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  1. Predictions:

    1. Trump loses election in landslide.

    2. Trump refuses to concede, and the GOP backs him up.

    3. The left goes ballistic, and millions of mostly young leftist activists riot in an attempt to remove Trump.

    4. Trump declares martial law and the left is completely crushed.

  2. The entire bureaucratic apparatus of the federal government is probably against Trump. They regularly ignore his orders and would do so if he tried something. Probably even his SC appointees would oppose him.

    I know he wouldn’t have lasted forever but the murder of Scalia really hurt. (No autopsy as required by Texas law, immediate cremation).

  3. Do you really think the mainstream muh Constitution GOP will back Trump in a situation like this? The more likely scenario is as follows.

    1. Trump loses, and the Democrats take the Senate and keep the House.

    2. Trump refuses to concede, calls his supporters into the streets.

    3. Biden is declared the lawful President, he invokes the Insurrection Act, and the military crushes Trump’s supporters.

    4. Trump cuts a deal for himself and his family, and they go into exile in Israel-Trump Heights? His supporters rot in prison for life plus 419 years.

    Seriously, though, the most likely outcome is, at most, a few court battles, followed by a peaceful transfer or retention of power.

  4. Tucker did not interview Trump. Trump was on his show but only Dr. Siegel got to interview him. The control is so obvious it is now self-evident. They were not about to let Tucker interview him because he may comment on the nefarious influence of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump on his presidency and that might empower “White Nationalists” in their anti-Semitism and that can’t be allowed!

  5. Got to wonder if Trump or his staff chose to have him avoid getting interviewed by Tucker.

    Wally Wally

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