Why Seniors Are Flipping On Trump

How many times have we heard the stupid mainstream conservative narrative about COVID-19 since this spring? It has gone through several iterations since February.

It started with “just the flu.” It is nothing to worry about because this country is sealed airtight. It doesn’t count when old people with preexisting conditions die from COVID. I’m young and healthy which means I will be fine. They are counting people who die with preexisting conditions as COVID deaths. Millions of people will starve to death because of the lockdowns. It is really all China’s fault. Doctors and nurses are part of a massive conspiracy against Donald Trump and the virus is a globalist HOAX. Okay, the virus is real and Trump himself had it and got over it so don’t let it control your life. We can beat this.


“He’s a 74-year old man who lives in Florida, appeals constantly to the American past and literally promises to send everyone on Medicare a $200 drug discount card. If there’s one group of voters Donald Trump should, in theory, be able to count on, it’s senior citizens. And he’s trying: “To my favorite people in the world: the seniors!” Trump exclaimed in a video message he tweeted on Thursday.

Last time, it worked. In 2016, exit polls showed that 52 percent of voters ages 65 and older supported Trump. This year, polling suggests they’ve lurched heavily against him. A CNN poll this week showed Trump winning over just 39 percent of the same age group, compared to 60 percent who support Joe Biden — the latest in a series of polls showing seniors breaking in favor of Joe Biden. …”

Even if every “far right” voter that Trump has lost over the past four years changed their minds and voted for him, it wouldn’t matter because losing seniors is the whole ballgame.

There is no path to victory for Trump or any Republican that doesn’t go through winning White seniors by a significant margin. They have turned against him and flipped to Joe Biden – the first time it has happened in twenty years – because of the fatal mistake he made in February when he consulted his donors who made the call to “ride it out” because the stock market had risen to a record high.

Some of you may recall how this website screamed bloody murder about it for months at the time and from the beginning refused to go along with the absurd mainstream conservative narrative on the virus. Conservatives spent months downplaying the virus and dismissing it as a threat because it only kills vulnerable old and sick people who as it happens are a pivotal Republican constituency.

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  1. I didn’t vote for Trump last time, and I loudly and repeatedly said to anyone who would listen that Trump was a comical fraud working for the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine. No one has more anti-Trump credentials that I do.

    I was never quite “just the flu, bro” but I was always against a “lock down” of healthy citizens. I never bitched about the masks, because a) I have wanted people to wear masks on public transportation for 20 years since I saw the Asians doing it and b) it’s a great way to keep your face off all of the spy cameras and phone cameras. As soon as the Coronavirus started, I said it was probably a good idea to close the schools for the rest of the semester and shut down international flights for a while.

    But really, I don’t see how Trump can be blamed for any of this. He did shut down flights, which is all anyone ever suggested doing, and of course he was called a “waaaay-sist” but they call everyone that. The Democrats were literally holding “hug a Chinaman day” which was cringe-worthy virtue signaling not to mention obviously dumb.

    But isn’t it also obvious that Covid-19 isn’t nearly as deadly or serious as anyone thought? There is a clear and obvious financial incentive to mark any death as “Covid” – like, over $30,000 worth of financial incentive – the tests are well known to have a super-high rate of false positives, and … it’s a coronavirus. Not “the flu, bro” but instead, “the same virus that causes the common cold, bro.”

    I can give you a million reasons to not vote for Trump, but Coronavirus isn’t one of them.

    Sweden said their only real mistake was not locking down the old folk’s home tightly enough, because it got in there and caused more deaths than it otherwise would have … but they didn’t do a “lock down” of the entire society.

    Also isn’t it quite obvious the “lock downs” were a huge distraction from the MASSIVE, historical, trillion dollar bailouts of Wall Street and the biggest companies in the world? This makes the 2008 bailouts look like nothing. Plus, Trump put his own personal Jew bankers in charge – Blackrock – who can even overrule the Federal Reserve – so much for all the “End the Fed” conspiracy theories.

    Pandemics are Acts of God, there is nothing you can do about them but some basic harm reduction. Also, I’m with Kamala Harris – I ain’t taking any of Trump’s experimental Israeli vaccines.

    • “But really, I don’t see how Trump can be blamed for any of this.”

      It’s very easy: he set the tone. He stopped flights to China, sure, and then very shortly afterward he was going on about how the disease would just vanish like magic in warmer weather. He’s on record as admitting that he wanted to downplay it from the start. Sure, prevent the panic, be the great elder statesman keeping his cool and guiding the ship of state safely through the crisis, etc – but that was the misjudgement: the crisis was significantly worse than he judged it to be and could not be pretended out of existence. Had he properly paced and led people’s fears – encouraging social distancing, encouraging masks, etc etc – just making himself LOOK like he was on the leading edge of fighting the epidemic, rather than the trailing edge of desperately insisting it’s not that bad – he’d have been fine.

      “Therefore a wise prince will seek means by which his subjects will always and in every possible condition of things have need of his government, and then they will always be faithful to him.”
      – Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

      (Thank you Sid Meier and Brian Reynolds.)

      His own diagnosis, and his reaction to it, confirmed the error. Driving around in the SUV with the secret service agents who were reported to then have to quarantine themselves – that’s seen as being careless with other people’s lives. Whether the agents really made the complaints reported or not is irrelevant – it’s an obvious line of attack by his critics or indeed random ordinary citizens and he totally gave it to them for no good reason. The insistence – from President Gilligan himself – that it’s no worse than the flu, after he personally has had the best medical care available anywhere and 200K of his constituents have died, is astonishingly tone-deaf and foolish. It’s as good as shouting that he doesn’t give a shit about ordinary people. Whether it’s true or not is beside the point – it’s what it looks like that matters. Trump is supposed to be a showman; he should have seen his way past this. He didn’t.

      The lockdowns are not and never were the issue. It never was possible to really lock down a territory the size of the USA. What Trump could have done – and didn’t – was to use the early panic to coordinate a type of response that could be effectively applied everywhere: specifically, on a city by city basis, not state by state. The virus is bad in close quarters, not so much in rural areas; the one-size-fits-all statewide policies are a big part of the problem. He could also have leaned on the various bureaucracies and federal contractors to put together faster testing a lot quicker, so that after the initial month and a half of panicked lockdown, there would be a lot more systematic information about where the disease was spreading, that didn’t depend on the week-long lag time of PCR tests.

      Instead, he tweeted.

      I’m not surprised by his failure to handle this well: it’s all of a piece with everything else he’s dropped the ball on since he started. But that’s not an excuse.

      • “‘Therefore a wise prince will seek means by which his subjects will always and in every possible condition of things have need of his government, and then they will always be faithful to him’ – Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince (…) Had he (Trump) properly paced and led people’s fears – encouraging social distancing, encouraging masks, etc etc – just making himself LOOK like he was on the leading edge of fighting the epidemic, rather than the trailing edge of desperately insisting it’s not that bad – he’d have been fine”:

        But that should not be enough. The Confucian ideal ruler with “the mandate of heaven” does not only make himself LOOK wise and necessary, he actually IS most meritorious. Machiavelli was fully aware of the Confucian meritocratic ideal: https://asiatimes.com/2020/10/why-confucius-and-marx-will-never-marry-in-china/

    • Correct it’s the only thing he can’t really be blamed for and he’s being blamed for it. Even though in principle his policy wishlist (as advertised at least) would have been the only thing to prevent it. BTW, masks ought to have always been offered and encouraged on buses planes and trains. Agreed. Cashiers ought to have always had the option and been encouraged. It’s all crazy that he’s allowed the left to own hygiene.

  2. @Brad, do you think that Seniors want to see Biden and Kamala move Section 8 Blacks or Mexicans onto their street so they can see property values decline by 20% to 40%. I don’t think so!

    Most Seniors have most of their equity tied up in their homes—I don’t think they want Section 8 moving in and destroying their life savings.

    If a bunch of feral Mau-Mau’s or banditos move in, you could see property values go even lower.

    • Well, that is what the polls say and Trump’s behavior suggests it is true. He is trying to win back seniors who have turned against him over the virus. If the polls are fake and the media is lying, we will know soon enough. Again, I tend to believe it because Trump’s behavior in that video and in recent days suggests he believes it is true.

      • The right wing has been saying “the polls are skewed!” since McCain made his run. Instead, the polls tend to be pretty close to exactly right, every time. Even in 2016: Trump’s margin of victory in the key states was razor thin, and within the posted margin of error for the polls. He was lucky in that the error all went one way – in his favor. Nobody can expect to be that lucky twice.

        It’s a win-win situation. Either he wins, and the left freaks out and maybe trips into open revolt. Or he loses, and all the conservative smugtards have to try to explain their howlingly wrong predictions, and the white right in general has to grapple a little more directly with reality.

      • Most people are worried about identity theft, and telephone scams. Heck, one phone scam even taped the other person on the line saying “yes”, and then used that “yes” out of context as a verbal agreement to a scam!

        These phone scammers claim they are the IRS, your ISP, and even your insurance company. I had one criminal who called me and mimicked my younger brothers voice trying to scam me. I kid you not.

        My guess is that at least 10% plus of people called by legitimate political polls, refuse to answer any poll questions over the phone. Probably, more refuse poll questions when you consider Trump voters, are people with money & property.

        Rush Limbaugh has been selling identity theft protection for years, but, the best way to prevent identity theft and scams is not to answer any questions by anonymous callers.

    • @Krafty @ Gryphon (I know you’re going to show up)

      Fighting with Hunter Wallace isn’t going to win Trump the Presidency. The facts are the facts. By every metric, Trump is destined to lose this election with far more indicators than 2016. Whether they be polls, economic analysis, or election betting, Trump is no where close to winning.

      It would have to take a literal Act of God of Biblical proportions for Trump to win, like Biden dying and Harris becoming the Democrat candidate. I’ll actually be surprised if Republicans hold the senate to be honest.

    • Baby boomers are vicious negrophile evil types who happy screw over the GenX just for a laugh. See Paddock in Vegas.

  3. “They have turned against him and flipped to Joe Biden – the first time it has happened in twenty years – because of the fatal mistake he made in February when he consulted his donors who made the call to “ride it out” because the stock market had risen to a record high.”

    Changing this quote to be more along the lines of “They have turned against him…because of the fatal mistake he made…when he consulted his donors” pretty much sums up the entire mistake that is the Trump Presidency.

  4. Hunter, not that anyone here thinks your advice of not voting is a responsible thing to do. But are you in favor of a Harris administration?

    Because that’s what about to happen if Trump doesn’t pull this off. This site will be gone within the first six months.

    That’s clear.

    • Is there anything we can do about it?

      If Trump narrowly wins, the Left is going to get violent. If loses to Biden in a landslide, the Right is going to flip out. Either way, the country is almost sure to get more polarized and probably more violent. The next four years are going to be shit. It is inevitable.

      • How is the right going to flip out? I bet they’ll sit back and suck on their thumbs as their country gets more dirt thrown on its dying body. All these dissident sites will get shut down and whites will continue to be marginalized and extinguished by this rotten system.

      • Things ARE getting more violent. While there hasn’t been a Vegas or Orlando like mass murder in a while, (much to my surprise), the total number of 4+ victim shootings through September 2020 is nearly as high as all of 2019. This may be due to covid lockdown stress. Who knows.

        If things do get much worse, you won’t see the organized Civil War 2 many now talk about, instead what you’ll see is an explosion of lone wolf mass shootings, where you’ll get a Vegas every month, or even every week. Some of them may be aimed at Washington DC politicians. Most will occur between far right and far left lone wolfs taking revenge on previous shootings. Kind of like late Weimar Germany, with Nazis and Communists fighting in the streets, only with guns.

  5. Hunter, people like you are whip smart with research and theoretically it probably makes sense to you. In the real world ?we have crime waves going on and it s getting a bit fucking crazy.

    Maybe down there in Alabama it’s just the Southern way of life. I’m voting for Trump because I don’t want Harris to be running the show. And although you might be in the sticks, don’t think it won’t hit your area, because it will.

    • It has been quiet as pond water around here.

      I haven’t told people to vote one way or the other. I’m personally not voting in the election, but I understand why other people are voting against Biden. I agree with the case against Biden. It is just that I don’t see the case for Trump. Also, I think he has energized his opposition and demoralized and alienated too much of his base.

      • It has been quiet in my neck of the woods as well.

        I was an enthusiastic Trump supporter in 2015 and 2016. I was wary of him, but Hillary was a known quantity. He was the first political candidate that I ever donated money to. I sent my largest donation the night the Access Hollywood tape dropped.

        I was wrong. I don’t regret trying, but I am not voting for Trump this time (or Biden). Like you, I live in a state where Trump will win easily without my vote. I really don’t care if Trump wins in the EC and loses the popular vote by 10 million, or if Biden wins. Both accomplish the same goal-increased strife and polarization. History tells us the crisis is inevitable, and I want to get it over with before I am too old.

        If the poll numbers for seniors are correct, it is going to be very difficult for Trump to win. Seniors are very reliable at turning out to vote. He still has a chance based on the battleground state polls now vs. 2016, but everything has to go his way. Again. Not likely.

        Be well.

  6. You missed one: “Old people prefer to die of COVID than to die of loneliness.”

    I have elderly relatives deep in the danger zone, and let me tell you, they are NOT ready to give up the ghost. They’re unhappy with the situation but they are absolutely focused on not catching the virus. They like being alive.

    I almost typed “I’m not going to blame them for that” – but really, that’s the measure of the situation, that one might have to actually specify such a thing.

    At least one of them who was an absolute rock-hard Trump supporter from very early on started talking about voting party-line Republican EXCEPT for the presidency after Trump’s little SUV joyride while he was supposedly quarantined. This person was talked back from this by another family member, but I could very easily see how others would be totally willing to tell Trump to take a hike.

    • The old, the boomers especially are insanely selfish. Including Trump. GenX is literally getting humped here.

  7. Brad its too bad you banned @spahnranch69, he knew two years ago the hue-black Harris was going to be president. Your stupid pride got in the way by following the MSM pandemic reset scheme and still your arrogant stupid pride hasn’t changed. You do know all people die from old age that they blamed on covid? You do know the young people who died from accidents or preconditions were blamed on covid? That covid test is corrupted and many many doctors came forward saying it. But your stupid arrogant ego dismisses it.

    Keep doing your modernism articles, it shows exactly how low your IQ is blaming everything on progress.

    I’d bet you would welcome a rushed covid vaccine for you and your family? Isn’t that progress Brad? Teh….

  8. It is clear from Trump’s rapid recovery that the virus is a liberal hoax.
    The Boomers are going to Boom and be liberal and vote for Sleepy Joe though and as a result I will probably have to sit through critical race theory trainings at work thanks to these dang Boomers putting Sleepy Joe in and him reversing all of God Emperor Trump’s EOs.

    The Boomers themselves are a plague!

  9. I know the hip thing to do is to be on the side of “Science!”. But even “Science!” says that Covid-19 is the nothing but the flu. It’s just the hip version of “Science!” that says Covid-19 is basically like AIDS. You’re following the hip version of “Science!”. If you actually followed the data you would realize that Covid-19 is bullshit…

    You’ve basically convinced yourself that Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is correct in his analysis that Biden will win in a landslide.

    Not only is Trump going to win, Trump is going to win in an electoral collage landslide. The polls are not worth a warm bucket of spit. I have seen election models that if every eligible voter actually casted their vote, Trump would win. Despite contrary belief, high voter turn out is not bad for Trump.

    I know you don’t believe it but Trump is even more popular now than he was in 2016. His voter enthusiasm is off the charts.

    I also find it condescending and flat out wrong that you think senior citizens will vote for a gateway to Marxists (that being Biden) because of Covid-19. I hate to break the news to you but seniors are not so selfish and stupid that they would vote for what is basically an AOC/Kamala Harris administration. Seniors are watching the news, they watch our cities burn, they do not approve of the left’s anarchy and Marxist ideology. Studies show that concerns over Covid-19 is down, the only people who give a shit about Covid-19 are the left and people with OCD.

    • gryphon a.,

      As someone who sees Trump as the lesser evil, I got to say the Rasmussen and Fox News polls disagree with you and they were accurate in 2016 when they predicted Trump was either tied with or leading Hillary in the battleground states but would lose to her in the popular vote. In ’16, Trump expanded his GOP base by attracting more independent moderates and blue collar Dems than HC. He also had a much larger and enthused millennial and zoomer online following than this year. Even with all this, which he doesn’t have this election, he barely won some of the swing states. Add in the China virus, bad economy, unkept campaign promises, and his questionable decision making and it all adds up to him probably losing unless something dramatic happens this month. Don’t forget Repubs claimed the GOP would keep the House in ’18 and Romney would win in ’12 and how did that work out?

      USA USA
      Wally Wally
      Trump Trump
      Nixon Now

  10. The Conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters are worthless. I’ve argued / debated them every single day since Trump was elected President and his base are more partisan than ever. I’ve been deleted by countless people who don’t like me because I tell the Truth about Trump and that all he does is talk but has done nothing for America. Covid-19 is one of the worst things that happened in American history and Trump never took it serious. His base said it was the China Virus and now I can’t find a single Trumptard that even believes Covid-19 is real. Those people are crazy and obviously care nothing about Human Beings / our fellow Whites. Deo Vindice !

  11. Ohhh the virus hoax again. Seriously tired of this crap, and this website discredited itself seriously by promoting it. In fact this website is going down the drain. Victoria Women’s Fashion, and essays on Postmodernism. Totally irrelevant. The virus is a massive hoax, yes it exists, but it is no more or less lethal than the flu, lockdowns are killing tens of thousands. Imagine you have elective cancer surgery, cancelled, because of a disgusting Globalist Hoax. The website thinks politics and events happen out of coincidence, no. The Globalist have an agenda, the central banking families sit at the top, they are Satanic and are promoting this hoax in order to gain control under Agenda 2030, Trudeau ADMITTED the reason for COVID was this. How much more do you want? You were already looking insane talking about the dangers of COVID when the hardcore lockdown artist government officials all decided to support BLM protests, which is another Global Agenda. Then you sideline your support of a candidate fighting a colour revolution. Why to allow disgenic pinner pedophiles who are one punch material, including obese lesbians to rule the streets? The opposition might not be perfect but its the opposition against a colour revolution, and you need to ride or die. I was on Team Assad for a long time, because I know these scum must be opposed ALWAYS. They are the disgenic class of self-hating freaks, ugly, stupid, and braindead, the elite use them as a force to attack their enemy. They must always be opposed. Don’t like Trump, toooooooo fucking bad, you must support him or you are allowing a colour revolution to take place, if they win these disgenic freaks will be the hero’s of revolution, the Globalists will attain full control and you will be off 10x worse than with the person who actually was fighting them. These Anti-fa would not last long in a fight, unite behind a leader against them or perish.

  12. For all this fuss about Trump ‘doing bad with seniors’, the seniors are NOT showing up to support Biden-Harris, in fact sometimes literally NO ONE is showing up

    It is hilarious versus the Trump rallies

    This past Friday 9 October Biden & Harris were campaigning in Arizona together … hardly anyone was showing up at their rallies in that senior boomer retirement haven

    Here is a video clip from the Tucson Arizona local TV station … the reporter on camera at the ‘rally’, hilariously struggles with the fact there are no Biden-Harris supporters there to film or interview


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