Traitor To Your Race

UPDATE: Donald Trump reiterated his loyalty to blacks last night in his acceptance speech at the RNC.

According to Nick Fuentes, you are a traitor to your race if you don’t vote for Donald Trump and the GOP in the 2020 election.

If Donald Trump himself has ever made anything resembling this pitch to White voters, I am unaware of it. I’ve seen him repeatedly declare his loyalty to Jews. There is hardly a day that goes by when Donald Trump or his campaign doesn’t make explicit appeals to black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, LGBTQ or female voters on the basis of identity politics. He has made full throated appeals to every group in America EXCEPT White voters. It would be a major news story if he made a similar appeal to White voters. I follow American politics pretty closely and there are only one or two occasions when I recall him ever mentioning White people. After four years of President Donald Trump, White people are as politically and culturally marginalized as the day on which he first announced he was running for office in 2015.

COVID-19 and the subsequent economic collapse is the true cause of the decline in immigration levels. Illegal immigration had declined before that in 2019 due to the Remain in Mexico policy, but not before soaring back to a high unseen since the George W. Bush administration in 2018 and the first half of 2019. Before COVID-19 hit, Donald Trump had endorsed Jared Kushner’s plan to change the composition of legal immigration for business interests while keeping immigration levels neutral. The limited amount of progress that Donald Trump has made in advancing his immigration agenda doesn’t come close to compensating for the massive blows we have endured on free speech, free assembly, law and order, equal justice and to our heritage and monuments since he became president.

The only compelling argument that Donald Trump has for reelection is that he isn’t Joe Biden. There are legitimate reasons to fear a Biden presidency. A Joe Biden presidency will be awful and it is understandable that some people will vote to reelect Trump for that reason. If nothing else, Donald Trump and the GOP are an obstacle to the Democrats advancing their legislative agenda simply by occupying office. Sure, Donald Trump and the GOP are incapable of doing anything except tax cuts and deregulation, increasing military spending and pushing the pro-Israel agenda, but at least they are blocking the Democrats as human meat shields from power. Trump and the GOP can’t really be expected to do anything more than catering to the whims and fancies of their donors. A solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court handpicked by the Federalist Society couldn’t conserve the definition of men and women this summer.

Fear might be enough in the end to secure Donald Trump a second term. Joe Biden is hardly a charismatic or inspiring alternative. I doubt it will be enough though to bring back the swing voters to the polls who backed him in 2016 on the basis of the hope he would change things.

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  1. I think Trump is likely to win this election. Who cares. If we’ve got 17 lads like Kyle Rittenhouse gunning down bumrushing Paedophiles and wife beaters, there’s hope from GenZ anyway. The white pill is Nick Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse. These boys are made of the right stuff.

    • Agree about NIck and Kyle. But I think Trump is going to get destroyed like Mitt 2012. Didn’t the Great Mormonio also make the mistake of dissing the Right?

    • lol, no. They are both ignorant about the GOP and the federal government in general, just like fuentes and the rest of the wannabe conservatives. they are fighting for the enemy without realizing it. sandmann fighting for drumpf, who is explicitly the enemy of White nationalists, and Rittenhouse defending a bunch of franchises of neoliberalism. they are textbook useful idiots.

      • @Stenvik
        great comment.
        only one narrative and movement is permitted.
        we will never vote our way out of genocide.

  2. If Trump wins, the left wing elites will continue down the road they are on at a more frantic pace, which is rioting, looting, killing, civil war, secession. America will be blown apart.

    If Trump loses, the right will bitch, moan, threaten, and do nothing like always. The left will calm down, but Catizo Nick will be executed by Kamala Harris’ Anti-White Terror Death Squads.

    • I came to the conclusion some time ago that accelerationists might as well vote for Trump. The insanity and hate of the Left will continue to increase and be displayed if he wins. The idiot Republicans are finished on the national level after this cycle either way.

      • Powell I agree with you and so do many of our People. Acceleration of this out of control flaming circus into a raging inferno is the only way.

    • HW- Glad to see you back. Even if I disagree with you… still. Anglin has a better pulse on this, than you…

      3K – If Trump wins, the J-Left will STILL be bitching and moaning and killing and rioting, and screaming and ranting, ‘as they do.’ It’s up to us to become the Militia that must defend this nation, and we MUST give Trump his MARCHING ORDERS. No compromise. Remove the Jew and his whore Daughter. Follow on your campaign promises.

      If Trump loses- prepare for Armageddon. And listen to Ann B’s latest-
      The Preppers are right. Get a gun, get food, Change your oil, get washer fluid, brake fluid, light bulbs, toilet paper, a composting toilet if you live anywhere near a suburb of a major city, fast and pray.

      Just say NO to Joe and the HO. And all the other effing Antichrists.

      St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

      • I’ve already said that the result of the election is going to be “accelerationist.” It doesn’t matter who wins. If Trump wins, then the Democrats will consider the election illegitimate and lose their minds. If Biden wins, then the Republicans will consider the election illegitimate and lose their minds. This is why I am not particularly interested in who wins. The outcome is a foregone conclusion. I’ve seen enough to know that nothing good is going to come out of it. I’m staying out of it.

    • 3K and Powell are absolutely right.

      Another plus about Trump’s win making the Leftist temper tantrum continue is that our country will be too busy with its own civil unrest to get involved in wars for Israel.

      The massive civil unrest resulting from Trump’s re-election will keep “undocumented workers” from Mexico, and South and Central America as well as Hindu programmers from wanting to move here. What good is coming here going to get lotsa money and stuff if BLM and Antifa extort them for protection money and burn their stuff down over their heads?

      If Biden and Harris win, the Republicans will whine and complain, but capitulate and cave in to everything on the Democrat agenda. If Trump wins … even though his agenda is the almost the same pro-corporatist, antinationalist, AntiWhite agenda as theirs, the left will loot, burn and riot for the next four years, pushing more moderates and on the fence to the extreme right.

      I think the ONE takeaway we can get from the plunging approval of BLM/Antifa is that, despite SAYING they support peaceful protest to appear politically correct, the “normies” HATE the marching and the shouting. They prefer that people make their views known through though the ballot box from their votes.

      Another takeaway is that the deracinated White “normies” may not get upset about the statues of our history being torn down especially if they depict people damned as slave holders or “white supremacists,” but when it comes to private property being looted, vandalized, and burned with leftists tantrums getting in the way of making money, paying their bills, and feeding their families … well, that’s a different story.

      I realize it’s cold comfort to many League of the South posters on this board, but it’s still something that can turn the tide, because the more the “we don’t see race” moderates resist being dispossessed by BLM and Antifa and the left, the more they will be accused of racism which will make them more racially aware.

      Trump/Pence is not that much better than Biden/Harris. I suspect a lot of the animosity comes from those who see themselves as an aristocracy and Trump as a lumpenproletariat upstart trying to crash their select little circle. Again, we don’t have much to work with in Trump when the feud is not so much over ideology but which oligarch controls the kleptocracy, but it’s better than nothing.

      Even before BLM/Antifa got out of hand over the summer, on another pro-White board, a poster made a very salient response to another poster pointing out that Trump had bragged about all the stuff he was doing for various factions of Non-Whites while ignoring the White base who had gotten him into the White House to begin with. He pointed out the active Anti-White antics of the Democrats even then and said, “it is better to be ignored than targeted.”

      With BLM and Antifa and the Democratic Socialists already targeting Whites even before they win, the normies are getting red-pilled far better than years of Pro-White marching and distributing leaflets. Either way we get accelerationism. Either we allow Biden-Harris and their ilk to win and get an accelerationism that further demoralizes and utterly destroys White America or we do everything in our power to re-elect the trolish Trump that will be like a red flag to a charging bull and get an accelerationism that ultimately might liberate White America from its mental enslavement.

      Once the Mindworm implanted by their Cultural Miarxist indoctrination is destroyed and their mental enslavement ends, then White America can raise off its knees and fight like hell for her own interests. It’s a thin margin for error that we have to walk, but we must walk it if we want future White generations to survive as more than a despised in the country of their forefathers as marginalized White helots.

  3. It inconceivable to me that such a weak and pathetic so called leader could ever get reelected after this fake pandemic and race riots. I know I’m not voting for his worthless ass again and I hope the rest of the right wing realizes he lost because we stayed home. Fuck Trump.

    • There is no “right wing” that cares about you staying home. They will double down on their pandering for “minority” votes. Whites are expendable and marked for replacement.

    • Those weak and pathetic leaders are on the right as well. The right and Trump have a lot in common, all talk, no action.

  4. The amnats are all pushing this stuff hard. Radical communist Joe Biden is going to replace the police with antifa and send black death squads to genocide the suburbs according to weev/anglin. Then he’s going to use the pandemic to give you the mark of the beast (the Bill Gates vaccine) and usher in the reign of the Antichrist.

    • weev and anglin are fake nationalists; bad actors. they successfully destroyed almost all of the momentum and infrastructure of 2017 with their BS optics war.

      there is no way to know who will be worse trump or biden. but Whites will lose hard either way.

      • Yep weevs schizo kid killing manifesto really saved the white race, he is the leader of the optics war. Now he’s somewhere in Ukraine living high on the hog from his ds paypiggies gloating about screwing cheap hookers having millions in bitcoin and eating foie gras

        Who knows where anglin lives now Nigeria, Philippines? Both are so heavily interested in who wins but neither of them live in America and haven’t for 10 years plus their opinions are worth less then dirt

  5. I tuned in via radio on the Republican convention. Hershel walker was speaking. I can remember when The Truth At Last newspaper(formerly The Thunderbolt) did an expose on Herschel Walker ( a former running back at the University of Georgia) and claimed he beat his wife (who I think was named Cindy) and yes she was Caucasian! It seems there is a Spencer/Duke split in the movement whereas Duke favors Trump and Spencer favors Biden because he thinks it will spend things up.

    • A black football player with a white wife? No way….you must be joking.

      Thank god for the NFL and NBA and college sports so all those poor black boys can improve their genetics by scoring white wives.

  6. Why are you criticizing Spick Fuentes for saying that? From his standpoint it is obvious that voting against Trump would be treasonous to his race, the Hispanic race. Trump has done more for Beaners since Reagan’s decided to randomly attack the White people who supported him and destroyed his home state.

  7. Hunter are you seriously NOT trusting the plan? Nick has groypers in ALL levels of society ready to turn America into the new Holy Roman Empire. Any day now.

    But truthfully I do appreciate his focus on Christianity. Atheism is gay and cringe.

  8. Why are you complaining about Trump? He succeeded beyond the accelerationists’ wildest dreams! Of course that wasn’t his plan at all but who cares! The juden went batshit crazy and are not even hiding their anti-Christian, anti-White, anti-American agenda anymore! Imagine where we’ll be after four more years of Trump vs these deranged lunatics!

  9. We need to focus on preparing a campaign for an openly pro-white candidate for President in 2024 and not get too invested in Trump winning or losing. Is the NJP going to run a candidate in 2024?

  10. According to E. Michael Jones, Fuentes’s “race” is Catholic. This low-testosterone mud-puppy has been calling every race-conscious white person a “wignat” and a “fed” for years now, and suddenly he’s talking about race?

    Fuentes bears the strong stink of someone who’s never been punched in the jaw. Will his voice ever change into a man’s voice?

    And why is everyone who associates with him under 5’5″?

    Now, after flirting with Yang, he’s supporting the guy who STILL supports Charlie Kirk.

    The Groypers and the ShortCaths have achieved NOTHING.

  11. I think that America is going to continue to degrade, regardless of who gets elected this November. I suspect that a Trump reelection would energize BLM and antifa, and increase the unrest in major cities. I think that if Biden wins, the riots will decrease or go away, while the FedGov will then take over for antifa, legally implementing new measures to restrict White people, Christians, gun owners, political dissidents, and patriots. With either candidate, we White Nationalists loose.
    America is in a racial crisis, and a spiritual crisis. The 2020 election will not fix that.

    • BLM and Antifa budded under Obama. They’re not going to disappear with Biden/Kamala. Their committed leaders want a Russian Revolution in the USA.

  12. The issue is not Trump or even the Republicans. Who they are and what they have done is irrelevant. The issue is that Biden will be sock puppet for the maoists who are the real power in the Democrat Party, and the election of Biden will begin the transition of the US to a full-blown socialist dictatorship. If you are unhappy with the current situation, you will be appalled by Biden’s first term.

  13. The plan of the Democratic Party : If Biden wins they will use the 25th amendment to get rid of him and make Kamala the president. They’ll get rid of him a few months after he takes office and install their Kamala as the president. Those who vote for Biden are in effect voting for Kamala to be the president. And all the Democrats know it too. Even the grass root Democrats know the election is really between Trump and Kamala and even the grass root Democrats know when they go to vote for Biden on November 3rd that they are really voting for Kamala to be the president. There’s not one Democrat who will admit that, but they all know it to be true, including the grass root Democrats. All the Democrats know Biden has dementia. Even the grass root Democrats.

    The Democrats don’t care how underhanded they have to be, they will do anything to get their Kamala installed as the president. ALL the JEW COMMUNISTS and ALL of the CHINESE COMMUNISTS want Kamala to be the president. That’s why the Democrats are running Biden. Because they know it will be real easy to get rid of him using the 25th amendment. Biden also knows the plan and he approves of the plan, so does his wife and his whole family. Biden is so treasonous and so is the rest of his family. I thought McCain was the epitome of treasonous. Biden gives him a good run for the money when it comes to treason and being a traitor to the United States.

    • Perhaps a large number of folks who should have figured it out by now will finally realize this country is dead when we get a mongrel whore as President.

  14. I don’t see staying home as solution. Even Tucker Carlson had a great monologue on even Team R sucks and just way less bad than the left.

    If the Democrats were confident in their poll numbers, they would not have take the actions they have.

    • Tucker Carlson still thinks the political system is legit. He’s living in the old world. He lacks the ability to understand things as they are now.

  15. Trump attempting to get 5% of the black vote instead of 4% seems like a losing strategy. The Republicans are fools. They will soon be completely powerless and irrelevant.

    • Republicans have convinced themselves that minorities are living on a plantation. What they fail to understand is that minorities benefit from voting Democrat. Why would they give up their gibs for a meritocratic based society? They know they would lose. They’re in a perfect position. Dems give them what they want and Reps still grovel at their feet pandering to them.

  16. Actually I am more in Trump’s camp than ever. He has to play the game with blacks because we are a very diverse country and getting a few more percentage of the black vote puts him in a far better place to win. Simple reality. It’s not 1980 any longer where he would not need some black votes to win.

    I found the article in Forbes I believe where some libertarian kook was upset with Trump because legal immigration is cut by 49%. Refugee admissions have been radically cut and Biden wants to raise that number by ten times. That’s another reason to vote for Trump.

    As far as what Trump has given Whites, I would say the wall, though slow, is going up. Biden is such a psycho he would probably take it down. The fact Trump speaks of merit based immigration speaks to more White immigration. There is no way merit based immigration is as anti White as family reunification has been. And again, I hope folks read the article stating Trump has cut legal immigration by 49%.

    I also would say his defense against antifa and Black Lies Matter and defending police is pro White. I know some on the Dissident Right don’t trust police but I for sure would say most Whites do. In fact all these riots have helped Trump and even Joe Basement is mumbling something against the violence while of course whoring for blacks. He sounds weak and stupid…again.

    If antifa and Black Crime Matters keep up their demon tours, I expect Trump to win landslide big. The Democrats got in bed with the devil and even cucks and mushy moderate White people along with Asians and Hispanics are burned out on it.

    Trump just has to increase his vote by a few percent from those groups to win easily. He will win the White vote for sure.

    Biden is too old, sluggish, bought off and cowardly. The real Biden was the one against the racial jungle of school bussing but now he knows he needs ” the blacks” to win and Joe Basement sold his soul. Kamala Harris is as believable as a mafia guy guarding the gold. Plus both of them are so boring. Trump is entertaining. Yeah he can meander too long but when was the last time people got so excited to hear a politician speak?

    I shall vote for Trump and hope as many as possible here do too. Trump has moved the ball. He may move it a lot more in a second term with no more worries of another election. Then hand the ball to Tucker.

      • Lol. Yes. Walter, Do your little anti Trump rant and then vote for Biden. That will show Merica that by 2080 the minority White population will rise up, eh? Nothing is won in one shot. Copy what the left has done. They take a little bit each time they can. The Dissidents were in la la land with Trump to begin with. Trump has moved the ball forward on some things as stated above. A second term should be more. Trump would be destroyed if he just catered to Whites openly in a very diverse country. He knows full well nothing can happen if he is not voted in.

        This is a long game. Not a short one. Also I would love to know who is this rising star the Dissidents are waiting for after Trump? You will be bitching incredibly if Joe Basement and his owner Kamala get in.

        • Yeah, it is a long game. The game is to keep mindless drones like you coming back election after election despite the fact that you keep getting betrayed. Its worked perfectly on you. You are the typical useful idiot of the right. Keep trusting the plan. Hahaha.

          • Uh huhhh. Walter. Just keep waiting for your year for Whitey to win. That would be 2080. If you cannot see no way you will get the touchdown in one shot I don’t know what to tell you. And I would love to know this great mysterious candidate you are waiting for? Since you are against both Trump and Tucker. The Dissident Right likes to daydream too much.

            I totally agree the Republicans have many traitors. The key is to get them out and put in anti war, anti open borders, anti blm and pro immigration change people in primaries like Marjorie Taylor Greene who apparently flipped out the Republican establishment by winning the primary. Even Steve Scalise was going down cuck road by totally being against her. Guess what Steve? She is going to beat the Democrat big.

            No matter what anyone says, Trump has moved the ball for White people. Maybe not as much as you hoped for but he has and may a heck of a lot more in a second term. Compare that to Republitards like Bush, McCain, Romney, Ryan, Tillis and on and on. Just the fact he came out for that kid who killed two of the rioters in Wisconsin was good to see. How many other Republican politicians would say the same in the open?

  17. Fuentes likes Kayne West, nuff said the guy is a two faced sperg. Nationalists disavowed by blumpf and imprisoned for life for protecting themselves, die hard qanon trumptards disavowed by gop? seriously when you disavow your most pathetic crazy brained supporters whats next?

    I’m laughing at all the people who trusted the plan

  18. You are a traitor to your race if you like Kayne west or Sportsball! Not because you choose not to vote for a useless nepotistic zog shithead like potato Blumpf

  19. In the last 10 minutes of Fash The Nation today jazzhands & allsup completely shit all over Nick for continuing this shilling for the MAGA grift.

    Nick says Trump has “cut immigration in half and the wall is going up” lmao imagine believing that and saying it with a straight face. Either way, I can’t wait for this Maga grift to be over.

    • That’s the new amnat line. “Trump cut immigration in half!” No, the pandemic cut immigration in half. Trump was preparing to do DACA amnesty and expand immigration right before the pandemic took off. But amnats can’t admit that because they’re still running with the “just the flu” narrative. Actually, I checked in on the daily stormdrain and they are now saying that it is not even as bad as the flu.

      • What evidence do you have that Trump was preparing for a DACA amnesty or to even expand immigration? Because I have seen none.

    • Righhhhttt…anonymous. Yes. Go vote for Biden and ride that acceleration train into the ground. The choice is so clear to vote for Trump over senile Joe and the part black chick who would become president. Many of you have been spoiled by Trump and don’t even realize it. Take part of the pie and move on. It beats none of the pie Republicans usually give.

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