I started reading The Fourth Turning last night after I discovered that there was a copy of the book online a few days ago:

“In fact, at the core of modern history lies this remarkable pattern: Over the past five centuries, Anglo-American society has entered a new era—a new turning —every two decades or so. At the start of each turning, people change how they feel about themselves, the culture, the nation, and the future. Turnings come in cycles of four. Each cycle spans the length of a long human life, roughly eighty to one hundred years, a unit of time the ancients called the saeculum. Together, the four turnings of the saeculum comprise history’s seasonal rhythm of growth, maturation, entropy, and destruction …”

This is a bold thesis.

History bends because social moods change. It happens naturally happens every twenty to thirty years. The root cause is the aging of generations going through the natural cycle of life: childhood, young adulthood, mid-life and elderhood. Every generation gets its turn at the wheel.

In the near future, the Silent Generation will die, the Boomers will retire, the Gen Xers will become elders, the Millennials will enter mid-life and Generation Z will enter young adulthood. Post-Boomer America is inevitable. We know the transition will happen in the 2020s. The sudden decline of the Boomers will be one of the most highly impactful developments of this decade.

As a Xennial who was born in 1980, I am turning 40 this year. I am entering mid-life. I don’t feel like a young adult anymore. I am now fully in dad mode. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life speaking out against the decline of this country, but to no avail. It has been a period of relentless decline.

  • The First Turning is a High, an upbeat era of strengthening institutions and weakening individualism, when a new civic order implants and the old values regime decays.
  • The Second Turning is an Awakening, a passionate era of spiritual upheaval, when the civic order comes under attack from a new values regime.
  • The Third Turning is an Unraveling, a downcast era of strengthening individualism and weakening institutions, when the old civic order decays and the new values regime implants.
  • The Fourth Turning is a Crisis, a decisive era of secular upheaval, when the values regime propels the replacement of the old civic order with a new one.

If this theory is true, it explains a lot.

The people who have been in control of America since the 1990s are the Baby Boomers. They have been in control of America for my entire adult life. Their worldview and values were shaped by the Thirty Glorious Years when they were young adults in the 1960s and 1970s.

The character and values of every generation is sealed by young adulthood. For the Baby Boomers, it was the Consciousness Revolution or the twenty years between 1965 and 1985. It permanently stamped and divided them and arguing with them about it is about as useless as trying to reason with an elephant. This was the most important and defining epoch of their lives. In much the same way, those of us who entered young adulthood in the George W. Bush era were defined by the 2000s and 2010s.

What has been our life experience? Iraq. The Crash of 2008. Endless culture war. Government paralysis. The browning of America. Political correctness. Student loan debt. For the vast majority of us, being broke and family turmoil and being the first generation in history worse off than our parents. The future will not be a perpetual extension of the recent past for the simple reason of generational turnover.

“Each turning comes with its own identifiable mood. Always, these mood shifts catch people by surprise. …”

As someone who is 39 years old, I don’t remember the previous turnings of the mid-1980s when Reagan was president when I was a toddler or the mid-1960s before I was born. My grandparents remembered a different country going all the way back to the Great Depression.

“During each of these previous Third Turnings, Americans felt as if they were drifting toward a cataclysm.

And, as it turned out, they were.”

I suppose we will see.

I’ve certainly felt that way.

“The 1760s were followed by the American Revolution, the 1850s by Civil War, the 1920s by the Great Depression and World War II. All these Unraveling eras were followed by bone-jarring Crises so monumental that, by their end, American society emerged in a wholly new form.

Each time, the change came with scant warning. As late as December 1773, November 1859, and October 1929, the American people had no idea how close it was. Then sudden sparks (the Boston Tea Party, John Brown’s raid and execution, Black Tuesday) transformed the public mood, swiftly and permanently. Over the next two decades or so, society convulsed. …”

This is one of the most interesting facts about the Antebellum era.

The Southern secessionists had been stymied for decades by conservatives. They had failed to create a mass movement. Instead, the radicals like Robert Barnwell Rhett were marginalized. Rhett was retired when secession finally came in South Carolina in late 1860. It was sparked by the John Brown raid and the election of Lincoln as president. The public mood in the South radically shifted in the span of just one year. The men who ultimately led the Confederacy were Southern establishment conservatives like Jefferson Davis. Alexander Stephens opposed secession in Georgia until the end.

Similarly, the events of the 1930s and 1940s were not perceived from the perspective of the 1920s. America chose not to join the League of Nations and settled into a frivolous, nihilistic and dissolute era which ended in the Great Depression. Strangely, the cultural dissolution of the Roaring Twenties took place alongside the great utopian puritanical moral crusade of that era, which hit its climax in the 1920s, Prohibition. In the 1850s, the great moral crusade had been abolitionism. In our times, it is antiracism. In all three eras, the sinner (the “slaver,” the “wet” or the “racist”) has been the object of repressive witch hunts.

What is antiracism but an even more extreme and ridiculous form of Prohibition? In this case, the prohibition of White identity. Whiteness is the “sin” that has to be stamped out. “Racists” are people who are driven underground by society. This website is not unlike a speakeasy where people are free to relax, speak their minds and dissent from the stifling political correctness of mainstream culture. Prohibition was the great moral crusade of the Missionary Generation which was born from 1860 to 1882 in the wake of the Civil War. They were the Baby Boomers of their time. The Transcendental Generation born between 1792 and 1821 in the wake of the American Revolution were the Baby Boomers of their time.

“The very survival of the nation will feel at stake. Sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression and World War II.”

As the theory goes, the Boomer (Prophet) archetype eternally recurs throughout American history. The moralizing Baby Boomers are destined to unwittingly plunge America into a great crisis. Then the next generation of Boomers will be born after the crisis. The children of Millennials and Generation Z.

“The risk of catastrophe will be very high. The nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence, crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule. If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort—in other words, a total war. Every Fourth Turning has registered an upward ratchet in the technology of destruction, and in mankind’s willingness to use it. In the Civil War, the two capital cities would surely have incinerated each other had the means been at hand. In World War II, America invented a new technology of annihilation, which the nation swiftly put to use. This time, America will enter a Fourth Turning with the means to inflict unimaginable horrors and, perhaps, will confront adversaries who possess the same.”

If the theory is true, a period of decadence can only be followed by a period of sweeping destruction and the Boomers will destroy America. In the process, America will be renewed and we will move into a new cycle. In light of current events, which strangely have their own force, it has been on my mind. Perhaps it is just my anxiety and vertigo though watching a world that appears to be spiraling out of control?

Millennials are burning shit down. Boomers, however, are sanctioning the demise of public order. Fearful Gen Xers are watching it happen. No one seems to know why they are doing what they are doing although reasons are given. “Systemic racism.” “George Floyd.” It is like they are possessed.

This will not end well.

Note: Expect more brooding posts in this vein.

I need to print all of this shit off before it is too late. Maybe one day it will be of some value to future historians in explaining how the crisis came.

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  1. Yes, we already have.

    It never occurred to us that you cannot run a community on a populace that thinks, ‘Drugs, Sex, and Rock-n-Roll’, is an end unto itself.

    We grew up in a society that was running so well, we never dreamed that we would have to grow up.

    We thought our parents would live forever; that it was cast in stone that The United States would ever be the greatest place to live because it was.

    Most of us did not really know what the struggles had been before we got here.

    Oh, sure, we read of these things in school, and some of us on our own, yet, we really did not comprehend it, because our struggles were either not great, or we entirely of our own contriving.

    Now we see what this country has become, and we don’t like it, but, most of us are so habituated to bad habits, and or just plainly unwilling to see that some of what we accepted is true, we cannot really be a part of the solution.

    Some of us buck that trend, most of us do not.

    One day, heading to church, about 5 years back, my plain-spoken Alabaman wife suddenly said to me : —— ‘we’re going to have to die first, so that the generations behind us can fix this, because we are not going to do it.’

    Grim, but, all I could do was shake my head.

  2. The Boomers are not destroying America. They’re just not saving it. There’s a difference.

    It’s the destroyer of worlds that is destroying America. You already know the answer though you may not want to admit it.

    • Technically, it is the Millennials who are doing it, but the Boomers are allowing it to happen. They are allowed law and order to break down for moralistic reasons.

        • Propaganda controls every generation. Modern 20-year-olds are inundated with and brainwashed by more propaganda than any preceding generation. That’s what it’s dumb to single out boomers. And after a while you all just sound like blacks blaming whites. I thought traditionalists respected their elders. Really pathetic.

          • “The people who have been in control of America since the 1990s are the Baby Boomers. They have been in control of America for my entire adult life. Their worldview and values were shaped by the Thirty Glorious Years when they were young adults in the 1960s and 1970s.” -Brad

            “That’s what it’s dumb to single out boomers. And after a while you all just sound like blacks blaming whites. I thought traditionalists respected their elders.” – Nathan

            OK, my turn. 1) I am a boomer, but I NEVER ‘got’ the entire generation. I said to my folks when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan, doing ‘Hey, Jude’… ‘Those guys are weird- they must be on drugs.’ 2.) I didn’t do drugs, have never been drunk, and always thought Woodstock and everything attached to it (Rock, Janis Joplin, ‘free love,’ etc.) was WEIRD. So, my ‘worldview’ was not shaped by it. Rather, 3.) I sought refuge in the Faith of my Fathers- Christianity. Watching my own RCC descend into a purgatory of her own making, I tried out the Prots for about twenty-five years. They morphed more quickly into dens of iniquity, than Rome did! When I married, we agreed on the ‘and obey’ clause in the marriage covenant- because women without a head, are nothing but shrews, bitches, and eventual whores… as the Feminist, Abortionist, Wiccanist, and Lesbian cults have demonstrated. 4.) I have worked hard at bringing up our children in the ‘fear and nurture of the Lord,’ to prepare them for the Filth masquerading as humanity out there, and yes, I fully EXPECT respect as a Trad Male, because of my ‘gray hairs.’ But even here on this blog, that is not in evidence, much.

            So, no, Brad- your willingness to accept secular authorities, rather than a good strong dose of Calvinist/Augustinian Sovereignty of God (Get Pink’s book of the same title, and read it!) means your premises are wrong, and therefore, so are the conclusions. While history does not repeat itself, it does rhyme. But God WILL DAMN a civilization, a race, and, if need be, the entire world, to get His Elect to repent.

      • “the Boomers are allowing it to happen”

        What should they have done differently? Serious question. Please go into detail. And you’re 40—anyone could accuse you of “allowing it to happen.” Apparently writing a blog doesn’t stop it from happening. So what are they supposed to be doing differently?

        • I’m saying that the riots are being sanctioned by the political establishment. They are supporting the riots which is why they haven’t stopped. They see the riots as a righteous cause. BTW, I am specifically referring to the Democratic establishment here. It is Boomer progressive liberals who admire the zeal of the mobs of witch hunting Millennials. They are getting a kick out of it.

          • And what percent of boomers actually belong to “the Democratic establishment”? One hundredth of one percent?

            Your entire post is about an entire generation’s alleged culpability.

            This is what I’m talking about. It’s like saying all white people are Klansmen.

          • 1.) Elites control every society.

            2.) Their views have greater weight than the average person.

            3.) The Boomer generation is currently at the apex of their social power.

            4.) The transition of generations from one phase of life to the next is the whole theory of the book. So of course we are discussing it.

            5.) An archetype is just an archetype. It means “a very typical example of a certain person or thing.” It means a dominant tendency.

          • Most boomers vote Republican, anyway. Not that voting makes a difference.

            In fact, when it comes to the sort of things this site claims to support: religion, traditionalism, anti-immigration, anti-KultMarx—boomers are the most solid bloc you guys have by far. It’s the younger ones that are transitioning and rioting and doxxing and renouncing their whiteness. It’s not even close.

            That’s why the boomer obsession is so weird. It’s also why it makes me suspect it’s the most successful PsyOp that’s ever been played on you guys.

            I have not read “The Fourth Turning,” but it sounds like the type of superstitious, unscientific theorizing that would impress members of a Women’s Book Club or members of the Nation of Islam.

          • 1.) We’re discussing the generational archetypes described in the book.

            2.) According to the book, there are only four archetypes: Artist (Adaptive), Prophet (Idealist), Nomad (Reactive) and Hero (Civic).

            3.) These generational archetypes are constantly shifting from one life phase to the next: childhood, young adulthood, mid-life and elderhood.

            4.) These shifts are called turnings when the mood of the country mysteriously changes from era to the next in a cycle. It is due to generational turnover and happens naturally every twenty to thirty years.

            5.) According to the book (feel free to read it yourself), the Boomers are a Prophet (Idealist) archetype, which is to say, self absorbed, moralistic crusaders. That’s the dominant stamp of the generation. It is not to say that everyone fits that description. It is just the dominant tendency of the generation. Their whole lives were formed by the 1960s and 1970s.

            6.) The Boomers are currently in control of America.

            7.) The book predicts that an era of destructive chaos always follows a period of decadence.

            8.) Once again, we are simply reading and discussing the book and considering where things are going.

            9.) Finally, the archetypes eternally recur like the seasons. It was an idealistic generation that started the Civil War.

      • I’m a boomer (class of 1963)

        I spent my life throwing black criminals in jail, and protecting my community from them.

        Be careful about putting everyone of a certain age group in one basket

        • I don’t think those who’ve fallen under the spell of the Boomer Meme can help themselves. They’re just completely blind about it. They’re also blind about how it divides potential allies and is probably intended to do exactly that.

          Hunter pointed out that the Democratic elites happen to be boomers.

          They also happen to all be part of the species Homo sapiens, so blame the entire species.

          That’s how this “logic” works.

    • The old system is in its death throes. Enjoy the distractions. Black Lives Matter! White Male Patriarchy Must Be Destroyed! When you get bored, take a nap. No one can save it. At least not we the people.

      • It’s not that I am not willing to fight, I’m saving my energy to navigate through the ashes. You cannot defeat unseen or unknown forces.

        The Universe will provide…..

  3. I’m 18 and just getting ready to begin my time at a community college, will I be the cannon fodder for whatever this new war be? Will I be a part of the silent generation of my era and my children be boomers? Seems like a rough few years ahead of me with ungrateful children, hahaha.

    • @Mr. Hugh…

      Whether y’all want the job or not, it will be the job of y’all’s generation to make new countries out of this one.

      Y’all will be writing some serious history, though, what exactly that will be no one knows…

      • True, but what worries me the most is that this sort of change in direction of history is not corrective, but even more drastically damaging. The results of the American Civil War were only affirmed by the events of the ’30s and ’40s which tells us that these crises can also be intensifiers of the already present condition. My worry is again that it intensifies again and they gets rid of the strong to make the weak “equal.” I can easily see that happening and living under some terrible regime for it. The “dissident right” really is not offering any opposition and I doubt it could ever direct that change in any good manner. If that change does happen and it is a good one it would be by happenstance, not by anything which the we of today have done. Furthermore, most people in my generation are more receptive to ideas spread here, but when they reject them they are 1000x more radical than any boomer I know, but on the contrary it seems boomers are dead-set in their ways except a few who seem to have some more brain cells rattling around in their heads than most people. So that tells me it certainly is in the swing between the two. I suppose our only hope will be that their efforts to make us “equal” will destroy society so much that there is no space for them to intensify. Abolishing the police and letting tyranny rule seems like the end of the line for this, but then again if they were to feel confident with the government enforcing equality and were to settle into it that easily could be another 80 years of Hell from which I doubt civilization could recover to anywhere near what we had 60 years ago or now.

    • This our greatest danger all over the planet. Few white patriots will fight and die and lot of white liberals watch and laugh. The result will be as disastrous as WWI and WWII where best white males got killed and took their good genes to the grave. Degenerates survived and reproduced.

      Now we must learn the ancient art of war, where degenerates were used as cannon fodder and real patriots forced them to fight. To form an army, first we must take a critical look and determine who are most worthless whites who will be used as cannon fodder.

      First of all we must avoid race war. Clash with billions of people will finish up our last good genes. Local wars and pushing diversity out must be done with using white liberals. Again I must praise the great genius of Donald who exposed the hatemongers.

      One good movie how enemy operates. Can, t put torrent link but full movie with English subs is easy to find

      • True, but North America seldom devolves into great conflagrations like the World Wars and when we did get involved with them relative to Germany, France, Britain, Japan, and Russia very few of our men died. This is probably the reason why the American extreme right at least feels more lively and strong is because that dysgenic effect was not wrought upon us too heavily I suppose. Thanks for the movie recommendation and yes, perhaps we could turn war into something eugenic, instead of vice versa as our society usually demands with iq tests for soldiers and giving the weak leave from the draft. I’m not sure about which way you would go for that though.

      • “First of all we must avoid race war.” Satan must be happy with your cowardice.

        Have you kids learned NOTHING? Appeasement of the ANIMAL does NOTHING. Non-Whites are our ENEMY. At least here, on US soil. Or have you not seen the ARMY over at Stone Mountain?

        Lee Kwan Yew, longtime leader of Singapore, once said this: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests or social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

    • You’ll have to deal with your own classmates who are increasingly darkies.

    • I can’t say whether or not you will be cannon fodder, but when you get to community college, you will likely note a ratcheting up of attempts to fill your head up with shit (you’ve already been subjected to same in K-12 if you went to public schools).

    • “Give me the child and I will give you the man.” Please don’t leave child care or education to others. We must control the formative years or our children are lost to us.

  4. It is important to note that America survived those previous “turnings”. In fact, it emerged stronger than ever before at the end of the each crisis, though the American society was altered permanently each time. I expect the same to happen this time too.

  5. With all due respect: you are WRONG!!
    You are a smart guy Hunter, but frankly I am sick to death of this “Boomers are bad nonsense.”

    I am a “Boomer” I am 61 years old, born in 1959.

    I, like all of my friends and high school classmates, are white and share the same views about race. Yes, we and our parents did try to stop racial integration and busing, but the US sent in military troops with guns and settled the argument. What were we supposed to do?

    We were out-gunned and out-financed by the powers that be, so we fled to “Whiteville” (the suburbs) and raised our kids in all-white schools. And when blacks and Mexicans moved in, we moved further out, because that was the only choice we had. Fight a war: or flee to the suburbs.

    You said,

    “… the Boomers will destroy America.”
    “Boomers, however, are sanctioning the demise of public order.”

    WTF? Who are you talking about?

    None of the people I went to high school with in Phoenix, Arizona in 1972-1974 ever “sanctioned” the demise of public order. I don’t personally know ANY “Boomer” of which you speak. The Boomers I know, want the America back that we were born into in the 1950s. No Boomer I know supports “the destruction of America, or BLM, or Antifa, or diversity and inclusion.

    We fought hard to keep America White, Christian, and sane. Boomers I know blockaded abortion clinics in the 1980s to stop abortion: we LOST every court case, every battle we ever fought.

    I began my university undergrad studies in 1993 at the age of 34 and the “loony lefties” in class making the argument for diversity, inclusion and supporting the SPLC and ADL were ALL young people aged 18 to 22: not older “Boomer” students like me who were in their mid 30s.

    The “Boomers” you speak of are NOT from my social class (poor/working-class) and NOT born and raised in my home state of Arizona, who elected a governor to BLOCK an MLK state holiday because in the 1980s every “Boomer” in Arizona despised blacks and MLK.

    And speaking of social class, these “Boomers” I keep hearing so much about enjoying a lavish retirement is a load of BS. Every Boomer I personally know is planing to work until we die because WE HAVE NO RETIREMENT no “nest-egg” NO PENSION from a fortune 500 company.

    Every Boomer I know is barely making it working a shitty job with little or no benefits.

    Who are these Boomers you keep talking about?

    • I never said the Boomers were bad.

      I simply discussed the theory of generational archetypes outlined in the book. The Boomers were the first generation that was raised on antiracism. They didn’t create antiracism. It was already ascendant by 1945. The Missionary Generation and Lost Generation guided America through World War II and established the postwar regime.

  6. “Strangely, the cultural dissolution of the Roaring Twenties took place alongside the great utopian puritanical moral crusade of that era, which hit its climax in the 1920s, Prohibition.”

    There was another crusade that had its climax in the early 1920s, and that was Women’s Suffrage, aka the right to vote. That wasn’t a puritanical crusade, it was a Progressive one, like the Civil Rights crusade that followed in the 1950s. How does that happen alongside Prohibition? Was it a factor in that era’s Fourth Turning? I would love to know your thoughts on this. Perhaps Fourth Turnings can have major social movements for both extremes?

    • “How does that happen alongside Prohibition?”

      Women were thought to be “more religious than men” (very active in church activities and missionary work, and even occupying the pulpits of many evangelical and pentecostal sects) and most concerned with the health of families; thus they were expected to vote for prohibition more than men. Women’s suffrage was expected, by many, to support Prohibition. As it turns out, women vote more liberal than men, hastening national moral decline, and with their power they have gained legal and economic advantage over men.

      • “Women were thought to be “more religious than men” (very active in church activities and missionary work, and even occupying the pulpits of many evangelical and pentecostal sects)…”

        And there’s your problem. SECTS, CULTS, DENOMINATIONS that sough to Egalitarize women with Men! Men abandoned the Church, because Modernism (a theological movement fought to his death, by J Gresham Machen in the USA) is a HERESY. You had Mary Baker Eddy, Ellen White, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Helena Blavatsky, and other ‘pious’ women leading men into error, because they wouldn’t SHUT THEIR TRAPS and let MEN lead!

        Anyone else hear ever read Ann Douglas’ “Feminization of American Culture.” RJ Rushdoony recommended that book to me, and it was an eye-opener- back in the 1980’s.

        “…the efforts of a small community of Northeastern middle-class women writers and liberal clergymen to exert influence in a society that had, she asserts, shunted them both off to one side in its race for industrial supremacy. “-

        This argument goes back before the WBTS, because it was WOMEN who longed for their ‘pets’ (N-word slaves) to be treated ‘humanely’ that started this entire mess known as Modernity. If you want to lay blame on someone, lay it on the WOMEN who weren’t ‘kept in their place,’ rather than the boomers.

  7. Half the GenZ are POC. This is not intergenerational warfare. It’s mostly race.

  8. The protests are not real revolution; they are a fake revolution and should really be ignored. Those who fund it and permit and promote it – and set strict limits to it (BORAC is whisking off the street those who really “go off the reservation”) want you to watch it and be frightened, and angry – and for everyone to be inoculated by its abject failure against thinking of a real revolution in the future.

    You may be correct that the U.S. is in decline, not the government itself or the tiny elite that runs it, or the upper class, but the vast majority of the U.S. population is experiencing rapid social and economic decline. “Moon of Alabama” has an excellent new post along the same lines:

    “The data shows a significant decline incoming for the US. In 2019 China was 1.27 times bigger than the US in GDP/PPP
    •In 2030 China will be 1.8 times bigger in GDP/PPP
    •US debt to GDP 2019 80%
    •US debt to GDP 2030 125%
    •US debt to GDP 2050 230 %
    The Highway Trust Fund (HTF) will be depleted by 2021, the Medicare Hospital Insurance (HI) trust fund by the beginning of 2024, the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) trust fund in the 2020s, the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) Multi-Employer fund at some point in the mid-2020s, and the Social Security Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) trust fund by 2031. We estimate the theoretically combined Social Security OASDI Trust fund will run out of reserves by 2031”: Also, life expectancy (for ordinary people) has been declining in the U.S. while it continues to rise elsewhere in the world.

    • The demise of all public pension programs has been talked about for decades. Yet they’re all still around. It’s the public employee pension funds dependent on Wall St. investments and declining taxpayer revenue (plus MOST importantly, not receiving cash boosts from the Fed) that are in danger. Public debts keep increasing, but the money continues to be printed as if the debts don’t matter. Because they don’t, until the elites decide that they do. It’s akin to a spell that works only as long as you believe it’s real. Rationality doesn’t exist in the world of government policymakers. Households have to balance their budgets because they can’t print their own currency, but governments can.

    • Anonymous’ stats need to seen in light of what someone over at Ann Barnhardt’s site pointed out- a chilling, demonic scenario….

      “Look into what Catherine Austin Fitts wrote many years ago. She worked in the Reagan/Bush-1 White-House and she said many years ago that all of the money had been stolen from all of the pension funds and everyone’s retirement fund was gone. She said that Wall Street’s plan was to kill-off the elderly so that they would never have to make good on all of the pensions that were stolen, and they won’t have to provide care for the elderly.”

  9. Find a pdf of David Irvings “Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich.”

  10. Hunter, Ameri-boomers did not generally experience the end of the 60s and 70s as glorious … that was a bummer period eclipsed by the 80s boom, which is when the ‘glory’ arrived

    Boomers thought it was all going to shite for a while 68-80, as:

    – the hippie culture quickly sank into degeneracy
    – cities began burning down from riots, leaders got assassinated
    – runaway inflation began ravaging the economy
    – the Arab oil embargo energy crisis and soaring oil prices

    – being forced to drive under 55mph, which led to the end of muscle cars and appealing cars in general, whilst Detroit car quality went to shite, and Asian cars at that time were unsafe due to light weight, plus small and uncomfortable for big American butts

    – all those student hippies being forced to get a haircut and Work for the Man and be a bit humiliated, relative to what they thought life would be

    Even late 70s President Jimmy Carter got on TV and said all America was in “malaise”, while stiffing his voters on his key campaign promise, getting everyone national health insurance like in Europe

    Wasn’t till the 80s and the tax cuts and debt machine created America’s last great big boom, that the boomers got their payout which was huuuge indeed

    The bundle that boomers made 80s, 90s and into dot-com collapse was so big and legendary the 70s could be forgotten

    • When Reagan said, ‘It’s morning in America,’ it truly, really was… after the mess of the 60’s and the heroism of the ’70’s…. little did we know that AIDS (and FAUCI, round one) were just around the corner….

      Plus ça change, plus qu’il reste la même.

  11. Covid note for Hunter –

    This site has covered Dr Mike Osterholm, big post 12 May with his Joe Rogan interview etc –

    Osterholm predicting about half a million US dead, so Hunter was comfy with his thinking

    But a pal of Osterholm’s cited on Zero Hedge, the ‘Dirty Jobs’ TV guy Mike Rowe, is saying that his take from Osterholm, is basically that there’s not much we can do about it. Sure, wash hands, wear masks in situations etc

    But overall don’t stop living … in other words, take an approach of ‘It’s just a bad flu’ that’s gonna kill some serious hundreds of thousands, not a whole lot we can do as a bunch of mostly elderly / sick people are culled

    It’s Just the Flu
    And’ll Kill Half a Million Too

  12. The Boomers are destroying America? Hunter- count to ten and repeat after me, “Remember, the enemy is Jewish-all else is distraction!”

  13. It’s hard not to dislike the Boomers, and like Jews they have zero understanding of why so many people don’t care for them.

  14. I remember the day that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas-November 22, 1963. We were in a white school in the South (I was in the 7th grade-an early Boomer), and were marched silently into the school gymnasium. We thought the authorities were going to announce that World War 3 had just started! The Principal somberly announced that President Kennedy had been shot and killed in Dallas.There was a pregnant pause-then the whole gym erupted in jubilation and celebration-girls were hugging each other, crying with joy and the guys were cheering! The Principal was angrily trying to shoosh everyone but to no avail, and the black janitorial staff was puzzled and nonplussed. Remember this scene the next time you vilify Boomers-at least those in the South knew who their enemies were back then and weren’t shy about letting you know about it-we were just steamrolled by Jewish power and influence , just as every other generation of whites has been since the Middle Ages!

  15. The current schism is anti-Whiteness. This has been pushed by jews into Western culture for over a century now. Millennials are the first generation to have a completely anti-White “woke” curricula. Every TV show and movie is “woke” and anti-White. Pro sports are “woke” and anti-White. The mainstream culture is completely saturated with this ideology.

    The new technology of warfare is internet based mass surveillance and all the tools needed to Doxx someone. Reverse image searches, archive searches, social media, deep web searches, paid background checking services that archive and sell your public records, cameras on every building and cell phone. This surveillance warfare is built by the same woke millennials who leave college and move to silicon valley, which is purely woke and extremely anti-White.

    So it’s a gauntlet: White suburban midwits who come out of college as SJW’s (this is the group who needs REASONS to hate White people) and on the streets you have antifa and BLM (this is the group who doesn’t need to be taught any reasons to hate White people.) This group of mostly millennials, all of whom are brainwashed, are simply “activated” by any news story about White on black crime, gun crime, abortion, homosexuality, climate change, and take to the streets in mass protests. These have gotten more violent over time, to the point where BLM kills White cops (Dallas BLM shooting 2016: and now antifa and BLM team up to burn down cities: Minneapolis, Portland, and to attack federal buildings and federal police: Portland. Not to mention the countless Whites attacked, raped, fired, kicked out of school etc.

    The genesis of all of this, is jewish cultural influence through media, college, and government.

    This has all led to anarcho-tyranny, or the selective enforcement of laws judged upon an intersectional “progressive stack” or victim hierarchy. The targets of this enforcement are White people who get caught on camera when they are forced to defend themselves, or maybe if they say something these woke types take offense to, which according to what they learned in Critical Theory class, is ANYTHING White people are, or do.

    I think the 20 year time frame of change isn’t exact. This anti-White anarcho-tyranny is really just getting started, and when Biden wins in 2020 that will be the moment everyone knows that this anti-White force is fully in charge, and they will start making huge moves to dispossess Whites through state power. They will go for middle class wealth, the end of internet anonymity, “hate” database mandatory pre-employment screening, and the continued rise of non-Whites social standing until Whites are subordinated and ruled over on the local level by non-Whites, while jews, and White sociopaths like Bezos further secure their future as a ruling class, with no opposition. Whites will then be a safe scapegoat for all aggression that would otherwise be directed at the ruling class. Multi-culturalism, anarcho-tyranny, White dispossession, and the leveling of the middle class, will make it harder to challenge this ruling class.

    I don’t expect balkanization, I expect Brazilification; third worldism, decline, austerity, corruption.

    Whites must collectivize and ruralize. The future for us is in the country, connected by smart tech, self defense orientated, as self sustainable and non-dependent as possible, home schooled, Church-centric etc.

    The schism is based on anti-Whiteness, which was a sentiment built by jewish cultural influence. The new weapon of this schism is surveillance tech that doxxes people, the end game of which is ending up in corrupt courts where laws are selectively enforced against Whites and for non-Whites. The hell is just getting started. Our future is rural.

  16. “The new technology of warfare is internet based mass surveillance and all the tools needed to Doxx someone. Reverse image searches, archive searches, social media, deep web searches, paid background checking services that archive and sell your public records, cameras on every building and cell phone. This surveillance warfare is built by the same woke millennials who leave college and move to silicon valley”:

    Yes, the most important component of Hybrid war is created by the most intelligent (but not wise) young adults who go to college to become computer scientists and engineers. However, they do it NOT because they are “woke” (they may not even really be “woke”) but because they are GREEDY. Serving the Empire in this extremely, indispensably, important field is a very LUCRATIVE (as in: filthy lucre) and safe career! In no time they will be college-debt-free and have houses and expensive cars and women, because it is only they who can provide the most essential weapons that the Empire needs to keep the people and the world in subjection for the global elite.

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