U.S.-China Cold War Escalates

It has been a few months since I have checked the Global Times.

The domestic situation in the United States has unraveled so rapidly over the past two months that it has absorbed my full attention. Meanwhile, the Cold War between the U.S. and China that kicked off last fall has only continued to escalate with Trump announcing tonight that he is banning TikTok and after both countries are closing consulates. It is not a good sign for those of us who value global peace.

The Chinese are worried about Trump pulling an FDR and starting a war with China to distract attention from America’s rapid political, economic and cultural decline. It is not an unreasonable fear given how a declining Britain responded to the rise of Germany as a world power in the 20th century. This is also what happened last time during the Great Depression when America went through the “Fourth Turning.” There are enormous differences though between now and then. Back then, America was a confident and rising industrial and imperial power and was far more homogeneous than it is today.

Here in this country, which to the surprise of the entire world has literally gone insane over the past two months as basic governance has collapsed, I am vilified by the political establishment for being White. Am I supposed to care about a few f***ing islands in the South China Sea?

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  1. Yet China never lifts a finger against Republican funder and US-Israeli billionaire Sheldon Adelson, long allowed to earn the biggest part of his business income from casinos in Macau China as a Beijing special partner

    Adelson watches election returns with the Trumps and can call Trump anytime … as one of the top 3 Republican donors Adelson has substantial influence on US foreign policy … Yet Beijing doesn’t send some ‘building code’ or ‘tax’ inspectors into those Chinese casinos?

    12 Mossad-tied Chabad centres in China too, Beijing Chabad with a direct hotline to Jared and Ivanka’s Chabad rabbi in Washington DC, and also ‘Putin’s Rabbi’ Berel Lazar at Chabad Moscow

    Big power conflict seems in part another kabuki show, like Dems and Repubs

    As economies tank, China can blame USA, USA can blame China, win-win

  2. “”…..Am I supposed to care about a few f***ing islands in the South China Sea?…””

    Well, when those rocks help to disrupt and collapse the entire Jew new world order, then …:D

    Donald is one great wrecking ball. This is what the draining of the swamp really means. Basically Donald is jewing the Jews. With creating chaos was the main tool how Jews brought countries and empires down.

  3. 4chan has been flooded with AstroTurfed anti-China propaganda recently. Pretty strong evidence that place is a CIA operation.

  4. Not America, the Jews. The Jews want war with the Chinese. Leave us Americans out of it. We don’t want war with China, Russian, the Muslims or anyone else. The Jews are not American, they are not even human.

  5. I’m not even that angry at the Chinese anymore hard to stay mad at our nationalist yellow overlords. They obviously are somewhat responsible for the virus whether it was a accidental lab escape or pangolin chow mein/ bat soup but I can’t be angry with the oriental menace when the heebs are starting race riots with blm over inevitable jogger deaths by zog patrol

    Tik tok is garbage I don’t use it probably never will but its just a cringy improv dance thingy for zoomers weird move by blumpf but I just laugh at the absurdity of it all He probably won’t even end up banning it cause he doesn’t follow through on anything he says 2020 is truly at peak clown world status now Also mircosoft might be buying tik tok lol

  6. “…which to the surprise of the entire world has literally gone insane the last few months…” – the world has known that the US is insane for about 80 years now.

  7. I am 77, and I remember the 60’s and 70’s. Today the insurrection is worse. It has the active support of local politicians, all of the media, all of Hollywood, all of academia. Something fundamental has broken.

    War with China, and maybe Russia, too, seems more likely than not. Can other countries like Japan keep out of it? Can it stay non-nuclear?

    You should read Peter Turchin, too, especially “Ages of Discord.” Turchin also predicts widespread political violence for the 2020’s. His model is economic, whereas the Turnings is more psychological.

    • @Bob my mother is around your age, maybe a few years younger and was telling me the same thing although she said it is the same “crisis” every few years and non of this is new. As someone else commented, if you listen to the likes of Rockwell and Duke from 40 years ago, the players and problems are exactly the same.

      The difference is my mom thought they were nutcases in the 60s and 70s. Now she is wondering if they were right the whole time

  8. Insane is the right word. Only a lunatic targets the most valuable and stable racial group for persecution and extinction.

  9. Tucker Carlson, Saagar Enjeti, Bannon and Josh Hawley are a reformulation of neoconservatism: their critiques of libertarian ideology only serve to justify aggressive nationalism toward China and Iran. If Woke Capital bothers them, it’s because in the event of war with China they will need total submission from business circles.
    “Libertarian derangement syndrome” is not new. Neocon were the first critics of Reagan’s voodoo economics (using good arguments against)
    The Alt Right wastes a lot of time criticizing libertarianism without seeing that populists like Tucker are now the new GOP orthodoxy
    Alt-righters love “protectionism” but have no idea that the tariffs are only the first step in a massive war against the Chinese. It has nothing to do with isolationism
    In 2016 Trump scammed the Alt Right by reusing its themes to empty them of their meaning. The same will happen to right-wing populism
    For the same reasons, these people will swindle right-wing voters into a war of millions of dead

    • A war with China would be far more insane than a war with Iran. Then again, lunatics are running the asylum called America.

      • Trump doesn’t seem to be paying attention to foreign policy in either the Near East or Asia. He seems to have farmed it out to that idiot religious nut, Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State. Ironically, Trump’s policies of reviving U.S. domestic production of critical materials such as drugs and semiconductors is completely sound and long overdue. It’s the poisonous combination of increasing domestic production and blaming China for U.S. outsourcing while antagonizing China in its own backyard, 8,000 miles from the U.S. mainland that could lead to disaster.

        While challenging China Trump has continued the policy of wrecking relations with Russia, a natural U.S. ally, a self defeating act if ever there were one. China and the USSR fought a brief border war in 1969 and have been rivals in Asia for a long time. Russia is afraid of China’s massive population overwhelming the Russian Far East an inch at a time through Chinese settlers infiltrating across the long, porous border. There is a natural common ground between Russia and the U.S. based upon a common rival, China. Common national interests are the basis for alliances throughout history but DJT is squandering this opportunity, perhaps with tragic results.

        DJT is also following U.S. policy since 1947 of sacrificing U.S. national interests for the benefit of a foreign government, Israel. This is done for obvious reasons, Israel’s stranglehold on the careers of politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of the U.S. Government. The Israeli lobby can immediately end the career of any civil servant or politician who speaks out against U.S. policies favoring “Our Greatest Ally”.

        The primary duty of a politician is to get reelected which he does by serving his constituents. For all D.C. politicians their constituents are within a fifty mile radius of the Capitol building no matter their home state. The money politicians get are either bribes or extortion called “campaign contributions” so they will do certain things and refrain from doing other things. No one gives politicians millions of dollars because they want “good government”, that’s exactly what politicians fear most.

        The problem here is that not only is the U.S. sacrificing blood and treasure for another country for no U.S. national interest but that this is part of imperial overstretch that weakens U.S. efforts in Asia. Troops deployed in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places cost an enormous sum of money to maintain. Ships and planes deployed to the Persian Gulf cannot be deployed elsewhere at the same time. U.S. deployments in the Near East also drain diplomatic attention away from other things and cause rifts with allies that disagree with U.S. policy as well as risking a war with Iran.

        Add to this incompetence that U.S. policy has been to weaken the morale and cohesiveness of the military for a long time by policies of “diversity” i.e. anti-White. The examples in history of diverse militaries e.g. Austria-Hungary in WWI aren’t promising. Combined with a depleted industrial base and “diverse”, divided population the chances of the U.S. winning a drawn out conflict aren’t good.

        No one in the U.S. wants to fight for “Our Greatest Ally”, Taiwan or some nebulous concept like “freedom of navigation”. It’s best for DJT to fire his idiots, focus on Asia, repair relations with Russia, rebuild the domestic manufacturing base and use more carrot and less stick with China. That is unlikely to happen however no matter who is President, now or after the election.

    • The thing is that nobody in america wants to go fight a pointless war. Indians, blacks, chinese, and mexicans have no interest in joining the army to help wreck iran and chins. And, even if they did — how effective is an army when the members feel no loyalty to their country. Thsat is the big weakness of multiracial countries.

      Maybe powerful forces want war but i just dont think that america has the human capital anymore to even take down a weak country like turkmenistan or belarus.

      Do you think the people that are tearing statues down are going to go fight a pointless war for the oligarchs?

  10. Fading Empires seldom go peacefully. America will not buck this trend. China has competence and will, something America lacks. I expect a short, sudden, and calamitous blow to America prestige.

    Carrier fleets are big targets, and nothing would send a message to America like a few thousand dead and the loss of force projection like sinking an aircraft carrier.

  11. Why are we worried about China interfering with shipping in the South China Sea when most of the ships in the SCS are non-US vessels carrying Chinese exports to the US or empty vessels returning for more?

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