shines a great deal of light on how the United States has been manipulated into the position it is in today – endless wars and economic depression. All this was known in 1940, and has been meticulously avoided by the Khazar-controlled media ever since. These subjects are coming into open discussion today only because of the internet. Truth movement and OWS – this document belongs in your permanent collection. We have been nearing the final stages of ruthless exploitation by a cabal of Venetian bankers who long ago inextricably entered into a parasitic relationship with England in a mutual bid for world conquest. Sounds bizarre to the uninitiated, but only because information about this has been deliberately purged from public education and the corporate-controlled media.. Learn more below. Takeover of the USA – The Club of Rome, Chatham House and The Committee of 300 – Dr. John Coleman

  11. I have a good friend from Albania. Probably one of the hardest people I’ve ever known. He served in the military and fought. He was a border guard. They are a different breed. “We shoot them like mice” he told me.

    We were coworkers for about a year. He told me when he was a cop over there they had to go to a house where two people were killed.

    A husband came home and caught his wife in bed with another guy and he, the husband, killed both of them.

    So I asked him if the guy was arrested. He laughed; no. Did you guys take the weapon, I asked. Nope.

    I guess we have it good here, for now. We are on the edge of real chaos.

    Trump is a disappointment. But consider the alternative. If Biden wins expect a lot more of this. If Trump wins there will at least be some pushback in play. I’m going to hold my nose and vote for Trump simply for that reason.

    This can spiral out of control in a big way.

  12. this seems like a really fake and gay liberal take on things. Communist boogy men, fear of any type of authoritarianism, falsely labeling National socialism ect ect. I couldn’t make it past like 1 minute. idk this is very boomer tier.

  13. Let us all also add: Her forecast isn’t a new one. Igor Panarin, prof and former KGB advisor, back in 98 predicted the US would split itself into 3-4-5 whatever shards and become separate nations.

    We snickered at that back then. I don’t hear anyone chuckling as of late, now, do I?

    • @Doc…

      I read your comment to my wife and she gave a great big whoop of joy at the thought of Southerners having their own country!

      And let me add a great big whoop of my own to that!

      Thank you for sharing Professor Panarin with us.

  14. I kind of like her, but I’m not that crazy about Serbia. The Serbs and nationalists there set off WWI, and also Yugoslavia was cobbled together with smaller states under the dream of Greater Serbia. In WWII, it was a real war between the commies and chetniks, and they fought each other more then the Germans…and Croats and Bosnians slaughtered many Serbs, so when the system broke up after the Cold War ended, I imagine the Serbs were ready to settle scores.
    That being said, I hated Clinton bombing Serbia and taking Albania’s side, and went to an anti bombing rally in Boston then.

    Tom Chittum, who wrote Civil War Two, fought in Yugoslavia with militias, and uses it as a study to civil war here in America. Chittum said many minorities were forcibly moved in with others to keep an eye on them, and so the fighting became very localized and vicious. He also said loyalty to the state crumbled after Titio died, and it was every nation for themselves. he said military bases were easy to overrrun and seize weapons, noting how poorly defended they were…like most military installations here. Any determined group could raid armories.

    Any Serb here should read Chittum. I think Trump is almost a kind of Tito, and I dread what will happen if he loses, or even wins. The establishment really, REALLY wants him out, and they’ve invited the mob to the table, and throughout history, bringing the mob in is a bad idea.

    I listened yo a Yuri Bezmenov. He said America now is like Russia when Kerensky was in power, before the reds took over.

    The big question is what will white Americans do if it really gets rough? We have this addiction to Christianity, but also to the ballot and ‘fair elections.’ But in many cases, the purpose of democracy is to prevent change. Chittum argued America is now an imperial state, and imperial states have to placate the nationalities to keep peace.

  15. @Dargason…

    “I listened to a Yuri Bezmenov. He said America now is like Russia when Kerensky was in power, before the reds took over. ”

    I agree with the Karensky analogy of Bezmenov’s, but, The Reds did not necessarily have to win after Karensky, and, just because they did, in Russia, does not mean that they will win here.

    Never forget that Czarist Russia was not a place withheavily armed citizenry, where many militias roamed, so it was a much easier place to overcome than is here.

    That said, a bloody civil war still went on for many many years.

    By the way, thank you for your excellent comment, which added a lot to an already interesting page!

    Be well.

  16. Most of the violence was the result of outside nations encouraging it and doing it themselves. The obvious example is the 1999 American/NATO destruction of Serbia. Here is a short documentary about that:

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