Joe Biden Condemns Mob Violence

Joe Biden’s poll numbers have been dropping. He had no problem with the violence at the very peak of it after George Floyd’s death. Earlier this afternoon, his handlers brought him out to reassure wavering suburbanites who are afraid the leftwing violence is spiraling out of control.

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  1. He literally threw away a lead by turning a blind eye to the Anarchist, BLM mayhem. What a fucking dope.

  2. The Democrats, Republicans, the Constitution Party, the Libertarians, the Communists, the Socialists, the Southern Nationalists, the Populists, the Green Party, Moderates, other political parties / groups, and us White Nationalists should all reject the use of Violence. We should all denounce Antifa and Black Lives Matter 100% as being the enemies of Freedom, Liberty, and Security in the World. We might not all agree on everything or nothing….however we should agree on Free Speech, Liberty, Security, and Voting. That’s how peaceful countries deal with problems. Voting. All Antifa and Black Lives Matter has done is hurt Joe Biden’s chances of being elected President. He should have ran on Covid-19 and the need for Medicare for All and Universal Basic Income. Those are winning issues in a time of Health crisis in America. However the far left that only care about Black Racism and Violence have no interest in that. The ones I’ve debated on these issues (Blacks of the far left) don’t even care about issues like Medicare for All, funding for Public Schools, Universal Basic Income, and things like that. It’s all about Black Racism against everybody on Earth. Reject all these extremist nuts and lets get back with the problem. The Democrats should become more moderate again and the Republicans should do the same. We get things done in the middle….taking a more moderate approach and finding practical solutions for the problems of the World. Deo Vindice !

    • Brian- son.
      When you enter the real world, let’s get together for coffee, and talk…. But while we are on the topic of ‘If only’…

      “You see something like this and it really hits you just how easily manipulated the masses are. It’s infuriating to think of even one person claiming to be a fashionable rebel while supporting the CIA war against Syria.Again, we really understand the word “goyim.” Those of us with thinking brains kind of tend to be relatively isolated from people who don’t think. We have co-workers who repeat media talking points, but instead of assuming they are the norm, we tend to assume that the norm is actually our own status as thinking individuals, with the people we interact with being feeble, sad, pathetic exceptions to the norm.

      In fact, the masses of people truly are sheep. This is a biological reality. They are incapable of thinking for themselves. Most of them have good instincts, but they are so completely confused and not in any way capable of any form of critical analysis. People like the idea of supporting the weak against the powerful, and in truth, this is something that should happen. People should have freedom and justice. I endorse that completely. But as I outlined above, they are on the precise opposite side of every single issue.

      A big part of their ability to do this is hiding behind black people, who are naturally pitiful. If you can frame someone as being against black people, it is much easier to frame them as evil. Of course in reality, as pitiful as black people are, they are used as a violent weapon against normal people by the ruling elite, who then hide behind them.
      I support helping black people. But what would help black people is not to remove the cops from their neighborhoods. What would help black people are strict sentences for drug criminals, a removal of drugs from their neighborhoods, repairing the single mother situation, suppression of violent rap music, and promotion of black leaders who tell black men to take responsibility for their own lives instead of blaming their problems on whites. Fixing the black community in that way would also help whites, who would no longer be subjected to the brutal violence of the black community, which makes our own living spaces unsafe.”

  3. I think Democrat strategists got caught up in their own fake news. That’s the problem with news becoming so blatantly politically biased. NYT thinks it’s doing Dems a favor by downplaying the riots and calling them peaceful protests, but that disinformation ends up hitting their friends and foes alike, so Democrats who got their information from the NYT didn’t know that the situation on the ground was turning against them until their internal polling started sliding.

    It’s sort of similar to how they played themselves in 2016 by pretending that Trump had no chance of winning. It’s likely that democrat turnout was effected because of the media projecting overconfidence.

  4. This man is a degenerate, whose pretense even of Novus Ordo Vatican Ewww ‘Catholi-schism’ rates him an immediate excommunication. Anathema, Anathema, Anathema sit!

  5. The monster truck caravan going through Portland was intimidating as *&^%. If I was them I’d be afraid too.

  6. “If Atomwaffen can be prosecuted for crank phone calls and fliers, why is Antifa allowed to run wild?”

    Everyone knows Antifa is a jewish militia. My thinking is they answer to Mossad. Their job is not to bring about a Commie revolution, it is to stoke up race riots so people will be frightened into voting for Trump. It is the same with the jewish controlled mass media. They’ve been ginning up the blacks to riot, to scare the voters into voting for Trump. Also take a look at the Democrats blocking lefty Bernie for right wing Biden. No one in their right mind would choose a senile old man, if they actually wanted to win an election.

    The Jews run the USA and they want Trump, because Trump is the best choice for Israel. MIGA

    • “Everyone knows Antifa is a jewish militia. My thinking is they answer to Mossad.”

      Why would Benjamin Netanyahu want to destroy the United States? Just because a lot of these malevolent leftists are Jewish doesn’t mean all Jews are in some conspiracy to destroy the West. Just the alienation and mental illness of resentment and destruction is very widespread in their community, as it also is amongst gentile homosexuals which is why they are so beloved as trusted allies in these movements. Israel on the other hand wants stability in the US and a fall of America into anarchy would be very negative as they would loose their benefactor and they know it, unlike the 75 IQ ghetto slugs rioting who would lose the most in a Thunderdome world where whitey would no longer be able to write their welfare check, pay their electric bill, and keep their EBT card loaded. Just take a look who is actually rioting now, none of the middle eastern and hindu shop owners are burning down America? The illegal aliens and their kids running small businesses in Chicago were out with AK47’s to protect what they built from blacks and degenerate white Generation Bastard rioters. Yes mass immigration has been used as a weapon by the left against pre 1965 America and empowers the democrats, but none of these people came here to live in Mogadishu and they don’t like this BLM Antifa riot crap one bit. The enemy are those whose minds have been so brainwashed with this “deconstructionism” leftist crap peddled in the schools. Each generation seems to have more and more of it and Generation Bastard seems to have become exponentially taken over by this degeneracy.

      • “Why would Benjamin Netanyahu want to destroy the United States?”

        “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.

        Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L ”

        They will destroy as much of thje USA as is necessary, to stampede the man shaped animals into voting for Trump. After that they will resume extracting the USA’s resources, and use it’s military as a golem to smite their enemies.

        The rioters have been incited by Jewish controlled media telling lies. The Jewish ADL is censoring and bankrupting the man shaped animals on social media, so they can’t debunk their mainstream media’s lies.

  7. The geriatric fool has dementia. I hate Trump, but this guy is incompetent. Can’t even speak coherently. So the threat is Kamala Harris and the level of influence she has.

    I wouldn’t count traitor Trump out just yet. Despite the fact that he allows all this antifa violence, MAGA supporters are retarded and equate all of that with “Biden’s America”

    Move rural, and plan to fend for yourself. Either way Whites lose. No federal solutions.

  8. Are you still jealous of Nick Fuentes because you’re old enough to be his dad but he’s had way more influence than you? Are you still claiming optics don’t matter after Charlottesville and the media inflation of George Floyd’s death? A lot of alt-right anti-Nickers are fragile so let’s see if you approve this comment.

    • “Are you still jealous of Nick Fuentes because you’re old enough to be his dad ”

      Taunting a rival about their age and appearance is something I’d expect from a gay or a bitchy young woman, because their relevance in society depends not on skill, but youth and beauty. Since Nick forbids women from his movement, you must be a gay fellow.

      • That’s too easy (or facile, if you prefer) a conclusion to come to… and therefore, IT is ALSO ‘fake and gay’ as Fash the Nation says.

        Fuentes has more ‘cojones’ than a certain History major we all know, when it comes to rallying the masses to his side. Just sayin’…

        Try again, Andy.

  9. Hiden Biden got in bed with blacks and now is sinking because of it. He was always a buffoon but as a man living out the last 10 or so years of his life, his disgusting sucking up to black criminals should destroy him The entire Democratic party is a virulent anti White party now.

    Now he does this fake, half hearted condemnation of Democrat domestic terrorists. Sorry Joe. Too late. We all know you are lying. Plus he literally gives sympathy to black criminals as he is is so called condemning the riots.

    Biden is totally fake. He is way too old to be running. He has no true views outside of seeing which way the political winds are blowing. Joe is a walking advertisement for term limits on everything.

    At this point one has to be completely stupid not to know the Democrats hate White people and Christians of which Biden is a fake cat lick. He and Pelosi must laugh about how ” religious” they are. About as religious as gangsters. Trump needs to retire Joe baby. All Democrat politicians hate White people. Nuff said.

  10. Joe Biden literally threatened America when he said “does anyone really believe that there will be less violence if Donald Trump will be re-elected”. So what are you trying to tell us there, Joe? That your handlers are threatening to unleash and fund more BLA / Antifa chaos and destruction onto our streets if we don’t vote for you?

    Joe Biden and the rest of the democrats are domestic terrorists.

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