Consensus Antiracism

This is one of the dumbest conservative takes about our current crisis that I have seen.

American Mind:

“America is burning. Peaceful protests against police abuse have been marred by the presence of looters and rioters. Most people want to distance themselves from team riot—but everyone has a different theory about who these people are. Some say the primary instigators are Antifa, others say white supremacists. Likely both elements are attacking the social fabric—trying to pour as much gasoline on the spark lit by the police in Minneapolis.

These groups are organized—coordinating and maintaining violent uprisings across the nation. But in all the attempts to explain how these uprisings came to be in the first place, an essential cause has been overlooked: relativism. …

It is true that America is burning.

It is false that “white supremacists” have anything to do with it. It is also completely and utterly false that this has anything to do with “moral relativism.” Just the opposite is true.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, it was recently announced that we now live in the age of moral clarity in American journalism. As Bari Weiss recently said in her resignation letter from the New York Times, “truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.” We do not live in a time of “moral relativism” anymore. Instead, we have moved on to moral certitude. Moral ideals are being championed by heroes now. They all see themselves as the good guys with the molotov cocktail firebombing the courthouse.

The woke mob which is burning down America has figured out the true nature of morality. Morality is Social Justice and it is practiced through a lifelong commitment to antiracism. The entire American political, business and cultural establishment agrees with the woke mob that justice and righteousness is synonymous with antiracism. This is why it is being cheered on. The movement is doing something great by toppling statues of the Founders, blowing up police precincts and burning down Portland.

The Zeitgeist is antiracist. The Civil Rights Movement was the apogee of this age. Martin Luther King, Jr. is its revered canonized saint. White racism is its greatest sin. In spite of the myth of “systemic racism” (itself a sign of our antiracist age), “white supremacists” are a persecuted minority who have no institutional power whatsoever. There is no such thing as moral relativism. Morality is synonymous with the critiques and therapies. Being a good decent person in contemporary America actually means something clear. It means not being a racist, sexist, nativist, classist, xenophobe, homophobe, transphobe or Islamophobe. It means renouncing your white privilege and promising to do better. It means doing the work. This is what the Saints who are carving a path of destruction through our streets are doing at the moment.

The only people who can burn down the system are its established elites. They will only burn down the system if it is perceived to be right. What is the definition of being right to our elites? It is being antiracist. Extremism in the cause of antiracism is no vice. The most revolutionary “white supremacists” are capable of doing is cracking under the burden of the suffocating status quo, flailing against it and reinforcing the system. If actual “white supremacists” were behind these riots, it would have been nipped in the bud in a brutal televised crackdown two months ago. Certainly, the local governments of these Democratic cities would have found these violent white supremacists and paraded them around in chains by now. Catching these violent white supremacists behind the riots would advance their careers. Ted Wheeler would love to have a “white supremacist” to blame for what is happening in Portland.

The little monsters aren’t going to be banned. The political establishment which has sanctioned these riots would never allow it. Doing so would cut against the grain of their moral beliefs. Are they going to round them up and prosecute them after ceding the New York Times to them?

Note: American conservatism can only express itself in terms of consensus antiracism. It can only criticize the little monsters on the grounds of hewing to the leftist definition of antiracism

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  1. We need a Dr Goebbels to fight the Isidors in the mayor’s mansions and state House though. It’s not impossible to overturn local figures with clever activism.

    • The Left’s actions are destroying the middle ground occupied by the cucks/normies, Fox TV types. “Democrats are the real racists; Did you know the Democrats supported segregation, anti-miscegenation laws and before that, the KKK?” “I don’t see race, . . all men are created equal” and all that other bullshit is being destroyed by the fire eating, true believing Left with their useful idiots in tow. The cucks/normies are trying to show their bona fides to the Left with their anti-racism but it’s not working, there is no middle ground and “conservatives” don’t even know it.

      In the background to all the rioting is the most serious economic trouble since 1930. The Federal Government’s (and the EU’s) response is to print more money on top of the 1,000 mile high mountain of existing debt. This tired strategy may be reaching its natural limit as the dollar declines and gold sets new highs, now almost $2,000 USD/Troy ounce. These are warning signs of impending financial disaster that will be the end of the current regime for both Republicans and Democrats. When the money goes bad the legitimacy of ruling class will end along with its religion of anti-racism, witch hunts, purges and extortion.

  2. Just came across this quote. I post it here.

    “Lee Kwan Yew, longtime leader of Singapore, once said this: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests or social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

  3. “The true reason America is burning says something about our elites”

    Unless you know their secrets you will never understand them period.

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