Denver Shooter Identified As Matthew Dolloff

This is the incident that caused the 9News NBC shooting:

The shooter was a left-leaning Democrat who supports Bernie Sanders and had strong links to the Occupy movement. He was Kyle Clark’s bodyguard:

A few days ago, Denver Antifa claimed that 9News NBC is safe at their protests because Kyle Clark is “one of them.” That’s Kyle Clark in the blue shirt accompanied by Dolloff. Kyle Clark taunted the people “cowering in their suburbs” and challenged them to “come into Denver.”

The victim:

We’ve known for years after bitter experience that there is no difference between the media and Antifa. “Journalists” are open supporters of Antifa. There have been countless occasions in which “journalists” with press credentials have participated in Antifa riots. This is the first time a Journofa has opened fire and actually killed a Patriot at one of these protests though.

After the shooting, Antifa celebrated the death of the “white supremacist” and the “fascist scum” who was shot by Dolloff “right in the f***ing dome.” He was shot in the face.

Watch your six, Patriots.

Don’t assume that people who presents themselves as “journalists” to you are a neutral party. In this case, they were enemy combatants. They murdered a Patriot in cold blood. I’m sure they are already reporting it as a “mostly peaceful protest” until a NBC security guard opened fire.

Also, if you go to one of these protests and oppose Black Lives Matter and Antifa, you are a “white supremacist” by definition. “White supremacy” is the system itself now. It has nothing to do with what you believe about race. If you are a White male, you are by definition a racist who benefits from systemic racism and white privilege and who oppresses People of Color by your very existence. If you are anywhere to the Right of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, then you are basically a fascist. I’m literally a fascist oppressing People of Color by sitting in my house and drinking this cup of coffee.

Those of us who are actually pro-White haven’t gone anywhere near these violent protests since they started in May. We’ve sat at home and watched as the media has flipped out and defined all of White America as “white supremacy.” Engaging in activism at the present moment is dangerous and unnecessary. The media is already making our case for us. Coexistence with these people is impossible.

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  1. Asshole Millennial Communist murders a pot bellied boomer biker. Every boomer’s worst fucking nightmare.

  2. NBC literally had an employee shoot a legally permitted protestor. The Hyperreality of the Antifamedia singularity.

  3. My condolences to the family and friends of the man who was killed by the terrorist.

    Matthew Dolloff will get his real punishment in prison. Once word gets around in prison that he’s an Antifa faggot that killed a White man for simply being a patriot, they are going to fuck him up.

  4. SlavTrapGod’s writing is indecipherable. The sentence can’t be diagrammed. Is he saying the shooter can claim self-defense or is he not saying that? It’s some of the most unclear writing I’ve ever seen. I think he’s trying to say that the killer can’t walk unless the PROSECUTOR is dumb or unwilling to prosecute, not that “his lawyer” is dumb etc. Simple, declarative sentences are desperately needed on our side. Why not just write “this shooting was a murder and not self-defense”?

  5. Blumpf should troll the libtards epic style and disavow Lee then maybe Hiden Biden will then finally disavow his side of the mythical idea of antifa because they don’t even exist literally no proof of their existence and has no leader I’m told by media so that alone proves they don’t exist.

    Antifa is a myth in the same way Jerry Nadler shitting his pants is a myth. I mean baldy boomer Lee could of been a proundboy for all we know and proundboys used naughty self defense against Antifa and we can’t be having that now can we?!

    Stand back and stand by proundgoys just kidding disavowed lol hahaha

  6. “Those of us who are actually pro-White haven’t gone anywhere near these violent protests since they started in May. We’ve sat at home and watched as the media has flipped out and defined all of White America as “white supremacy.” Engaging in activism at the present moment is dangerous and unnecessary. The media is already making our case for us. Coexistence with these people is impossible.”

    Wise. However, at no time does it behoove White patriots to adopt leftist tactics and go on marches, candlelight vigils, and the like. Besides being inherently repugnant and worthy of sodomites rather of men, these events have zero impact in and of themselves and only work for leftists because the enemedia pretends they are important as well as righteous. Patriots can expect to accomplish at the most nothing by copying leftist cockroach methods, but more likely going forth they can expect the Charlottesville treatment, which is to say, a conspiracy between leftist authorities and leftist thugs to unleash violence and blame it on patriots.

  7. The altercation happened really fast, So Lee smacked Doloff after a argument and Doloff pulled out his pistol threatening to shoot then Lee took out his mace can? Is that right? See what I mean by Antifa provoking you to react

    If Lee hadn’t pulled out his can of mace there would be a better chance hed be alive pure speculation on my part but its most likely probable cause self defense now. Doloff just might get off or get a lesser sentence because of that I hope I’m wrong but its very possible considering how the joodicial system works

    • Yep. They’ll say he thought the guy was pulling a gun on him. Lesson….don’t pull out a can of mace if a gun is already trained on you.

      • Lee had the can of mace in his hand already. He pulled nothing out of a pocket nor out of a concealed place. Dolloff can argue that story but the photographs contradict it.

    • Sequence wrong. Lee was holding the can in hand entire time. DOLLOFF tried to grab it. LEE bitch slapped him a D stepped back a few steps. Then Dolloff embarrassed drew the gun from his waist and shot Lee. Now, you already knew this but you lied anyway.

  8. The shooter will probably walk on this. It looks like he was bitch slapped and then maced before shooting him. He was also technically at work when it happened. He only shot once too. I’m sure the Left in Denver will find a way to get the charges dropped.

    Colorado has been infiltrated by California and is now very Left. I see California license plates more frequently in both Arizona and Nevada. I’m even starting to se New York plates which use to be a rarity. I hear Texas is being flooded to by California refugees.

    Within a decade Texas will be a Blue state and that’s game over. 1st and 2nd Amendments will be repealed and the government will begging the great purge of White America.

  9. Tactical Observations: The pics are not the best, but it looks like the Antifa murderer used a Glock with a red dot sight. Not expensive, but not cheap. Possibly not a new gun owner. One does not generally think of Antifa, or any leftist, as being interested in or competent with small arms. But at *very* close range, this Antifa was able to make the shot on the first try.
    My White brothers, remember that anyone with 5 yards is dangerous if armed with a handgun, even if they are unpracticed. My brothers, first stay away from urban protests where Antifa scum are known to be. And second, read some Jeff Cooper, his color code of awareness, and keep your head up whenever in public. Be safe.

  10. it stinks to high heaven like a staged zio-fed psy-op, to provoke more violence and fear. all the extremists are basically authoritarians of one stripe or another. fuck these dumb rallies anyway.

      • @Christina,

        Some fagtifa marxists are incredibly idiotic that they actually cited the satirical online newspaper “The Onion” as a credible source. 100% true.

  11. And once again the discredited FBI is nowhere to be found because they’re too busy chasing white nationalists around for Orwellian wrong think.

  12. Those who say Antifa is an ideology and not and organization are the same people who say ISIS and al-Qaeda are an ideology and not an organization. And yet American forces and Navy Seals have no problem finding that “ideology” and beating the hell out of them!

  13. Don’t bring mace to a gunfight.

    As I understand it: the shooter slapped the boomer, the boomer maced the shooter, the shooter shot the boomer.

    Depending on how Colorado law defines things, there is a case to be made that the use of mace was violent assault and that using a firearm in response is justifiable. But the slap would be the initiation of violence. It’s not as clear as in Kyle Rittenhouse’s case, but there’s an argument to be made.

    I could definitely see a jury letting this guy walk, or at least getting a conviction on a much reduced charge. First degree means with premeditation and any decent lawyer should be able to make a case that the shot was in response to the macing, and not premeditated at all.

    (Of course it would be better if he didn’t walk – the more trigger-happy antifa get hoovered up by the justice system early, the fewer there’ll be to fight later – but it’s important not to let desires overrule facts.)

  14. Correction: the boomer slapped and then maced the shooter, who then shot the boomer.

    A self-defense argument looks very workable to me.

    • Very dishonest. It’s obvious that Dolloff grabbed at the mace can and Lee reacted with a slap ten stepped back. As he stepped back Dolloff drew and shot Lee. The photogeaphs show that Lee was already hit by the bullet as he pressed the button on his canister. Why lie?

      • Who’s lying? I didn’t see the photos you’re referring to; the ones I saw – in the Daily Mail – showed Lee slapping Dolloff, then macing him, then Dolloff looking at the camera with Lee dead. There was no mention of Dolloff attempting to grab a gun. If that happened – I’ll take your word for it – then my information was incomplete and the self defense argument won’t work.

        It’s funny you jump straight to the “lie” accusation, though. You’ll make a lot of friends that way.

          • As it happens, and after reviewing more evidence, I retract taking your word for it: you were the one being dishonest. Doloff did not attempt to seize the other guy’s gun. Instead, Keltner (the soon-to-be-dead guy) ordered the cameraman to stop recording and attempted to grab the camera. That was the initiation of the physical confrontation. Doloff stepped in to shield his client, Keltner slapped him, stepped back, maced Doloff, got shot.

            That Keltner is on “our” side does not make his actions any less reprehensibly stupid, nor his death any less deserved.

            The law is a weapon like everything else. Use it against the enemy. Don’t let the enemy use it against you. Keltner was a dumbass, and now he’s a dead dumbass.

    • Correction.

      Dolloff lunged for Lee. Tried to pull Lee’s gun out of the shoulder holster. Lee slapped him and stepped back. Dolloff then shot Lee in the head. The only thing that Lee did wrong was to step back. A tactical error.

  15. This is not how a well-trained armed security guard would confront a man armed only with mace in an open space, especially if he were a certified Pinkerton-trained agent. Perhaps that Pinkerton narrative was bs. But if he was a Pinkerton the family should sue that agency along with 9news.

  16. The mainstream media are terrorists. They lie to support their terrorist brethren, lie and cover up crimes (accessories after the fact), foment riots and assaults and murder, and support terrorists in any way they can. Is it any surprise that they now directly employ assassins to kill conservatives and whites?

  17. “Coexistence with these people is impossible.”

    That really is the bottom line right there. So, what is to be done about it?

  18. The more gullible Whites…the vulnerable class of Whites…Poor and working class Whites continue to be broken at the wheel…

    You tear your body to pieces doing back-breaking trade and blue collar jobs, to end up hooked on opiods or alcohol to cope with your broken body and a country that doesn’t want you anymore…

  19. From the start, saying this jerk was a ‘security guard’ got me suspicious. I’m a security guard, have been one for decades, and in fact worked for Pinkerton’s. Pinkerton’s is no more. Many years ago, it merged with Burns, then both were taken over by Securitas, a Swedish company. There are no Pinkerton guards that I know of, and contract security would never take an assignment like that. Maybe Executive Outcomes or some merc group, but not a regular agency.
    Also, if this guy was licensed security, his license would be pulled until an investigation, and he would be in deep kimchi pulling a gun and killing someone because you’re trained not to do that.

    it’s especially annoying that the media didn’t even check any kind of facts like I mentioned. They’re so in the tank.
    From what I saw, the entire video looked like a set-up with the mulatto screaming and shouting, then our victim went around and ran into Doloff.
    I think a killing in self-defense might work, but also use of deadly force by someone untrained will be a real black mark, and I’m sure a lawsuit from hell should be set on NBC for hiring ‘security’ like this.
    More than likely, this is what we call ‘T-shirt security’, where you get someone, a bouncer or some such, to guard you; but it’s obvious Antifa is in this, they’re armed, and they know they get a pass.

    Again, guys, stay away from these demos. They’re dangerous, and the left knows they have a permission slip to waste you. As we’ve noted, they’re almost an arm of the government. They’re crazies waiting to hurt you.

  20. Is Doloff a Jewish last name? They both seemed weird, but the question is who tried to attack first? It’s unclear from the photos. Either way, society’s probably better off if Doloff is given the dp.

    Wally Wally
    Trump’s the lesser evil in 2020

  21. The truth is people like Doloff walk around in life extremely confident in their views because mostly jewish run media, Hollywood, schools tell him being an anti White leftist is correct. Throw in youth and literally being too afraid to analyze the opposing viewpoints and you become an antifa type loser in life. In his case him murdering somebody will most likely put him in jail for life or darn close. Although most leftist blm supporters are not crazy enough to do what he did.

    Look at the guy he was supposedly security for. The guy is totally confident in his White hating, America hating ways. Why not? He got hired for a nice, cushy news job. Hordes of leftist Democrats get hired for similar. We know it and so do they. This is due to the fact jews are mostly leftists. Not all, mind you, but 70 to 75% no doubt and for jews with serious cash that number is more like 80 to 85% leftist. That is who buys up the media stations. That is who has the huge influence in Hollywood. That is who even has large influence on our schools.

    Then they simply hire good goys who are either gay or simply are of the same mindset. They do a certain percentage for blacks since the elites fear violence. So the jews will simply cut back on hiring non jewish Whites so they can get more blacks and browns in there.

    How do not particularly impressive people like Oprah Winfrey or Spike Lee become rich? Mostly jewish and leftist heads of various companies make a point to promote them. It’s just that simple. There are tons of White women with Winfrey’s credentials who will never be remotely as rich or known. A person like Lee is extremely average but because he is black railing against White America, mostly jewish leaders of movie companies give him the money for another project. A conservative would not even make it in the doorway before being thrown out.

    Sure, there are many non jewish leftists but jews disproportionately wield the influence to shape opinion. So the non Jews that get hired for media jobs and for Hollywood will be leftist with rare exception. It’s also why a jewish woman like comedian Sarah Silverman can say she would like to kill JESUS again and she gets zero reprimand. From who? Other CHRIST hating jews who do the hiring and firing? Or a homosexual non Jew in a position of power?

    The show Seinfeld was created by Jewish Larry David who hired nothing but jews with rare exceptions. He was also the one that did a scene on his show on jewish run hbo where urine was splattered on a picture of JESUS. He did that scene with fellow jew Jerry Seinfeld. Zero was said about it..As the Bible said” for fear of the jews they said nothing.” It applied then and today. It’s why a guy like Doloff became such a left wing loser in life. He was surrounded by society telling him it’s ok to be one.

    • In that sense it’s a pity that Dolloff turned into a mainstream leftie. Could have been useful.

  22. Seinfeld was being considered for distribution in Germany, but the Germans nixed it because ‘it was too Jewish.’ Maybe because it was a little too true. I think it’s a funny show, but after a few times watching, you realize how creepy all the characters are. Note that at show’s end, all four of them went to jail.
    Larry David also did Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the Jewish stuff is heavy there. In one case, where Larry goes to a wedding where a jew marries a gentile, and his wife wonders if the jew might convert, Larry assures her, ‘no, it doesn’t work that way. We never convert to your side. You always convert to our side.’

    I always thought Spike Lee was a semi-talented loudmouth, and his style seems to imitate Woody Allen.
    Blacks always seem to rely on jews to guide them.

    • dargason,

      Michael Richards isn’t Jewish. He’s an Italian-American who had the guts to use the nigger word while handling black hecklers, but he eventually apologized for it in order to have a career in entertainment. Italians, French, Spaniards, Portuguese, Greeks–Mediterranean Europeans in general are the most based and best hope for saving the West. The Scandinavians, Germans, and Dutch are too cucked at this point.

      USA USA
      Wally George the father of combat TV and conservative TV entertainment!
      Nixon the most redpilled and pro-middle class President in recent history!
      Trump the start of an America First makeover of the GOP. Trump 2020!

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