The Moderns

I’ve been a White Nationalist, a Southern Nationalist, Alt-Right.

Above all else though, I have been on a journey to fully understand what has gone so terribly wrong with our world and what can be done to fix it. There are few people in our circles who have more exhaustively researched this subject. I’ve been doing it for going on 20 years now.

In the course of my research and activism, I began to notice something:

  • First, the proposed solutions tend to fall into either the generic “mainstreaming” or “vanguardist” strategies neither of which have ever worked and which I do not believe ever will work.
  • Second, the normal person is self absorbed and seems inwardly dead. They do not respond to appeals to collective self interest. Showing the flag doesn’t work.
  • Third, far too many people in our circles are focused on the wrong time period like the War Between the States. The post-World War II era is our era.

The American South was Southern until the 1940s. We may have lost our independence to the Damn Yankees, but we were still very much a people in the Jim Crow South. We had a strong identity and a rich culture. Afterwards, I began to see how we lost our sense of identity and cultural cohesion. The Unraveling of the South was virtually entirely a product of the post-World War II era.

The Yankees had a point about the South being backwards. This process was much more advanced in the North and West. It wasn’t confined to the South. It wasn’t confined to the United States. There were parallel developments in all Western countries. The details differed but not the overall trend toward a loss of identity, cultural cohesion and degeneration. What was the cause of this? Was it liberalism? For a long time I believed it was and there is still a lot of truth in that hypothesis.

Over the course of the next year, I want to explore the genealogy of the “mainstream.” What is the “mainstream”? Where did it originate? How did it triumph? Where did its values come from? Why do the people who rule our countries believe the weird things that they do? Where did it come from? Are they even aware of the history of their own beliefs and values? What are their roots?

The 20th century was the Age of Modernism which hasn’t yet ended in our own times. It grew out of intellectual and cultural developments in the 19th century. It was in many ways a repudiation of the 19th century and particularly of the values of its middle class. It was a rejection of “the masses.” As far as I can tell, this is a story which has never been told in our circles. It certainly isn’t understood.

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  1. It could be argued that any divisions sown between groups is being done by the elites, especially the bankers. They need us misdirected and at each other’s throats to keep us from focusing on the actual threat, which is them.

    There’s a great deal of truth in that, but it’s also factual that there are differences between groups of people. Blacks really are more violent and stupid than us, for example. Never lose sight of the facts that we are expendable cattle in the eyes of the elites, and that people are tribal and therefore should be separate from each other. It’s possible to hold two thoughts in our heads at the same time, in other words.

  2. Sometimes Hunter I think you give too much causal power to ideation, even tho the ideas are significant … a result of your enjoying intellectual history so much

    For all his failings, Karl Marx really did have a point that the ideas tend to get adopted because they serve the underlying changes in social condition, not vice-versa … it’s when people get fully tossed into the manure pit that they get revolutionary thinking

    New ideas serve the newer elites or new economic forms, and the lesser folk go along because it appears to benefit them to do so

    Post-WW2 was rising prosperity in the West for some decades, and the illusion of that for a few decades more, built upon debt and the great expansion of entertainment options via video and internet … so people went along with the offered dish of ideas, seduced by its corollary hedonism as well

    But now that things are going to shite the ideas are going in the dustbin too

    Hence the groping around for things from the past that people wonder might serve better … Pro-family 1930s fascism? Trad Christian Orthodoxy with lots of incense and ceremony and no poz rubbish in church? and so on

    People are getting knocked on the arse so it’s revolution time, which also means new ideas time

    • I’m not so sure that there really are any more “new ideas” other than those related to technology.

  3. In the 18th Century, “neo-classical” art and architecture were dominant. Why? Because the message was “Our Civilization is pre-Christian in origin.”

    After “The Holy Alliance” (and the Infidel British Oligarchy) defeated Napoleon, Romanticism held sway for a century. The monarchies were in a leadership position in the world, at least symbolically. The British Parliament with its statues, murals and frescoes reflects that victory of “Reactionary” forces. The progress of Christian civilization is charted through the centuries.

    WWI overthrows the monarchies, and then we have the ascendancy of so-called “modernism.” What is it? Just every degenerate, blasphemous tendency surrounded with a halo of snobbery and occult obscurantism. Except it’s all about modernity, the technical age! The New Age of Man, the New Man, and then “The End of Man.” Or some flavor of pretentious Communist filth. Simone de Beauvoir and Sartre, and the endless parade of Jew pseudo-philosophers, pseudo-historians, fake artists, etc. You are confusing cause and effect. There was not some spontaneous evolution of ideological tendencies. What happened is that the subversives, the judeo-masonic states, won WWI and overthrew the state power protecting the prestige of Christian Civilization.

  4. One thing I have noticed is that no real life racialist organization (V Dare, American Renaissance, Patriot Front, American Identity Movement, League of the South, Shieldwall Network, American Freedom Party, National Alliance) has been able to capitalize on this. The resistance springs quickly and automatically from ground roots movements such as Facebook groups and motorcycle organizations like in West Virginia. This is something the movement must address.

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