Christopher Cantwell Found Guilty

I always thought the trolling and flame war that went on between Christopher Cantwell and The Bowl Patrol after Pittsburgh was dumb, but I never expected it would go this far.

CBS Boston:

“CONCORD, N.H (AP) — A federal jury on Monday found a self-proclaimed white nationalist who rose to prominence during a deadly 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, guilty of threatening to rape the wife of a man who was part of a racist group he felt was harassing and bullying him.

Christopher Cantwell, a New Hampshire resident and radio host, was arrested in January on federal charges of extortion, making threats and cyberstalking. He had pleaded not guilty.

The jury found Cantwell guilty of extortion and threatening to injure property or reputation, but not guilty of cyberstalking. He faces up to 22 years in prison. …”

The FBI used it as a pretext to bring federal charges against Cantwell who was arrested earlier this year in Attorney General William Barr’s big crackdown on White Nationalism. He was just convicted this morning. He faces 22 years in prison for nothing more than being a loudmouth who got triggered by a bunch of trolls who were infuriated when he tried to distance himself from them after Pittsburgh.

What about the people who have spent the last four months rioting and burning down America? How is it that the FBI and the DOJ can arrest White Nationalists who never leave their house like Christopher Cantwell or Jack Corbin for trolling people on the internet and throw the book at them on the flimsiest of pretexts, but they can’t do anything about Antifa who engage in an orgy of violence? Why is Donald Trump declaring the Klan a terrorist organization? What has the Klan done in the last 50 years?

Two years ago, I went on Cantwell’s show The Radical Agenda and argued with him about voting for the GOP in the 2018 midterms. Cantwell argued that we had to support the GOP in order to “buy us time.” I argued that what happened to the Rise Above Movement showed the Trump administration was trying to lock up White Nationalists. Now, Cantwell himself is going to prison because William Barr and the FBI have been trying to lock up as many White Nationalists as possible since the El Paso shooting. Atomwaffen was taken down by the DOJ for things like “intimidating journalists” and marijuana possession. One of the Bowl Patrolers who used to be on Gab was arrested through DC’s red flag law.

Why can’t the DOJ and the FBI arrest the Antifa ringleaders who have torched dozens of cities and who have turned New York City, Portland and Seattle into “anarchist jurisdictions”? It is because they don’t want to apply the law equally for political reasons.

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  1. The thing you fail to mention here, the thing that gets swept under the rug with this Cantwell thing, is that it was OTHER RIGHT WINGERS who brought charges against him.

    Trump, Barr, the US government… not nearly as dangerous to a right wing dissident as the threat of other right wing dissidents getting butthurt and doing what these Bowl Patrollers did. Cantwell brought it on himself, in part. But the fact still remains, the biggest danger to the far right is itself.

    • @Overit…

      It is true that we are all the greatest dangers to ourselves, as well as the fact that it is often the worst blows we receive in life come from those with whom we are most closely associated.

      This is why it is a common pattern with American Indian prayer to solicit The Grandfather in the sky to protect us from our greatest enemy – ourselves!

      • I think Ivan Turgenev is one of them. He always blames Whites and defends Jews. He always tells Whites to vote for Trump, when Trump’s family has connections to the Jewish state of Israel. He repeats a pack of lies about God talking to him, telling him to vote Trump. Only a Jew would repeat such blasphemy.

        Erik Striker says the following:
        “3) If some anonymous entity is encouraging illegal activity, keep your distance. If they try and entrap you or drag you into a flame war, just ignore it. Remember the FBI and DHS are under political pressure to arrest dissidents, they will go to any desperate low to do it.”

        Why is there such strong polictical pressure to arrest White Nats, when the commies and blacks are the ones rioting and burning the country down? It is because Trump is the one who is applying the pressure, while at the same time he is sending his minions to harvest “nazi” votes. Only the most evil swindler in the world would sink so low.

        Trump’s people are using the same salami slice tactics to put WN in jail, that the ADL uses to censor social media. The exact same salami tactics that the Jews use to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from their own land.

        For that reason I strongly suggest anyone who supports Trump should be banished. Anyone who blames Pro Whites for what the Jews who are in charge of the USA are doing to Pro Whites, should also be banished. Anyone who repeats “buying more time” should be banished.

        Also anyone who says we just have to shut up and wear nice clothes, and we will win, should be banned as an idiot or a shill. Every person in this country breaks at least 30 laws per day, due to so many laws on the books going back hundreds of years. If they want to get you for something they can and will.

    • 22 years is absurd. Did they prove he was going to drive to Idaho where Mosin Nagant lives to actually try and rape his wife? Of course not, this is purely political. Naturally, an obnoxiously loud-mouth yank like Cantwell probably isn’t doing himself any favors, but this is still BS.

      Free Cantwell

      • Yes “Free Cantwell,” and yes “vote Trump” … but what to do to FIX things? What to do to create and found an all white enlarged 2nd Confederacy where none of this “could” happen?

        Get the conversation going. We have barely 4 years to make it happen. See Bo Polny charts.

        • Organized Jewry is supreme, OJ is deep state. The whole US Govt is under the sway and in the thrall of Organized Jewry. Especially, the FBI, the CIA and the IRS.

    • @Overit

      The entire “right wing dissident” movement – including “white nationalism” and the “Alt-Right” – are all completely fake and just as “infiltrated” by the SPLC/ADL and the FBI as the Klan.

      It’s a complete trap, meant to corral a bunch of pissed off white men in order to make an example of a couple every year, in order to set an example.

      It’s been completely fake since the laughable clown – and FBI informant – George Lincoln Rockwell in the 1960s, who was working with J. Edgar Hoover to defame Southern segregationists.

      A consistent 60 year track record should really tell you something about “the movement.”

        • @Kronos

          The released FBI files where he is praised by his FBI handler for being so “helpful” and “cooperative.”

          Or, the fact that he was in constant contact with the FBI.

          This is well known, it’s been discussed forever, the FBI files have been released for well over a decade, and even friendly outlets like CC have been forced to cover it.

          Then there is also the fact that Rockwell’s “right-hand-man” – the one that was in charge of “propaganda” – meaning, who wrote the script – was a Jew, Dan Burros.

          I find it quite interesting that whenever this is brought up, someone always posts this exact same line, including the silly initials:

          “Where’s your proof GLR was an informant?”

          It’s been posted, verbatim, on my own blog at least three times, by ostensible someone using three different handles.

          You would think “GLR” wouldn’t be relevant anymore – but I guess it is important for them to keep reeling in new suckers with this fake “movement.”

          • @Banned Hipster,

            Do you think it conceivable that the fbi doctored their documents to impugne the reputation of GLR? It’s not like Hoover and his merry band of G-men would consider such behavior as beyond the pale.

            For the sake of argument, let’s say that GLR was an fbi informant. Who inside of Rockwell’s ANP went to prison, or was otherwise ‘cancelled ‘ by his betrayal?

  2. It’ a message to Whites who will not give into being a Speckled Corporate Bean roasted by Starbucks.

    Memo to the government bullies : it won’t work.

  3. 22 years? Well he has more time now. Excuse my gallows humor, but I hate that buy more time meme.

    Anti-Fa are untouchable because they are funded, directed, and staffed by the ones that echo. The establishment is not going to send themselves or their children to jail.

    • @Mazzy…

      Anti-fa have been largely untouchable because they one of the irregular domestic miltias of The United States’ Government.

      Whether it remains that way, in a second Trump term, remains to be seen.

      • “Anti-fa have been largely untouchable because they one of the irregular domestic miltias of The United States’ Government.”

        Not the government, at least, not the formal government. More , a tribe that has insinuated itself into the government and operates both internally and externally to the government, zog!

        • @Arian…

          Thank you for your thoughts. Though I agree that Antifa is not ‘the formal government’, I must remind you that the ‘formal government,’ that calls itself The United States’ Government, works just as much through informal means as it does by the formal.

          That is something which too many of My Fellow Americans, are loathe to either see or accept.

          The division between the private sector and the public began to seriously disappear with The Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and only accelerated under Truman, when he established The Intelligence State, something which he later lamented.

          All the best to you1

  4. The Bowl Patrol were always Feds.

    I think our movement would be better off if trolls from 4chan had never glommed onto us.

    • This. There really are two main types of ‘racist’ in this world. Those who actually care about the future of their race and juvenile trolls who just get a kick out of saying forbidden slurs like ‘nigger’. The Bowl Patrol are either feds or contrarian losers who are just out to break societal taboos.

  5. To me this really is just a small preview of what is to come for most of us.

    I hope after my trial for wrong-think, hate speech and being racist(white) before i am executed- that my brain dead white guilt idiotic family with finally understand just how right i was all along.

    At this point i doubt any of us take any comfort in having “been right” about what is happening and likely coming at us very soon.

    God bless, stay strong and stay safe everyone.

    • @Jude…

      While I appreciate your candour and sharing your feelings of vulnerability with us (something we all have) we are not even a fraction as powerless as you seem to think.

      If you conduct yourself with the same politeness and respectfulness I see that you do here, you are not going to have any problems.

      Moreover, your assumption that those who are persecuting Cantwell will successfully maintain the same power platform that they currently have, to do such things, over the coming decades is just that – an assumption

      That, given the current shape of this country, would be quite unlikely, indeed.

      In any case, cheer up!

  6. Why shouldn’t we vote for Trump? This. You on his side support a coward, bully and liar going after his own, while he gives away the store in order to gain a few minority votes. Reparations for blacks, extra-large helpings of dot indians for Big Tech and latinos for the US CofC, while we get lowered wages and benefits and fewer opportunities. Plus the added bonus of being thrown into jail for freely expressing ourselves on the tribal nature of humans, and the basic differences between those tribes. We don’t even have to leave our homes to get the Ministry of Truth to come down hard on us. This is all being done to us by your hero, Trump.

    Speaking of homes, most young people don’t feel like it’s economically safe to start families, because they can’t afford houses. Not having access to capital through decent wages and job opportunities (or credit and loans they feel able to payback) will dampen the fires of ambition in that area. It doesn’t matter if Dementia Joe or Blompf is in office, not for those of us without the resources to payoff the pols. Neither is interested in preserving Western culture and civilization, protecting our “rights,” or doing anything besides serving corporate interests. One wants us to get a few more scraps off the adult table, which means little in the long run. Blompf is doing what he did in the months leading up to the ’16 election, making some of the right noises to appeal to the populist voting base, but we know how he rules in reality by now.

    Our future lies in rebuilding through initially gaining control of localities, and moving upwards from there. Without the resources of the elites, we will have to band together, start small, stay under the radar, and take our time. History favors the long game.

    • Ask yourself, what do Trump’s Jews want for white American gentiles? When has Trump ever acted without their approval?

    • @Boomer X…

      “Our future lies in rebuilding through initially gaining control of localities, and moving upwards from there. Without the resources of the elites, we will have to band together, start small, stay under the radar, and take our time. History favors the long game.”

      Yes, absolutely, this is the very same strategy that was employed against this country, going back well over a century ago, and is still employed today.

      It is the best strategy, and, completely in line with the Art of War, by Sun-Tzu, as taught at the Military College.

  7. Cantwell doesn’t deserve jail for the crime of being an internet tough guy.

    Too many fellows like Cantwell don’t understand political organizing, or even basic politics. Being a flash in the pan internet super-star isn’t the same thing as doing real political organizing. Cantwell as George Washington Plunkitt put it, did the sky rocket act.

    Even shrewd attention whores like Roger Stone often immolate themselves.

  8. Many of us avoided Cantwell because he lacked the judgement to avoid Bowl Patrol type morons to begin with. I feel awful for him but its also possible to not interact with this sort of nonsense obvious trap.

    • A little excited to see him locked up? Anywho Don’t talk to feds cantwell naively believed they would help him with his case and that the fbi would do something against antifa. Also don’t feed the trolls cantwell would foolishly engage with the Internet larpers and let them work him into a angered frenzy

  9. This is absurd. I don’t even like Cantwell, but he doesn’t deserve anything like this.

    It’s not the 90s/00s internet anymore. Playing internet tough guy can be against the law if you’re White.

  10. It is much much harder for the Jew power structure to punish an innocent Christian than it is for them to punish an innocent white nationalist. People empathize with the innocent Christ. Are you starting to think the whole white nationalist movement was a Jew instigated push to lead people away from Christ?

    • Elites always try to co-opt dissident movements, Robert. Always. Not only Joos, but all financial interests. The BIS and World Economic Forum are not exclusively Hebrew clubs. But their mutual desires do, of course, align more often than not.

      I’m not a supremacist; I just prefer my own, like almost everyone else. All races are, by natural inclination, separatist. Thanks to the elites’ self-destructive need to keep flooding their First World markets with more Third World spending units (the multicultural dystopia we now have), however, those of us aware of the danger are becoming more vocally separatist. That somehow makes us into dangerous psychokillers wanting to immolate anyone without pale skin, instead of merely sensible.

      An irony of this situation is, as we Whites get squeezed economically and culturally, many are looking to escape to non-White nations. Our dollars will be worth more than the local banana republic peso or shekel, even after an economic/societal collapse here. I’ve already moved away from a rundown, majority-minority neighborhood to a more well-off, more White area, yet I’m wondering if I’ve really gone far enough away. I don’t want to leave; I’d rather stay and do something to rebuild European society here. But I also get the feeling that the barbarians are too far past the gates for it to matter, most other Whites won’t fight back, and that it’s time to learn either Spanish or an Eastern European language.

    • @Robert…

      “Are you starting to think the whole white nationalist movement was a Jew instigated push to lead people away from Christ?”

      No, but when you move forward without Chryst you are susceptible to The Devil, and his minions, in a whole host of ways, one angle of which you correctly touched upon.

    • The Altright was likely a gay-op intended to snare as many White dissidents into open wrongthink so they could be doxxed, extorted into submission with the threat of doxxing, or outright destroyed. Guys like Cantwell are to serve as a warning to other Whites that you will not be treated fairly, and should just shut up. Chris was the perfect sperg to push buttons on. An alpha male with serious substance abuse problems and the inability to practice self discipline. I’ll miss his content, he at least never gave up.

      Its not for no reason that everyone else who was in the Altright has all of a sudden decided that the cool thing to do is nothing, to watch while our world burns. Its a position of pure convenience and self preservation. Wholly selfish, because none of them want to be next on the slab after Cantwell.

      The do nothing black pill argument that now pervades this thing is just the big mouths of the dissident right signaling to Zog that they aren’t a threat. Doing everything they can to suppress votes for Donald Trump is their self effacing obeisance, their genuflection to the powers that be.

      There is no resistance currently except from normies. Look at them organizing mass activism in portland. Look at the rallies for Trump. Armed men standing guard at local businesses like Kyle Rittenhouse. Community networks of concerned citizens are sprouting up all over the country.

      All of these are signs of organic resistance and none of them needed the “dissident right’s” permission to do it. I’ve got some faith left in the essential decency of common folks to arrest this situation still. For better or for worse, supporting Trump does give an outlet for that desire. If your argument is that Trump is just like Biden, that supporting him is just “Finkelthink” (the newest abstraction designed to give explanatory force to their increasingly dubious public positions), then it can’t hurt a thing to vote for him can it?

      These bloggers and podcasters no longer have the pulse of the middle or working class Whites anywhere.

      Let this sham die on the vine. A monument to autistic banality and myopia.

      The sooner this dies and can be dissected as another failed version of White Nationalism (like we have always done with WN1.0), the sooner we can start over with better, more courageous, more grounded and less autistic spokesmen. Preferably with less of this obsession with intellectualizing everything into pure nonsense.

      • “If your argument is that Trump is just like Biden, that supporting him is just “Finkelthink” (the newest abstraction designed to give explanatory force to their increasingly dubious public positions), then it can’t hurt a thing to vote for him can it?”

        No, the entire problem is that white nationalists in America have always supported the GOP instead of our own parties, like nationalists in Europe do. In European countries, nationalists have never even considered voting center right instead of having their own parties. Most European countries have nationalist parties that are now BIGGER than at least on traditional “major” party. Nationalists are a major force across Europe and close to taking power in many countries. But even when nationalist parties got only 1% of vote in these same countries, nationalists never even considered supporting the center right instead of their own parties.

        This is the biggest problem in America. We have to think long term. Finklethink works by stopping nationalists from laying the groundwork for future victory by telling them that the center right winning every election is a matter of life and death.

        • While I agree wholeheartedly with what you say, the Euro nationalists do have one advantage: proportional representation. The USA’s “winner takes all” setup makes it very difficult for third parties to wedge their way into actual decision-making.

          Which, of course, is an ideal setup for a two-“party” Uniparty to secure permanent, basically uncontested power.

    • @Nikandros…

      I don’t think it is a question of going forward ‘pacifistically’, Sir, but, rather, with decency and civility, as it ought to have been endeavoured, right from the first.

      Too many men use Far Right politicks as a medium to foist their sinful quandaries upon the world, instead of seeking redemption at church and counseling.

      This kind of thing (talking violence aggression) not only renders what one advocates anathema to ordinary decent folk, it also gives governmental-corporate-media daemons the perfect ruse to cover up their own diabolical behavior.

      We have been instructed by Chryst to fight, but, to do so in a way which changes the hearts of men, and this is 360 degree advice.

      Let The Left look heinous and vile, as they are, and trust to the hearts of our fellow countrymen to ascertain exactly what that is and what must be done about it.

  11. “For the violence He brought to charlottesville” unbelievable mental gymnastics being displayed by the long noses here. Did UTR not have a permit to be there? Was antifa not being aggressive and violent towards UTR attendees after useless pigs stand down by lefty mayors orders? And the piggies refusal to help UTR’ers safely leave the area and instead forced them through a gauntlet of antifa and blm mob out for blood?! Just who brought the violence to charlottesville again?! I’m just a humble observer to this chaos but its baffling how many lies and false biased narratives are being spun

    Also the fact antifa went to escalate violence with UTR armed with makeshift weapons and even assault rifles?! I truly hope the judges and all the libtard anarchists, journalists are cursed for this injustice unbelievable 22 years for a Internet flame war with larpers thats just crazy just wow

  12. So called ‘fascists’ forgot that there is strength in numbers and unity. Well, the National Justice Party hasn’t forgotten.

    Every week another ego-personality conflict arises in the ADR2 due to the extremely online nature of things and the general degeneracy, narcissism, atomization, powerlessness, and nihilism which infests the ranks.

    The National Justice Party is the only thing that has possible legs. Everything else piques temporal interest but like the ‘Radical Agenda’ is fundamentally impotent if not spiraled into the gravitational center of a higher collective purpose.

    Certain genetic ‘Islands’ can and do still supplement if the consciousness is resonant.

  13. “Two years ago, I went on Cantwell’s show The Radical Agenda and argued with him about voting for the GOP in the 2018 midterms. Cantwell argued that we had to support the GOP in order to ‘buy us time.’ ”

    I remember listening to this and thinking how weak of an argument that was. I think pretty much everyone knew Cantwell’s mouth was going to end up getting him trouble. For all the bad things that could be said about him, I’ll say that he was a ardent defender of free speech, something that apparently those Bowl Patrol faggots don’t share. I doubt the AmNats are any different to be honest.

    Any White person that is a Trump shill shouldn’t be trusted at this point.

  14. Anglin is gloating and taking a victory lap. Wouldn’t surprise me if he and weev were somehow involved in this.
    He might actually get the full 22 years too.


    “Contrary to the belief of some morons, being an FBI informant doesn’t protect you from being a target of the FBI.

    Famously, the neo-Nazi radio host Hal Turner used the fact that he was carrying out the orders of the FBI when he was threatening violence on his radio show as a defense in court, and the judge said it literally made no difference at all.

    Christopher Cantwell became an FBI informant following the events of Charlottesville, turning over many hours worth of bodycam footage to the feds which was then used to charge other rally attendees with fake crimes.”

    • Among his other conspiracy theories, Andrew Anglin told his audience for years that Cantwell was a “fed.” It was never true. Millions of people didn’t starve to death from the COVID-19 lockdowns either. Cantwell was just stupid enough to believe after Charlottesville that he could cooperate with the FBI to clear his own name and incriminate Antifa.

      • Someone who is unwittingly an FBI informant is still an FBI informant I believe. He may had naive intentions (or he could be lying), but his actions were that of an FBI informant.

      • Criminy, is this Gryphon Alinor one of Anglin’s cronies, if not the jew-negro midget himself? It would explain the Trump rah-rah stuff, the “infiltrate the conservatives” hints, and now the accusations of Cantwell being FBI.

        Well, I should say, the accusations of everyone the “right” or “nationalist” side of being FBI except for him.

    • Gryphon Alinor,

      Only feds, Jews, and presstitutes use the term “neo-Nazi.” Which one are you? Why trificate? Pehaps, you are all three. The trifecta of ZOG.

      • It appears to be Anglin or one of his cronies, if he still has any. The same pedophile midget who pushed nazi imagery the hardest is in no position to bash anyone over anything. Anglin was clearly always a bad actor whose only goal was to harm the pro-white movement.

    • All I did was quote and link a DS article and all of a sudden I’m supposedly Andrew Anglin himself or one of his acolytes according to a few.

      I’m not a supporter of Anglin, I read DS because it’s funny, informative, and witty. That being said, there are a lot of things I don’t agree with Anglin on and I’m certainly not as hateful towards other races as Anglin is. I think his misogyny is supposed to be satire, but I don’t approve of that as well, even as satire.

      I read Occidental Dissent because it’s a good read and I like the populist sentiment behind some ideas on the site. I disagree with HW and his readers on many things though.

  16. No matter what you think of this guy, his antics, his politics, you should be -very- fearful of what this portends for all of us.

    When taken in combination with the other cases of egregious anti-white bias from the past few months (the lawyers who were indicted, the guy that just killed himself from Tulsa, Rittenhouse, the lady that was harrassed outside her car and drew a gun, etc.) The writing is clearly on the wall.

    You live in an active Anarcho-Tyranny. That is your new system of government. It is open season on whitey and shut up and take it or go to jail. This includes whites being arrested for going to their kids’ baseball games maskless, praying, walking along the beach, etc.

    All forces are aligned against you. Media, society, academia, government, entertainment. All of it. Me? I’m actively looking to expatriate. I cannot live in and support a society that despises me where a scary number of people that look like me actively embrace their own genocide.

    For those of you who want to live through this waking nightmare, more power to you, but I know what a sinking ship looks like when I see it.

  17. “Lady Of Justice is wearing blindfolds is to represent objectivity and impartiality in matters of law and justice. In other words, this means, justice is objective. In other words, this means, justice is objective”.

    Our justice system is perverted and subverted by aliens.

  18. Anything beyond a short-term probation & anger management classes would be a grossly disproportionate sentence. The fact that 22 years is even possible for mere threats no matter how bombastic speaks volumes about our corrupt anarcho-tyrannical system.

  19. Maybe Cantwell was a fed tho, I don’t care if he was but why was he trying so hard to get that guy from bp in trouble with fbi and have him dox whoever that vic guy is?! I dunno the whole story but his threats were pedantic to say the least. Cantwell saw too many movies and likes to play tough guy and get people in trouble. Should of just blocked BP trolls or ignore their messages cause he wouldn’t be in jail right now thats forsure

    Btw Why the fragg was Cantwell on the colbert report in 2014? Whats up with heimbach and Cantwell being interviewed by journalists and shitlib celebrities like Chelsea handler and Stephen Colbert? starting to think the nationalist movement is one giant ghey op

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