Donald Trump’s “Platinum Plan” For Black America

Last night, I sat at home, watched Tucker Carlson’s show and continued to scroll through Twitter and observe the chaos that Black Lives Matter and Anitfa were unleashing in Louisville and other cities around the country in response to the grand jury’s decision in the Breonna Taylor case.

In Portland, they set fire to the Portland Police union hall again. In Los Angeles, they tried to pull a man out of his car and kill him. In Louisville, they took over a Unitarian church and kicked out all the White people and tried to set the city library on fire. There were Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests elsewhere in the country which descended into violence. It has been going on for months now.

President Trump is currently in Atlanta to sell his “Platinum Plan” for Black America. The polls are close again in Georgia, not because blacks have become more numerous, but because he has lost so many White voters. Former Sen. Johnny Isakson won Georgia by 13 points in 2016 while Trump only carried Georgia over Hillary by 5 points. Trump had the same problem with White voters in Texas.

FOX News:

President Trump’s plan for Black America designates the KKK and Antifa as terrorist organizations and calls for making lynching a national hate crime, while pledging to increase access to capital in Black communities by nearly $500 billion, Fox News has learned. …

The president is expected to tout the plan as “a bold vision that we can and will achieve over the next four years.”

The president’s plan, according to the campaign, will increase access to capital in Black communities by almost $500 billion, help to create 500,000 new Black-owned businesses, and help to create 3 million new jobs for the Black community. …”

You might want to take a look at this.

In order to win the black vote in the 2020 election, Trump is offering to …

  • Prosecute the Klan as a terrorist organization.
  • Make lynching a national hate crime.
  • Make Juneteenth a federal holiday.
  • Expand the First Step Act by “continuing to make historic improvements in the criminal justice system.” More hardened black criminals will be let out of prison.
  • Replace the “failing public schools” with school choice so that more black kids can attend the private schools that White parents pay for because the public schools (more on that later) were ceded to them decades ago.
  • $500 BILLION DOLLARS in capital for Black communities.
  • $40 BILLION for black contractors.

Who is being lynched in 2020? Jussie Smollett? Bubba Wallace?

What about “identity politics”? I thought the GOP was against playing “identity politics” and in favor of preserving “the American way of life.” So you are doing that by offering to invest $500 billion dollars in the black community and by making Juneteenth a federal holiday?

Who is being terrorized by the Klan in 2020? No one. It is Black Lives Matter that has been terrorizing the country for the past four months (two cops were shot execution-style in Los Angeles and two more were recently shot in Louisville), but President Lawn O’rder can’t do anything about that except tweet because it would offend the black voters that he is pandering to here. He also promised to label Antifa a “domestic terrorist organization” months ago which also predictably went nowhere.

What is actually being done though? Black criminals are actually being released from federal prison because the political capital of the 2016 election was spent on the First Step Act. White Nationalists like the Rise Above Movement, Atomwaffen, James Fields, Jack Corbin and Christopher Cantwell are actually being prosecuted by the DOJ and FBI and sent to prison for shitposting, internet flame wars, making crank calls, handing out fliers, unmasking Antifa or for defending themselves against them.

There are no “Klan terrorists” in 2020. Who do you think is going to be labeled a “terrorist” and prosecuted by the Trump Justice Department? It will be more people sharing memes, cracking jokes or engaging in flame wars that can be taken out of context by the DOJ and FBI. Two years ago, I went on Christopher Cantwell’s show The Radical Agenda to argue with him about supporting the GOP in the 2018 midterms. Cantwell’s position at the time was that we had to stop the Democrats. My position was that Trump’s Justice Department was prosecuting the Rise Above Movement and that we shouldn’t reward them by voting for them. Cantwell himself was later arrested by the FBI and is going on trial in federal court. Paul Nehlen and members of the Bowl Patrol have testified against him.

You may have noticed that Atomwaffen has also disappeared. Atomwaffen was taken down by the FBI through red flag laws, possession of marijuana, distributing posters and “conspiring” on the internet “to intimidate journalists and activists with whom they disagreed.” In spite of all the internet hysteria from Andrew Anglin, they weren’t actually doing anything and certainly nothing anywhere remotely close to what Antifa and Black Lives Matter have done for months now. After the El Paso shooting, dozens of White Nationalists were arrested by the FBI as part of Barr’s crackdown on anti-Semitism.

What is the Platinum Plan for White America? There isn’t any plan at all for White America because Trump and the GOP can take their support for granted. He just has to keep tweeting Lawn O’rder. White Nationalists are going to vote for Trump and the GOP anyway even though he promises to do nothing for them and send them to prison in order to pander to blacks who aren’t going to vote for him.

Note: I was already planning to sit out the 2020 election. I still think that is the best decision and especially after this.

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  1. Six Gorrillion Bajillion Dollars for Negroes.

    I realized, it is worse than being Israel’s bitch he’s never actually said a bad thing about Nogs.

    What if he’s always been some kind of housebroken cuck negrophile? What if he’s always let groids run trains on his various wives and just watched and enjoyed? The degredation of the man may be so far gone we do not understand the depth of the depravity.

  2. LETS GOOOOOOOOOO. Fuentes and the MAGAtards are in their glory, because G-d emperor Blormpf is owning the libs by showing the LGBTs and blacks how much he loves them. “Walk away from the DemoRats my Afro brothers and sisters and trans gay catbois”.

    Who is advising this man? Is it Kushner and then Trump puts his addition by naming it? “Great plan Jared. I am the branding genius here, so lets go with “Platinum Two Piece with a side of Trump Freedom fries”. We did it again. Winning”.
    I have had enough. The Charlie Kirk Tweet stream actually did me in this time as the DR3 moronic ownage was just too much this time. Any white person or Christian who votes for this jerk off deserves what they get “TERM TWO: Trumps Rainbow army and Boogie Lou too”

    • Last time blacks and afros put Donald over the top in razor narrow margin within key states. Donald understands that this is the war and only thing that counts, is victory.

      High IQ whites will vote for dementia en masse so Donald needs again some 10 000 sexual predators or Jews or afros to get his 0.1 % in key states.

      Immigration is one of the most voted things in last 50 years and we must accept the bitter truth that most of the whites are cucked filth who will never wake up so it is useless to appeal to them.

      Name me one single politician in the whatever white country who run on the pro white platform and won ? Once were times when white countries were actually white., many people tried to save them but high IQ white people voted every last of them out of office.

      This is the reason why pro whites desperately need our own Antifa . Normie does not think, Normie is only afraid. Normie understands only punishment reward system. Some things get rewarded, some things get punished. W

      We need our own Antifa and we need also weasel words. Hard words with hard punishments. Normie must know that he must be hohohey to succeed and can never ever be heyheyho. to keep his job and avoid the jail. No explanation needed.

      Commies understand this and this is the reason why they are winning.

    • We live across from one of the only sodomite couples in Morgantown, WV – they just put up a big “Trump 2020” flag today.

  3. I am voting for Trump, not the Ho. You do understand that the alternative to Trump is Ho Harris, right?

    In fact I already voted for him. Probably they will throw it out, lol, but I can check it and make sure I get my vote counted.

    That thingy for the joggers you wrote about, agree is very cringe. Hopefully after the election he will forget about all that.

    • Ive been waiting to dust this one off. OK BOOMER @Thim . You are owning those Lintards with your “Joe and the Ho” shirt from the TPUSA merch store. Don’t question or object to this nonsese, just resign yourself to “I have no choice if I want to keep grilling”

    • the Congoid Harris hates us, but

      cannot betray us. The

      Jew-stooge Drumpf hates us

      and betrays us.

    • 1) “Incredible footage- Los Angeles motorist is swarmed by thugs who try to pull him from his car. Yet he’s handcuffed after escaping by @LAPDHQ.”

      – James A. Fields, Charlottesville, 2017. You didn’t listen then…. did JEW? And only NOW, you’re complaining!?!?! Where were you, America, in 1965 during the ‘long, hot summer’ of the Watts Riots, when Niggers last ran amuck?
      George Floyd, all over again, and again, and again, and again………

      Ivan- “Lyndon Baines Johnson knew that he was buying The Black Vote for decades to come, and said as much, when he signed both the Civil Rights’ Act into law and then authored what he regarded as his ‘Great Society’ welfare reforms.”

      You may be right. But “how many times must a man sell his soul, before he is free to BE a man?”

      2) In order to win the black vote in the 2020 election, Trump is offering to …

      – Prosecute the Klan as a terrorist organization.
      – Make lynching a national hate crime.
      – Make Juneteenth a federal holiday.

      WTFern? Did WE ever ask for this? Or is this Son-of-a-B-word such a political WHORE, that he would do this? He would. At least MILO affirms his degenerate desire to be effed by Blacks……Trump should ‘come out of the closet,’ if this is his heart’s desire.

      God have mercy on this nation. Because I, like Elvis, am LEAVING THE BUILDING… as soon as I can. And praying that God bring down Judgment on this nation, if He will not give Repentance. The Rubicon has been crossed- it was crossed in 1965, frankly. It’s only taken me this long to realize we are on the ‘LOSING SIDE OF HISTORY’ – and his name is Donald J. Trump.

      3) “I am voting for Trump, not the Ho. You do understand that the alternative to Trump is Ho Harris, right?”

      As a Christian, and a man, I HAVE to vote for the more biblically ‘qualified’ leader, IF I AM ABLE TO VOTE- just as I did against Hillary the Ho’ in 2016. BUT DAMMIT, THIS BASTARD IS A NUT CASE! (See point 2, above)

      4) What does this mean to me?

      Fieldsian said it: “Zlormpf would lose resoundingly if Antifa/BLM would just go away. These idiots help him. If the liberal mainstream media just got back to where they were before Obama it would do the same. The corruption of the Deep State also helps Zlormpf. They all elicit sympathy for the Orange Retard and push many voters into a box where they feel their future existence depends on Zlormpf winning while Zlormpf doesn’t give a f*** about anything except winning which is why he is offering reparations to Black America which is anathema to his base.”

      And before all, above all, behind all, and because of it all…. are Die Juden.
      May God damn them all- for every perversity, atrocity, theft, murder, killing, abortion, and evil deed they have done, and have encouraged men to do, for their complicity in the genocide of the Adam of God, and above all, for the crime of Deicide- for which there is never atonement!
      Anathema, Anathema, Anathema!

      • Dr John, you have stated my same thoughts with precision but as is your style using more colorful language. Trump and his team are nothing more then a cosmetic To be applied short term on an ugly face.

  4. Zlormpf zlormpfing……

    What an idiot. How is the KKK a terrorist organization?

    Terrorizing forest animals and bugs with burning crosses?

    Zlormpf would lose resoundingly if Antifa/BLM would just go away. These idiots help him. If the liberal mainstream media just got back to where they were before Obama it would do the same. The corruption of the Deep State also helps Zlormpf. They all elicit sympathy for the Orange Retard and push many voters into a box where they feel their future existence depends on Zlormpf winning while Zlormpf doesn’t give a f*** about anything except winning which is why he is offering reparations to Black America which is anathema to his base.

    To be honest, I have thought about voting again for Zlormpf due to how far the Left has gone even to the point of them now actively trying to steal the election. But, the Orange Retard never fails to deliver the goods…..


  5. I look forward to the idiot shills yet again telling us why we must vote for Trump, the Great Betrayer. After all of the broken promises and persecution of Whites, why? Because Dementia Joe and Camelatoe will hate us more? What will they do, use the DOJ to come after us dissidents? That’s already being done. Will fighting back against their White-hating shock troops get us in trouble? We’re already seeing that, too. They’re all our enemies. I won’t participate in a process that legitimizes our destruction. I will enjoy watching them continue to tear each other apart, however.

  6. Lyndon Baines Johnson knew that he was buying The Black Vote for decades to come, and said as much, when he signed both the Civil Rights’ Act into law and then authored what he regarded as his ‘Great Society’ welfare reforms.

    That so, it only stands to reason that a canny Republican president would think to buy those votes back.

    Of course, there has not been a canny Republican President in a very very long time, a trend which President Trump, from the time he announced in 2015 with a totally politically incorrect speech, breaks.

    In the shortrun, these measures may look unseemly and unfair to some, though, in the longrun, it will do Whites much good, this because Blacks will no longer, as a hegemonick voting block, be beholden to those who are completely hellbent to dismantle everything our Founding Fathers built.

    Everyone needs friends and allies, and Whites, in this country, are no exception to that rule.

      • I must respectfully disagree here, Mr. Powell, their behavior will change significantly, it will get worse, much worse. Herr Trump knows this, too. He was a landlord in NYC who relentlessly discriminated against blacks/browns because they destroyed properties on a regular basis.

        Ask any landlord, he will tell you the same thing. Even black landlords, the very few out there would rather rent to White people to avoid the destruction of their investments. Trump knows better but President Jared calls the tune for Trump and Jared has been quoted as saying (in effect) that white people have nowhere to go; they will put down the beer and TV remotes, get off the BarcaLounger and drag themselves out of their double-wides to the voting booth to vote “R” because they are that stooopid.

        President Jared believes all White America is just like the characters on the Simpsons or ‘guests’ on the degenerate Jerry Springer Show.

    • When I was a young girl, in my inexperience and innocence I thought that the Civil Rights Act would do a lot of good because I thought. “Now blacks will be able to act like White people”. It didn’t take me long to get a few years under my belt and realize they will never act like White people, you may as well expect a pet hyena to act like a White. And if you think they are magically going to start voting for Trump because he tossed them some money and brown-nosed them, then you’re just as naive as I was when I was a little girl.

  7. I thought it was bad when I thought it was 500 million. 500 billion??? That is obscene! He may as well make it 500 trillion.

    It didn’t take long for Trump to make me hate him again. Cucker Carlson, Ann Coultard, and the other AmNats shills, Stay Off My Lawn!!! I’m Ridin’ With Biden.

    I was just taking a look at his Supreme Court pick, and yup, Haxo was right. She adopted two Hatians and is Catholic.

    Protestants are not allowed on the Supreme Court. Only Jews and Catholics are allowed, because they vote for open borders. Is there a Catholic/Jew conspiracy to blackball Protestants and turn America brown? It sure looks that way.

    • Protestants foolishly gave their nation away. Now they are being dominated and destroyed. Stupid actions have consequences. You are directly witnessing the death of a nation.

    • No church-going Protestant can be counted on to vote pro-life unless he’s somebody like Roy Moore in which case there’s no path to the Federal Judiciary. Jews can be counted on to vote pro-abortion, infallibly. It was the Protestants who decided to stick it to Catholics by supporting “decriminalizing” abortion as a way to differentiate themselves from Catholics.

      Gorsuch is not a practicing Catholic, neither is Justice Thomas. The writing was on the wall with Gorsuch when he ruled it was illegal to deport an illegal alien thief on spurious grounds. Gorsuch is the closest thing to a Protestant you have on there, old stock American, Boulder Colorado Episcopalian.

      • Gorsuch is not an old stock American, at best he’s an 1848er. Catholic refugees from the 1st Marxist revolution in Germany.

      • The Episcopal Church stopped being a Christian Denomination in 1976, with the supposed ‘ordination’ of four whores as Priestesses of Satan. It clearly picked up speed, and the corpse died somewhere around 2000-2005, with Robinson and Jefferts-Schori as the ‘two witnesses’…. from HELL.

        God damn this man,
        Oh, and Bishop Pike, who lost his drawers in the desert
        oh and Jefferts-Schori THE WHORE OF BABYLON.

        – whose mother was denied Christian burial for what her whoring daughter had done.. he he.
        “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.” Ps. 2:4

  8. Those are some really bad cops there arresting that motorist for trying to get away from Antifa and BLM thugs. Perhaps they were just following orders? Who made the call to arrest that motorist? If I were the motorist I would sue the city for failing to protect him against those criminals and making a wrongful arrest in the process.

    Am I supposed to be shocked over the platinum plan? Trump is virtue signaling like every politician does, it doesn’t necessarily make him a sell out.

    You seem to leave out extremely important facts: You keep saying Trump’s FBI is going after nationalists. It’s actually Christopher Wray’s FBI and it was Trump who demoted those FBI agents who declared that White Nationalists are the biggest terror threat. Trump hates Christopher Wray, he wants to get rid of him, but he can’t without being impeached again.

    Trump is not the deep state. The deep state is the deep state.

  9. “Haxo was right”. I have just consulted Mr. Angmark, and he replies

    “I don’t care about Barret’s religious delusions. The fact that she virtue-signaled her Jew paymasters/debtholders by adopting 2 niglets makes her a lethal anti-White.”

    hopefully the dems will filibuster this bitch right through the election.

    • Re: “adopting 2 niglets makes her a lethal anti-White”:

      I hadn’t paid any attention to her personal life. Hadn’t paid any attention to her at all. The very fact that she is being considered for the SCOTUS is all that I needed to know.

      • I didn’t even know who the nominee was going to be until AFTER I read that Mitt Romney said he was on board with Trump’s nominee. I knew right then that he/she/they was going to be a bum.

    • Has anyone ever seen you and Haxo in the same place at the same time? Without the benefit of potent mind-altering substances?

  10. I’m not voting federally, just state and local level. Especially after the Confederate bases issue, the GOP can s my d.

  11. The Almighty U.S. Dollar is fiat currency, the Devil produces as many dollars as he wants and gives them to whoever he wishes and we pay the debt. The billion-dollar Platinum Plan to win Black votes is cheap. Shouldn’t we be focusing our attention on the REALLY expensive, TRILLION-dollar, PLUTONIUM Plan (a.k.a. Enriched Uranium Plan) to conquer the entire WORLD?

  12. I did hear him say that he axed the plan whereby the feds establish huge Section 8 housing units in majority white areas to make it more diverse and hence more blue and democratic. Had HRC won Juan Castro would have been in charge of that via the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Rest assured it is coming back when Trumpism peters out either in 2020 or 2024.

  13. This is the final straw. I won’t vote Dem but I AM NOT voting Trump. No way, no how.

    The nation is toast. Black, crumbly, flaming toast.

    It appears to me that v******e does indeed work.

  14. Let the tribe just Romanov the entire blumpf family already, I Don’t care anymore

    Romanovs weren’t based by the way Don’t let wignats mislead you on this. I recently read about their betrayals to the Russian empire they gulag’d many Russians, poles, ukrainians and other slav ethnicites too for minor grievances. Also they kept clever based joos in their inner circle and dismissed concerns of the violent Bolshevik uprising from royal family advisers. Too busy counting their money like corrupt rich royals are only good for

    • Chapter and verse, please. I don’t believe it. The Romanovs (at least the late Saint Czar Martyr and his family) were not these ‘great Satans’ you seem to view them as. Of course, your sources could be godless Jews, and therefore, suspect. Your own confession (or lack thereof) might also (definitely does) influence how you see godly men and women. Just sayin’

  15. At the beginning of these riots on another site I said that these riots are a constant theme in contemporary American society. They represent nothing more then the black communities, with the help of theIr suicidal maniac allies, taking hostage the society and offering it back with the payment of a ransom. It will happen again as soon as this ransom payment Is consumed and it becomes necessary again to fund their short term desires. It will not ever stop. Months of destruction and the payoff begins. What a mess of a country we have become.

      • Meh. In a two party system, where both sides are in the pockets of the same rich donors, our choices remain dumb and dumber.

        I will be voting for the dumb choice – Trump – since the dumber choice will ultimately be the Harris Administration. Trump’s follies might have pushed me into the Democrat Camp had Biden found a woman who does not sound like she is constipated, on the toilet, and working hard on a big turd.

        Banned Hipster was absolutely right about Trump being a Likud Agent. He shouldn’t have had to but probably should have pointed out that meant Trump would be George Dubya Shrub on steroids. Americans know we screwed up big time Americans screwed up by allowing Dubya “Shrub” Bush to win the presidency over Al Gore. But JURIS CLYTEMNESTRA is still out on Trump.

        I scoff at Trump’s token gesture of declaring the KKK bogeyman as a terrorist group. I doubt even Trump is stupid enough to believe they are a threat that wasn’t eliminated over thirty years ago. That is Centrist Theater. As for all those Alt Right who got arrested; I have to wonder if they weren’t manipulated by government agent provcateurs to feel empowered before they actually were.

        Even the Normies got stupid over Trump, marching over free speech, apple pie, Old Glory, and our Dear Leader, thinking Trump would be a much more righteous autocrat or something, only to get their heads kicked in by the loony left, while the police stood by and did nada damned thang.

        Until Pro Whites control the offices who run the police and military payroll that isn’t going to change. Ever. That’s one thing Josef Stalin was canny enough to figure out before he took control of the Soviet Union and liquidated his enemies. He controlled payroll, because even in a communist country, money talks, bullshit walks … right into the gulags.

        I also don’t know why folks here are losing their minds over the Platinum Plan. The Danegeld paid to the Vikings by the Franks held real value. With all the trillions squandered to pay off banks that were “too big to fail” and shutting down the economy like hysterical idiots, those 500 billion Trumpbux will might as well have be printed in Zimbabwe.

        And the Trump administration rounding up non-self-loathing Whites to pacify Blacks who never voted for him is less likely than The Harris Administration “affirmatively furthering fair housing” by building projects in the suburbs while imposing Critical Race Theory on everybody, i.e. the death of a thousand psychological cuts. After all, who does Trump expect to pay for his “Platinum Plan?” Hindus? Asians? Hispanics? People, PLEASE. Can’t do that if most White people are in FEMA camps, can he?

        If the country goes “Ridin’ With Biden,” the “True Conservatives” will complain but will knuckle under and tone police Whites and punch Right the way they always do. White America will slowly be crushed like a rabbit in the coils of a boa constrictor and will die, not with a bang, but a whimper. Brad, you have a small son, with his own stake in the future. Are you okay with that?

        Another Trump win will sound a loud, much needed message that Whites may not rumble in the streets against BLM and ANTIFA, thanks to the police being on the leftist payroll, but we can and will pursue our own interests by rioting in the ballot box.

        I am confident, after the excesses of BLM and Antifa that many more “go along to get along” Whites have been pushed to race realism. I also believe that they will be joined by Non-Blacks who did not come here to watch these two groups turn the country they fled 3rd-world shit-holes from into Haiti.
        Large numbers of Whites are missing from Biden events. Guess what? So are Hispanics. And many other groups.

        Even though the DOJ and FBI had to CREATE the Boogaloo Bois from some smart-ass prank on Reddit, the smartest, most dangerously subversive thing the Alt Right have done to date is just letting BLM and Antifa burn it all down over the heads of virtue-signaling, disingenuous White liberals and all those POC living in Leftist run enclaves over scum of the earth like George Floyd.

        Remember that perception is EVERYTHING in politics, even if it’s false. Yes, Trump may not have the Alt Right Vote, but has a great chance of winning reelection not only by Whites who have nowhere else to go, but Whites in leftist enclaves scared to death by The Kracken unleashed by their own folly. As well as by pandering to Non-Whites and by those Non-Whites who want to continue to enjoy the benefits of a White society with its machinery maintained by those who created it.

        That is NOT the narrative the Butt-Hurt media and the Democrats will be running with. It will be White racist, zenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic Anti-Semite Trump got back in thanks to WHITELASH On Steroids, blasted all over America. WE know that, alas, nothing can be further from the truth with Trump, BUT that’s not how it will be perceived and that’s what is important.

        The Alt Right screwed up after the LAST election, not necessarily by voting for Trump to begin with, but for falling for the perception that Trump WAS Pro-White rather than just curbing their enthusiasm until the next presidential election and quietly vetting Pro Whites. Just because WNs know better now, doesn’t mean we still can’t just let it stand. Just don’t be the proverbial drug dealer who liberally helps himself to and gets high off his own stash this time and we will be fine.

        The Democrats (who talk a mean game, but are clearer-eyed, pragmatic race realists rather than the Repubican “True Conservaties” who guzzled the SJW Koolaid and are still gushing over the sainted Doctor King though it never got them Black votes) will be forced to realize BLM and Antifa hurt them more than helped them. This will get them back to competing for OUR vote in earnest, which is what we want.

        The Clinton Administration, corrupt as it was, had two great things going for it. Clinton was an unabashed, unashamed open draft dodger whose administration’s biggest accomplishment was keeping America out of Iraq and it was on the list even then Also, the Clintons cracked down on street crime. They WERE the Law and Order Administration even as they mouthed SJW platitudes.

        We don’t need philosophical ideologues, blathering about limited government and “muh Constitution. We need transactional candidates who want to remain in power and get filthy rich until they assume room temperature and who will enact what is beneficial to Whites in order to keep in power for life. Like the Clintons did when it came to dealing with super-predators in the nineties.

        Now we come to the part of my post where I point out that old saw about History not necessarily repeating itself, but rhyming. I was in junior high when Nixon called out the National Guard who shot and killed the Kent State University rioters. The fall-out was NOT explosive riots, it was NOT Nixon being shot for allowing Americans to be killed. The only response was some whiny, mealy-mouthed song by Neal Young and then the radical left and aggrieved Negroes calmed down. Nixon was later impeached, but for Watergate, not Kent State.

        If BLM and Antifa riot as expected after Trump wins, then he will be able to deal with them like Nixon did with the Kent State Yippies. I might add that, after making the usual overtures to Snivel Rights, Nixon rightfully saw his landslide victory as a mandate from Americans to “do something” about rioters. After US Marshalls start putting Antifa and BLM looters against the wall and shooting their happy behinds, even the NFA Black militia are going to calm down. Bet on it.

        Brad, you can and will do what you want, but I feel you are too bitter over Charlottesville and its aftermath to look at the big picture. Trump IS the Accelerationist Candidate that we have been looking for. This country not only needs an enema but an emetic. Trump is just what the doctor ordered.

        Trump drives both the Never Trump Republicans and Loony Left into such a mindless rage that they are making serious missteps that already boomerang on them. Trump has proven that you can’t kill the Hydra by lopping off its heads, but you can get it so rattled that the heads start biting each other and that’s how you destroy the Hydra.

        The establishment will get ultimately get Trump out of office – not as soon as they would like -but in their attempts to destroy him, they will destroy their own power base – something that would have never happened if they had just flattered this vain clown and made him feel like part of the club. THEY were and are a bigger problem to us then a temporary office holder like Trump.

        Yes, I totally sympathize with your anger at and disillusionment with Trump, but, like it or not we are in it for the long game. So, it’s a question of whether you want to win where you can and not feel so good about it, because the end, however long that takes, justifies the means, or do you want to lose with honor?

        I thought I’d give you the perspective of someone whose maternal line spent centuries, dealing with ethnic cleansing and invasions from countries wanting to expand their borders, and having to get down and dirty and make all kinds of temporary truces and compromises, because defeat was not an option they could live with. Literally.

        I am elderly, but I also have a stake in the future, young adults in my own family who want to have their own children. I am not a man, who ascribes to some outdated code where the winner beats the loser’s ass and then buys him a beer.

        This Old Bitch intends to fight dirty; scratch, kick, bite, gouge, claw and go for the jugular, because the threat to our childrn is existential. It’s past time we stop paying lip service to this idea and believe it. It’s gone past the point of hyperbole. I can live with knowing I have compromised any and all principles about Muh Values, Muh Constitution, fair play, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum, I can sleep quite soundly at night with the knowledge that I secured a strong foothold in the future for them.

        Peace Out.

        • Ms. Nestra (assuming the name) you write a darned good comment! But one thing there is, that I asked, that has not yet been answered: “Brad, you have a small son, with his own stake in the future. Are you okay with that?”

          I alluded to that during the Coronaporn phase of Mr. Griffin’s ‘tepid spring’ and was banned for a while. I, too, wonder how and where ‘HW’ is going to coalesce his Bachelor’s history awareness, with his own generational future. Thank God, our kids are grown and gone, but one still worries about the grands…and one’s genetic future (as well as their souls). And Christendom/Western Civ, thereby.

          We can no longer think kindly about ANY race not our own, about ANY culture not ours, and about ANYONE’s ‘chillun’ if they AIN’T OUR OWN. “But is is good for Whitey?” should be our modus operandi- every. single. time. Fight Talmudic ‘fire’ with Greek fire, eh?

          AH was right – about a LOT of things, in other words.

          • I am afraid that a lot of the problems of American White Nationalists has to do with being raised on television where the malefactors are brought to justice and any issues and hard feelings are resolved, and Virtue triumphs by the time the sixty minute episode (minus twenty minutes worth of commercials) is wrapped up.

            Logically, we are not stupid; we know that such a quick outcome isn’t realistic, but on some subconscious level we have been trained to expect it, because we become disappointed and impatient. It’s like we’ve been narcotized on some street drug or something, I guess.

            Despite the War Between the States, White Americans were blessed to live in a country smack dab in the middle between two weak countries and two big oceans. The WBTS or the North’s War of Southern Aggression, as Brad would put it is Brad’s family history and regional experience and affects his POV which I respect, BUT:

            This isn’t 1861; this is heading toward 2021. This isn’t States Rights; this is Balkanization resulting from third world colonization and this has been reframed as Mississippi Burning forever, because the Usual Suspects’ Negro Shock Troops have been pushed to the forefront forever to distract White America from the REAL parallels we are facing.

            Pardon me if I make a general analogy, pun intended here. Trump is not General George “Cincinnatus” Washington. But he’s not General Benedict Arnold either. He’s more like General Wojciech Jaruzelski of Poland who crushed their Solidarity Movement in 1980. The leaders and many participants ended up behind bars.

            Now Brad would look upon that as a defeat, because it certainly wasn’t a defeat. But it kept the Russian tanks from rolling in and executing members of the Solidarity Union and years later, Lech Valesa replaced Jaruzelski as prime minister in 1989. But that was over forty years after Poland ended up under the Soviets’ purview. And before that Poland had been divided for hundreds of years by Austria, Germany, and Russia where everyone had to adapt the tongue of the country that controlled their section of territory.

            Juri, who is Eastern European sees it much more clearly, because his people lived with years of Balkanization where there was a takeover by an alien hostile elite central plan, i.e. the Soviet Union, who then moved foreign populations in, forcing a new language on them. Press one for English anybody?

            I would pay extra special attention to what Juri writes, because the realpolitik of what is happening right now speaks more to Juri’s history and experience than ours. Indeed, I strongly suggest people go over to Occidental Observer and review the articles involving what to expect in a communist takeover. Whether we like it or not, we are at the very beginning of a long game. We better start playing it like we mean it.

            There isn’t going to be any kind of country or democracy as we know it after this election, Trump or no Trump. I think we are in for interesting times and we need to be a lot more calculating in our thinking with the one burning issue: Is It Good For Whites at the back of our minds rather than these thin-skinned, knee-jerk reactions.

            Not suggesting that we grab our tiki torches and go marching in the street, but we need to be proactive, formulating every possible contingency plan available if we don’t want to see our chidren reduced to a despised and persecuted helot class in their own damn country.

          • Sorry, no edit key for the last post. I need to proof my writing better.

            I meant a defeat, because it was not a victory; i.e. the Solidarity Movement of Poland in 1980 (which was crushed by Polish Communist authorities).

  16. I am voting for Trump no matter what and so should any rational person because we will be dealing with things to be shocked about if you allow Biden and his boss, Kamala, to get in.

    The suburbs will be destroyed with even more diversity if Trump is voted out. Obviously the goal is to pour in more blacks and browns which means Democrats. And when dealing with wicked people that fills much of the Democratic Party, they will be happy when Whites are murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted even further.

    The Democrats will take down and certainly not advance any wall that has been put up no matter how slow you think Trump has been on it.

    Literally ten times more ” refugees” will be admitted in a Biden presidency as compared to now. Right now Trump is allowing in the lowest number ever.

    I can go on about judges, the second amendment, the first amendment but you get the point.

    The problem is the dissident right thought Trump was ” the” guy but in truth is a combination of patriot and bs artist. He is a real estate tycoon which means he hypes and bullcraps. Yet he also always showed signs of rational thinking and loving this nation.

    Do I think he is going to do a lot of the things listed above for blacks? No. I think he will do a percentage of it. What he is doing is trying to make his election easier in a very diverse country. Thanks to money whoring,
    rich, White people of both political parties importing one million or so legal immigrants and probably 20 or 25 illegal immigrants, whitey has to now grovel for non White votes. Throw in the utter absurdity of funding black and brown people to have kids thru welfare and food stamps, we are now where we are.

    Trump is part circus showman so I do not trust all he promises. But he has opened a door on a wall, slashing refugee admissions, changing who can come here legally and other things. A far more serious and younger person like Tucker would be a further advance of nationalist policies. Some may disagree but I would like to know what other Republican politicians fit into the Dissident Right’s thinking? Nothing can be done if you don’t get into office.

    • This is sensible. The situation is what it is and cannot be fixed through elections. Trump is about as good as we can hope for in terms of electoral politics.

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