Are Trump and Trumpism a Package Deal?

In 2016, I was one of the people who gave Michael Brendan Dougherty a hard time about Trump. I think he eventually blocked me on Twitter. I’ve since changed my mind. I was wrong. He was right. We are now in total agreement that Trump is an albatross for National Populism.

National Review:

“Even when President Trump seems to defect from his 2016 agenda, or speak out of both sides of his mouth, everyone knows what “Trumpism” is, or what it would be in someone else’s hands: A focus on regaining manufacturing jobs, particularly those that bolster strategically important skills such as advanced engineering; the abandonment of efforts to transform the Middle East; and the acknowledgement of Americans as citizens rather than mere consumers.

A little more than four years ago, I wrote that I had been waiting for a nationalist, populist course correction in the GOP. I wanted a candidate to tell the truth about our failed wars in the Middle East. I wanted a candidate who would speak bluntly about how China was using the international system we built and maintained to rip us off — how the CCP and American elites were engaged in a relationship that degraded the American worker, de-skilled the American workforce, and empowered the Chinese Communist Party. And I wanted a candidate who would defy the elite consensus that favored mass immigration.

Unfortunately, when that candidate arrived, it was Donald Trump. I was, as the title of the piece in question put it, “For Trumpism, against Donald Trump.” I wrote that I “simply don’t trust him.” …

Over these four years, almost everyone has shifted somehow, bending slightly in the prevailing wind, or becoming totally radicalized. …

I sometimes think Anton and I are two of the only people standing precisely in the same position as four years ago. …

It is true, in many ways, that Trump does not have a party, but he does have the presidency. So I would counter Anton by attributing the failings of the Trump administration to the man himself. He said that transgender persons would not serve in the military; he was countermanded from below. He announced that the troops were coming home from Afghanistan and Syria; those orders were reversed too. If he can’t or won’t discipline the underlings who have so thwarted him time and again, that is his own fault. To be successful, a president needs not only an agenda, but the skill to bend the government into executing it which he so obviously lacks.

Anton says that we need “a party actively opposed to the program of the ruling class.” I agree. “If the Republican Party can become that,” he adds, “all to the good. If it can’t, it should go out of business.” I agree with that, too. I just apply the lesson, “If it can’t, it should go” to the man at the top as well. We should stop wasting time, political capital, and the trust of voters in the vain hope that the next four years will be different. Let someone else be Trump.”

We were blinded by hate at the time.

I’ve said that I wish I could go back and clap for Jeb! The way George H.W. Bush handled the Los Angeles Riots makes his father look like Otto von Bismarck compared to Donald Trump.

We were warned. Little Marco and Lyin’ Ted had explained in detail during the 2016 primary that he was a con artist. Donald Trump was as fake as a diploma from Trump University. He had Jeff Sessions on his side though at the time. It gave him credibility. Cruz and Rubio were more of the same. It will suffice to say that we did not seriously consider the character argument against Donald Trump. Cruz was telling the truth when he said that he had New York values. He mainstreamed homosexuality on the Right.

Donald Trump was a dud as president. Voting for Donald Trump was like pulling a gun on the Left and pulling the trigger and firing a blank. They had no real plan beyond “triggering the libs.” QAnon has created and departed into a parallel universe. The Left pulled a real gun in response and shot us. Trump is perceived as the second coming of Hitler in spite of being the weakest president in history. We absorb all the costs of having a Neo-Nazi white supremacist racist as president and none of the benefits.

The last four years have been the worst four years for our movement that I can remember. We lost free speech and freedom of assembly under Trump. We lost over 200 monuments. We multiplied our enemies a thousandfold. We lost equal justice. We lost law and order. While we were taking all of these staggering blows, normies were convinced they were “winning” just because Trump is president. We are even more marginalized today than the day when he first came down that escalator in 2015.

Donald Trump’s election in 2016 didn’t empower us in the slightest. It only made us more vulnerable to leftwing attacks. In contrast, it empowered people like Jared Kushner, Ivanka and Ric Grenell who is waging a global crusade to force Iran and African countries to legalize homosexuality. I admit that I could be completely wrong about this. I just think that I was wrong about the 2016 election and knowing what I know now I am even less inclined to go out make the same mistake twice.

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  1. Glad to see you back Hunter. Your’re one of the few people on the dissident right who have the guts and the integrity to call out this orange con man.

    I’m praying for a Biden victory in November, as loathsome as progressives are, it would be worth it to see Trump humiliated for his betrayal.

    • Butt-Goy- We’ve exchanged COVID BRAD for ANTI-AMERICA BRAD. Still being a Jeremiah with no apostolic calling, and still WRONG, because he can’t see sh*t.

      If you don’t vote for Trump, YOU ARE A TRAITOR AND GOD WILL JUDGE YOU FOR YOUR BLASPHEMY against His Law, and his lawfully elected/annointed servant.

      One simple question, Brad. Is Kamala Harris a Hindoo/Jew Ho, or not?
      Is Melania’s Christianity a blessing on Donald’s person, or not?


      • Trump is Christ’s appointed Caesar, who must be supported? I hope you can see the error and hypocrisy there.

      • Re: “COVID BRAD”:

        The Covid content was logical and right, based on the information we had: For months, until very recently, the experts led us to believe that the virus remains infective on surfaces and in dust for long periods of time, like the long-lived “cruise ship disease” Norovirus. But now, “our public health system” says it does NOT remain infective outside a human body any longer than an ordinary cold virus, and that over 99% of those who have been infected became infected by breathing in virus particles freshly-exhaled from another person, because they did not wear masks. This “public” system lied to us for months that masks will not protect, and that there is no use wearing them, and that all we could do is wear gloves and wash our hands thoroughly, use sanitizer, change clothes and shoes and deep-clean everything constantly, and especially, stay at home! It appeared that one to two million Americans would eventually die, based on faulty information about the infectivity. But now it appears that “only” a quarter-million Americans will die.

        The discovery of T-cell pre-immunity in up to one third of humanity is also a game-changer. The virus is still as dangerous as ever for most people who catch it, but it can be avoided more easily than we were originally led to believe, and because of recently-discovered T-cell pre-immunity. Now the so-called “herd” immunity really is possible.

        The SARS CoV2 (a probable bio-lab creation) pandemic has been an invaluable learning experience for those able to learn – about the nature of “our” government, nonexistent “public health system,” and the general level of ignorance and undiscipline of Americans.

      • Calm down. I respect your passion, but this is solvable.

        Don’t let these people throw you off your mindset.

        It’s what they want. Remain calm and find a solution. Things are definitely going sideways. You should see my city. Nothing nice.

        Getting emotional makes it worse. Don’t panic, keep a level head. This is not going to end for awhile. We can’t have people losing their minds because things are bad.

      • HW is right. This election has no benefit for us.

        And it may be “better” (not as bad) for us if the Dems win.

        If Trump wins the Right still loses. There are people in place to go after us no matter what happens. Nikki Rip-Your-Heritage-Down-In-Your-Face Haley is waiting to follow Trump and play super sjw, Tom I-Hate-Everyone-Who-Loves-the-Traitor-Robert-E-Lee Cullen will make a fair trial for those on the Right a long forgotten myth of the past, etc. Our worst enemies are the Republicans and those they appoint to the judicial system… they think they earn mega Brownie virtue-signalling points every time someone on the Right is convicted for defending their race/heritage.

        If the out of control anarchist/anti-Christ Dems win we at least have a chance that some of these Repubs may be forced to help fight the Dems with us since the Left thinks everyone to the right of Hillary is Adolf Hitler.

  2. “Donald Trump’s election in 2016 didn’t empower us in the slightest. It only made us more vulnerable to leftwing attacks”

    And I’m sure our globalist overlords planned for that to happen.

  3. “We absorb all the costs of having a Neo-Nazi white supremacist racist as president and none of the benefits.”

    This. Trump isn’t it, so we had better think forward. 2024 is a good possiblity for us if Trump loses. 4 years to watch the chaos & groom the candidate that Trump claimed he was.

    4 more years of this carnival barker & we will never control either house of Congress or POTUS again. If not because Trump is all talk and no action, it will be demographics.

    The multicultural RNC was a disgrace. I do not believe for a second the 5 new non-white “citizens”, the pardoned blacks or that girl in the red dress will actually vote for Trump. The Goya latino might have, but they canceled his speech. Now, he is desperately trying to get latinos to switch back from La Preferrida.

    I won’t vote for Biden, but I probably should. I hope you enjoyed your hiatus.

  4. Trump sure poured gasoline on everything, though.

    And at this point, chaos is about the only thing that’s going to save us. If the populace is allowed to calm down, the White race in America is completely sunk.

  5. So what you are saying is that you prefer the be like the slow-boiling frog and lose you freedoms gradually, little by little! Because that was the demonrats plan and because of Trump they went berserk and changed it into a full-blown commie insurection. Its true though what you are saying that every attempt of white resistance was crushed by Trump’s DOJ.

  6. The ‘costs’ that you mentioned have in fact been the GOAL all along. Zion Blompf/Kushner MIGA 2020 would be the single best thing for accelerationism since 2016, and for centuries before that. I sincerely hope the Zionist reprobate whoremonger makes it, the ensuing chimpout is finally going to BRING THIS WHOLE WORLD DOWN. ACCELERATE AT ALL COSTS

  7. DId you see the RNC people getting menanced by Anti-Fa goons outside the White House? Imagine how important those people were, to have gotten an invite to that event. And yet Trump lets Anti-Fa goons menace them just outside the White House. No security for these important people at all. Anti-Fa could have murdered them if they wanted.

    I knew Trump was bullshit when he was running, based on what was posted in a mega-thread about him on Stormfront. You just had to look at all the jews in his company going back decades. What was shocking was how outnumbered I was, by so called White Nat “anti-semities” who were supporting Trump. No evidence would change their mind. I left Stormfront for good because of it. I don’t respect people who say one thing, and do another.

  8. The Donald is taking down the Empire. Things go only worse until culmination point like Soviet Union had in the 1991.

    And this will be the end.

  9. Trump’s election has historical significance far beyond the man himself … 2016 was truly a ‘happening’ with both the surprise Brexit vote and the suprise Trump win, both indicating to the common man that change is possible

    Trump legitimised saying major media news was fake … he legitimised turning away from globalism … he legitimised the idea you can defend your own culture … and he will always have that, regardless of either his personal selling-out, or his being personally threatened and blackmailed to betray his voters

    Interesting Trump’s poll numbers skyrocketing amongst blacks and Latinos, as well as record-high approval ratings in general … a quarter of blacks, a third of Latinos, supporting Trump now after this wave of riots … and over 11% of the public apparently saying they do not want to be honest with pollsters about their intentions to vote Trump (ZeroHedge)

    Some are asking if in fact, just like Biden’s younger, livelier opponents seemed manipulated to throw in the towel just before Super Tuesday when some of them would have won big … maybe the Democrats are sabotaging themselves to give Trump 4 more years?

    Curiously, Kyle Rittenhouse was in the front row of a 30 January 2020 Trump Rally in Des Moines, Iowa … Rittenhouse posted a TikTok video from the event

    With photo of Kyle Rittenhouse, wearing white cap, watching near podium as Trump speaks – article

    • Trump isn’t interested in taking down globalism. He’s interested in removing what he perceives to be barriers to it and making sure tribe-run USA front runs it.

      And why wouldn’t blacks and browns back him? He’s team zion White genocide all the way.

  10. Trumpism doesn’t exist anymore sure in theory in does for the well wishers hoping it someday magically happens(Ha it never will I got a bridge to sell you if you think so) but its actually kushnerism and gop inc for the last four years thats the shit sandwich package deal and unfortunately so many are still willing to eat it

  11. The Lunatic left must learn Trump is no Hitler. Hitler was a much better speaker and had greater organizational and propaganda skills.

  12. Relevant material here: Excerpts from the article:

    “John Podesta recently ran a simulation on the DNC’s approach and response to election 2020 (…) the findings were startling. Neither side would concede, courts would be too slow to act, Antifa and QAnon groups would clash in the streets, and the actions of the military, in either direction, or the National Guard – deployed by the Justice Department under AG Barr, would be the deciding factor. In that simulation there were a total of 67 players who met on Zoom in the first week of June 2020. This was composed of high-profile critics of President Donald Trump, including law professors, retired military officers, former senior U.S. officials, political strategists, attorneys, and cable news room editors. We have to reiterate that Podesta, playing the role of Biden, understands the real outcome of the election will be the position that the military takes.”

    “Based on the Northop/Standard model, Trump has an over 90% chance at winning an election if following the rules in place in the past dozen election cycles. This explains why the DNC has introduced as many X factors as possible – a politicized Covid-19 response, slanted news which riles up reliable protest movement assets towards rioting and looting, and a mailed-out ballots scheme which is indistinguishable in effect from known problem vote riggings techniques like ballot harvesting. It is clear that the DNC wants to produce no clear winner, and use some combination of Articles XX, XII, and related constitutional provisions for the continuation of government, and NSDP 51.”

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