Design Mom: Trump Supporters Make Me Sick To My Stomach

Design Mom is an excellent illustration of the sort of totalitarian mindset that you get when you fuse progressive liberalism with modernism.


“The other day I saw a tweet where a person described that when they find out someone they know personally supports Trump, they lose all respect for them instantly. I liked the tweet and retweeted it, but stopped short of sharing it on Instagram.


I suppose it’s because, like the author of the tweet, I also know Trump supporters in real life. They already know I think Trump is gross, and they know that I frequently criticize Trump supporters as a group. But I’ve hesitated to tell them directly that I’ve lost respect for them individually. …

It makes me sick to my stomach that you, a Trump supporter, ever read or watch or listen to anything I’ve created. This is true even if I know you in real life.

I see what you are trying to do. You want me to treat you like a decent human being. But you are not behaving like a decent human being.

A decent person doesn’t align themself with people who are proudly racist and who insist America doesn’t have a racism problem. …

Another consequence of your actions? I have a deep desire to withhold my community and my creations from you.

Instagram has data that could tell me exactly which of you support Trump. I wish they would give me that data. I would block every single one of you.

My Instagram followers request access to my life daily. You’re voting for Trump and you want to know the source for my daughter’s dress? My answer is: No. You want to know the paint color we chose for the attic renovation? No. You want to participate in a parenting discussion on Design Mom? No.

I want to shun you from my community.

If gatherings were safely happening, I want you to be shunned from all events hosted by decent people. No wedding invitations. No conference tickets. No backyard barbecues.

I want decent event hosts to send you a card, explaining you are not invited because you are a Trump supporter.

I wish stores like Ikea and Target wouldn’t let you buy their products.

I wish your internet provider (who for sure knows you’ll be voting for Trump), would cut you off as a customer. …”

Listen to this maniac.

The title of this her blog post is “The Consequences of Your Actions.”

This is exactly what I was talking about when I brought up how these people are liberal and egalitarian in the abstract, but deeply reactionary and elitist in temperament. I said the only thing that they believe in more deeply than abstract equality and progress is how much they hate and look down on the ordinary American. Design Mom would have ISPs deny internet service to Trump supporters. She would exclude them from weddings. How is that consistent with seeing your fellow citizens as your equals?

Is this just progressive liberalism? In theory, liberalism is supposed to be about each individual being free to live out their own vision of the good life and toleration and respect for differences between individuals. Design Mom despises people on a personal level who do not share her politics. She is a cosmopolitan elitist who hates Trump supporters. She does not see them as decent human beings. There is more going on here than just liberalism. It is liberalism plus something else.

Note: Needless to say, I am not voting for Trump, but I am nothing like this woman. I don’t hate ordinary people the way she does.

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  1. This type of thing does not bother me because I care not a whit for women’s opinions on anything – what emanates from their childlike, petty minds does not interest me.

    • CD – careful. You sound like Andrew Anglin on this point (women’s inferiority) -and that’s something Brad gets all in a tizzy over! LOL

      “A decent person doesn’t align themself with people who are proudly racist ” – a Fool/Woman

      Actually, all the best people DO – think and act racist, that is…

      Try YHWH God – Gen. 1:27 make ADAM/MAN ‘in our own image’
      Amos 3:2 ‘You alone of all the families of earth, have I known.’
      Jesus – “He shall save HIS PEOPLE from their sins.’ – Matt. 1:21
      “I am come ONLY to the Lost sheep of the House (Gr. ‘oikos’ – race/clan/family) of Israel”
      “It is not meet to give bread to dogs.”
      St. Paul- ‘Predestined from before the foundation of the World’ Eph. 1:4
      St. Peter- ‘To the Twelve Tribes, scattered abroad’ I Peter

      DO I REALLY need to go on?

      Yup, CD. A woman. The least intelligent of Adam’s seed, (if she is even that!) dares not talk back to her betters. Besides criminalizing and exporting every single N-word and freezing assets, imprisoning, and actively giving the J-word what their Deicide crimes deserve, (the ‘H’ word) we need to restore the Patriarchy, as well..

      “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”
      George Orwell

      “In fact, the masses of people truly are sheep. This is a biological reality. They are incapable of thinking for themselves. Most of them have good instincts, but they are so completely confused and not in any way capable of any form of critical analysis. People like the idea of supporting the weak against the powerful, and in truth, this is something that should happen. People should have freedom and justice. I endorse that completely. But as I outlined above, they are on the precise opposite side of every single issue.” – -

      “I have no illusions about people like her. They can do only one thing, which is to destroy. If you let them into your company, soon your product will cost more and be less good. She cares more about taking home her paycheck than doing what is right. She is of lesser blood.”-

      “This is the nationalism advocated by this writer and Orthodox nationalism in general. It implies that nations have every right to protect their borders and ethnic integrity. Nations are creations of God as families are.” – Dr. M. R. Johnson

      “Think on these things.” – St. Paul

  2. Hey, no worries. After your stellar work for the Establishment supporting the covid-19 hysteria there is a significant chance Trump loses, then Kamala takes over in 2021 and orders the round up of the Oligarchs’ enemies. If you are lucky-they may just give BLM/Antifa your address and let nature take its course.
    I have been telling moderate dissidents like you, Sailer, and Ron Unz that excusing totalitarianism under the “public health” rationale would result in more of the same due to conditioning the normies to comply with obvious lies.
    You all will reap what you have sown-cowering in fear does not win the fight. I told you to get off your knees, join others of the 99%, even if they don’t look like you or have the same philosophy of life, and once and for all take on the Evil Empire by refusing to cooperate until the Sovereign Wealth Fund based UBI was enacted.
    You all said no, we can’t cooperate with THOSE PEOPLE. Well, the Establishment’s pets are running amok and unmolested. They are coming to the suburbs and the rural areas starting after November 4, 2020. So what are you going to do then? Should have listened to me. I was right, and still am. So was Marianne Williamson. Love is the answer. Really.

    • Jack Corbin was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for exposing Antifa this afternoon. He was prosecuted by Trump’s Justice Department. Joe Biden’s America or Donald Trump’s America?

        • You should talk with all the British cucks and traitors who have helped destroy the West. Prot Brits have always sucked around the jews, starting with the pervert Oliver Cromwell, right up through Winston Churchill and the current crop of morons in charge of what used to be a decent country, when it was Catholic.

        • Brown-nosing- Even the English are over 50% Celt. You impugn your own race, as all Selbsthäßlich fools do… unless English/America is not your home.

          If that is the case, RAUS mit Ihnen! Go to your Merkel-land and see how welcome your sentiments about a Master Race (minus the Celt) is tolerated.

          • The English are actually less than 10% Celtic. And 99% of the people who claim to be “Celts” don’t even speak any Celtic language. They either speak Germanic or Romance languages. The “Celts” as a people died long ago, racially and culturally.

          • Really? “The “Celts” as a people died long ago, racially and culturally.”

            Maybe we’re both wrong, but you’re ‘wrong-er’ than I am.

            And I can honestly say, there are Irish in Ireland, hanging on to their Ethnos by a thread- all because of faggots, N-words and other TURD World Detritus trying to genocide them…

            As my Irish grandfather used to say to people like you, “Póg mo thóin.”
            “Prov. 26:5”

          • Even the Irish have only 15% Celtic DNA. English is the most spoken language in Ireland. What does that tell you?

            As my Scottish grandfather used to say to people like you, “Ith mo cac.”

      • Trump will have a harder time rounded us up as a group. Biden with his hard Left support will not. This is a silly strategy to compare the two as if they really are the same. I would have thought you would have grown in wisdom after you were duped by the elite mainstream media virus fear mongering. You were too young to watch Clinton’s justice department burn to death women and children then drive tanks over their bodies in the Branch Davidien compound. Imagine this happening to churches.

        Either way open warfare is coming especially should Trump win. I doubt the Right will rise and fight as an organized force. All those of us who used to say, “no more brother wars” were simply silly including myself. As we see many whites are on the anti-fa and blm side and must be fought.

        • quite a number of hardLeft “Whites” are

          actually Jews. 2, possibly all 3 of

          the urban communists that Kyle plugged

          were Jews. Highly non-random distribution.

    • The covid hysteria really came from our faith in public health officials not being in line with the rest of society. They’re just as shitty as the rest. With “pandemics” it is like hurricanes that come. They’re going to be the next Katrina until they’ve hit and quickly fade from public memory. This’ll be no different.

    • “After your stellar work for the Establishment supporting the covid-19 hysteria”:

      The hysterical ones are those who refuse to accept that the pandemic exists, and that simple, common sense public hygiene measures must be required. Are you yet another “Doctor” Judy- , QAnon- and Fox-News-misled “coronavirus hoax” conspiracy theorist? Wake up, the pandemic is real, and O.D. was excellent on the subject.

      • You mean PLAN-demic, Anon-y-MOUSE.

        Brad’s already eaten crow on this one, even as he will not admit it. That’s why he’s talking politics again, or haven’t y’all noticed???

        “So let’s get this straight – based on the recommendation of doctors Fauci and Birx
        the US shut down the entire economy based on 9,000 American deaths due entirely to the China coronavirus?

        “…the Imperial College model Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx pushed was garbage and they recommended the destruction of the US economy using this completely flawed model.
        Today we now have empirical evidence that the WHO, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx were all wrong. They were charlatans. They lied.

        The CDC silently updated their numbers this week to show that only 6% of all coronavirus deaths were completely due to the coronavirus alone. The rest of the deaths pinned to the China coronavirus are attributed to individuals who had other serious issues going on… most of the deaths are very old Americans with co-morbidities.”

        Oh, yeah. This, too-

        “We now have the best evidence yet that everyone develops long-term coronavirus immunity after infection — and it’s not just about antibodies”

        You are a fool.

        • You keep listening to “Doctor” (not medical) Judy, Doctor (radiologist) Scott (Fox News’ expert and Trump’s new White House coronavirus advisor) and Gateway Pundit, Q-Anon and other ridiculous sources because they tell you what you want to believe. You are not only a medical science denier, you are probably also a seven-day Creationist, anti-evolutionist, and climate science denier. “Adamkindism” is not Orthodoxy either.

          Regarding the Business Insider article you cited, I’ve known for a long time about the pre-existing T-cell immunity present in about one-third of worldwide population, which probably accounts for most of the middle-aged and older people who have brief, asymptomatic cases. It was very good news, and also that B-cell, antibody, immunity has been proven to be fairly long-lasting, and that the virus does NOT remain infectious for long period of time on surfaces and objects, and sewage, even though the virus RNA can be detected for weeks or months. So no more sanitizing and deep cleaning! The death toll projection in the U.S. will be “only” hundreds of thousands rather than one or two million because of . What it all comes down to now is the inhalation of freshly-exhaled virus that occurs because people refuse to wear masks, or they do not wear adequate masks (masks with exhalation valves and single layer cloth bandanas do not work) or they will not wear them properly (exposing the nostrils or on the chin exposing the mouth and the nostrils) because they are thick-headed and stupid. Stupidity is still the worst virus to afflict the human race. God created us with brains ahd He expects us to use them.

          Hunter has not “eaten crow” on the pandemic, and he has no fault to admit. A lot more scientific information is available now than even a month ago, and there is little more to reveal. Those who continue to deny and resist reality at this point probably cannot be helped.

          Reality exists, whether or not you will face it.

          • I believe we are up to 190,000 deaths now. I will write a new post about it when it reaches 200,000 deaths. Up 50,000 from the last time I wrote about it. BTW, that’s 190,000 people who faked their deaths to own Trump in the 2020 election.

          • “The death toll projection in the U.S. will be “only” hundreds of thousands rather than one or two million because of”

            Sorry I did not finish that sentence. I was in a hurry and did not read over the comment before posting. I meant to write:

            The death toll projection in the U.S. will be “only” hundreds of thousands rather than one or two million because of T-cell pre-immunity, fairly long-lasting B-cell (antibody) immunity and the virus not remaining infectious for a long time outside the body.

            I would add: The death toll could have been not hundreds of thousands, but hundreds, or even less, if simple common sense quarantine and mask protection measures had been taken from the very beginning. Even the partial so-called lock-down was not really necessary, because all that was needed was universal respiratory protection, but people still won’t wear masks, or won’t REALLY wear them.

      • They will come and then you are doomed like Russian heavily armed and WW I experienced peasants in 1917 and afterwards. There was a reason why people started building castles and cities. 12 000 teas ago.

        Rural resistance is one of the most deadliest guerrilla myths. Isolated remotely living population is easy catch for serious enemy. Internet out, phones out, electricity out, fuel and other supplies out with road blocks.

        Then the disorganized desperate rural militia attacks but this is exactly what we are waiting for.

        History is great teacher how urban aristocracy put down rural peasants revolts thousands of years. In medieval times , there were no methods to buy food from countries far away and fly in and drop from parachutes but still all peasants revolts ended up with disaster.

    • Interesting news for you, regarding what you call “the covid-19 hysteria,” and “cowering in fear” and “excusing totalitarianism under the ‘public health’ rationale”:

      Venezuela announces a week of radical national quarantine, the arrival of 1,000 Cuban doctors, and the roll-out of volunteer testing of good, solid (not mRNA) Russian, Cuban, and Chinese vaccines:

      Someday you will wish you had access to such an effective and truly public health care system.

      • I propose that a lot of pro white Western people already wish they had access to some kind outside help.

        I do not know how the Eastern European Great Nazi in-fight will end up but there is a chance that Latvian Ball Scratchers Committee , Bulgarian Hamster Loving People Union , Polish Catholic Nuns for Prostitution and a lot of apolitical organization will involve in the Western countries affairs.

        All ex military of course and nothing more than humanitarian work and maybe some mostly peaceful protests also.

  3. I came to the same opinion as her last year. Living under the same government with people like her is intolerable. They cannot be reformed. We either separate, or there will be war.

    • What war?

      You are a spineless pushover incel loser who will not defend himself one bit when the time comes. Every single person on the pathetic American “right” is. They have literally exactly zero power anywhere because they have given up moral authority. They will stand like sheep while being executed in cold blood with their families in the violent purge of everyone to the right of Karl Marx that the US is rapidly heading to – and I’m glad it is. The pathetic American “right” has held the Reaction back for far too long. It never had one redeemable aspect to it.

    • She is a lover of herself. I doubt she gives a crap about anything else, despite her insistence that she despises racism, thus “cares” about non whites.

  4. Sounds like the perfect poster girl for totalitarian democracy. She’d probably bring popcorn to the mass killing of conservatives.

  5. It’s deeply authoritarian, but I’m not sure it’s anti-liberal. She says Trump is “proudly racist.” This is slanderous libel, and she provides not the slightest bit of evidence for that claim. As we “racists” at Occidental Dissent know, Donald Trump is not one of us. But she thinks he is literally Hitler. Well, for the sake or argument, if you believed Trump was a genocidal maniac plotting the mass murder of millions of innocents, wouldn’t you oppose him strongly and refuse to associate with anyone who supported him? You would, and it wouldn’t be anti-liberal. It would actually be the liberal thing to do. They believe in the open society- so long as everyone else plays by those rules too. I’m not defending this fool, but I’m not sure we can say they are false liberals. They’re just ignorant beyond actual belief, and the media is responsible for that. The media causes these liberals to act illiberally by convincing them that liberalism is at stake.

    • “Racist” means White person. No more proof necessary.

      “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

    • @Tomas More

      Good point. Liberals are more serious people than basic conservatives.

      If you believe your way of life is at stake, then extreme action to defend it is justified.

      This is in contrast to basic conservatives who whine for decades that abortion is murder and 10 of millions of children have been killed. Yet conservatives do nothing to stop this “murder”. Then they freely associate and befriend people with different views who support this “murder”.

      I have always been unable to take the pro life movement seriously considering their pacivity in the face of this alleged “murder of unborn millions”

      • @Beetle – that’s a great point about conservatives ..
        How they befriend and tolerate the enemy.
        Especially on racial issues or nationalist issues.
        Racism is ‘bad’ until black on white rape/ murder stats are compared to white on black crime stats.
        I have never once heard mark levin , Sean Hannity or anyone else on faux news speak one word on the never ending plague of congoid savagery against whites that ‘randomly’ takes place daily everywhere on a fkn daily basis for decades.
        Some little sambo rape monkey just got 18 months probation for murdering a white man ‘randomly’.
        The negroid youf is the real victim , he was treated inhumanely by racism his entire life and the black woman judge allowed this to sway her tribalism lol
        They don’t need to ban guns ,they are of minimal threat to the systems violent take over.
        Its almost illegal to be white.
        Won’t be long now.

  6. Trump is the proxy figure… Trump is both popular and frothingly hated because he shows no outward hatred for white people and that’s what this cretin means when referencing his “racism.” This chick hates white people who don’t hate white people and Trump is that foremost scapegoat.

  7. Eh. Just rantings of a proud party member, Comrade. I’m sure Central Committee approved of her statements, of course.

  8. Gabriele Blair is a Jew. She is a whore for the Moshiach. From her twitter——

    “So painful & yet–for me as a queer Jew w biracial children……”

    They are not like us. For God sakes they are not even human. Only an animal persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. Remember that. It is what separates them from us human beings.

  9. Just like there is communism on paper versus communism as it actually functions in real life, there is also liberalism on paper vs liberalism as it actually functions in real life.

    Liberalism in real life is an advanced totalitarian oligarchical system. The paper version actually serves to veil the reality of it. But when real liberalism comes into conflict with paper liberalism, the reality wins, at which point you get Sherman’s march to the sea. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and maintaining that outward image of being fluffy and weak is part of its power.

    When conservatives go on and on about “classical liberalism,” they are saying they want real liberalism to resemble paper liberalism, not realizing that the paper liberalism was always an abstraction and never truly existed.

  10. The bridge between classic liberalism and wokeness (safetyism) is J.S. Mill’s harm principle: You are free to do whatever you want, as long as you don’t harm anyone else. What happened is that the notion of “harm” got lawyered down from physical harm to psychological harm. Examples: hate speech, prohibition of burning the Koran, ban on sexual humor in the workplace, ban on halloween costumes, misgendering, etc. You end up with a society that’s a lot like European soccer; drama queens and floppers everywhere trying to “draw the foul.” A society where “you’re free to do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t psychologically harm someone else” inevitably becomes totalitarian, with almost no freedom at all. Your speech offends someone? Don’t have freedom of speech anymore. Your march offends someone? Don’t have the freedom of assembly anymore. Your vote offends someone? Don’t have the freedom to vote anymore… etc. etc. These people aren’t anti-liberal, they’re applying Mill’s notion of “liberty” with extreme rigor. They’re right to see themselves as his legacy.

  11. Anti blumpf propaganda piece by a angry wine aunt with absolutely no fricking idea of the political power structure. Trump is literally hitler to this lefty brainwashed bitch. How is trump like hitler? when he doesn’t have a single nationalist bone in his fat orange body and throws his biggest supporters under the bus?

    Blumpf is a kosher cuckservative and failed on almost every single campaign promise not to mention the backstabbing he has done with his kushnerism agenda so this wine aunt is not ready for that discussion because shes politicaly blind and gets her news from zoghington post. Deeply reactionary and elitist indeed I bet she believes Blumpf personally has poor mexican children in cages in his office and throws shit at them just for fun and to watch them cry while he eats his trump taco bowl

    Inhuman gross racist wants to shun them from HER community? Listen to this boot stomping authoritarian Karen! She’s talking about trump supporters like they are joos or something… Probably wants to put them in zee camps for re-education shes the fascist now and doesn’t even know it lol

  12. Very good post. The material you selected illustrates the liberal-progressive-modernist, ELITIST, and partisan Democrat (“vote-Blue-no-matter-who”) mindset perfectly.

    Re: “despises people on a personal level who do not share her politics. She is a cosmopolitan elitist who hates Trump supporters. She does not see them as decent human beings. There is more going on here than just liberalism. It is liberalism plus something else”:

    She may not be an elite, but she believes firmly in the elitist (plutocratic) system and Democratic partisanship.

    But women can change their minds suddenly and completely, like some men who also live by emotion.

  13. It’s just a matter of time before one or more Northern state goverments are overthrown. California attempts to secede or rejoin Mexico, and the West coast is in a state of civil war. It’s also a matter of speculation as to when a nuclear weapon is detonated on the soil of the formerly United States.

    In any case, the forces of anarcho-tyranny, disguised as the federal government, will then demand absolute subordination from the state governments, or even dissolve some state governments, or even states, entirely.

    For the Southern People, it will be rough being, once again, the scapegoat for all of the Yankees’ sins, crimes and problems. But in many ways, we’re better off than our supposed betters.

      • We are unstoppable ! They sre terrified ! Remember brave soldiers, we have something they dont, its called a “future” . keep prepping keep training keep on studying be thankful and lets stick together.

  14. I agree that neither Trump or Biden are good, or worth the vote of any White man. But I wish to make a cultural point that stood out to me as I read this.
    I thought it interesting that this bat guano crazy leftist woman would like “Ikea or Target” to prohibit us from shopping there. First, I have never even been to an Ikea. I have rarely went in a Target store. While I have a negative view of large corporate stores, between Walmart, Kmart and Target, I always thought Walmart was best and Target the last appealing. I am not sure if that is a right/left thing or a rural/urban divide. I do recall a few job acquaintances of mine from over a decade ago, effeminate folks who loved Bill Clinton and vacationed up in NYC, and hated guns, but who loved Target. This love of Target struck me as weird at the time. This divide seems to be a social issue.

    • Target is a chick store! It starts creeping over you as soon as you pull into the parking lot.h eaven forbid we could be banned from target. Oh no!!! What will we do now?

  15. Your observations are spot on.

    Some historical context.

    Fidel Castro was a lawyer from a rich Cuban family. He too, like this “Design Mom” despised the masses and sent many of them, and his fellow elites to the firing squad.

    One day in a speech, early in the Revolution, he outlined the parameters of the “new socialist liberty” in Cuba.

    “Within the Revolution: Everything! Outside of the Revolution: Nothing!”

    What he meant was that writers and artist who agreed with him would get the best materials and publicity to sing the praises of socialism. But those who did not tow the party line on “dismantling structural inequality” would receive nothing and would live in poverty as social pariahs. (Or worse.)

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    • It’s “toe the party line,” yo! The expression comes from military training, where ranks of soldiers are supposed to imagine they’re all putting their toes on an imaginary line so as to maintain alignment. I can see why some think it’s “tow,” because towing a line connected to a canal barge full of trannies, antifa, ghetto blacks, celebrities, etc., as in the Democrat party case, would be hard, almost impossible for mule or man, so it could be a metaphor for a test that white Democrats have to pass. But the metaphor is usually “toeing.”

  16. These Italian Roman Catholic women and Semite Catholic women are just as crazy as Jew women. Nancy Pelosi is a good example. LOL. Is she from New Joisey or New Yawk?

    • Having lived in both states 50/50 for my entire life, I can say that no one here says “New Joisey” or “New Yawk.” Maybe a few did 80 or 90 years ago.

  17. A certain amount of polarization is necessary before we can accomplish what needs to be done. White working and middle class people in red state America ( as well as red counties or districts held hostage in blue states) must radicalize and racialize if our race is to survive at all. That means mental secession must precede political secession! Do not think in terms of another election or a third party or Trump 2.0. It is way too late for that! Think in terms of red state secession and the creation of a White American Heartland Republic! The solid heartland already exists albeit in a unfocused and reactionary form. That is where the Whitelash Revolution comes in. Make that which is reactionary metapolitical and transcendent! A more natural order ages which our kinsmen around the world will flock to.

    • Unfocused and reactionary! Yep thats us. We have a body and legs to march with and fist to fight with and od.demonstrates we have a brain in our head but we have no

  18. Secretary, “How do you write women so well?”

    Melvin, “I think of a man, and I take a reason and accountability.”

    As Good As It Gets, secretary scene.

    Feminist leftists women have neither reason, nor accountability.

  19. A single set of (((echoes))) could have provided all the analysis needed.


    Yes, she’s a jew, expressing her hatred for Whites. No need for complex dissections of “liberalism,” it’s a zhyd.

  20. IMO, you are overthinking this. The religious zealot has ever:

    (a) seen himself as incalculably morally superior to the heathen, simply by virtue of the correctness of his beliefs

    (b) sought the death of the heathen.

    This woman is no different. The religions change, even to the point that they no longer call themselves religious and their believers no longer recognize them as such. But the religious mindset never changes. Only the theology changes.

    Liberalism, modernism, whatever -ism you seek to attach to it, is merely the sleeve. The substance is eternal — i.e., there have always been and ever will be a substantial portion of humanity with this moral-zealot mentality.

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