“Mostly Peaceful Protests” Continue In Portland

What do you think?

Portland looks perfectly under control to me.

The mayor of Portland doesn’t see the insurrection here:

The state attorney general of Oregon doesn’t see the insurrection either:

All of this has been accurately reflected in the coverage of Portland in the mainstream media too. Nothing has been hidden from the public in the new age of moral clarity in American journalism.

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  1. “No war but class war,” say the privileged antifa punks as they dangle from the puppet strings of Soros. The reaction of the feds in Portland is a far cry from what they did at Ruby Ridge and Waco. I read that three officers may have been permanently blinded by antifas using lasers. If that doesn’t justify lethal force, then what does?

    • It’s quite telling that they can’t point to Waco without looking like assholes. Nor can they mention Tim McVey.

  2. Part of me wishes they’d just burn the damn building already and get it over with.

  3. The media are so transparent with their lies., When they say mostly ‘peaceful’ everyone now knows that means violent, For the sake of the slow and our cultural commissars here is why: Imagine you’re in the hospital waiting the results from your biopsy, the doctor comes in and says your tumor was mostly benign. You have cancer and the “protests” are violent.

  4. The Greater Idaho Movement, annexing bordering conservative rural counties of Oregon and Northern California. It’s a solution to subverting the culture Marxist control of the North Weat coastal region.

    • None of these offshoots can work as long as forced diversity exists and freedom of association is forbidden. You will see an exodus to “Greater Idaho” and within a week there will be Antifa organic coffee bars with rainbow flags and rent free projects to send the POC in.

      Big steps are needed first

  5. You all are so worried about a little violence in Portland, but not about the much, much greater violence that YOU/”WE” are doing year after year to millions of innocent people in other countries who never did anything to us, because “we” want to keep them subdued and extract their wealth.

    Both the so-called “left” and the right agree fully on the essentials (endless global imperialist war and absolute plutocracy) and “leftist” phenomena such as BLM protests, LGBTQ, statue removals, and uncontrolled immigration are nonessential, minor side issues, inconsequential to the ruling elite.

  6. Brad I want to apologize for the comment I made under your Spanish flu article the other night. I strongly disagree with you on the reliability of government statistics, BUT that’s no excuse for making sarcastic comments which is not befitting of any white man. You put yourself out there and do a lot of work to stand up for white people, and that at least deserves respect. Keep it up.

  7. Trump should look at how Palmer and Hoover handled the Anarchists/communist/socialists in 1919. Even Lenin had cracked down on the Anarchist/communists after the second time he was robbed and his car stolen by them!

  8. Off topic but worth s story and deep dive. LABOUR Party UK just settled a lawsuit on antisemitism. $500,000~ six figure settlement with jewish lawyers who were investigating Labour for antisemitism. The Labour Party is almost exclusively funded by individual subscribers. So that amounts to the dues paid by around 10,000 largely poor members transfered into the pockets of shysters. Lol. It’s a liberty. Oy vey.

  9. Fuck antifa, BLM, and the feds. I am still bothered the feds use kiddy gloves with them. They would go Kent State on us. This isn’t a hope that the feds “restore order” it’s pointing out their BS double standard.

  10. One of the most significant benefits of all of this is for Americans (not just Whites but browns also) to be able to start to visualize or further crystallize their understanding and realization regarding the complete corruption of the elite media, political, cultural, academic and government establishment.

    For me personally, Federal courthouses are where our R.A.M. brothers were railroaded by a criminal FBI/DOJ for defending themselves against violent anarchist terrorists in Charlottesville.

    I hate Antifa/BLM but I also hate the Feds.

    Let them eat each other……

  11. I’d rather the Feds just pull back. If Oregonians aren’t going to pressure their governor to call out the Guard, then let Portland burn.

    • Ingenious demonstrators against the police state are now using lasers and electric saws, in addition to the leaf blowers: “(T)heir growing arsenal now includes everything from leaf blowers to lasers. Protesters tried out some new tactics during the latest fracas. Footage shows a group of helmeted, masked activists using an electric saw to break apart the fence used to protect the city’s besieged federal courthouse. The operation appeared to be well-coordinated, with several demonstrators using shields to protect the individual using the saw”: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2020/07/25/more-fun-in-portland/

  12. Here’s a ‘mostly peaceful protest’ in Richmond VA last night.



    To those who say violence does NOT work, I most respectfully disagree on this point: ORGANIZED violence works, not lone wolf random acts. Organized violence has allowed blm and antifa to run the show, and the jewsmedia has their back.

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