The Reconciliation Must Be Televised

What do you think?

Are you ready for an American Truth and Reconciliation Commission?

Are you ready to confess your “racism” to People of Color and receive amnesty?

Are you ready to “reconcile” and march forward into the glorious future of “antiracism” and progress that South Africa embarked on in the 1990s? Now that we have retired the Martin Luther King, Jr. vision of a colorblind utopia, are you ready to submit to the yoke of woke supremacy?

New York Times:

“When someone wants to explain where the country’s been since Memorial Day, they refer to The Moment. “The Moment,” at first, seemed to name a finite period, the killing of George Floyd on May 25, and the moments his death comprised. “The Moment” then proved spongy quick, absorbing the bewildering madness of the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and expanding into more protests in more corners of the planet than seemed fathomable. (The demonstrations took place during a pandemic; The Moment had swelled inside a Moment.) It appealed to people whose response to such Moments has tended to be less than vociferous — white people. White people marched and chanted. They ate tear gas and pepper spray. White people said “Black Lives Matter,” “systemic racism” and, occasionally, “reparations.”

Questions arose about what The Moment was and what should be asked of it. The Moment brought us new vision to see old wrongs and emboldened us to raze and ruin them. The Moment reversed power. Mayors stood among civilians, the police took a knee, a president had been absconded into a bunker. This Moment was the sort that Black America had been waiting for — when the woke learned to walk, when the Confederate flag ceased official operation as a security blanket, when even a beloved music trio had to concede that “Dixie” no longer becomes them. …

In South Africa, in 1996, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission arose from an agreement to grant amnesty to those who confessed to crimes against humanity committed during more than four decades of Apartheid. The commission took statements from 22,000 victims and witnesses; thousands of people applied for amnesty; and a kind of extralegal trial ensued in which the perpetrators faced their victims. …

What’s needed is a broadcast that could include white Americans awakening to racism but remains focused on the legacies of the racism itself. There might be some of the emotional individual confrontation that put so many South Africans through the wringer. The American version would dare to hold the country to account and atone. …

This Moment didn’t come cheaply. It should not be squandered. It should be nationally witnessed and absorbed. Truth and reconciliation is a death and a birth, accordingly arduous, tense, procedural, affirming, painful. The outcome feels secondary to the process. The ritual is the benefit. The Moment demands that we summon the courage to put ourselves through it. At last.”

You’re invited to participate in this remarkable Moment.

What if you decline to participate in this remarkable Moment? What if your view is something more along the lines of fuck you people and your Moment? What happens then?


“NEW YORK (Reuters) – Americans’ support for the Black Lives Matter protests has declined since the immediate aftermath of the death of George Floyd in May renewed a national conversation on race, yet more than half still disapprove of President Donald Trump’s response, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll.

The July 27-28 poll also showed a largely partisan reaction to Trump’s decision to deploy federal agents to quell demonstrators in some cities against the wishes of local authorities. About four in 10, most of them Democrats, say Republican Trump is just trying to help himself politically as he seeks a second term in the Nov. 3 election.

According to the poll, 52% of American adults say they are sympathetic to those who are still gathering to protest the police treatment of minorities, especially African Americans, about 12 percentage points lower than a similar poll that ran in mid-June….”

“The Moment” seems to be rapidly fading.

We might even be seeing the earliest stirrings of a quite different Moment.

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  1. The first thing everyone can do personally is to stop marking “White” on any forms and encourage others to do the same. Mark “other” or “Hispanic.” This will help to diminish the impact of any quotas or group punishments aimed at Whites.

  2. AJAB especially the ones from jew york times. Jeez do these people even have a soul or a brain for that matter? We are currently depressed with a viral pandemic and these pieces of shit are trying to start race riots against us for some stupid cop feud with a jogger

    Someone needs to take out the journalist trash before this country goes up in flames the lugenpress just won’t stop the antiwhite hate machine The jogger who wrote this woke fluff piece wesley morris says if congress won’t give blacks reparations Hollywood should carry the conversation to get it going lol

    Isn’t that what Hollywood does anyway Its why I refuse to watch biased films like 12 years a slave because its just a tear jerky antiwhite film thought up by a room full of hand rubbing millionaire heebs hoping you feel sorry for something that happened 200 years ago originally instigated by them!

  3. “When someone wants to explain where the country’s been since Memorial Day, they refer to The Moment.”

    It’s not the country that I was born and raised in. Or the country that I know. Or the country of my life experience. Or the country that I Love.

    The country that they’re talking about. The country that they’ve always been talking about, since before I was born, is Yankeedom and her Pacific Rim colonies. Which is not my country, and never was, or will be. Therefore, I pay them no mind, or heed. It’s just Yankeebable, or niggerbable.

    As far as I’m concerned, the Constitution, and the Republic that it underpinned, failed because of Massachusetts and her fifteen minion states.
    The Jews are simply putting the final nails in the coffin that was hewn in 1865. What we’re seeing now is the bitter, poisoned fruit of that foul victory of 1865, when the Puritans conquered the Jeffersonian Republc.

    • I don’t think Yankees are the ones writing this stuff and haven’t been for a long time. Yankees’ exposure to nonwhites caused them to be far more sympathetic to the South. That’s the “southernization” of the United States.

  4. Our enemies are making it abundantly clear that they hate us for being White. So what’s the “conservative” answer? Give them what they want to end divisiveness, which is all our fault after all. Let us all be united once again as free and strong Americans.

  5. prediction: soon pre-employment “hate database” screening, and 3 personal references that are POC will be needed to prove you are not a racist liability.

    tell me they won’t try it, and the government wont do shit about it…

    • I believe you are spot-on about the “hate” database screen. They could easily do that right now. And what an effective way to shut down the search for truth that drives one to sites like Occidental Dissent. Btw, I trust, value and respect this site more than any other.

  6. White Americans don’t understand words are things. A verbal interaction is a negotiation to decide the future. White Americans have not been contradicting the lies of anti-Whites, believing that truth needs no defense. The result is that lies rule. And we are seeing the effects of it.

    A couple years ago when pro-White speech was being censored, Richard Spencer would say it’s “just words”, to explain why speech should not be censored. If Spencer was being sincere, then he doesn’t understand words. Words are everything and they rule society.

    Jews know this. This is why you can see them get personally invested and emotional about things people say, it’s because they understand that the verbal landscape is the most important political territory to control.

  7. the bolsheviks are now classifying racist as a mental health crime all across the country..

    then red flagging you for racist mutterings.

    then vaxing you

    then putting you in jail.

    they inverted reality in a few short years and only a handful noticed…. you ate all now enemies of the globohomoschlomo state.

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