Koch Network, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Rally Behind Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation

We promise.

It will be different this time.

The GOP isn’t going to nominate and confirm another solid pro-business judge on the Supreme Court under a disingenuous cloak of social conservatism.


“The political advocacy group backed by billionaire Charles Koch is officially launching their campaign in support of President Donald Trump’s latest nominee to the Supreme Court.

The Koch linked group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), moved ahead with what will likely be an expansive and expensive campaign for the organization to help push Trump’s nominee through the Senate. Trump on Saturday selected Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. …”


“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has begun mobilizing its resources and lobbying lawmakers and businesses across Washington to put Judge Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, with plans to launch a multi-step effort this week, sources familiar with the plans tell Axios.

The big picture: The effort comes as the traditionally conservative-leaning Chamber has faced weeks of intense backlash for its decision to endorse 23 vulnerable House Democratic freshmen in November. The criticism reached a fever pitch last week, culminating in a call from President Trump himself.

What we’re hearing: Similar to their previous pushes to help confirm Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, the Chamber plans to roll out a detailed campaign in support of Barrett, including …”

I’ve concluded that pointing these things out ultimately don’t matter. Even when people know they are being conned, they will go along with it anyway. They prefer illusions.

The social conservatism of these “conservative” judges is the bait. The fiscal conservatism is the hook. The Supreme Court has been controlled by Republicans for over 20 years and it has produced nothing but shattering defeats for social conservatives and victories for corporate interests. The same is true of the Trump administration and the GOP Congress. The bait of “National Populism” we were sold in 2016 turned out to be only the disguise for the tax cuts, deregulation and criminal justice reform.

Note: In 2020, the GOP is at least giving their voters fair warning that they are voting for the Platinum Plan for Black America. Criminal justice reform was snuck in during the lame duck session after the 2018 midterms which had been about stopping the caravans, social media censorship and Antifa.

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  1. “The Supreme Court has been controlled by Republicans for over 20 years”

    – Roberts is a liberal. So no, it hasn’t.

    “I’ve concluded that pointing these things out ultimately don’t matter. Even when people know they are being conned, they will go along with it anyway. They prefer illusions.”

    – Pointing what out? That the Koch brothers are pushing for a conservative justice? That’s the smoking gun? Nobody thinks she is going to ‘save the White race’, realists like myself have just been arguing that she will help protect the second amendment and side with nationalists on some issues like border enforcement.

    The ‘dissident right’, ‘alt right’ or whatever you want to call it is obsessed with punching right instead of focusing on the Marxists who are breaking everything.

    OK let’s say we do it your way. Ditch conservatism inc., stop voting, then what? Sit around and wait for a civil war to occur? It doesn’t sound like a strategy to me. You say you are not an accelerationist HW, but your entire world view leads to that conclusion, same with your followers.

    Instead of encouraging your followers to cheer for a collapse, tell your followers to embrace their community, homes, jobs, and families. There is more honor in working hard at your job, having your own home, and having someone who loves you than what you are proposing.

    • this anti-White lawyer bim w 2 adopted niglets (virtue-dignaling her Jew paymaster/debtholder) will cuck out like every other Republiscam .

      but keep on enjoying the punishment.

      • Depends.

        Without playing the system you will never get out from the dirt in the first place. It will be seen what Amy can do but without those two future Wakanda rulers she probably never got out from dirt in the first place.

        Like David Duke and a lot of other people demonstrated, it is impossible to take down Empire from the rural trailer park .

        Your own fellow white cucks vote you down like they did in the every last white country in the last 100 years. Because of that, every last pro White must a little weasel. Putin and Orban were both Soros cronies and Jewry appointees.

    • Conservatism Inc. is the source of our nation’s misfortunes. It imports vast hordes of brown workers to drive down wages, vast hordes of brown consumers to buy its plastic junk, and simultaneously works tirelessly to disarm the tribal survival instinct of White Americans with its ceaseless vomit of “colorblind” propaganda.

      The left, really, is only exploiting the mental and societal ruin the conservatives have as their guiding principles. Don’t get me wrong, they’re skunks of deepest whiff too, but the conservatives created these conditions by eradicating the previous racial and tribal solidarity of Whites in this country.

      The left is like the Chinese factories — sure, they’re willing to cynically send their Ching-Chong garbage here, but that wouldn’t be possible without someone here removing the country’s protections first by getting rid of tariffs and protectionist policies.

      In the same way, the Republicans have been abolitionist egalitarian reformers since the 1850s onward. They’ve neutered the tribal self-interest of Whites. The left has just come along to cynically exploit that by appealing to the non-neutered tribal self-interest of everyone else.

      The Republicans created the conditions which made it possible for the modern Democrats to successfully pursue the destructive policies they’ve pursued.

      But, go ahead and keep shilling for the useless conservatives who are the cause of this nation’s near-dissolution.

  2. “The social conservatism of these “conservative” judges is the bait. The fiscal conservatism is the hook”:

    Being a fiscal conservative (believing in and supporting de-regulation, bailouts and and lower taxes for the elites, and austerity for the masses, including privatization of public services and common property) is only one part of the “hook” needed to become a SCOTUS “justice”: What is needed is a proven track record of believing in and supporting all U.S. imperialism (the trillion-dollar endless global war “industry”); and the central, multi-trillion-dollar, “FIRE” (finance, insurance, and real estate “industries”); Zionism (of course, above all); and the domestic force “industry” (police, universal surveillance, mass incarceration, and millions of lawyers – almost one lawyer for every prisoner now). Whether a SCOTUS “justice” comes from the Republican, neo-conservative wing of the one-party system or from the neo-liberal, Democrat, wing of the one-party system, he or she must have been proven “capitalist to the bone” (to use Nancy Pelosi’s self-description).

    • It makes no practical difference whether a “justice” is socially conservative or socially liberal. There are many MUCH more important things to think about than the SCOTUS seat and the “election.”

      • Exactly. What cracks me up about these cuckservatives is that it used to be they were against big judicial power, yet now they seem to love it when the “right” people are being nominated.

        The SC has way too much power and has for quite a long time. A real conservative would be speaking on that.

    • Me too

      But somehow we can not go full McCarthyism and do what commies do. Search and destroy the traitors.

      This is the only and single cause why we are losing.

  3. Yes and I noticed one of her big family pictures has 2 Blacks in it showing just what she thinks about White People. I agree the Republican Party is all about being Social Conservative during campaign season or picking somebody for the Supreme Court. However the Republicans care nothing about Christians…only right wing libertarian Republicans who hate the Environment, Small Businesses, the South, and the White Working Class. Deo Vindice !

  4. Blacks got there platinum plan from looting, burning buildings and rioting but what about the small business owners who had there store torched to thw ground by blm and antifa?! Their careers are destroyed they can’t just start from scratch. The black platinum plan wouldn’t be so offensive if he took care of that first and the infrastructure damage from the protests also if he gave money to only black conservatives not to black dems who loathe him.

    Also 500 billion is a alot of dough I think this is potato blumpfs and gop inc lame fishing attempt to get votes for election, another promise they can’t deliver on. Senate can’t push through stimulus checks for corona but they can fudge through 500 billion for blacks who hate Trump? Something smells very fishy here and you don’t need to have a gigantic joo nose to smell it

  5. Constitutional Amendment: Expand the jury to 12 like most juries, no more, no less.. In the event of a tie the lower court ruling is upheld. Limit term to 20 years. Allow 2/3 of states to over turn a Supreme Court decision. Chances of the system doing that…ZERO!

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