Titans of Industry

Speaking of the Upswing, I have been enjoying this America in Color series from the Smithsonian Channel, which dovetails nicely with what I have been reading about how American capitalism evolved and became slightly less cutthroat between the Gilded Age and the Great Depression.

The Rockefeller Sanity Commission, for example, began the campaign that eradicated hookworm infestation in the South. While the Rockefeller Foundation funded Boasian anthropology, it did so because it was showering money in general on the physical and social sciences. Henry Ford, of course, had tried to stop World War I and named the International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.

Note: I’m going to be reading and reviewing all four volumes because I want to get a better grasp of Jewish influence in this era. The ADL was founded in 1913 after the execution of Leo Frank.

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  1. Speaking of titans, I wonder what Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is up to. Let’s take a look…

    Oh look, Richard retweeted a tweet which basically suggested the only reason people wanted to kidnap the Michigan governor was because they are poor White trash. It certainly had nothing to do with the fact that Gretchen Whitmer is a power-tripping bitch, right Richard?

    I wonder what else Richard ‘the clown’ is talking about:

    Oh my, he retweeted something about “Science!” saying we have no free will. Oh that makes total sense, because “Science!” can’t be wrong, so we must all be just mindless drones instead of human beings. That makes total sense. Hey, since I have no free will does that mean Richard Spencer is destined to be our leader? Because you know, us working class simple folk are far too stupid and poor to make decisions for ourselves. We need a metrosexual like Spencer to straighten us out with his awesome sense of fash.

  2. The old robber barons can certainly be criticized, but they actually created lots of capital and allowed millions of ordinary people to live middle class lifestyles. Which is more than can be said for the modern wealthy. they want to grab everything they can grab, check out of society almost completely, insist that every third world asshole be allowed to come here, and worst of all, want to force the rest of the country to accept their perv social views.

  3. With the exception of Henry Ford they were all villainous leeches who’s purpose was to destroy America with Rothschild seed money.

  4. Henry Ford’s payment of his workers of double the prevailing worker wage at the time –

    And endeavouring to be sure his own workers could, in a reasonable time, save enough to themselves buy some of the Ford cars they were building –

    Was a hugely important step in truly ‘socially conscious’ industry, the idea that any man who goes to work and puts in a full day’s labour, in however humble a position, deserves the right to have a decent home and family life

    The Western world has lost sight of that, whereas countries like Japan kept it

    The idea of keeping worker wages high enough to support a family, turns out also to be historically a ‘fascist’ idea – Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet, etc whatever their other faults, all had versions of this

    Around 1990, Japan had a huge economic crash, and in fact its stock market has never recovered to its 1989 levels, staying at about 60% of that

    But crucial to the Japanese with its ‘authoritarian’ economic management, they never allowed massive layoffs and unemployment … they told Mr Salaryman to put on his tie and go to work even if there was nothing to do, and they told the company to pay him, and in turn they stopped banks from foreclosing etc

    Japan’s gov reasoned, correctly, that if people have a little to spend and are secure in their lives, they will spend it … their economy has remained afloat for 30 years now, without major social disaster. One can criticise lots of things ‘zombie companies’ etc … but for common people, life remained ok … and one may argue there is nothing more important than that, seeing that your working class continues to have decent lives

    Japan also has a great deal more debt per capita than in the USA … and things are still fine, the yen currency is still strong … underlying the sophisticated economic point that a credit-based system can ‘print’ a lot more than most people think … there is a limit, but the Weimar / Zimbabwe fears of the USA are often overblown

    • When Henry Ford was paying $5 dollars a day, coal miners were making around $17 dollars a day. Of course that explains why labor strife in the coal fields was so bad in the 20’s when miners wages were cut, and the work day lengthened.

  5. Two wars of Germany containment by the Atlantic power of Britain,France and U.S.
    How will they contain China without the demography of 20th century.

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