Contact Theory

In his book White Identity, Jared Taylor explained that the theoretical basis for racial integration was something called “contact theory.”

“The theoretical basis for integration was set out in An American Dilemma written in 1944 by the Swedish sociologist Gunnar Myrdal. With the possible exception of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, no other book has had a greater influence on American thinking about race. An American Dilemma went through 25 printings – an astonishing record for a dense, thousand-page work of sociology – before it went into a second, “twentieth anniversary” edition in 1962. It set contours for the debate about race that have lasted virtually unchanged until our own day.

Here is one of the book’s key passages:

“White prejudice and discrimination keep the Negro low in standards of living, health, education, manners and morals. This, in its turn, gives support to white prejudice. White prejudice and Negro standards thus mutually ’cause’ each other.”

This was the fundamental problem. Whites kept blacks in an inferior position. Whites then pointed to this apparent inferiority as justification for their own prejudices, which gave rise to the very acts of oppression that degraded blacks.

Myrdal believed that if white attitudes could be reformed, oppression would ease, the status of blacks would rise, white attitudes would improve further, and blacks would find yet more opportunities for success. Myrdal was convinced that if the vicious cycle could be turned into a virtuous cycle it would be “America’s incomparably great opportunity for the future.”

Myrdal’s supporters thought change would come quickly. His assistant, Arnold Rose, added a postscript to the 1962 edition, in which he triumphantly described the progress that had been made since the book’s appearance in 1944. He predicted that all legal discrimination would be abolished within ten years (it actually took only three) and that in 30 years – by 1992 – residual private friction between blacks and whites would be “on the minor order of Catholic-Protestant prejudice.”

White prejudice is the cause of black failure.

Racial differences between blacks and Whites are environmental in origin. This could be explained by the science of sociology. Whites were racially prejudiced and discriminated against blacks.

This was the true cause of all black dysfunction and inequality. If blacks and Whites could only be put into the same integrated institutions, then blacks and Whites would have the same environmental opportunities and the racial gaps would vanish because heredity has nothing to do with the gaps. By virtue of contact with Whites, blacks would magically become equal to them in every way.

“Discussions about how blacks and whites were to be brought together came to be known as “contact theory,” and its most prominent spokesman was Gordon Allport. In his 1953 book, The Nature of Prejudice, he wrote that prejudice “may be reduced by equal status contact between majority and minority groups in the pursuit of common goals. The effect is greatly enhanced if this contact is sanctioned by institutional supports …” Schools were the best setting for contact. White children, whose prejudices had not yet hardened, would mix with black child under conditions of equality and strict institutional supervision.”

This was the theory behind public school integration.

Gunnar Myrdal, the Swedish author of An American Dilemma, confidently predicted that total racial equality between blacks and Whites would be reached by the 1990s.

The evidence is now overwhelming that it was all based on a lie.

Integrated public schools have not eliminated racial gaps between blacks and Whites. They haven’t eliminated the even larger gap between blacks and Asians either. How can White prejudice be responsible for both black failure and Asian success? Contact theory is based on a false premise.

As we have seen, the Progressives had written negro equality off as an impossible dream after the first time it was tried during Reconstruction. It has been 76 years since Gunnar Myrdal published An American Dilemma and 64 years since the Brown decision which integrated American public schools. Liberals are incapable of admitting the obvious which is that their second try at racial equality has also proven to be a failure. It was far easier to construct space probes that reached Pluto.

Rod Dreher does not see how the status quo of giving lip service to MLK’s Dream was unsustainable.


“Now that I’m older, though, I can see that despite all our defects in the 1970s on race, the people of my town — white and black — were making real progress. The integration of the schools and the end of the apartheid Jim Crow system was a massive leap forward, something that would have been unthinkable only ten years before I was born. Nobody could have expected utopia instantly. The black kids had to give up their own schools to make integration work. The unified school system did what it could to get through the tumultuous change keeping everybody together. If I explain to people who didn’t grow up there that in my elementary school, there were five classes, three of them all-black, with all black teachers, and two of them mostly white, with a few black kids, their faces blanch. I can easily imagine, though, that this was necessary for the transition. Black parents didn’t want to give up their schools, but they had to — but at least they could keep their black teachers. White parents who had been raised in segregated schools no doubt felt anxiety about their kids going to school with black kids. Somehow the school administration — which included black people in positions of authority — had to make it work. …

Anyway, I’ve thought a lot over the years about how very different the message that my generation got about race was from what our parents had. My mom and dad were in school in the 1940s and 1950s. Segregated schools. They grew up in what you might call an “information environment” in which white supremacy was the only reality. They never, ever heard it challenged — not on radio broadcasts, not in the newspapers, not in church, nowhere. Their children, though, were raised on television. We never (to my recollection) got any kind of proclamations of white supremacy; the adults just didn’t talk about any of it. But we did get, and got often, the message through television, and to some extent in the classroom, that the color of your skin doesn’t matter — it’s all about the content of your character.”

It was unsustainable because it was based on a lie. The lie has vexed and frustrated everyone who ever believed in it. Far too much is now invested in the lie to admit the truth.

I’m nearly 40 years old now. I have been politically active for 20 years now and in that time blacks have made virtually zero progress toward racial equality. Sure, White racial attitudes have softened, Barack Obama was elected president, a black middle class was created, trillions of dollars have been spent to tackle the problem, three generations of black politicians have been elected to Congress and “racism” has become the ultimate sin in America (ruining the lives of countless White people in the process who were cancelled by antiracists), but in spite of all this the racial gaps have not gone anyway.

If the liberal theory of racism is true, why have the gaps persisted for so long? If there are no individual racists who can be found who are oppressing blacks, then the system itself must be racist. By their very insidious existence, White people must be holding back blacks with an invisible form of white supremacy. This is why the Woke version of antiracism is supplanting the liberal version of antiracism. The latter was tried and failed so spectacularly at bringing about racial equality that it has lost plausibility.

The demise of the Jim Crow South was not “a massive leap forward.” The truth is that the segregationists were right all along about the hereditary nature of racial differences. The liberals who based antiracism and integration on social science were proven wrong. The sensible thing to do was to build the social order around the reality of racial differences and allow each race to have its own separate identity and spaces. Race relations are far more toxic in our own times than was the case in the Louisiana of the 1950s. Culturally speaking, blacks and Whites were better off in the 1950s than the 2020s.

What was gained from deconstructing, dismantling and repressing White America for the sake of racial integration which was based on the sociology of contact theory? Nothing but the poisonous dystopia that the cowards and fools of the last two generations have bestowed on their descendants.

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  1. The way I see it, the theoretical basis for forced integration was a by then century long effort on the part of The New England Yankee United States’ Government to both humiliate the South, subjugate her, and, as well, use her Negroes as a token pawn in a campaign of humiliation.

    That the very same government and people have put The Southern Negro into a much much lower state of existence than we had them, or ever dreamed of having them, confirms to me that, just as they have claimed to ‘liberate’ the women, they never gave a damn for the real welfare of The Negroes in the first place.

    And, as always with The Society of New Englander Puritans and Do-Gooders, (not to mention The Organized Jewry that now runs them) once they rename something, they can then rest at ease – for ‘American freedom’ is surely much better than Southern Slavery, aint it?

    • Racial integration efforts began during the FDR Presidency and Second World War. His successors Truman and Eisenhower, both were southerners, forced the integration by executive orders. Another southerner, LBJ, put the final nail in the coffin of segregation. There was no “century long effort” by the Yankees, but some 20 year long effort of forced integration by Southern Presidents.

      Segregation unofficially still exists, especially in the Northern States. New England is more racially segregated than the Deep South.

      • @Seumas…

        Thank you, Sir, for your thoughtful reply.

        LBJ was a Southerner, just as Truman may be considered a Southerner, though the others you list were not – not by a long shot.

        However, what you both omit and point out, with your point, is something of great importance, and that is the matter of our Southern politicians, some of whom choose to serve the interests of our enemies.

        For such people in the 1860s, Southerners coined the term, ‘Scalawag’, which means the lowest of the low, although the term original hails from Scotland, it having hithertofore meant a mangey old cow.

        That said, we certainly have had scalawag politicians, and none greater than LBJ.

        For an archetypal ‘scalawag’ of the 1860s, we need go no further than a man from my hometown, William Woods Holden, he a liberal Republican (it goes without saying) was appointed governor by Andrew Johnson, he who, though not a Confederate, was a White Southern patriot – who, from the inside, tried to protect Dixie from the neverending insanity of New England, and, for his efforts, was impeached by them.

        Holden, the owner of a large newspaper actually tried to sabotage the efforts of our great-great-great grandfathers in their efforts to deliver us from New England tyranny, he having organized anti-Confederate riots and worked tireless through his paper to discredit the efforts of our forefathers to uphold The Constitution against those who would subvert it.

        After Appomattox, Northeasterners, particularly New Englanders, came down to my country and made every attempt to get us into line with their way of seeing and doing things.

        They were met by our Confederate veterans, who, having formed up in units of The Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan, waged an all out war against them.

        By 1872 control of our state was back in our hands, though the ground for destroying our sovereignty in the future had been lain by the New England dominated congresses of the mid 1860s, that toxick foundation having been lain with the unconstitutional amendments to the Constitution which would form the basis for the destruction of Dixie, by jurisprudence, in the mid 20th century.

        Since then,

        As to your point about New England being more racially segregated than the South, that I certainly know well, as I lived up there for years.

        That assertion however, only underlines the nature of New England, that being principally – what is good for thee is not good for me, the nature of which is so readily visible in the policies of the New England Yankee United States’ Government.

        And so it is that the New England Yankee United States’ government spends day after day, year after year, and decade after decade lecturing the whole world on how they ought be, when, point in fact, they have ruined the country in which they are with their love of hypotheticals and racial keep-away games, this because they simply cannot bring themselves to accept the realities of the world and of race, and live in it like the rest of us.

        Practically everything that has lain waste to The South in the past 60 years either emanated in New England, or from Jews, and was heartily advocated by New England – from feminism, abolitionism, free-love, unitarianism, secularism, integrationism, unfettered Federalism, open borders, infanticide, gay marriage, minoritism, and the ‘American Exceptionalism’ which is taught to Southerners so that we will eagerly participate in the Jew England Yankee sacking of the world.

        In fact the list of lunacies from New England is so large that I do not have time to record them all here.

        Moreover, the New England vendetta against Southerners has completely taken over our schools, it teaching White Southern children to hate themselves and their own kind.

        Again, that New England is greatly aided in this by Organized Jewry, does not change the fact.

        And, as the streets of my small olde Southern town fill up with Arabs, East Indians, Orientals, newly-arriven Africans, and Latins of every stripe, I am reminded of that great New England, Senator Ted Kennedy, who promised that his immigration bill (co-authored by New York Jewish senator Jacob Javits) would not at all touch the demographics of this country!

        Now, 55 years later, America is no loner 89% White, but 50% and sliding (I do not count Eurasians, as they are of different stock) and we have the jew England Alliance to thank for that.

        Therefore, your refutation does not hold water.

        That said, if you, as a New Englander, bear no grudge against The South, as more than a few do not, I take that in charitable spirit, but, it is not indicative of your culture – it the greatest enemy The Southerner has ever had, and that reality is going on now 200 years!

      • Please, Bloody Ike was NOT a Southerner. He was dropped in Texas, true, but his family was from Kansas (Bleeding Kansas), where he was raised, a very Left State. Ike was a Marxist sympathizer, a war criminal and an insufferable fool, but not a Southerner. That said, “Southerners” since WWII have been a disaster in leadership, as have the typical US “Americans” from other parts of this benighted colony.

  2. I agree, but blacks are a secondary issue at the moment. When blacks and Whites mix the products are deemed blacks. Black immigration is little too compared to hispanic. hispanics are our greatest threat, never forget that.

    • Best comment right there, Mr. Hugh. The most glaring example of this problem is visible in California although South of the Border migration has unfortunately afflicted all 50 states to varying extents. California is overrun with them such that there are many parts of the state where only Spanish is spoken. Well within living memory for anyone who grew up in California in the 1970’s and even later the state was White, orderly, prosperous, clean, honest and a great place to live with of course, some exceptions.

      The South of the Border culture with its misogyny, violence, incompetence, dishonesty, corruption and sheer stupidity reign supreme in the state now. In other words, the Hispanic migrants have recreated their home countries in the U.S. by moving here. I guess there really isn’t any “magic dirt” (HT Steve Sailer) north of the border that transforms these people into “family values conservatives” like the Republicans told us. They haven’t been reading the WSJ, watching Fox TV, debating libertarian principles, studying muh Constitution and voting Republican lately but for ‘conservatives’, hope springs eternal, this election will be the one, so saith DJT.

      • I live in New Jersey, certainly not a border state, but they’re here and plentiful. hispanics are what degeneration would be if it were a group of people. Raceless, loud, oversexualized, overbearing mothers and wife-beating fathers, rapists, the peddlers of drugs and the bringers of crime. The only thing blacks do better than them is violent crime. Every year hispanics kill and ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands of Whites with their opiates such as my own father. They have nothing but jealousy and a psychotic hatred for White people which isn’t even fathomable to us whatsoever. I’ve worked with blacks and Hispanics before. Give me the blacks and keep the hispanics if I had to choose between the two. Anyone who thinks that any one of them, or their spawn (spic blood can never be washed out, 1/1024 spic is still spic), is anything other than a White-hating bane to civilization needs to work with them in a grocery store for just one day, this goes for Steve Sailer as well. People who shill hispanics who claim to be “on our side” because they dislike blacks are more repugnant and contemptible than liberals who worship blacks. Supporting that ilk just shows either a complete lack of dealing with those vile creatures or a wish for the self-destruction of White America. spics will bring it quicker than the blacks would, believe me.

          • I’ve seen that often and forgotten it. The only thing blacks have on spics is murder. Spics do everything else. I’ve lived and worked with both and blacks really are lightyears ahead of spics and I’m certainly not a pro-black shill either

        • @Pat Hugh…

          I read with great interest your observations of Latins in New Jersey.

          Certainly I have seen miscreants among them, though, very few.

          This may be due to the type of Latin we get in North Carolina, for with the rarest exception they come here very serious to work and build a sound material life for themselves.

          As one who has long spoken Spanish well, and who has traveled in Latin America, and, yes, as one is very well aware of the differences between Latins, and that they do not like each other (Dominicans and Cubans for example, are quite suspicious of Mexicans) I have met them on their own ground and in their own minds.

          On the whole, I would say that I have found those who come here to North Carolina very much like White Southerners – this being that they are very very family oriented, religious and supersticious, racist (but not antagonistic to others based on that) polite, civil, courteous, and generally conservative and self-restraining in their habits.

          An excellent example of the kind of Latin I deal with is a young couple next door – they from the Districto Federale, or the capital of Mexico.

          Both come from solid upper middle class families, and my wife and entertained the young woman’s family, her daddy a professor of history and her mother a classy lady, when they came here last Winter.

          The young lady is a veternarian for Smithfield Food Corporation and the man is staying home taking care of their baby.

          There is nothing to criticize about them – as they are perfectly considerate, well-groomed, and well-behaved people who, if you want, can goes as far into an intellectual conversation as you might want to go.

          That said, I have certainly grown antithetical to the policy of The United States Government flooding us with tens of millions of them.

          I could go on about this for hours, but, therein is the rub for me – not the individual Latins, but, the sheer overwhelming quantity of them.

          But, they are not to blame for that – the United States Government is.

          Again, thank you for having shared with us your experiences and views!

          • I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in that the immigrants I see among them tend to be better behaved and more ambitious than your average 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation Hispanic, but it is something environmental which makes them this way which rarely rubs off onto their children who are like the average poor of their country. I live in a town in Northern New Jersey which is around 60% Hispanic, the school I went to was around 75% Hispanic and 10% black. My family has lived here since the 1880s and when my father was born in 1967 the town was 95% White and a beautiful suburb. Today, it is just a woeful slum on par with the shantytowns of Bogota or the squalors of San Juan. If you are interested, most of the Hispanics who live here are from the Spanish-speaking Caribbean world or northern South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, etc.) so perhaps you can better imagine where I live. Living among them is like a slow mental torture. One thing is every White person here has had multiple attempted muggings by them (if the muggers are black they’re arrested immediately. The entire police force is Hispanic so they tend to cover for their kind. If you’re a victim of a crime by an Hispanic never expect the local police to do any investigating and to cover for the criminal). Also, my car window has been smashed twice by the Hispanic neighbors’ kids and when I asked them to pay because I cannot afford to repair my window they denied it to my face even though I saw them saw it happen and the kid dug through my car to retrieve his ball if I go to the police they tell me to fuck off because the victims were Hispanic and I’m White. When I was in school we had a rash of Hispanic boys tricking White girls and raping them of which nothing was ever done and gangs of Hispanic boys would try and sometimes succeed to beat up White kids, generally below their age by a few years. At work, where I am one of the only gringos, they get angry with me for speaking English and demand I speak Spanish (I can’t speak it well and I have no interest in learning any more of it) and I’m constantly being threatened with termination because of that even though I don’t deal with customers and their English is good enough for us to communicate. I’m willing to bet the only reason why their crime rates are so low is because they know how to take over a police force and through it do their bidding. Blacks need the White man to do that for him. As you may know, Latin American cities are some of the most dangerous in the world, even more so than a lot of black-filled American cities like Philadelphia or Chicago. I doubt we’ve suppressed their urges to commit crimes whatsoever. Walking at night here is now just as dangerous to do it in Newark where it is getting less dangerous in a city with mainly blacks (although it is quickly gentrifying), here it is more dangerous where it is mainly hispanics, but most crimes aren’t reported whereas they are in Newark. Perhaps I’m bitter at them, but I’m tired of living like this. I know White people don’t live like this because I’ve been to White suburbs nearby. I’m ready to just leave and never see a brown face again. Now you know from where I’m coming and I hope you understand that there is more to it than the upper scale Hispanics, who, like I said, tend to return to the mean.

        • I prefer to patronize businesses with blacks in customer service roles than Hispanics. I have had better service from blacks. It’s not just the language issue. Blacks in service jobs can be terrible, but most make an effort to serve the customer. They talk to you and respond to questions. Hispanics, I’m talking about US born English speaking ones, like to ignore customers, not answer questions and not tell you things you need to know. Blacks at least like to talk. Hispanics seem to avoid customers and have worse social skills. Hispanic adults working at fast food placesI have been too often appeared to have the mental age of children, flirting, playing grab ass and acting like fools in front of customers in a way I have only seen teenage blacks good off.

          I’m sickened by the pro-Hispanic propaganda circulating on the dissident right lately. Any white person who has spent time in majority Hispanic environments knows how awful these people are.

          • I work in a very multiracial supermarket. I’ve had black and hispanic supervisors and blacks were by far the better because they would just leave me alone to do my job. Were they incompetent? Yes, but so were the hispanics, but the hispanics would chastise me over every thing I did. Once a customer asked me where the marshmallows were and I told here aisle four and sure enough my hispanic supervisor came rushing up to me and yelling at me for not telling them that they were on the display stand across from the bakery. Why? Because the bakery stand had only the most expensive marshmallows whereas aisle four had all the different varieties of it. She was mad at me for not forcing them to buy the most expensive marshmallows (which weren’t much more expensive than the regular ones we had). My black supervisor never did that and she always recommended me for a raise. My hispanic supervisor never did. I was able to offer superior customer service under my black supervisor than my hispanic. Patronizing black businesses between hispanic ones is the right thing. Blacks won’t try to scam you in large corporations, hispanics see it as their duty to scam you. Pro-Hispanic propaganda is coming from different angles. Whenever I see Hispanic-White race mixing I want to puke. I don’t like black-white race mixing, but with hispanics it is something different. It just conjures the idea of feces or just annihilation. I can’t explain it. I’d rather watch gay men kiss than watch an hispanic-white race mixers (it is always a White male) saunter through the aisles of my supermarket. When I see it I just want to run away into the bathroom and puke, cry, and punch the wall at the same time. With black-white race mixing I just see a worthless White female remove herself from the gene pool and created a black or two in the process. The horrors that come out of hispanic-white race mixing are unimaginable. They are in active war with us.

    • @Pat Hugh…

      Dear Pat, thank you for your comment and your agreement.

      Please take no offence, for I mean none, but, I do not regard people or other peoples as a threat.

      We are all beloved children of God.

      That said, what I do regard as a threat, however, are the attitudes of The United States government – that they consider this country a corporation where anybody, in any quantity can be brought in at any time.

      The immigration policies, the economic policies, and, indeed, the entire United States’ Government is what I regard as the threat – a deadly threat to every Southerner living.

      So, it goes without saying I am ready to secede, raise the Confederate flag and teach anyone a lesson who does not respect that.

      That said, because most Southerners see that as extremist insanity or simply do not have the level of guts I do, I content myself studying Hungarian with my wife.

      Because our fellow Southerners are so limp, nowadays, we have little illusions where will will wind up spending the last years of our life.

      I’m sorry it is this way. We have had a great run for 400 years, but, now our civilization is on life support and fading quickly.

      As a musician, I used to think about what it must have been for Sergei Rachmanninoff to have to leave Russia in the early 1920s, to flee the Judeo-Bolshevik nightmare, and never be able to see his homeland again.

      Well, things are not quite so dramatic for Southerners, but, it is clear that we are allowing ourselves to be subjugated beyond recovery.

      All the best to you and yours.

      • I’m not sure whether I sent a message, if I did please delete this message altogether. If I didn’t just delete this top bar.

        They’re a threat whether we like it or not. In fact we’re beyond it, we’re at war with them. I’m a Catholic from New Jersey who’s half Irish, so I’m the last person to be considered “Southern.” I’m not concerned about the whims of the South anymore than I am concerned about the whims of the Midwest or New England, although I am somewhat concerned because I still do consider Southerns to be a part of “my people,” how vague that may be because we’re experiencing the same thing from the same standpoint. I’ve worked and dealt with hispanics and it is absolutely fair to call them a threat. They’re destroyed entire communities. I know countless White orphans who have lost a father or mother to the opiate trade they promote and protect within their own communities. I’ve seen them clear out entire White communities in the most brutal fashion that would make anything they charge the Southerner with look like a joke. I’ve seen them devolve Catholic parishes into idol worship with Santa Muerte, Panchamama, and other varying goddesses who I am convinced are demons. Whether you like it or not there is a rapidly growing minority within our country who gets rich off of our suffering, pushes us out of our towns and cities, and worships idols. What they are doing against us is a war and saying so is not “overly dramatic.” I really wish pro-Hispanic shills like Steve Sailer can look at all the dead White people the opiate crisis claimed (entirely funded and ran by hispanics, mind you) with their White orphans and widows, see the communities they destroyed, the various rapes they’ve committed, the poverty through their usurpation of the job market they’ve caused, and look all of their victims in the eye and tell them that the blacks are somehow the ones we should be all against and accept these “based” hispanics. If you’re pro-Hispanic you’re anti-White by definition. You can be pro-black while also being pro-White. I’ve never seen a black stoop so low as the drug trade hispanics operate and at they’ve taken the initiative to stamp out their own idolatry, voodooism. Separate, but equal will do nothing but hurt hispanics if applied to them because they live off of a parasitism off of the White man. It’ll help the black though.

        • One correction Mr. Hugh; Steve Sailer, who writes for is absolutely opposed to Hispanic immigration and immigration of all kinds. He has made this clear and coined the ironic phrase “magic dirt” to mock the “conservatives” who deny the genetic basis of character traits. He wonders why when the filthy wogs set foot on the U.S. side of the border they don’t rapidly become WSJ reading, Fox TV watching, libertarian principles debating, muh Constitution studying, Republican voting “conservatives”, if the theory of environmental determinism were really correct.

          He has also coined the phrase “tragic dirt” to mock the pro-immigration, diversity loving types to explain why the Third World is a giant shithole. Apparently where the wogs live there is nothing but “tragic dirt” which accounts for their unsuccessful, shithole countries, not the qualities of the wogs themselves. This absolves the wogs from any responsibility for their predicament in life and justifies their rampant criminal behavior.

          One inch over the border of White countries there is nothing but “magic dirt”. That accounts for the success of White countries and “tragic dirt” accounts for the failure of colored countries. The colored people are therefore absolved from responsibility for their bad behavior, it’s the fault of the tragic dirt. Likewise White people aren’t responsible for producing successful countries, we have magic dirt.

          The environmental theories of racial failure have been proven false by almost a century of social experiments, all of which failed. Literally several trillion dollars have been spent to degrade White people and uplift the coloreds, likewise to no avail. A new theory of racial failure is required or it’s back to 1897 Plessy vs. Ferguson just to get society to function and not become a giant wasteland.

          Naturally, the genius class has doubled down on their manifestly failed racial theories and come up with “systemic racism” to account for the failure of the coloreds to become civilized. This time the geniuses will wreck the country because the well has run dry. There is no more money or good will on the part of Whites and very few places left to run.

          • Thanks for the correction. I read an article once on the Unz Report which could just be summed up as “hispanics commit fewer murders than blacks (not if you factor in drug deaths they cause btw and even without that they still a disproportionate amount compared to and against Whites) so therefore we should accept them as our own, put up with their awful behavior, and commit racial suicide by mixing with them!” It might’ve been by Ron Unz, but I thought it was Steve Sailer, but my memory could be wrong. If it was then just supplant Ron Unz for Steve Sailer and my apologies to Steve Sailer if I am mistaken. Anyhow, very good synopsis. I really hope that our children find it absurd what we are going through.

        • @ Pat Hugh you are 100% correct about the hispanic plague. I live in Nashville, a veritable entry hub for illegal aliens. Caught a story today about one staying with a family there — of questionable status themselves & living in church sponsored housing- –while he “worked a construction” job. Raped & drugged their 13 yr old daughter. Already had an ICE detainer & I’m sure no legal trouble will come to the family harboring the pos. Probably get him released cause, wow, these people are sooo good for our economy.

          Another of his ilk drunk-driving killed a young White couple about 2 weeks ago.

          • Wait until they form a majority in your town and they get onto the police force. That is when the real fun begins. Seriously though if you see your neighborhood becoming an Hispanic ghetto sell your house as soon as possible. It’ll be worthless when they comprise a majority and your town resembles Ciudad Juarez. At least they attack blacks with the same rigor they attack White people, amirite? Blacks seem to be done barging into White communities and ruining them. That’s a purely Hispanic trade now.

      • “Please take no offence, for I mean none, but, I do not regard people or other peoples as a threat.”

        You should. That’s what happened to Whites as a whole….we were fooled into believing everyone was just like us, with different paint jobs.

        • @Powell…

          I certainly agree that the races are different, in some cases very much so, and, as well the cultures.

          I also agree that all of us have undergone a tremendous amount of venal indoctrination and misinformation.

          That said, as one who has traveled the world, and who has friends from all over, people, or peoples, do not threaten me.

          What does threaten me is a government that has no respect for their own, such as the one that claims to be ‘ours’.

          There is plenty of room for everybody on this planet, and yet, this government of ours insists on turning every square foot of this land into a miniature United Nations.

          That’s my issue – right there!

          Be well!

    • actually, it’s an equivalent average:

      the Jews have formatted Blacks 2B lethally anti-White

      while Browns are (temporarily) less lethal,

      but there’s more of them. Fact is, either

      we liquidate all of them or

      (((they))) liquidate us.

  3. Newer critical race theory seems to view integration as harmful to blacks because it inflicts violence and microaggressions upon their black bodies.

    • “Newer critical race theory seems to view integration as harmful to blacks because it inflicts violence and microaggressions upon their black bodies.”

      Maybe it does, I will give them the benefit of the doubt here. The solution is obvious, simple, already tested, and it works.

      The solution is to repeal all the 1950’s and later so-called “civil rights” legislation (really viciously anti-White legislation), nullify the laws passed by the Supreme Court such as Shelley v. Kraemer, 334 U.S. 1 (1948) which led to forced integration of housing which in turn led to devastated cities such as Baltimore and allow free association of individuals qua individuals and also corporately.

      White people could freely live in all White communities once again which would be the single greatest improvement to the quality of life in this country since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879. Those White lunatics who actually want to be enriched by diversity can freely choose to live with their black and brown pets without dragging the rest of us along for their death ride.

      • @12AX7…

        “White people could freely live in all White communities once again which would be the single greatest improvement to the quality of life in this country since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879. Those White lunatics who actually want to be enriched by diversity can freely choose to live with their black and brown pets without dragging the rest of us along for their death ride.”

        I totally agree – let those who wish to live multiculturally in the coming reorganization of this country do so, and let those who do not, of any race, segregate, just as they wish to.

        In this, I am reminded of an interview with former Soviet premier, Mikhail Gorbachev, who, in reply to a question about his perceptions on Modern Western ideas of multiculturalism mentioned that The Soviet Union had been filled full of different peoples, though, he then inserting a chuckle, not even the most wild-eyed communist party official had ever dreamed of attempting to force all the tribes to live together – as is currently done in the western part of The West….

        • Hello Ivan;

          The Communists, after the death of Uncle Joe in 1953 had a very clear eyed view of things and just wanted to hold their ramshackle empire together. They had enough trouble already with sporadic rebellions, samzidat publishers of dissidents like Solzhenitsyn, foreign competition from China and the West, and systemic incompetence and corruption. They didn’t need any hare brained schemes about how to bring a racial Utopia to the USSR, they were already afflicted with the burden of a Communist Utopia and that was more than enough to make life Hell on earth. .

          • @12AX7

            Yes, I quite agree with your synopsis on post-Stalinist Russia, vis-a-vis race and culture.

            Thank you for your thoughts. With some cool breezes arriving in the last days down here, I can only imagine how the trees are already turning wonderfully golden up yonder right now!

          • Thank you for the thoughts Ivan but I am worried about the diverse, multicultural types. What will they do when there is a foot of snow on the ground and the temperatures are in the 20’s up North? They are already afraid of the deep woods and the wildlife here which are both plentiful.

            I know, I will send them down to Hunter’s neck of the woods. He said there isn’t enough diversity in Alabama. He will be glad to see them as long as they watch Fox TV, study muh Constitution, read the WSJ, follow that prick Charlie Kirk on Twitter and vote Republican. MAGA!

  4. I realized just how hopeless things were after dealing with a few normal MAGA people on social media. They genuinely believe that this is all part of a great plan Trump has planned for the protestors. When I asked about white rationalists, they claimed they need to be taken out as well but couldn’t explain what that term meant. The Trump expansion of immigration, white demographic replacement, middle east war, his prison reform. ALL conspiracy theories. But they believe the main focus right now has to be on “rescuing children” whatever that means.

    Which made me think of Taylor and even Pierce. Both have predicted what is happening now, especially Pierce to a tee. But they are still considered insane fringe. How can one have hope when the people who should be the most aware are caught up in Trump fairy tales. Who believe as they told me, that this would all blow over and blacks, browns and whites would all live in peace and harmony under Trump, then President Grennell and vice President Don Jr. My hope is at an all time low.

    • *great plan to lure BLM and ANTIFA into a lull, basically Trump luring them into his trap
      *White Nationalists, not rationalists

    • That is the biggest problem with Trump. He gives Whites who should care false hope. Whites need to face reality and get off the Trump cope train (and the larger GOP cope train).

      • I think we just need to accept that most people are dumbbells. They watch their three or four hours of Fox and if all you get are that and his based Tweets, you think all is well. The most ironic part was the MAGA crew get the most furious at “racist blacks”. The ones who want to start their exclusive communities and clubs. You will say “why shouldn’t they be able to choose to be with their own culture and people if that is what they want”. “Because it is racist and unamerican”

        That is why they love Candace Owens and the other blacks on the Trump train. It gives them the illusion that the black people throwing molotov cocktails and looting stores will come around if they just give President Trump a chance because “lowest black unemployment ever”. It hurts to even try and relate their thought process

      • Thanks to the US Public School System and them letting Talmudvision frame their outlook on pretty much everything Whites are not critical thinkers – that is why so many of them think that Trump is The Great White Hope when – in reality – he is a Great White Dope.

  5. Integration is like approaching light speed, no matter how much energy you use, it stays frustrating out of reach

  6. I’m not really sure what is the point of this article. We’re not going to go back to total segregation. If it bothers someone so much, then they should move to a Whiter county, state, town, or city.

    The founders brought Black people here centuries ago, like it or not, for African Americans this is much their country as it is ours. Blacks have been about 13% of the population since almost forever and their numbers are not growing.

    Hispanics on the other hand have one of the highest birth rates in the world, they invaded our country. Unlike Black people who were brought here against their own will, Hispanics are told they are not welcome and yet they break our laws and just waltz in like they own the place. At least Black people speak English.

    As far as I’m concerned, we’re full as a country. We don’t need to import the third world for more crime and for them to steal our jobs.

    For the record, I am pro-mass-incarceration and pro-law enforcement. There are a lot of assholes in America and lot of them need to be in jail.

    • @Gryphon…

      “The founders brought Black people here centuries ago, like it or not, for African Americans this is much their country as it is ours. Blacks have been about 13% of the population since almost forever and their numbers are not growing. ”

      Yes, if you are a Southerner, then you live in a culture that has been profoundly influenced by Blacks, from the old mansions they built, such as the one in which my wife and I live, to the daily fare of fried foods, or the music and the folksy ways of our Dixie.

      I live in an area that is the old plantation belt of North Carolina, and, as such, it is majority Black.

      Though some of them are lamentable rejects, that must be continually incarcerated, many are fine folks with good Christian hearts.

      Whether we like it or not, the American Experience has been profoundly influenced, and contributed to by Blacks, and it is important to respect that, no matter what our feelings are about having them here.

    • I don’t know @Gryphon. I would have agreed with you a couple of years ago and thought the white ethnostate guys were just living in their own world, but as things progress at this rate, people breaking off to form their own countries or cities seems to be a no brainer. That is the point we are at, and it seems mostly blacks are the ones pushing for it hardest. You can’t have total black on black police in the current system. Also, black police chiefs and mayors are over represented as is.

      The only way to prevent it would be through a massive show of federal and state force, which isn’t going to happen

  7. I don’t believe the goal has ever been equality, at a sub-conscious level. This pattern of behavior of obsessing over blacks and their place in society is clearly a form of insanity. What is certain is that blacks are programmed for local dominance by hook or by crook, not for civilization. They will never be satisfied that whites are not racist because they know instinctively what they want to do with whites. The best sort of “relationship” for blacks is slave-owner / slave where the “old folks” are like grandparents caring for the slaves and keeping them busy and productive, helping them with their families, and ultimately backed up by absolute power. That sort of situation in black belt areas would naturally re-establish itself if political economy and economics were suitable for it.

  8. Yet another great read. The Americans who founded this country and the South did a very ignorant thing years ago. We should have never ever had African slaves in our Land. That was one of the most ignorant things White People ever did in the history of the World. It not only was wrong but it was a form of race treason. It make White People dependent on African Slaves. That’s a very bad idea. I don’t personally buy the whole White Supremacy argument that our enemies bring up about Slavery. They can quote whoever saying something racial about owning Slaves. However it’s bogus. Slavery was 100% about being greedy. That being greedy made people follow along with race treason. Does that mean we should just dump all American and Southern history? Nope! Because even though Slavery might have played a role it wasn’t supported by everyone. Many people not only was against Slavery but probably had no interest in Africans and others living on this Land. The White Nationalist Movement has really been a fixing of many problems our Ancestors created by having Slaves. Many people back in the day would have agreed with us on White Nationalism. As for the Confederacy I think many good people in the South realized that Slavery was wrong and that many Blacks loved the South. Those Black Southerners fought along with Indians, and even a few Hispanics for Southern Independence. The past could have been a White America in the early days. However that didn’t happen because of Slavery. However I’d say those different races fighting with White Confederates shows that the South is a very unique place in the World. Deo Vindice !

    • @Mr. Pace…

      “As for the Confederacy I think many good people in the South realized that Slavery was wrong and that many Blacks loved the South. Those Black Southerners fought along with Indians, and even a few Hispanics for Southern Independence.”

      Yes, a very little known fact, My Friend, and one which troubles so many to hear about…

    • Yes mr.pace, i certainly regret the fact that those sea faring yankees in their yankee ships , sailed over to africa buying those people from those traiterous african scalawags, then bringing them back here and reselling them too our labor starved fat cats. Yes mr.pace i find it very regretable.

  9. Blacks in the South seem like they may be easier to control and re-domesticate at some point as mentioned above. I’m afraid that in Northern cites like Baltimore, New York City and Detroit, getting them back under any kind of semblance of control is a lost cause. They are beyond that point and filled with pure hate.

    At some point something will happen and it will be big. This could be the start of it. There is no reasoning with the niggers. They only understand force. Our ancestors understood this and had little to no issues keeping them in line and under control. And arguably the black savages of their day were much more wild and violent as they were fresh out of the African mass murder jungles and plains.

  10. “Gunnar Myrdal”

    I often wonder if the wretched state Sweden finds itself in today is due to Almighty God cursing Sweden for unleashing Myrdal upon Americans.

    Sweden has gotten so bad that Norway even threatened to shut their border with them!

    P S. People are always complaint about Ango-Puritans, Jews, and Catholics but Myrdal makeszme think there is something wrong with regular (non-Puriran) Protestants.. Suicidal altruism? It is like the classic Pogo cartoon. ‘We have met then enemy, and it is us!’

  11. Racial conflict and racial integration are two “opposite” tactics with the same purpose: to keep the multiracial American masses confused and subdued, and the elites in control.

  12. Contact Theory?

    College football, like the Big Ten, just helps breed more overweight Negroes who will need healthcare because of their lifelong obesity.

  13. Groups tend to self-segregate, which is why school and neighborhood desegregation has to be forced, through busing black kids to White schools and putting Section 8 developments in suburban areas. All we need to stay separate is a lack of interference from gov’t and NGOs/foundations. Which is a lot to ask for these days, but normies seem to be tiring of having to deal with the (almost entirely) negative effects of enforced multicultural programming. A few politicos and voters with the spine to say no to the obviously phony Kumbaya Utopia our betters want to shove down our throats is all it would take.

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