Aurora Victim Describes Assault By Antifa and Black Lives Matter Protesters

Imagine my shock.


“We did notice that there were Black Lives Matter protesters on all sides of the street trying to stop traffic. We then avoided any pedestrians in the roadways and continued onto the freeway. There was no police barricade that stopped us,” he said.

Goodenough continues to describe the scene, with protesters on both sides of the on ramp as well as in the roadway on I-225.

“These protesters then immediately started throwing projectiles at the Jeep as well as trying to get in front of the vehicle with bats to damage the vehicle,” he said.

Next, Goodenough describes what happens when a white pickup truck began driving next to them and eventually the two vehicles were involved in a crash. …”

This guy was just trying to get to the airport. Samuel Young perceived him getting on the interstate as the Nazis seizing power in Weimar Germany and opened fire.

GPS rerouting you into a volatile situation? Objects thrown at your vehicle? People hitting your vehicle with bats? Police allowing the mob to illegally parade? Sounds familiar.

The guy who smoked Garrett Foster in Austin last weekend is a U.S. Army sergeant:

CBS News:

“Preliminary reports indicate a car got caught in the crowd and was surrounded by marchers when Foster– who was legally open carrying a rifle–approached the vehicle, which Perry claims he was driving.

In the email, Perry’s attorney describes him as an active duty sergeant with the United States Army and former Eagle Scout from the North Texas area.

A Fort Hood spokesman confirmed Perry is an active duty sergeant stationed at their base, and provided this statement …

Perry’s attorney claims that he was in Austin driving for a rideshare company in order to earn extra money and had dropped off a client in the vicinity of Congress Avenue. He then proceeded to a “hot spot” to wait for notification for a new client. Perry then made a right onto Congress Avenue from Fourth Street and encountered people in the street, saying that Perry did not know that a demonstration was taking place. After that, several people started beating on his vehicle.

An individual carrying an assault rifle, Garrett Foster, approached the car and then motioned with the assault rifle for Perry to lower his window. Perry believed the person was associated with law enforcement and complied with the command, but soon realized that was not the case. …

Perry, who carried a handgun in his car for his protection while rideshare driving, fired to protect his own life.”

Yet another collision with a normie.

How bad will it get this weekend in the dog days of summer? Will there be more shootings?

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  1. I am telling you this is a Jew tactic, to incite and agitate against the innocent for their own purposes and for their own cause. Jews love tormenting the innocent. They are less than human. Why shouldn’t an innocent motorist be allowed to use the public roadways for which his very own tax dollars helped build?

  2. MK-ULTRA has several facilities around Aurora. Plenty of Zombies available for deployment there, same as in Portland. But it is winding down. Trump did not fall into the trap, and this Op is hurting Biden, so Biden called for the arrest of the Anarchists and Arsonists. It will wind down.

  3. Sounds like Perry is only about a half step away from getting the James Fields treatment. I hope for his sake they don’t find any “racist” tweets or face book entries or any “White supremacist” activity from his past.

    It’s wake up time for normies!

    • Normies of my acquaintance always choose CivNat programming over innate biology. They’ll get upset over spics and nigs bringing gangs and radically increased crime to their suburban neighborhoods, angry that their White progeny are held back in formerly high-ranked public schools by the low-IQ dark savages that don’t have basic proficiency in most subjects (not to mention the violence against White kids by dark ones that gets ignored or excused)…and then quietly add, “but they’re not all bad.” Or desperately look for some banal commonality, like “they care about their families, too.” As if that needs to be said. The fear of mentioning obvious racial differences has been deeply ingrained in most pale people.

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