Power Matters

UPDATE: Kenosha confirms everything that I have said below. Kyle Rittenhouse and the police are the villains in the official narrative. Multiple speakers at the RNC prayed for the rapist Jacob Blake while Cannon Hinnant’s name wasn’t mentioned once. The Jewish pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum who was shot and killed while assaulting Kyle is being portrayed by the media as the hero.

I strongly disagree with this take from Zman.

The last four years have shown that power matters. Optics do not matter. Nothing that has happened since Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 can be explained by optics. Instead, it can be explained by power: who has it and who is willing to wield it to advance their agenda.

Are we supposed to believe that George Floyd was elevated above Jesus Christ by the American political establishment because of his optics? How about Rayshard Brooks who was passed out drunk in the Wendy’s drive thru? How about the rapist Jacob Blake who is the reason that mobs are burning down Kenosha in the first place? The Left routinely makes heroes out of the scum of the earth and villains out of Boy Scouts like Brett Kavanaugh or Nick Sandmann. They manufacture the optics. The Left and Right are both focused on emptying prisons of violent criminals. Literally the worst people in society.

Is it good optics for violent mobs to lay siege to a federal courthouse in Portland for months? Is it good optics for mobs to form a squatter camp in downtown Seattle? Is it good optics for mobs to stalk people asleep in their homes at night in scenes out of The Purge? Is mass looting good optics? Is burning down Washington, DC good optics? Is saying that you want to kill cops good optics? Black Lives Matter and Antifa have done all of this. Result: Black Lives Matter is far more popular than the GOP.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa have soared in popularity under the Donald Trump presidency. This is because these groups are officially sponsored, protected and funded by the Democratic Party. The media has a simple narrative: Donald Trump is evil and the police are the bad guys and Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the heroes who are stopping them. The Democratic establishment and the mainstream media wield their power to legitimize these groups and delegitimize their opponents.

Ask yourself who has power and is willing to wield it to push their agenda. In St. Louis, the prosecutor who charged the McCloskeys made the point not to charge the rioters and looters who burned down businesses and created the chaos in which David Dorn was murdered. In Kenosha, the prosecutor brought absurd charges against Kyle Rittenhouse. In New York City, Central Park Karen was charged for being a meme. In Martinez, the prosecutor charged a couple with a hate crime for painting over a Black Lives Matter mural. In Atlanta, the cop who shot Rayshard Brooks was charged with felony murder.

In Indiana, a White woman was murdered by Black Lives Matter protesters for saying “All Lives Matter.” In North Carolina, 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant was executed by a black man riding his bicycle in his front yard. In those cases as in countless others, the thing that mattered was the race of the victim and the murderer, their politics and whether it could be used as grist by the media to push a narrative. The outcome of both cases was decided by who had power and how it was wielded. The Democrats and media wielded their power to bury both of those stories because they were bad for the narrative.

In Charlottesville, we had a federal court order to hold the Unite the Right rally, but Black Lives Matter and Antifa were allowed to attack us. The police stood down and watched it happen. When some of our people defended themselves from the mob, they were charged by the local prosecutor and were convicted and sent to prison. The GOP Congress unanimously condemned us and blamed us for the violence in Charlottesville. Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio said Antifa were heroes. This all happened to us because of our politics. We were in a Democrat controlled city with a Democrat controlled governor. They had power and used it to crush us while simultaneously allowing Antifa and Black Lives Matter to parade through town for hours in triumph during Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s “State of Emergency.”

The Rise Above Movement was known for having great optics. Trump’s Justice Department, not Charlottesville, charged them for defending themselves and others in Virginia and California. The GOP and Conservatism, Inc. never came to their defense. Their optics didn’t matter. Again, what mattered was power and how it was wielded: the Trump Justice Department used their power to charge them in order to suppress their Far Right politics, which is why the GOP blamed the Alt-Right for all the Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence that happened in 2017. The GOP does not wield power to protect any dissidents whatsoever. It doesn’t care about their optics. The Muh Optics crowd isn’t even allowed to attend CPAC. The GOP wielded its power to totally marginalize Nick Fuentes and his Groypers.

The Trump Doctrine holds that absolutely nothing can be done by the federal government about Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence in states with Democratic governors or in Democrat controlled cities. The federal government needs the permission of state and local authorities to intervene because this is happening in Joe Biden’s America. They are powerless to invoke the Insurrection Act and send in the National Guard like George H.W. Bush did during the Los Angeles riots or Bobby Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower did during the Civil Rights Movement. There is nothing that can be done about the political violence in hundreds of emerging leftwing sundown towns – Berkeleys, Portlands, Charlottesvilles – or even entire states. The Trump administration can only wield power by using the Justice Department to prosecute people like Jack Corbin who never left his house or Atomwaffen for making crank phone calls. It couldn’t do anything about the hundreds of Antifa who rioted at Trump’s own inauguration.

Kyle Rittenhouse is another illustration of this truth. Kenosha is a Democratic city with a Democratic governor. After Jacob Blake was shot and the media ran with using the incident to push the narrative, Wisconsin Democrats went straight for the Charlottesville playbook. The mob was allowed to come in from Chicago and just start burning everything down while state and local officials watched and did nothing to stop it. Kyle Rittenhouse is a ballsy, do gooder kid who inserted himself into a volatile situation and got himself in serious legal trouble because as a rightwing, Back the Blue supporting White male he didn’t understand that he has no rights in such a place. Donald Trump is incapable of wielding power there. The Democrats wield power there and used it to charge him with multiple felonies.

Zman’s point is that conservative normies are sympathizing with Kyle Rittenhouse for a few minutes before their attention inevitably drifts on with the news cycle. He says this proves that the Alt-Right never learned the importance of optics. If a shitlib journalist from BuzzFeed were to find out, say, that this kid actually was a dissident and was a Henlo friends Groyper on Twitter and exposed him, all sympathy for him would vanish overnight. Conservatives wouldn’t be caught dead defending a “good optics” America First Groyper from murder charges in a Democratic city solely because of his politics. As a matter of principle, conservatives do not wield power to protect “Far Right” dissidents. They excommunicated Michelle Malkin from mainstream conservatism for associating with people like Jaden McNeil. They didn’t rise to his defense when Kansas State tried to drive him off campus.

Ask yourself who has power and is willing to wield it. Big Tech used their power to cleanse YouTube of Nick Fuentes and all of his “good optics” associates. The GOP used their power to pass the corporate tax cut which has more than doubled the value of Google’s stock. The GOP has power and wields it to give the Golan Heights to Israel or to assassinate Soleimani or to pass the First Step Act. It certainly does not use power either to protect dissidents or to advance any of our priorities. Conservatives have allowed law and order to collapse in over half the United States. They lacked the will to enforce our immigration laws. Now, they have moved on from that and lack the will to enforce any law to protect their own voters.

Dissidents do not have power. We are not wielding any power. We are repressed by the “mainstream.” Donald Trump and the GOP have power, but won’t wield it to do anything for us. They only use their power to wield it against us. Optics are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is our politics. Sadly, it seems that the millions of people who share their politics and vote for them don’t get much protection either. They will end up getting crushed like Kyle Rittenhouse and all those before them.

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  1. Kyle Rittenhouse is hispanic, don’t call him “White.” We need to rigorously enforce the one drop rule to preserve our purity in these times.

    • “Kyle Rittenhouse is hispanic, don’t call him “White.” We need to rigorously enforce the one drop rule to preserve our purity in these times.“

      Is this a troll? Please tell me this is a troll comment. Holy Christ.

        • This is what Jews do to 1. make us look like retards and 2 sow division.

          I don’t care if his mother was Mexican and if he is a mut. I don’t care if he is fully mexican. This kid he being attacked as white and so for all intensive purposes he is white. That being said anyone who stands up to ZOG anarcho tyranny is an ally as far as I’m concerned. In fact the only people I deem irredeemable is your (((Tribe))) So go be Jewish somewhere else. It ain’t gonna work here Shlomo.

          • Well, that is what they want you to do. They want you to accept Hispanics into your ranks so thereby you miscegenation with them lowering our iqs and then we cease to be a threat. Blacks, at a collective level, aren’t a threat. Miscegenation with them is extremely rare and when it does happen the mutts are considered black and likely pick a black mate like Obama and just whiten the black gene pool a little bit. Blacks remain at 13% of the population and will never take over this country. Hispanics on the other hand are rapidly replacing Whites. They’re the reason California, Texas, and Florida are turning brown, not blacks. They quickly take over White areas and kick out Whites and insert themselves. Worse yet, when they miscegenate with Whites some people consider their muttlings “White,” even though they have drastically lower iqs than Whites. Hispanics are the tools the Js are using to destroy us, not blacks. Blacks are just here to distract us. You never hear about the brutal murders Hispanics inflict on Whites commonly because of this. The minute we accept mutts like this kid (who supports blm and anti-White polices btw) and other Hispanics is the day we die and become just a part of history like the Latins. To me, this kid is a greater threat than anything in the ghetto.

      • Those don’t exist. The kid’s brave, but still a mutt. He’s like ZimZam. He isn’t infected with the poisonous philosophy of Charles Saunders Pierce that White people are and thereby actually brave and willing to take risks.

    • Hispanic is a linguistics group. It mean nothing else. Spanish is a European language. A lot of people who speak Spanish are white. A lot of people who speak Spanish are Caucasian.

      • The only people who speak Spanish and are White live in Spain, Argentina, and Uruguay. He is partly Mexican (who, on average, are just 17% White). He is a mutt, sorry.

        • I’ve been in this movement a very long time and I’ve seen a lot of autism. I’ve seen some counterproductive, self defeating bullshit. I’ve seen comments that defy belief. I’ve seen things that make me question the sanity of the average right wing dissident. This group of comments takes the cake.

          The dissident right has been given a godsend, a bridge between us and normies that will certainly wake some more people up. And here you are, shitting on him. Because he maybe has a grandfather who immigrated from Spain. His last name is Rittenhouse. Almost certainly Austrian. He looks like your typical baby face Anglo. And you’re objecting to him because of the “one drop rule”.

          It’s really dumbfounding.

          • I just realize that Hispanics are the bridge from purity to Brazil. Really ask yourself how White Americans remained pure and our friends to the South didn’t. The blacks in Brazil are just as bad as the ones here and even more numerous and across the country, why did they succumb to miscegenation with blacks and we didn’t? It is because they normalized miscegenation with Indians and it was a slippy slope from then on and that is not a slope I want to go down. Once you begin saying some Latin Americans are White (and no, he is partly Mexican, not Spanish, I can see it in his face) you begin to destroy the purity of your own race and then you do the same with the new “almost-Whites” until you end up being 1/2 White, 1/4 black, and 1/4 Indian like the Brazilians. We need to draw the color line and draw it clear. Our enemies know this and this is why they send fed Spick Fuentes to normalize these people. I’ve said what I’ve said and I’m done now, but what you’re suggesting is equivalent to racial suicide

    • Good optics is a code word for respectability. Why don’t y’all just call it what it is, instead of this optics bullshit?

      Fact: You desperately want to be respectable, just like the conservatives desperately want to be respectable.

      The desire for respectabilty is the conservatives Achillies’ Heel, which makes them cave to left’s psyops and lose. The left have never given a damn about respectability, and they’ve wrapped the respectable conservatives around their fingers using just words.

      Fuentes and his boyfriend cat boy are a disaster and so is Milo.You don’t get to give lectures about respectability when you’re sticking your dick in shit, sticking dildos in your mouth on Youtube, having baths in blood. The optics crowd are disingenuous and disgusting.

    • I would argue that physical appearance and non-violent rhetoric/action are the only optics that really matter. Any pro-white group should look like they’re going to a church picnic. No matching clothes/uniforms, no tattoos visible, no shaved heads (unless they’re legitimately balding), etc.

      • Even if you are legitimately balding, MAN UP and show your peach fuzz. These stupid Telly Savalas wannabes are ridiculous, and look like walking Richards (what’s the nickname?).

        • At the moment we have no real assessment of how the mentally sane component of the population is reacting to the optics of the left. It is still entirely possible that what is little by little being revealed will defeat the left in the election because of optics. If optics did not matter do you think the media would spend so much time to deny the reality of these riots with their constant use of the words “peaceful protests.” Why do they focus on turning images of their opponents into invalid conclusions. They are always trying to control optics. Why when Trump holds up a Bible do they attack him for doing so…because of optics. Optics are important.

    • Exactly. Good optics are a necessary tactic for the weak. Jared Taylor was exactly right when he said “It isn’t enough to be right, we also need to be better.”

  2. Agree that the GOP/Trump are useless pushovers. But let’s not forget that Sandmann won huge settlements from the media, and his lawyer is going in to bat now for Kyle Rittenhouse, who has massive public support and will no doubt attract a large influx of funds. Not only that, but the media figures screaming “white soopreemist!” and “terrorist!” are looking at a big future payout to this kid (I note that in today’s Guardian a Vibrant Wummon of Color columnist was careful to put “alleged” before everything…they’re papping their pants!).

    • The Faggot’s severed arm has a Patreon or some such site, while Rittenhouse’s WAS DELETED!!!
      It’s time to beat your plowshares into swords, gents. The war is near, and we are NOT going around it. WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH IT. TOTAL PARDON FOR RITTENHOUSE-
      May gangrene DEVOUR THE JEW FAGGOT, may he die as Herod did, in agony. ANATHEMA!

      “Chrysostomos loudly declares not only heretics, but also those who have communion with them, to be enemies of God.” – St. Theodore the Studite, Epistle to Abbot Theophilus


    • Sandman “settled” a 250 million dollar lawsuit. No one knows how much he got, it could have been 100K & based upon who he sued, it’s likely. Whatever is in the bank after 33% off the top, he is subject to a life of ridicule. Kyle Rittenhouse at 17 years old ruined his life & will never vote after attending that Iowa Trump rally. I may be old school, but I do not consider these “Wins”. The Kyle situation breaks my heart. Give me 10 minutes in a room with his mother.

    • @James Bongstreet – No comment but to say name gave a good LOL (not lol); imagine Lee’s old Weedhorse would abide.

  3. Trump himself said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” It’s another case of Trump fedposting and encouraging his supporters to put their own necks on the line, with the implication that he has their backs, only to be thrown under the bus after taking his advice.

  4. Welcome back Brad, I hope you had a nice vacation.

    The Kenosha thing has hit home for me because I live about 45 minutes away across the border and I frequently visit Kenosha and Lake Geneva, which is west of there. I’ve always enjoyed visiting there because the people remind me of the people in the South. Very friendly and down to Earth, unlike the Chicago area, although there are pockets of good people here too.

    I think Kenosha became Democrat due to the white flight syndrome and the high Chicago home prices as Kenosha is quite a bit more affordable when it comes to housing. It’s certainly not as liberal and crazy as Madison is, but it’s slowly seems to be adopting that mentality due to the Chicago area transplants.

    On the other hand, I also think that if Kenosha doesn’t prove anything else, it proves that this cultural Marxist disease has spread everywhere, even to good God fearing rural and small towns. Places you would never think would adopt such a toxic and humanistic life view. The woke infiltration of the church is a big factor in this for sure.

    But as you said, the remedy is not to vote for Trump or the GOP. They are going along with this filth and oppose anyone that tries to preserve our founding values. They are not our allies and they never will be. It’s time that anyone who still holds onto MAGA, let it go.

    Yeah, Trump talked the talk last night about preserving values, yet it was all just talk. His actions speak much louder than his words. He is contributing to the destruction of this once great land.

    Ultimately, this is in the Lord’s hands for sure as it always has been.

    As a mere sinful human, it’s sometimes hard to accept that fact.

    • The seminaries have been ultra-woke for decades. Clergy have been much further to the left than their flocks for decades. When involved in church groups as a young man, I noticed that even in supposedly conservative parishes that the ministers always tried to get their parishioners to be more socially progressive. The push to participate in the Sanctuary movement (remember that?) during the Reagan administration’s interference in El Salvador was a prime example. Most people in more right-leaning churches didn’t think it was appropriate to do any activism, but many minsters were extremely insistent.

  5. Rittenhouse is a kid with a steel spine, but it was stupid of him to be there. It was obvious self-defense, but…it was stupid of him to be there. There was no way on Earth that TPTB or their stenographers in the corporate press would let him get away with shooting any of their pet useful idiots.

    He should’ve been wearing all black and a mask for camouflage, in a group similarly dressed and armed, with plans to escape if something went pear-shaped. (What responsible parent would let their young’un get into a violent, chaotic mess like that, anyway?)

    This is yet another example of why we need to stay the f^ck outta the way when this societal immolation is going on. If you’re going to participate in these riots (I have no idea why you would want to, but just saying for argument’s sake) do not stand out in the crowd. Dress like the enemy, and sow seeds of misdirection and chaos when the opportunity arises. Don’t be easily identifiable, ffs. Don’t be there when the pigs show up, either, because they’re not on our side. Their paychecks and pensions come first, last and always. As long as they have jobs, that is, the morons.

  6. Near where I live in south western PA, Bedford County, had a shooting of a middle age black male BLM protester. A group of BLM protesters where in a caravan traveling from Wisconsin to DC for a protest, they stoped on the side of the road out in a rural area not far from the Town of Bedford. A property Owner was rattled by the group on his property late at night. He warned them then shot, wounding the black male who was not seriously injured.

    It happened this past Sunday evening, local media made a big deal of nothing I found on national media little social media other than local, the next night after shooting a group of armed citizens where on the streets of The Town of Bedford only local media coverage, no drama with your typical Antifa violence.

    Still shocked that this situation was not picked up By national media and made whites protecting themselves demonized.

    Hope you’re family had a nice vacation HW!

  7. Glad to see you back, Hunter. Hope you enjoyed your time off.

    This was clearly self defense, but it won’t matter. They will find some reason to hold him. He was out there in a literal war zone and was attacked. He tried retreating and was prevented from doing so.

    What I find most interesting is one of the burn loot murder crowd he put down just happened to be a Jew. What a coincidence that a Jew would be out there agitating and destroying. And to top it off he was a sex offender!

    This kid deserves a medal. Maybe when this is all over a statue of him could be placed at the scene where this happened.

  8. Think that both Hunter and Z-Man are missing the significance of this

    Kyle Rittenhouse is a turning point, maybe the start of the civil war

    Kyle is a hero for legions, especially zoomer youth, he will not be forgotten, and he may get off given he will have the high-end legal talent and the way things have changed

    It is beyond ‘optics’ … enough street violence has passed that the USA normie mainstream is turning, they now know they are under attack and are beginning to shape-shift

    Democratic poll numbers are dropping, BLM support is collapsing, the antifa boyz are starting to realise they can get wasted

    Just look at the gun-buying, the formerly anti-gun people are even buying guns like crazy

    What will happen is hard to predict but the dynamic is changing

    If there is a president Kamala going full boshevik tyranny, then the countryside resistance partisans blowing up things with their boyhood buddies, doing it like taliban with no electronic trail on the web or phones, will be talking about Kyle throughout the 2020s

  9. fuentes and the other fake nationalists like anglin and weev are the enemy. if you listen to them you are retarded. if you ever fell for the whole optics thing you are dumb. if you voted trump you are dumb. im sick of being beyond everyone.

  10. Z man huh? Any relation to P man? He sounds just as gay.

    I always thought “good optics” meant not talking about the tribe that is actually at the root of every problem facing western mankind. In other words; maintaining the taboo that keeps them in power.

  11. Rosenbaum was shot and killed by protesters firing on Rittenhouse. Rosenbaum was shot in the back. Rittenhouse could not have done that as he was being chased by Rosenbaum.

  12. Good optics matter to normies…the people we’re trying to reach.

    That’s the crux of the matter isn’t it?

    • The left rule the culture of the normies, and the left have never worried about respectability. Almost all of their people are mentally ill freaks and misfits.

      The respectable conservatives have the best optics of anyone, and they’ve been losing the culture war for the last 100 years and longer.

      Get back to me when you figure out why that is.

      • Well it is not a symmetrical conflict. They don’t worry about respectability because they have the biggest megaphone when it comes to establishing reputations. To make headway we must concern ourselves with reputations. That doesn’t mean we can allow ourselves to be manipulated by calumnies and “mainstream” ostracism. That being said, we cannot ignore reputations. That doesn’t work either.

        • Whenever the enemy appears, the respecties run to the hills wetting themselves, or they stab their comrades in the back to save their precious reputations.

          The left have the biggest megaphone, because they chase the respecties out of anything they ever build. As it has been for the last 150 years, and will be for the next 1000,000.

          People who worry so much what other people think of them are not recruited by the strong, they are manipulated and bullied by the strong. The left understands the respecties.

          If you care so much what other people think of you, then return to the Republican Party and brag about lowest black unemployment, while the country burns to the ground.

          • Leftist tards on the streets have no power. “The Left” has the biggest microphone because Jews managed to insinuate their agents and then themselves into power over centuries. They didn’t get there without disguising their intentions. And while it’s true that by appealing to the worst in human nature, they therefore gain the assent and approbation of the depraved masses, this does not mean that the Right can succeed the same way. Reputation is about human perception, and the Right has to have the ability to project a positive perception of itself or it will never gain serious adherents. That has nothing to do with the GOP, that is just the way things are. What the Right gets by acting like niggers and antifa is into federal prison or dead.

  13. If he goes into jail he should have an honourguard. He is on trial for murdering a convicted child molester so I can see him walking free.

  14. Re: “Power”:

    Government IS power. The carnal sword of power throughout history is almost always wielded by the rich and “noble” not by the common and poor.

  15. I think we all ought to read The Concept of the Political because we have forgotten the friend-foe dichotomy that drives politics especially when politics becomes existential! And politics is now existential in America! Yockey comes to mind over and over. Did not Spengler predict that the 21st century would be the century of destiny which will decide for all time whether the West will survive? He was spot on. You know my feelings. The United States is too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively. A Soviet style Geo-political implosion is coming in the decades to come if it even takes that long. The whitelash reaction among middle and working class people in red state America needs to turn into The Whitelash Revolution dedicated to the creation of a Greater Heartland Republic uniting all of red state America into one
    National Populist orientated white Ethno-State

  16. Re: “Left and Right are both focused on emptying prisons”:

    That’s all theater. In REALITY, the right and the fake, so-called “left,” two sides of the same plutocratic coin, both SUPPORT the mass-incarcerating, total-surveillance, police-state System that keeps the enslaved masses subdued. The current fake display of losing control is designed to make the slaves beg, and vote, for even more control.

  17. I don’t give a flying fuck if Kyle Rittenhouse has a bit of Injun in him. He demonstrated more balls than 99.9% of American white men I’ve observed over the past 56+ years.

    Official, legal Defense Fund for Kyle Rittenhouse:


    Scroll to the bottom of the page and donate $20.00 or more.

    • Don’t waste your mone or your time. His legal team are already calling white nationalists evil.


      • They have to say that for deflective PR purposes. If we don’t rally around this kid, who will we rally around?

        • “They have to say that for deflective PR purposes. ”

          You remind me of Borat. When Pamela Anderson runs from Borat screaming, he thinks this is a sexual come on. He believes Pamela secretly wants him to kidnap and rape her, and nothing will change his mind.


          Before the kid shot anyone, he said he supports BLM’s right to protest. He also gave BLM medical aid. When a gun nut sides with the anti-White mob against you, believe him.

          This guy’s legal team has signalled that they are anti-White, so they will get money and support from Conservatism Inc. Con Inc. is anti-White and has billions of dollars behind it.

          “If we don’t rally around this kid, who will we rally around?”

          Take your pick:

          We have political prisoners in jail from Charlottesville who need help.
          We have Pro White people getting ruined finacially, by nusance lawsuits filed by anti-White jews after Charlottesville.
          Our content creators have been deplatformed from everything, and need money to keep going.
          We also have people entering politics.

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