NFL To Stencil “End Racism” On Zone Borders

In the beginning of this era, “antiracism” was slowly becoming part of our civilization, but now that we are approaching the end of this era, it is rapidly consuming every aspect of our civilization.


“As part of the NFL’s ongoing commitment to social justice programs, the messages “It Takes All of Us” and “End Racism” will be stenciled on all end zone borders for home openers, the league office informed clubs in a memo Monday obtained by ESPN.

The two messages of inclusion, which will be stenciled on opposite end zones during kickoff week, are key elements of the league’s broader, multifaceted rollout intended to highlight its efforts to support diversity and inclusion while the new season begins.

The end zone messages demonstrate “how football and the NFL brings people together to work as one and use our example and our actions to help conquer racism,” the memo reads.

As previously reported, a recorded performance of “Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing,” traditionally known as the Black national anthem, will be featured in pregame ceremonies.  …

The memo also confirms that players will have the option to wear helmet decals honoring victims of systemic racism. …”

Everything is now about antiracism.

Journalism. Education. Politics. Philosophy. History. Economics. Science. Housing. Sports. Music. Art. Public monuments. Video games. Law and order. Justice. Policing.

What is totalitarianism again? How is this not totalitarian?

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  1. The only way to create a light brown historyless society of worker drones is to stamp out group identity which they call racism. I have no idea how this game will play out. How far will people allow themselves to be pushed, or is there no limit as long as comfort, fast food and entertainment is provided. These people talk about slavery but look no further than the end goal of the rich and powerful

    • True. When they talk about ending racism, what they really are talking about is ending the White race.

    • Anytime you see the word “racist” or “racism”, just replace it with “white”, and you have a clear understanding of what is being said.

  2. Well, at least we helped create and were able to experience legitimate Idiocratic Clown World in our lifetimes…….

    I don’t watch sportsball so I’m good.

    Don’t let them torture you. Cut the cable.


  3. I wonder how far their “virtue” actually goes?

    If you notice, there are no calls to end poverty, hunger, or homelessness in the US: just “racism” which can be bought for a few million and contains no discussion on income inequality.

    All of the “injustice” and “inequality” discussions only involve police interactions with non-whites.

    “End Racism” is easy and cheap, and contains no mention of the fact that 90% of young people own nothing in this society while Jeff Bezos makes 13 billion in one day.

  4. Lol. This is hilarious.

    On a side note, half the billboards in my city have some kind of unity message… some related to COVID, like, “we’re all in this together”, and others more obviously about antiracism, such as “united we stand, divided we fall.”

    American capitalism has created a daily antiracist propaganda regimen that Joseph Goebbels could only have dreamed of.

  5. A lifetime NFL fan and an avid New Orleans Saints’s fan, I have to say that they really had to work at me, and my wife, to get us off football.

    That said, they, The NFL, finally managed it.

    How did they do it?

    First it was Kaepernick and all his followers.

    When they thew him out of the league and the politicization of the game seem to wane, I came back to it, after a full season off – something I not only had never done, I could have never contemplated doing, before 2017.

    That said, when they beat Drew Brees down about 6 weeks ago, and then he started apologizing for his patriotism, I lost all my respect for him, sad to say.

    Even though Drew Brees’s concept of this nation and patriotism is very different than mine, the simple fact of the matter is that I cannot root for a man I know has no guts and who will not stand by those he considers to be his own kind, when under fire.

    This has always been the kicker for me – we may disagree over things, but, if you are at all polite and have your balls about you, then I can respect you.

    I’ve lost my respect for the sport, and staying away from it will not be like a boycott, but, simply not wishing to be vexed by those who do not know their place.

    Athletes are like musicians – entertainers – and it is NOT the place of entertainers to tell everyone how to be.

    They’re supposed to be bringing everybody cheer, for crying out loud!

    Never once, in my long history of playing music in front of the public, have I regaled folks with my political views, and, believe you me, I could have done so, because a lot of Leftists love my playing.

  6. End racism means ending White people of European descent not white people of Jewish descent because they run the new world order and are a protected class.

    People get lost on this issue because alot of Jews look like Europeans. Tares look like wheat and wolves in sheep’s clothing etc. White Antifa for example is a Jewish organization as well as BLM.

    Since the new world order brags about White Europeans becoming a minority in their own nation’s and it’s open season on Whites, some lawmaker needs to come up with a protection status bill for White Europeans.

    Every race is allowed identity politics and protection status except White Europeans. This is one solution that needs to be hammered over and over till we get a victory on it.

  7. I could never EVER understand the white man’s infatuation with black sports and that’s what they’ve been for a long, long time. Did you not ever think about what the hell you were funding?

    Now go donate all the FUBU clothes you bought for those games.

    • Take a good look at those critters in that photo. You loved – ADORED – them at one point. I hate to say it but it was an illness of the mind. Repent now!

      • Speaking for myself, I only ever liked one athlete in my life, Jimmy Connors. I was in elementary school when I felt that way. After that, I looked at all jocks the same way George Carlin did: They were pituitary retards there for my amusement. Nothing more. Thanks to the meatheads playing politics, there’s no longer anything to enjoy.

  8. And what is “anti-racism?”

    Anti-white (S)upremacy.

    Ergo, white men who desire (S)upremacy must be permanently purged from the public and private spheres, ie., must be annihilated..

    This is the all-consuming “anti-racism” of our time.

    Perceptive paranoia leads to mass racial self-annihilation as the desire for (S)upremacy is so synonymous to “pale face” that even the most radical “white” progressive cannot escape a scathing self-indictment. “Final liberation” beckons and a personal reckoning is forthwith.

  9. As a former sports lunatic, particularly with baseball and football, it feels really good to walk away. I have been withdrawing from sports over the years a good amount due to cost of going, excessive player salaries and baseball even taking away the enjoyment of watching batting practice. Football was simply getting too black and Queen Kapernick taking a knee along with various other hustlers and stations like Espn being a literal anti White mouthpiece caused me to stop watching by about 75%.

    But once the Blm riots happened and seeing sports give in to these problems forever people, that was it. Got rid of all sports packages. No more watching outside of a massive pushback. Even then as stated earlier, the players are paid way too much. That was bothering me for a while.

    A friend of mine gave me a call yesterday and said he is totally done with sports too. I was shocked. He seemed more like the type to forever follow it. But I guess everyone truly does have their limits.

    The retarded Nfl White owners saw the handwriting on the wall but are black player obsessed. They made the league too black. How can you not know problems come with that based on history? Football is around 70% black. That’s absurd. The Nfl should have pushed for a 60% White league the way it was in the mid 70s. Now it’s gone.

    I think sports is in major danger of hurting itself. White fans keep sports going. There is no doubt many former hardcore fans are leaving big time. These leagues are so toxic controlled by disgustingly rich people who have lost all touch with reality. Stencil in ” get rid of all sports packages and never go see it.” Pandering to ” the blaxxx” never works. They want to be victims till the end of time. Just boycott it all. Let Kapernick and Spike Lee run it……into the ground.

  10. Lol! We’re stuck in a self destructive purity spiral with no end. All objectivity and nuance has been tossed out of the window. Religious zealots with their insincere moral preening and virtue signalling are allowed to run rampant, coralling the weak of will onto this new f***ed up paradigm.

    This has to end. One way or another.

  11. Lol sportballs is so stupid, these entitled babies throw a ball back and forth get paid millions. But that isn’t enough! they have to subscribe to long nose tribe talking points and antiwhite psy ops like blm too cancel sportsball stop watching this shit if you have any decency as a man

    Some douchebag I was talking to online called me a soyboy for not watching to watch sportsball lol he said its high T no you stupid dumb shit for brains! Playing sports is high T watching it and shoving potato chips in your mouth getting fat yelling at players and pounding down beer after beer until you are a gluttonist pacified blob on the couch is very low T

  12. The only way to “end racism” in the eyes of these nutjobs and their (((handlers))) is to obliterate the differences between different races through wholesale miscegenation.

    Problem is even after thorough race-mixing, humans come up with even more convoluted reasons to seperate. People divide on the basis of what ethnicity they believe predominates in their new mongrelized state.

    Intermingled regions of the world are the most dysfunctional and spiritually deficient parts of the world. Look at Indo-China, North East Africa, The Balkans and parts of Eastern and Central Europe, South America (especially Mexico and Brazil)

    From what we know and have so far observed in human populations, no good seems to come from the intermingling of blood.

  13. What is “spiritual health” in a nation?

    It’s not being free from adversity or challenges. It’s an overarching sense of confidence and optimism in the future.

    It’s Uncle A. laughing with his ministers, playing with his dog and flirting with a beautiful woman. Or Cousin Benito taking his shirt off to join peasants in heaping stalks of wheat onto a tractor trailer.

    It’s not an orange, narcissistic bully whose wife looks like a hostage and whose son seems to look confused and overwhelmed. Its DEFINITELY not some creepy septuagenarian who kisses his granddaughter on the lips.

  14. Niggers are the jews token golem beast-men and satans front line foot soldiers on the earth realm.

    The kikes are more like the generals and colonels.

    Make no mistake white people, we are at war.

  15. I stopped watching the NFL when Urlacher retired from the Bears – there were no more White guys on the beloved team of my youth to root for – no more Hamptons or McMahons or Fenciks.

  16. When jews hijacked the U.S currency printing press in 1913, they set up all kinds of fronts to launder the money they’re stealing..almost overnight all these jew millionaires were popping up all over the place claiming they were heads of this insurance company or that foundation or whatever…slowly they became billionaires who’s wealth still can’t be traced to any kind of actual product or business start up…then they bought up all the NFL, NHL etc with their stolen money and are now turning it against the fans..why?..Because these things are White culture, which, as we know, jews are destroyers of cultures. They don’t care about losing money in ticket sales or merchandise or whatever, they get free money everyday from their Federal Reserve scam which makes NFL and NHL teams look like a kids lemonade stand in financial terms…and this is why jews get chased out of every country they’ve ever set foot in!…110 is long overdue!

  17. We live under a totalitarian system. The culture if not yet every level of government has become anti-White. And that is changing as it was recently reported that a White Nationalist has had his firearms confiscated under Red Flag laws for being a racist based on anonymous allegations of Antifa. This was reported in National Justice.

  18. The NFL has nobody to blame for this but themselves, they are the ones that brought all these Godamnned ghetto niggers into the league in the first place. They deserve what they get.

  19. Has it ever dawned on Colin Kaepernick’s critics that it’s possible he’s a fraud and his kneeling campaign is a successful publicity stunt to elevate his fame and fortune?

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