Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Addresses “Mostly Peaceful Protests”


White Nationalists are to blame. Donald Trump is also to blame.


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  1. I wonder if the reality of his city’s circumstance, and his, as well, has begun to dawn on Mayor Wheeler?

  2. The moral of this immoral story? When publicly displaying your virtue to an insane mob of self-hating Huwhites, make sure to have a personal security team.

    • @BX – LOLOL, well done. Maybe future children’s books will refer to it as, The Portland Parable.

  3. ‘But I’m on your side” – Ted Wheeler

    Even as he allows these scumbags to riot and burn buildings and cause chaos in the streets they still hate this pathetic lefty cuck mayor lol just unbelievable

    • It’s like our country opened up demon graves. It’s just pure madness. Portland communist ” protesters” are just destroying the city night after night for months. That’s an insurrection, not a protest. The anti white socialist mayor even gets booed and threatened.

      Cops literally do nothing but play cat and mouse. At least cats try to and often destroy the mouse. What are the police in various cities doing? They just collect their paycheck limited to half ass measures night after night. Police and federal agents get blinding beams in their eyes and yet don’t shoot the communists? Heck, even a rubber bullet. Something. This is what decades of mass immigration, Marxist multiculturalism and the jewtube have brought us- disaster.

      Even some vile rapper, T.i., has just called for 44 trillion in reparations on top of another vile rapper, Ice Cube, demanding Hollywood reparations and at least 13% black ownership in the studios. T.i. was so smug that he said everyone hates whites and we are basically boring with small dick energy. Among other things. Obviously I know it’s just another rap criminal but to feel you can say it on a national radio show Biden was just on- the Breakfast Club, it does say something. America would easily dissolve into South Africa. Most blacks are devil worshippers. Directly or indirectly.

      The Republicans give in on the Confederate name bases. Surprise!!..not. Filled with useless cucks. Guys like Lankford, Romney and on and on. This while Democrats literally try to destroy White America. There are zero good Democrats.. or maybe two…somewhere.

      We are in very dark times. Democrats literally want to turn America into Zimbabwe. A domestic terrorist group like Blm is literally written outside baseball stadiums and inside basketball courts. Can only imagine the Nfl.

      It’s like we are internally diseased as a nation. We allow jewsmedia to pour gasoline on the fires every single day. This America is done. I am just waiting and praying one known politician or even money person promotes breakup to get the ball rolling. This marriage is over. Oh, and New York City boy Trump is more southern than those southern cuck senators who give in to America haters over and over again.

      • @#Jeff…

        “It’s like our country opened up demon graves. It’s just pure madness. It’s like we are internally diseased as a nation. We allow jewsmedia to pour gasoline on the fires every single day. This America is done. I am just waiting and praying one known politician or even money person promotes breakup to get the ball rolling. This marriage is over.”

        How very very true, every word of it.

        The best we can hope for is that we soon experience a generally non-violent dissolution of the country, as is, just as occurred to the erstwhile Soviet Union some 30 years back.

        And, yes, Trump is very definitely more ‘Southern’ than most Southerners, which is why so many of us voted for him – like the return of the ghost of George Wallace.

      • “It’s like we are internally diseased as a nation” – Like?! This once great nation died in 1965, and we are now nothing more than a withering corpse. We have no right to even call ourselves a nation. If anything, we are a mongrelized multicultural stew, a steaming pile of it too!

        Remember: This is the same country that not only permitted millions of abortions annually, but also allows partial-birth abortions and now after-birth abortions (a good many that are White).

        This is the same federal government, including most of its state governments, that has made it clear that they are anti-White; that they stand opposed to us for even the slightest peep in support of our racial and cultural survival.

        This is the same federal government that taxes the hell out of its citizens only to give most of it away to Mexican and other third-world invaders.

        This is the same country that grovels before Israel and panders to all ‘Chosenites.’

        This is the same government that endlessly licks the boot of any Dindu, and has even groveled so low as to make a porn star and drug-addicted negro, George Floyd, a national hero and martyred saint.

        This is the same nation that engages in continuous proxy wars in the middle east on behalf of Israel, and has not an ounce of shame when it gives billions annually to fund Israel’s military defense. Imagine what our Forefathers would have thought about the funding of a foreign nation’s military?

        Trump was right when he described third-world nations as “*hit holes.” What he neglected to mention is that America has become its own *hit hole!

      • It’s like we are internally diseased as a nation.

        Remember: All jews lie all the time! Government jews, CIA jews, FBI jews, NSA jews, EPA jews, SCOTUS jews, advisor jews, congressional staff jews, policy jews, Marxist jews, censorship jews, banking jews, Wall St. jews, Israel first jews, Globalist jews, AIPAC jews, ADL jews, SPLC jews, BLM jews, B’nai Brith jews, holoHOAX jews, Antifa jews, NAACP jews, Climate jews, zionist jews, war incitement jews, immigration jews, human rights jews, civil rights jews, gun grabber jews, feminism jews, judge jews, lawyer jews, news jews, jounalist jews, publisher jews, author jews, newspaper jews, computer jews, education jews, university jews, historian jews, professor jews, wikipedia jews, facebook jews, google jews, corporate jews, labor union jews, the energy jews, the green jews, the agri-business jews, chemical jews, US patent office jews, entertainment jews, hollywood jews, music industry jews, porno jews, diamond jews, homo jews, paedo jews, pro-sports team owner jews, TV jews, Internet jews, YouTube jews, Google jews, Facebook jews, radio jews, doctor jews, pharmaceutical jews, abortion jews, insurance jews, white slavery jews, mobster jews, religion jews, dual-citizen jews, and finally, the all inclusive LYING JEWS, and all anti-White — You know, those jews, doing what’s good for jews to the detriment of and for the extermination of the White Race, the driving forces behind open immigration of the turd world, special rights and privileges for nonwhite invaders and minorities; special rights that Whites can’t access, hate crimes for Whites only, multiracialism, race mixing, abortion of majority (White) babies, Feminism, pornography, perversion, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, the destructive counterculture in general, everything fucking up America.

    • If this were Sparta, he would have been thrown down the long well already.

      He is a weak and pathetic soy boy.

  4. Once Trump gets re-elected they, the protesters are going to be blowing things up. And if Trump nullifies the election because of mail in ballot fraud it will be ten times worse.

  5. “””…Donald Trump is also to blame….”””

    Correct. Donald is the greatest white hero of all times. He won where Hitler and Joseph McCarthy and lot of other people lost.

    Big men thinking big. Draining the Swamp does not mean firing some third rank public officials but demonstrating whole world that we have no problem with different viewpoint or brainwashing or video games or whatever, but we have problem with natural born madness and evil.

    What happens next is the great war between good and evil .Humans finally will understand the genetic madness haunting us at least 3500 tears. The very same thing Bible described.. And Lincoln repeated that you can fool one guy all time and you can fool lot of guys few time but you can not fool everybody all the time.

    Until now , enemy operated in shadow and always won. Now even Supreme court exposed itself and fight will reach the all planet. From Lithuanian small town to freezing Greenland where lunatics nonhumans also joined the fight. Trump forced Soros send his all cronies to fight.


    Who else could unite entire mankind against the Jews and communists ? Donald is the greatest leader entire mankind of all times.

    • @Juri…

      Interesting thoughts, Dear Juri.

      One thing is for sure – the vast majority of Southern Evangelicals agree with you that Donald Trump is The Lord’s man for this time in history.

    • What has Trump done but make angry tweets promising to do this or that. All talk, no action! The myth is Nero fiddled while Rome burned. The reality is Trump tweeted while America burned.

      • When you have no power to destroy the enemy, provoke the enemy into over reaction, so the enemy goes self destruct. Psychological warfare 101.

        Soviet Union did not came down because of mighty dissident army. It came down because gravely old and ill liberals freaked out and over reacted.

        Like Saul Alinsky says, your action is enemy reaction.

    • Blompf does it all through betrayal of those who voted for him, and doing heeb bidding! Amazing!

  6. Portland should be firebombed…Dresden was a beautiful city with amazing baroque architecture. Portland is nothing like that so let’s just eliminate the commercial cesspit.

  7. And to think Oregon was one of the three States Harold Covington was adamant about that would make up the Northwest Republic. 2 out of his 3 states are solidly blue!

    • @Heartland…

      Oregon and Washington are like like my states, North Carolina, and Virginia – states politically dominated by a few urban centres that, in no way, could be considered indicative of the native citizenry.

      Covington was talking about those states, from the standpoint of outside of those large urban centres.

    • @HS – Some may say PacNW turning blue b/c of infestation from California lefties escaping their own created nightmare. But I’d say No, it’s instead the Frankfurt School’s poisonous mindset indoctrinated into at least 2 generations of PacNW kids.

      W/o the you know whos control of the US educational system, Harold Covington’s take would have held up. God willing it will still – if /when these Portland / Seattle pods of violent, self hating, 20somethings can be deprogrammed of the evil instilled during their school years.

    • The Northwest Front is not going anywhere. I don’t know of any legitimate movement right now which is working towards secession. America is gone and it looks like our people are also.

  8. Ted Wheeler and the Portland DA are BOTH antifa, by their own admission. Andy Ngo is the only honest reporter covering PDX rioting. Dipshit liar Michael Tracey just waddled up there to continue to blame White people for all the rioting and absolve BLM of any blame. Typical male feminist cuck.

  9. It’s an interesting and revealing spectacle and I hope it continues but I don’t care if Portland completely implodes.

    What’s there of any importance that anyone in the Alt-Right would want to salvage?

    • Absolutely nothing! It’s absolute and total destruction might serve as a wake-up call to the many sleeping Whites to understand that the goal of all of this is their extermination.

    • Exactly. It doesn’t even have old art or historical artifacts like a few of the museums in New York. It’s a new city with absolutely nothing of value, in particular the inhabitants.

  10. @Heartland…

    President Trump has been disappointing, that’s for sure.

    That said, he has done some good things – from trade and the judiciary, to a complete changing of the national and international discourse, the latter which has benefitted Europe – from the Brexiteers to those Eastern European nations yet struggling for their sovereignty.

    It is something.

  11. Wheeler should resign and allow for a person of color to take his place. His whiteness is not wanted. Portland needs to allow a vibrant black women, maybe a lesbian, to take charge and allow for healing.

    I blame it all on slavery.

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