Ron Unz: The Political Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism

Ron Unz thinks White Nationalism is politically bankrupt because it is too singlemindedly focused on immigration. He also thinks Silicon Valley elites were alienated by strident anti-immigration sentiment and that populists and nationalists should have focused on blacks and White liberal elites.

“The last few weeks have seen the greatest wave of American urban unrest in two generations. Massive protests, riots, and looting have swept across dozens of our major cities, accompanied by an enormous amount of political vandalism, often targeting monuments to our country’s former presidents and other historical figures.

Most importantly, powerful elements of our political, corporate, and media elite have now declared their support for various policy goals of the newly-elevated Black Lives Matter movement, even sometimes agreeing that local police departments should be “defunded” and that our most celebrated national heroes such as Washington and Jefferson should be removed from their places of honor in our nation’s capital, proposals that would have been dismissed as utter lunacy just a couple of months ago. Many observers, not least in China, have noted the striking similarities this turmoil bears to aspects of Mao’s Cultural Revolution of the late 1960s. We seem rapidly heading towards some unknown but probably unfortunate destination.

This enormous national upheaval has centered on race, probably leading many individuals to reassess their racial understanding of the world. But some of these shifts may have been in less expected directions. …

So this is the dilemma faced by Alt-Right leaders and similar “nationalist” right-wingers, including many of the individuals around Trump. They have spent the last few years focusing on a largely synthetic issue that has very little connection to the actual reality that most ordinary Americans see in their day-to-day lives. And as a result, they may have destroyed themselves politically.

Consider an analogy. Suppose that the Alt-Right and similar groups had spent this period focusing on Catholics as the greatest threat to American society, publishing numerous books on the subject and launching websites devoted to the “Great Catholic Menace” while FoxNews brainwashed its ignorant viewers into an anti-Catholic frenzy. Perhaps Trump might have been elected partly running on that platform, but with his victory primarily due to the enormous dissatisfaction so many voters felt at the general state of their country, including their distrust and hatred of the mainstream media and our arrogant and corrupt political elites, with the latter fully exemplified by Hillary Clinton …”

If you have followed my recent posts, you should see why and where I disagree.

In my view, we are living in the post-World War II era which is defined by self hatred or what is called “antiracism.” As such, White Nationalism has always been considered morally, culturally and politically illegitimate since 1945. There was never any chance that the Trump administration or progressive Silicon Valley elites would somehow consider the Alt-Right to be a legitimate movement. We never destroyed ourselves politically. We were never politically viable to begin with under the current order. In order for the Alt-Right to become politically viable, the hegemony of “antiracism” has to first come to an end, which means that established elites have to change their minds about their current obsession.

There is no point in participating in mainstream politics under consensus antiracism. It doesn’t advance any of our goals because both sides agree that we are morally and politically illegitimate. We are not represented in the “conservative” coalition. No one caters to our interests. Empowering the “conservative” coalition only means that other groups are empowered to pursue their agenda.

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  1. well said, HW. As to the rest,

    (((Unz))) is a pro free-speech Jew. He is not now

    nor has he ever been pro-White.

  2. Wouldn’t Yiddish born Jewish businessman Ron Unz be more at home discussing Zionism and disproportionate levels of World power. The article seems dishonest and very hypocritical, but worst of all he acts like the Alt Right belongs to the same movement as his, just a bastardized version. How can any movement be legitimate when the masses think that said movement is being attacked by “their own” and from within.

  3. I think there is more to Antifa than BLM. Yes, both sides claim to be Marxist, but there is no way in hell you can convince me that these Whites joining in on (and, in many cases, instigating) the rioting actually give a damn about so-called “people of color.”

    Black people, including some BLM leaders, are feeling “co-opted” by Antifa. They want to stop the endless destruction. Some of the sharper knives in that drawer can’t imagine the country ponying up for reparations if it is reduced to a glowing ember.

    But Antifa doesn’t want to quit. Why? I can’t think that the timing is coincidental. We saw the banks and all the financial institutions bailed out for the umpteenth time, yet all these kids are on the hook for student loans which, if you think about it, have been paid off with every bank bailout already.

    It is also a case of these young Whites not only up to their eyeballs in college debt, but the mid-management and upper management jobs they expected their degrees to get them just won’t be there what with all the outsourcing of the factories and the in-sourcing of the Hindus.

    Sorry, Ron Unz, you may be blind to the race angle, because these students aren’t as outspoken about Non-White immigration the way the victims of the first wave of Non-White immigrants, i.e. Mexicans and South and Central Americans, i.e. Working Class Whites that White Nationalism appealed to. But it IS there.

    Just because it is declasse for Whites of the middle and upper classes to notice these things much less protest it doesn’t mean that they haven’t noticed and they aren’t finding a protest to let the elite feel their pain.

    It’s really too bad that Trump didn’t co-opt the Democrats and make sure the student loans were wiped out, but then the antics of the Antifa Whites and their BLM pawns probably will end up ensuring that Trump gets another stint in the White House.

    Polling has indicated that he is winning sizeable favorable ratings from Non-Whites and the Antifa Whites and BLM are acting so batshit crazy that even moderate left liberals feel uncomfortable expressing their opinions

  4. After thinking about it, I think what Mr. Unz is saying is this…

    Where the Alt-Right failed was in not being a nearly carbon-cope of the very ‘Conservatives’ they blamed for the quandaries of this country, and in so doing, The Alt-Right alienated those very people who were alienated from them, in the first place.

    That’s a clever argument, ain’t it?


      • @Oldtradesman…

        Glad it struck a chord in you, Sir. That comment by Mr. Unz is near ’bout the most ridiculous dang thing I’ve ever read!

        Does he really think folks can’t see through him?

  5. Cultural effects precede political ones. As we’re on the fringes of the culture, we don’t currently have a hope of being politically relevant. Which is why I oft-times mention the need to withdraw from a social structure that completely rejects biological and behavioral realities. If we want to preserve a remnant of what was and is good in the world, we’ll have to do it ourselves.

    Very few people are willing to openly express that biology matters, that hierarchies are a part of life, and other obvious truths. The world is filled with self-deluded people who have allowed language to change reality. They’re so afraid of certain words that they’re paralyzed; they’re too afraid to even act on their own behalf, in some cases. We must not be fearful of honestly expressing ourselves.

  6. Everyone else has said what needs saying on this.

    Unz is not trustworthy.

    Neither the man himself, nor, increasingly, the authors he chooses to publish or promote.

    • I got a horrible computer virus from the Unz site 18 months ago. (It was a psy-op all along.)

  7. I’m a long time commenter on Stuffblackpeopledon’tlike. It moved over to Unz several years ago. I guess it has helped SBPDL with financial constraints. And although Unz publishes some good stuff, I can’t help but think it is some kind of data collection effort.

  8. I do not believe that elites are really obsessed with antiracism or even believe in it at all. Antiracism for them is a psychological tool, and an affectation. Elites, as such, are driven by pride, greed and power lust and will never do good, whether or not they change their minds about antiracism.

    But I disagree more with the critique of WN by the Jewish blogger Unz, who features every kind conspiracy theory on his site (I stopped giving it views) including conspiracy theories about the pandemic being a hoax or exaggerated and exploited to “take our freedom,” and encouragements to disobey mask rules and discourage public hygiene.

  9. Below is the comment I left on his site. Well see if it gets removed or not —

    This is a really shitty article and a totally dishonest hack job. I can’t imagine how this could have possibly been written in good faith. Large swaths of Mexifornia and Los Angelenos are quite literally dump-covered shitholes as bad as — if not worse than — third world refugee camps (see links below), which is why there has been a mass exodus of White people from the state. Should we want the rest of of America to be like this? No honest person thinks the current state of California demonstrates “just how wrong people like Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and Steve Sailer have been on all these issues” — (quite the opposite in fact), and no honest person believes that opposing mass demographic replacement evinces a “degenerate nationalism” rather than the most basic sort of patriotism we should be able to expect of all citizens.

    The Jew in Ron Unz really came out in this article loud and clear. Highly disappointing as I actually considered myself a fan and really thought Unz an outlier amongst the tribe.

    “Diversity is Our Strength: Mexifornia Edition” —

    Part I —

    Part II —

    Part III —

    • Hello Dissident;

      Ron Unz lives in California and even though he is exceptionally wealthy he still must be aware of the wrecking ball the people south of the border are. Money only buys so much insulation and being out and about in California it’s obvious how much civilization has retreated and the Third World has advanced with its attendant violence, misogyny, child abuse, stupidity and destruction. Trash is everywhere, things (especially government) don’t work and the brown hordes are perpetually aggrieved and made angry by their contrast with white civilisation, even white civilisation in terminal decline.

      In many ways California is the most important state in the country with the largest population, greatest opportunities for advancement, high tech industries and until recently, Hollywood control of movie and TV messages. All of this was possible because the state’s population was overwhelmingly White just like the rest of the U.S. As California’s demographics changed so did the country’s but California had the misfortune of sharing a border with one of the most violent, backward regions in the world and California’s demographic transformation was rapid because of that 2,000 mile southern U.S. border.

      Greedy businessmen and corrupt politicians conspired to erase U.S. borders for short term gain and long term misery. What happens in California has set national trends in the past and if the path of California is the future for the whole country the U.S. is done. Ron Unz claims Hispanics and the rest of the Third World (excepting blacks) are assimilating to U.S. norms. If anything assimilation is going the other way, Third World norms are becoming prevalent in the U.S. Ron apparently finds the future frightening and like most people he puts on rose tinted glasses when he goes about his daily routine so the world will at least look better as it gets much, much worse.

  10. I agree that this article by Unz was not good. However, he is extremely open minded in who he publishes: Jared Taylor, John Derbyshire, Phil Giraldi, WWII Revisionism and Holocaust Revisionism.

  11. WN has somehow “failed” but notice (((Unz))) doesn’t define what WN is or cite any actual WNs except for his alleged anonymous letter writer; no one in the Trump administration is a WN. VDare is not WN. The American Conservative is not WN. Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and Steve Sailer are not WN.

    They are at best WN adjacent, or in the case of the Trump administration, they are sending out WN dog whistles to appeal to White voters while having zero intention of ever actually doing a damned thing to help Whites who voted for Trump.

    No one is out there in the political process in Washington DC advocating for actual WN; we have at best WN-by-proxy via civic nationalism advocating for immigration control. This isn’t WN. (((Unz))) is being extremely disingenuous.

    Moreover, Trump is failing because he made no effort to actually carry out his “implicit WN” agenda by building an actual wall, deporting illegals, etc. – not only is this not being done, Trump is fully on board with flooding this country with legal H1B and other work visa holders from China and India, to completely destroy what is left of the White working class and White middle class, while doing nothing to stop or slow down the purging of his supporters from social media, or stop them from being thrown in jail for defending themselves from antifa. This isn’t a failure of WN, it is a failure of a fraud, Trump, who never meant a word of his 2016 agenda.

    (((Unz))) is laying the groundwork for blaming WN for Trump’s loss in November, when in fact it is Trump’s refusal to help his White voters which is causing them to remain home on election day, causing Trump to lose key swing states in the rust belt which he only won in 2016, narrowly, by appealing to the White working class. Had Trump actually spent that past 4 years pushing a WN agenda, he would be in a much stronger position to win reelection. But this fact will never be allowed to enter into the public discourse.

    Once again proving that no matter how useful the rare “based tribesman” might be, they are not on our side and cannot be trusted or relied upon except within very narrow parameters.

  12. “morally and politically illegitimate”

    That’s pure D New England Moral-Political Paradigm. Puritanism. The source of all American® Leftism, and what makes Leftism unique in America®.

    Morality and law aren’t the same thing. Nor does morality apply to legal and political questions. Except in Puritan American. They use morality to get around the law and politics, where they don’t have a leg to stand on, and can’t win.

  13. There are two general types of “White nationalist,” and a lot of confusion comes from trying to lump all of us together.

    The first type is what has come to be known as the “racist liberal.” I used to call these types “bourgeois racists,” but the new term serves just as well. This type views White racial preservation as simply a means to preserving liberalism and the American empire. Their argument boils down to something like “only whites have the capacity or will to maintain a liberal order.” Immigration in this view is bad because the immigrants will vote for Democrats or will lead us to socialism, so America will become weak and no long be the leader of the free world. Something along those lines. A lot of people in amren or vdare circles are this type, or racialist conservatives like Charles Murray, ramz paul, et al. Also a large amount of HBD people with an inordinate focus on IQ as justification for White preservation. Most Amnats also fall into this group. This was the force behind the noted “libertarian to alt right pipeline” from a few years ago.

    The second type of White nationalist doesn’t just view Whites as a means to an end, but as the end itself. This is represented here at OD by Hunter Wallace, by Matt Parrott, by most of those that made up the former “alt right” such as Richard Spencer (even though he is elitist), and the guys at TRS. The people who have been termed “wignats.” This group is critical of liberalism and views it as a threat to continued White existence. They accept the truths of HBD, but their justifications for White advocacy are not rooted in IQ stats. Even if average White IQ were 82, they would still desire continued White existence. The motives for this group more stem from a sense of duty, desire for coherent culture and polity, desire for advancement of their people, and belief that their existence does not need to be justified.

    There is a lot of overlap between the two groups when viewed from a distance, but on closer inspection they have radically different end goals and justifications for why they arrive at racial politics.

    • “The first type is what has come to be known as the “racist liberal.”
      “A lot of people in amren or vdare circles are this type, or racialist conservatives like Charles Murray, ramz paul, et al.”

      I view them as jewish supremacists. I don’t know about Charles Murray, but members of this group have said in the past that jews look white to them, they get their funding from wealthy jews, and they promote jewish run websites like Unz. They also repeat stats that say jews are more intelligent than whites, while the idiot jews that control America have turned it into a third world riot zone.

      RamzPaul is not white, as he has said in the past he is part jewish. He has repeated on his twitter many times over the years, that he supports Israel as a state for jews, and the very next tweet always says he does not support white nationalism. Of course this does not stop him dog whistling that whites are ‘his people’.

      Members of this group also try to convince whites to help them ‘take over the Republican Party’, but wealthy jews have funded and controlled the Republican Party since the 1960s, so as jewish supremacists they should be content with the current state of affairs.

  14. Jewish controlled websites support free speech until they become monopolies, and then they kick the white nats out. See what happened with Google and Youtube.

  15. This article by Ron Unz has been illuminating. Richard Spencer is more or less in agreement with it even as he claims that some of Unz’s arguments are “silly.” Nazbols and WigNats have shown begrudging support of it, or at worst, only mild criticism. I’m honestly surprised that the WigNats didn’t convulse over it and instead reacted with tepid support. Clearly I underestimated their ability to accurately assess the absolute state of the Pro-White Movement.

    As an anti-WigNat and an ex-White Nationalist, I for one am basically in 100% agreement with Unz’s observations. Its been obvious for years now that White Americans completely and unequivocally reject and want nothing to do with White Nationalism, but Unz is the first to explain whythey reject it. White Nationalists – Racist Liberals and WigNats alike – can show all the statistics and “science” they want about racial differences, the alleged “barbarity” of non-whites, or their supposed “lack of dynamism” compared to Whites, etc, but if Whites are not seeing it in their daily lives – or, to the extent they are seeing it, are still choosing not to raise a stink about it – then do those abstract “facts” even matter? Should policy be based around statistics and HBD science, or should it be based around the actual lived experiences of ordinary people? Any decent moral person will clearly choose the later.

    The WigNats have boxed themselves in an even worse position because they don’t care about racial statistics or racial science altogether. As the outspoken Nazbol Dart said in the comment section here, the WigNat attitude is “my race, drunk or sober.” They are either ignorant of or in denial of the fact that their own race has long since moved beyond such primitive tribalist sentiments. Normal Whites only care about supporting a particular people – their own or another – to the extent that they are good and moral – that is, to the extent that they are worthy of being saved or protected. The mere existence of a tribe of people does NOT make them worthy of protection, especially if – as the history books claim – this tribe is guilty of subjugating and exterminating other tribes of people for absolutely no reason other than “might makes right.” Look at the Seattle and Portland protests: Its masses of Whites protesting against the crimes of other Whites. Unz goes into great detail about that in comparison to the LACK of protests among non-whites in cities like Palo Alto and states like California. His argument is irrefutable: Whites are the ones leading this 21st century Cultural Revolution to topple “Racism” and “White Supremacy.” The “Black Lives Matter” movement sure does have a White looking face.

    Not only are White Nationalists politically irrelevant, but the consensus among normal Whites is that they are morally repugnant and utterly deserving of cancellation and deplatforming. After witnessing the behavior and rhetoric of the Pro-White Movement in 2020, I’m in agreement with them, and thus, I speak to you guys as an outsider. You guys underestimate how much Normies hate you and want you to disappear from the public space entirely. Unz may be a Jew, but he has his thumb on the pulse of White America in a way that you guys do not because you’re too busy peddling your bullshit “Elite Theory” of power and denying the fact that:

    1. We live in a pluralistic society of multiple competing interest groups

    2. Politicians and Bureaucrats have their own sovereignty and their own agenda separate from what Sheldon Adelson or the Koch Brothers may want at a given moment

    3. White America always gives their implicit support to the system every two years by showing up and voting for Republicans or Democrats, even as they’ll tell you in private,” I’m not a Republican anymore or I’m not a Democrat anymore.” Simply put, Whites are consenting to their own alleged “genocide” by failing to vote for candidates from your movement like David Duke in 1990 or Tom Metzger in 1980.

    Its an absolute immutable fact that Whites are strongly against what you guys are selling – both the WigNat version and the Racist Liberal version. No White person in their right minds gives two shits about another White person just because they are part of the same race. By itself, race is an utterly meaningless concept, an imaginary concept. Oh sure, its real if you enter the wrong neighborhood, but does that really matter at the end of the day? Just stay away from that neighborhood and you’ll be fine. “But all neighborhoods are becoming like that!” you say? Well, actually, they aren’t, and even if they are, the people with money – which is to say, the people that matter – will still be able to escape it. And the people that don’t matter – looking at you, White Working Class – will just have to shut up and deal with it, because its not like they are doing a damn thing to stop it anyway.

    There will be a lot of kvetching in the days ahead about Unz’s arguments, how he is “misreading” the situation or “justifying White Replacement” or some other lamentation of the conquered. It will all be meaningless hot air. Unz is right, and you all know it in your bones. “My race, drunk or sober” is the mindset of inferior failures, not advanced, progressive, morally decent human beings.

      • Michigan opened on June 8, sort of. Movie theaters are still shut down, and there is a state wide mask mandate, but I did go to Applebees with my family when sit down restaurants were allowed to open up to the public again that day. We also took my mom out to Cheesecake Factory for her birthday earlier in July.

        Unfortunately, its only the chain restaurants that are reliably open. A lot of local restaurants ether closed permanently or are only open for sit down at random times. If the lockdown that you supported never happened, those local restaurants probably would never have closed. It was wrong to shut down the economy to begin with.

        Also, none of the fast food places are currently open for sit down, and their drive thru’s were always opened during the lockdown. I was never bothered by lack of access to fast food. I was furious over the fact that the government was ordering us to stay inside over a disease that’s the flu + a small chance of lung damage. I never once cared about the death toll because it was never going to be the Black Plague or Small Pox, which are the only two diseases where I would support shutting down the economy in order to “save lives.” 150,000 is a drop in the bucket in a country of 330,000,000 people, and many of those millions are out of work, or lost their livelihoods, or otherwise have had to deal with upheaval to their lives. None of it was justified in order to stop a few people from dying who were probably on death’s bed anyway.

    • I do not believe that individualism is in any way good or moral. Nor do I care what is considered moral or repugnant among the majority of Whites, who largely support feminism, mass dissemination of pornography, (increasingly) chemically castrating children and surgically removing their genitals, or whatever mass media happens to be telling them is good and righteous at any given moment. Majority belief about whether something is good is irrelevant to the question of whether it actually is good.

      • Dart,

        1. Imagine being so condescending and paternalistic to believe that only pre-1945 values (or 1861, or 1776, or whatever arbitrary year you guys feel like picking today) are the correct values, and that everything after X year is “Fake and Ghey.” It’s clear that you guys have either given up on trying to change the minds of the ordinary Whites you are trying to save, or that you never thought you could ever change their minds in the first place, which brings me to my next point

        2. “The Elites” are never, ever, EVER going to fund the WN Movement, its thinkers and its writers. Not corporations, not their foundations, not the two major political parties, and certainly not any anonymous sugar daddy. So, if WigNats like you are correct about “Elite Theory” and corporations pulling all the puppet strings, guess what: They sure aren’t funding YOU. Because why would they? You are the dangerous lunatics Unz highlights, and you are incapable of seeing things from any one else’s perspective.

        3. This leaves you with two viable options, from your point of view: Change the minds of the existing elites, or replace them altogether. The idea that politicians like Mitch McConnell or rich tech executives in Silicon Valley will change their minds about White Nationalism and suddenly start caring about the White Race is so utterly laughable that any person seriously entertaining it should be thrown in a mental asylum. That leaves replacing the elite, where you guys think you’re oh so clever with your new embrace of “Right Wing Critical Theory.” I have a question: Where’s the part where you people actually obtain power? The process apparently looks like this:

        1. Relentlessly critique Liberalism

        2. ?????

        3 White Nationalists get power

        I mean, how does this work? Are the people going to anoint you as their new leaders? Are the existing elites suddenly going to be like, “yeah, you know, those guys are right, everything we’ve been pushing since 1945 is actually a steaming crock of shit. Lol, sorry everyone.”

        All you people have is resentment and anger. You’re not interested in building up regular Whites, defending our way of life, or doing anything positive whatsoever. You are a movement of losers, failures, and social outcasts. Regular Whites AND Elites alike want nothing to do with people like that. You’re the Untouchables, and unlike the ones in India, no one has sympathy for you, nor should they.

        • ““The Elites” are never, ever, EVER going to fund the WN Movement, its thinkers and its writers. Not corporations, not their foundations, not the two major political parties, and certainly not any anonymous sugar daddy”

          Foreign elites will. Nobody is expecting American Jews or their Indian middle managers to funds anything good for Whites. But political competitors to the USA will have incentive to fund secessionist groups and dissidents.

          • Foreign elites will.

            Like who? The Kremlin? The Ayatollahs in Iran? Even if some foreign government that doesn’t like the USA was secretly funneling money to WN organizations, guess what: That funding is contingent on those WN organization pushing the narrative the funders want as opposed to actually standing up for the White Race. NPI can shill for Russia and Putin all long day, but this doesn’t advance the interests of Whites. Neither does larping as a Palestinian liberationist.

            Also – and you being a Communist, you ought to know this – the WN Movement doesn’t have an equivalent of Jacob Schiff who is a private citizen and has F&ck You levels of money. Kevin MacDonald had an article about this in the Occidental Observer sometime in 2013. He basically concluded that Philip Anschutz is the closest thing there is to a right wing sugar daddy. Anschutz is a mainstream social conservative and is therefore useless to the WN cause.

            You’re delusional and stupid to rely on The Elites to change things in favor of Whites, whether those are domestic elites or foreign elites. Change, if it happens at all, will come from waking up a critical mass of Whites. WigNats like you refuse to accept this or believe this is possible because, in your breathtaking levels of arrogance and narcissism, you insist that “Edwud Buhnaaazz” is a demigod and that “Huywite Pepo buleeve whateva dey see in da mEDia.” You need to abandon your broken framework of how people react to things and start the hardwork of planting seeds of doubt in the minds of normal Whites. In time, they will begin to need Pro-White activism and Pro-White solutions. I doubt WigNats like you have the patience for that, but them’s how the cookies crumble.

          • @DP84

            Foreign powers would be willing to fund separatists in the USA for the same reason the USA funds neo-nazis in Ukraine or jihadists in Syria. Because separatists and dissidents weaken the American empire. They don’t have to agree with the ideology as long as the group will help further their own political goals of breaking up the USA as a political and economic unit. The US state department and pentagon don’t agree with neo-nazism or jihadism, but those groups serve american interests in their respective regions.

            We need to have a certain percentage of people on our side, but that alone is not sufficient for anything.

    • DP84,

      Yeah so what ignorant millions of White Americans hate White Nationalists and are disgusted with us. Who cares? I’m disgusted with them adopting colored kids and marrying off there sons and daughters to them.

      And so what we live in a “pluralistic” society. That doesn’t mean sh@t. 50 or 60 years ago USA was 90% White or thereabouts and wasn’t pluralistic at all.

      Their great grandchildren will be begging for Hitler. Wish I was going to be around to see it.

      People like you are just cowards. You recognize how right racists are but you can’t think those bad thoughts cuz Jesus or you have half black grandkids.

      And yes we are politically irrelevant big deal.

      Go back to watching your wife getting piledriven by your colored friends and stay off the f@ck off here.

      Old man

  16. Unz is a Jew, and his animosity towards white gentiles has finally surfaced-are you surprised-you shouldn’t be.

  17. i suffered through the (((UNZ))) article yesterday and found it flaccid and rambling. the only takeaway is that jew arguing that mexicans really arent that bad and that no one really cares about immigration. Unz is a subversive idiot.

  18. Except for your view on the pandemic, I agree with your assessment of WNs and the alt-right. As a former WN, you probably are aware that the majority of wignats and nazbols are riffraff. Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer are educated and erudite, but they aren’t considered WNs. A movement without middle class backing is doomed to fail and white middle class suburbanites are repelled by anything dominated by “white trash.” These folks are delusional enough to think most of us like them and agree with their extreme views and their fantasies will come true real soon lmao!

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