Redefining Racism

Since Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo are redefining the meaning of “racism” from the Left as a moral indictment of White people, why don’t we redefine it from the Right?

Racist – A racially conscious person who is a collectivist who identifies with other people who come from the same racial background and has an affinity for them and gives a damn about them. A person who defends the honor and dignity of his own race and whose every thought is motivated by the virtues of loyalty and fidelity. A healthy and well-adjusted person who cheerfully discharges his or her divine and natural duty to honor the dead, defend the living and protect and champion the welfare and interests of the young. The very opposite of a self loathing woke supremacist.

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  1. Yes, I very much agree with this idea. The last few years many more things have been called ‘racist’ and the result is that the word is losing it’s power to intimidate people. That makes it the right moment to claim this word as our own. This is called linguistic reappropriation, a process ” by which a group reclaims words or artifacts that were previously used in a way disparaging of that group. It is a specific form of a semantic change (change in a word’s meaning). Linguistic reclamation can have wider implications in the fields of discourse and has been described in terms of personal or sociopolitical empowerment.”

    In Dutch there is a word for this, ‘geuzennaam’. This term dates back to the countriy’s war of independence against Spain in the 16th and 17th century (the war lasted 80 years, albeit with a 12-year truce in between). The Spanish called the Dutch rebels ‘geuzen’ (after the French word for beggar, gueux) and the rebels adopted that as a name of honor and started referring to themselves this way.

  2. Are we too blind to see those who claim god made them racially superior to all others as the biggest racial supremacists of them all? What does chosen really mean? It can’t mean chosen to spread the word God, the Jews killed Gods only son for spreading the words of God. So what really does it mean?

  3. Call it “positive racial identity.” Or whatever else might be appropriate. White identity politics is coming, so for normies it will be helpful to have a guilt-free association with racial identity.

  4. Trying to redefine racist as something positive seems as futile as trying to reclaim gay to mean happy again? Many of my friends and I know race isn’t a social construct so I guess we’re what some would call redpilled, but we’re not white nationalists or racists and don’t support either. Some of my friends call themselves race realists and that doesn’t seem as taboo as racist.

    We were required to take an ethnic studies course and we were taught that white privilege exists nationally and internationally. When I asked why Asian and Hispanic-Americans have higher life expectancies than whites; Asian, Jewish, and Iranian-Americans have higher incomes than whites; Asian-Americans have lower arrest and crime rates than whites; whites are killed at a higher rate by police than blacks; East Asian countries have better trade balances than the U.S; and immigration laws are turning whites into a minority if white privilege exists, I was told “those are racist diversions designed to distract from the issue of systemic racism” lol

    • Hunter, please! Don’t go off on a fool’s errand. “Racist” is THEIR word. It’s an Anti-White hate slur and attack word. It’s a word we need to expose and destroy, not co opt it. ”Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

    • They are going to blame everything on “racists” until there are no more whites existing. The big question is, after whites are erased, who will they blame for the Hell on Earth they’ve made?

    • What’s with the recent troll infestation? They exhibit the same writing style, same self-contradictory “logic,” same strawmanning, etc., etc. Try to be a little more inventive, and try to make coherent arguments.

  5. It’s quite rare that a culture is really organised to nurture its young adults; white society too has often failed at this

    You see so often a form of the boomer phenomenon, older folks holding on to their asset wealth, good jobs etc whilst many younger people struggle to be able to have a family

    In Western Europe boomers held on to the good permanent jobs, youth is often massively unemployed

    In Communist Eastern Europe the Party geriatrics wouldn’t move from their upper level posts, semi-freezing mobility throughout the entire system

    1950s USA was a place where common workers could easily start a family when young … but that changed

    Sponsoring young families was historically associated with the 1930s ‘fascists’, and now with ‘authoritarians’ in Eastern Europe

    • Older academics and managers will have to retire if this virus keeps them from face to face work.

    • Its hard to take muh boomer comments seriously when we take hundreds of thousands of immigrants and tfws. People have no responsibility to give their job away. Learn to be entrepreneurial and start building your own enterprises.

  6. I think it is best that you left The Left continually redefine, ‘racism’, because if you let them continue to go unmolested, on the same path they currently are, they will make John Q. American so uncomfortable that he willfully slides back into back The White Man he was born to be.

    Yes, let us not interfere with The Left, because they do all the work that we failed at being able to do since WWII.

    God makes things like this – so that, if you are evil, soon enough you wind up fixin’ your own wagon.

  7. The rioting surrounding Covid19 lockdown, at least among the whites doing the rioting relates most strongly to the transexuals. It seems that 1 out of 2 white rioters are trannies. Its like they’ve seen their world collapse and are swarming outposts of white men willing to shoot rubber bullets and tear gas at them.

    • @Musashi…

      Yes, it does seem harder and harder to evade the notion that The Left has been putting forth a menu of either kill them or be killed by them.

  8. This is a great definition and a truly honorable perspective. I always enjoy the positive viewpoints.

    • @Dixieland…

      I totally agree with you, that, though I do not wish to disturb The Far Left’s constant redefining of White, in order to erase us, (because this is awakening Whites) if we are going to get into the redefinition of ‘racism’, Mr. Griffin has put together the model I pursue, live on, and certainly hope will be adopted, by the broader White Culture, as a whole, over this country in the next decade.

  9. Christ said the 2 greatest commandments are to Love Your God and Love Your Race (neighbor)

    The biblical context of neighbor is defined as the children of thine own people. ( Kindred tribes, ancestors, race )

    • @Mark…

      Absolutely correct, as evidencet by Chyst’s behavior while he was here, for though he shunned no man because of his tribal connection, He did not choose aliens to be in his circle, nor did He recommend others do the same.

      When folks read The Bible, today, we quite naturally read it from the perspective of globalism and internationalism, if for no other reason than TVs have made the world seem a much smaller place than it was when Chryst was here.

      Most people do not realize that, until just 3 generations back, historians tells us that the average man lived his whole life within a 3 miles square radius, only breaking out of that maybe once, to go as far as 30 miles away, to what perhaps might have been a small city.

      All that said, Jewry has long had an internationalist perspective, this because of trade. Hence, it is little surprise that, in a country that is currently dominated by Jewish financiers, thinkers and lobbying clout, that the term, ‘neighbour’, would be seen in, and sold as, an internationalist light.

  10. FOR THE RECORD, A ‘racist’ is the opposite of being a self-loathing race traitor. No person who isn’t racially conscious can love his own race. Certainly, all Whites should embrace racial consciousness, as opposed to wilfull blindness, delusion, and a rejection of human nature and the Natural Order.

    Additionally, accusations by the jews, and other nonwhites, of what they consider as the blackest evil, “racism”, ought to be taken by Whites as a compliment, as it thereby separates us by the widest margin from what we most emphatically regard as the blackest evil and is the blackest evil — those who are working to eliminate and destroy Whites, their culture, and the societies they’ve created.

    They call us “RACISTS”! Well, YES WE ARE! Racism, a term coined by jewish communists, is a political doctrine that rejects the liberal dogma of racial equality. Racism by definition, embraces racial inequality, WHICH IS REALITY! — which necessarily calls for racial consciousness, i.e., the conviction that mankind falls into identified races that are readily distinguishable, by their appearance, their behavior, and their differences. Racism isn’t learned. It’s not a social or cultural construct. Racism is instinctive and genetically imprinted into the DNA of all races. It has nothing to do with hatred, at least for Whites. The notion “we are all the same”, is patently ABSURD! I am racially conscious, so I must be a racist. It’s common sense. Races are not equal! They are plainly different, and by that I am not talking about skin shade!

    Ethnocentrism in all peoples is absolutely natural and normal. Ethnic groups throughout the world exhibit a preference for their own culture and a disposition to judge other cultures by their own standards. This preference is a healthy and practical evaluation of one’s ethnic identity and interests consistent with evolutionary theory and cultural sophistication.

    People of the same race feel more comfortable being around members of their racial kin. They self segregate. No amount of studies or knowledge of history is going to change this basic primal instinct. All you have to do if pay attention in the real world to understand this. If you walk down some street and a group of thugs comes up and says, “ayo white boy gibs me dat wallet” do you think for one minute they would care if you’re a liberal and that you support multiculturalism and believe we’re all equal and all the same? Of course not. You will be seen by those black thugs as a collective based on your race. It does not matter how principled or individualistic you are if you are only seen as part of a collective.

    I would further point out that, before the dawn of modern liberalism, driven and then normalized by jews by decades of copious bullshit on their media, every culture on Earth was racially conscious, and most still remain so — those who are not programmed and indoctrinated by jewsmedia, jew controlled academia, and jew Hollywood, to blindly accept massive nonwhite immigration and racemixing as a blessing. Before the dawn of modern liberalism, they didn’t call it ‘racism’, because it was simply common reason — common sense and it is still common sense, something liberals and the politically correct reject, and nonwhites pretend to reject, — in order to intimidate unawakened, cowardly, White lemmings, while blacks and other nonwhites embrace it by acting in their own racial interests for themselves 100%.

    Incidentally, much of what mystifies leftists concerning human behavior is remarkably apparent to anyone with racial consciousness. It is natural that all races value their own kind above all else. All healthy organisms share this instinct. Obviously blacks, hispanics, and jews are hyper-racially conscious, and work in their own racial interests, while at the same time, they ostracize Whites who are racially conscious, and accuse them of “racism” — a clear double standard. Plainly, smear and namecalling, which of course is all they have in the face of TRUTH! That is why we racially aware Whites are working on preserving the European peoples, our culture, and our interests, just as every other racial group currently is.

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