Barr Hearing Turns Into Total Fiasco

Among other reasons why I think this country is doomed and spiraling toward some type of inevitable cataclysm like the Blundering Generation:

Why hasn’t the Insurrection Act been invoked yet?

The 101st Airborne was used by President Eisenhower to integrate Little Rock over the authority of the governor of Arkansas. And yet, massive resistance in Portland on a vastly greater scale than ever occurred during the end of segregation is allowed to take place for months.

Would RFK have sat there like William Barr and taken this kind of abuse from George Wallace or Ross Barnett in the 1960s? When Judge Frank Johnson dismantled segregation in Alabama, was the Klan ever bold enough to launch a two month long siege of a U.S. District Court?

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  1. America has to die…it is a disgrace and has been a blight on humanity for over two centuries.

  2. The Republican party is only able to survive because so many high profile members of the Democrat party are manifestly insane. How is a normal person supposed to react to a show of histrionic grandstanding like this?

    • That’s the truth. I merely loathe republicans, my heart is filled with murderous hate for democrats…

    • It showed how polite and peaceful Americans really are. Barr sat there calmly, politely taking the abuse, and the Republicans objected to how the Dems treated him but went with the program anyway. I guess that’s to Americans’ credit, but I was fuming. Maybe that is why the US is the most powerful nation on earth; we ARE civilized. [But I wanted so much for Barr to tell them off, call them names, walk out, go on offense, defense ; something]!

      • Barr is hardly an American. He is a Jew by ethnicity and a Roman Catholic by religion, and his entire career has been focused on expanding the ZOG police state and covering up federal crimes against normal White people. A lot of these Dems are technically more “American” than he is, but they just happen to be psychotic.

  3. This is what happens when all of our institutions are peopled with traitors and open enemies and the “opposition” is weak, cowardly and useless.

  4. Let us look at the Democrat mind. These are people that think man and woman are the result of will and surgery, not biology. These are people who believe race doesn’t exist or if it does exist doesn’t matter except when the people are black. Given these positions, it really requires little effort to deny the obvious violence of the riots across nation. Nadler is just taking reality denial a small step further in calling Antifa a myth. And the Democrats by thus putting themselves beyond reason are creating a situation in which words and discussion can no longer serve as a substitute for violence.

    An irony of the situation is only quick and effective action by Trump can physically save them because unless Trump can end the riots soon, the decencies that protect the left and .restrain the right –the armed portion of the country — will continue to diminish daily. The consequences are on their heads and the blood their own.

  5. I hope antifa burns that courthouse to the ground. Oregonians don’t seem to mind. Let them destroy all Federal property in the state of Oregon. De facto secession is what we need.

  6. The “republicans” are allowed to offer token resistance to the takeover from within; they will never be allowed to actually stop the marxist insurgency. Hegelian Dialectic in play.

  7. God i hate all these politicians even Barr the zog shill cock sucking bastard. Somehow he’s the least insufferable one here but that isn’t saying much. I hate demoncrats as much as I hate republicucks I hope theres a special place in hell for politician shit scum like this

  8. The way The Democrat Congressionals relentlessly berated Attorney-General Barr, I felt like I was watching Nazi judge Roland Friesler berate the failed conspirators of the July 1944 plot.

    The only difference was that The Democrats actually let Mr. Barr have his belt to his trousers.

    Though I think that AG Barr has not been particularly good at his job, because he has been way too lax in pursuing a variety of glaring situations, plus covering up for the murder of Jeffrey Epstein, clearly The Democrats disagree with me.

    Yes, they do, because their hatred for him lets me know that he must be doing something right enough to make them feel severely threatened.

  9. When US Attorney General William Barr was talking with Republican Congressman Tom McClintock about prosecutions in process under the work of John Durham, Barr said:

    “Justice is not something you order up on a schedule like you’re ordering a PIZZA.”

    Barr then briefly smirked and looked at the Democratic side of the room, after making the ‘pizzagate’ allusion

    Seems the establishment does have a sense of humour

    Clip 45 seconds, statement at about the 21 second mark

  10. Barr, whose father was Jewish, got his start protecting CIA and FBI and Mossad pedophile networks, at the Church Commission hearings in 1975.

    That father was, yes, the one who hired Epstein to teach at Dalton School, and the one who wrote that perverted novel, full of satanic symbolism.

    Like father like son.

    Barr has been doing as little as possible, except for attacking white people, and assisting Silicon Valley in silencing white people.

    So what was he doing up there, testifying? I have no idea. Perhaps just trying to keep his job, which is to keep the pedophile networks unmolested.

  11. What can we do? They WANT Trump to “overreact” and become a bona fide “literally Hitler,” so they can remove him from office. They don’t just want to beat him in 2020. They want to utterly humiliate and disgrace the right in a de facto coup. Trump sends DHS agents to Portland to defend Federal property and that turns into “stormtroopers kidnapping peaceful protesters to throw in concentration camps.” Imagine if Donald Trump invoked the insurrection act. The media would engage in open treason.

  12. There’s a lot to be said about letting them burn everything down so people will see what they are about but…we should draw the line somewhere. I think it should be interstate highways and federal buildings. If they are attacked or the highways blocked get as many buses as they can and mass arrest these people. Put them in prison for a couple years.

  13. nadler and barr are both jews. that was just controlled op political theater. the entire fed is anti-White.

  14. I took the time to read every post in the November 2012 Archive, the final post with hundreds of excuses about Why. Why Romney Lost. This has become a movement that embarrasses itself via the same “poll tactics” etc. It hurts. The good news is that we are Good for Years. Thanks to JB. Vote In Peace while you Cheer Low Income Good White People Trapped. Don’t call Us. You are fucking cultists.

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