Donald Trump Calls His LGBTQ Supporters At Outspoken Pride

Sorry, but I’m not voting for mainstream conservatism.

In the last four years, the center right was unable to conserve the concept of two genders after putting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. This comes after the center right legalized gay marriage in the Obergefell decision. Nothing changed when Anthony Kennedy left the court. We’re supposed to have confidence in these people, but they couldn’t conserve the definition of marriage and gender with control of the Supreme Court? They couldn’t conserve law and order with control of the White House? They couldn’t do anything but cut the corporate tax rate with control of Congress?

Donald Trump “moved the Overton Window” by mainstreaming homosexuality on the Right. In contrast, he only made life more difficult for us. His surrogate Ric Grenell is attacking Joe Biden for supporting the Defense of Marriage Act. Grenell has been waging a global crusade to legalize homosexuality in foreign countries. It was Ric Grenell who secured the arrest of Julian Assange for Trump.

We’ve reached the absurd point where it is mainstream and legitimate to be a homosexual drag queen on the Right, but illegitimate and unacceptable to be a White man who values his own culture and ethnicity. I would rather #WalkAway than vote for this incoherent garbage that is called “conservatism.”

I’m a social conservative and economic populist.

The center right is socially liberal and economically liberal. The Trump administration has expanded social liberalism while pushing more economic liberalism in taxes, regulation and healthcare.

The only point of agreement that I have in common with conservatives is social conservatism, but they never deliver on that front when they are returned to power. They run on social conservatism in election season only to immediately pivot to social liberalism once in office. We saw this after the 2018 midterms when conservatives used their power to pass criminal justice reform.

The Trump campaign has spent the last four years making full throated identity based appeals and delivering policies for blacks, Hispanics, Jews, LGBTs and the ultra rich – all the constituencies that vote for the Democrats and will do so again in the 2020 election – while doing precisely nothing for the people who put them in power in the first place. Just yesterday, Trump brought up his Platinum Plan for Black America at the BLEXIT Rally at the White House while another Patriot was murdered in Denver. Attorney General William Barr can’t even protect the lives of Trump supporters.

The whole point of participating in politics is to secure representation, but since no one in the center right is bothering to represent people like me who share my values why should I bother with them?

Note: I was content to spend October writing about history, but since so many people are interested in the 2020 election I will comment on it.

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  1. That lispy faggot – Grenell – makes my stomach churn. It is no coincidence that ZionDon appointed the US’s first openly gay ambassador to Germany.

  2. What a dark and disgusting timeline we live in. What bothers me the most is that most of the people I know are either completely misguided or willfully ignorant. How can they be blind to it in 2020? The anti-white agenda is so completely over the top in your face now it is mind boggling that it’s just being allowed to roll right along. Politically it seems that all teams are playing for the same side now, for the most part, and they all seem to want to make me an enemy.

    I try to talk to family and friends and they usually just end up thinking I’ve gone schizo or they semi-agree with me but they always fallback on the old “oh well we can’t do anything about it anyways”. I suppose they are right in a sense but it makes my blood boil to hear it. /sigh

    • How about Rob “Gay Boy” Portman, Ohio’s US Senator. The people of Ohio voted homo marriage down by 70-30. Portman comes out and says his homosexual son wants to get married, and he threatens to take his faction of Cincinnati area faggots out of the GOP, if there is no homosexual marriage in OHIO! Portman and the queers get their way.

      Disgusting. Then they want money from me, and others like me.

  3. ” Grenell has been waging a global crusade to legalize homosexuality in foreign countries. ”

    American Empire = The Great Satan.

    Osama was right.

    Dixie should know this, as she was the first nation conquered by the Empire, and the first nation to agree to join the Imperial Forces.

    To this day, Dixie is the proudest of Imperial Forces, in fact, the imperial military is the only institution left in Dixie, aside from leftover remnants of the Church.

    Dixie is to the Empire as Scotland was to the British Empire.

    Southern men proudly shipped off to Afghanistan and Iraq – and now the sons of the Southerners who shipped off to Afghanistan and Iraq are shipping off to Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Do Southern men who serve get any imperial spoils?

    Do they even get any basic cultural respect?

    No, the opposite is true.

  4. Gays for Trump is funded by Jeff Giesea and Jeff is also a major organizer and funder for alt-right causes. Why? Because Jeff is concerned about Islamic influences gaining strength in the west. Muslims find gays disgusting you see. At least the fags have a reason for hating Muslims, Why TF do the Irish hate Muslims again?

    Oh and the Hanman Sean Homo Hannity, told the world for the umpteenth time he hates racist and he hates white nationalists. Tell me please, what good are the Irish? Seriously. With friends like the Irish who needs enemies?

  5. This is a war and the only things what counts, is victory. In the war, there is no time to intellectual purity. . Or just stupidity. Abandoning potential allies will end up like Hitler Germany or Russian Empire ended up.

    White genetic liberals do not reject Jews Muslims, blacks, whateversexuals…..and who is winning.?

    Cannon fodder is very effective weapon of war. Comrade Stalin used fast breeding South Soviet Muslims on his most bloodiest attacks and rich Jews to finance those attacks.

    The result. Germany lost, Qhite Waffen SS Arian race boys were dead on Berlin streets. Soviet flag was put on the Reichstag by Kazakh Muslim Rakhimzhan Qoshqarbaev, his Muslim buddies celebrated the victory by raping ca 2 million German women’s.

    Donald should make the law that every last homosexual would be promoted to Perfect Pederasty Professional and will get state sponsored lifetime income as long as planet Earth exists.

    This will get him maybe 1000 supporters but this is all what we will need. Lenin himself said that if people of Petrograd managed to get 1000 of fighters, he and the rest of communists never had a chance.

  6. I cannot feel anything but contempt and hatred for a country where the only two choices are a man with supporters like the ones above and another man with even more such supporters. It looks like the United States will soon face its downfall, and it could not be more well-deserved.

  7. I don’t know any Trump supporters who support globo-homo or Trump’s virtue signaling to globo-homo.

    Yeah I know Hunter, as gay as this shit is, it’s either Trump or section 8 in every neighborhood with Biden.
    I realize that some of your commenters are basically human garbage who can’t comprehend this fact and will resort to name calling when they are presented with an opposing point of view. I ignore them because I don’t waste my time with human trash.

    But to be fair, I think you are blowing this way out of proportion. You amplify his virtue signaling and downplay the meat he throws to the base.

    I actually am in agreement with you that Trump does not need to virtue signal. Someone in his inner circle, most likely Kurshner is convincing Trump he needs to do all this virtue signaling. I’m with you in that if you give the left a drop of blood, they will want 10 gallons more, you can’t negotiate with these people. The left are terrorists.

    Yeah this is fucking gay, but then again Trump is the person who defended confederate statues. Yeah this is fucking gay but Trump is building the wall.

  8. The worst thing about a Biden (or is it really a Kamala Harris?) victory is that all those gangsters in the DoJ, the FBI, the Weissmann (aka Mueller) probe, the Obama-Biden White House and the CIA will get away with all their crimes of lying to the FISA courts and surveillance/subversion of political opponents and an attempted coup. All safe. No repercussions. All investigations end.

    Why not just let the CIA (and the worst criminals of all, the FBI) choose presidents? They do it all the time abroad. They overthrow elected leaders that they (and Israel) dislike and replace them with puppets, thus bringing these countries “real democracy.” Why not do it here? They already tried.

    “Let’s face it, US politics is just a showy soap opera laced with enough nepotism and corruption to make a banana republic blush”


    The above article repeats the incorrect view point said by many people that voting for Trump and Biden will have the same result. Not only is this incorrect but I believe this argument is a way to dissuade people from voting. It’s an anti-voting tactic.

    Biden wants section 8 in every neighborhood, wants total open borders, submit to China, kill jobs with the Green New Deal and ship jobs overseas with bad trade deals like the TPP agreement, war on the myth of “White Supremacy”, wants to restart Obama’s era of wars, fill the federal government with Marxists.

    Trump does not.

    Anyone who argues that the election will have no change of outcome despite who wins is either lying, ignorant, or trying to manipulate people to not vote.

  10. Fair enough, but is Trump at lest a better option than Biden / Harris in this regard? I’ll take unpredictably ban over recondite bad every time. One of them will be POTUS, while we probably can’t vote our way to victory, we certainly can’t abstain our way to anything.

  11. Find an Orthodox Church that doesn’t require you to wear a mask or to sanitize in anyway, become a catechumen, get baptized and live out the Orthodox Christian life of asceticism. It’s the only way to achieve and maintain sanity in an insane world.

  12. This is what happens when you trade the Lord Jesus for humanism. Only a nation that is God fearing and faithful can combat evil. We haven’t had that in a long time and there doesn’t seem to be much desire on the part of Americans to return to that.

    These so called conservatives are nothing of the sort. You cannot have Christian virtue without Christ, yet these cuckservatives try to convince people that you can. You cannot sustain a battle against the evil one without the full armor of God. You just can’t.

    That is why they have lost the culture war.

  13. It’s an old story in commerce of any type – we’ve seen it in computer games, science fiction, and most recently Star Wars movies, but it’s long been a known phenomenon in retail and auto repair places and just any sort of business:

    It is far easier to retain an existing customer than to obtain a new one; and existing customers, if well treated, are far more loyal than new ones.

    For a given amount of effort needed to retain a customer – effort involving making a product the customer has already indicated they like and will pay for, with perhaps incremental improvements – it takes about five times as much effort to modify the product to attract an equivalent new customer. Having attracted that customer, the probability of the new customer sticking around for the long term is a fraction of the odds of the old customer sticking around would have been.

    Except that, having modified the product in your grasping greed for more, you’ve alienated your old customer, who has moved on. (Another business rule: for every customer who complains about what you’re doing, ten simply leave without saying a word.) And the new one was a fly-by-night visitor anyway; they sampled your wares and then moved on to the next new thing somewhere else. So now you have neither the old nor the new. And you go bust.

    The lesson is: once you have a customer base, focus on retaining them. Give them what they want first, and expand only slowly, without betraying the core.

    It applies to politics too.

    Trump has put all his effort into attracting all the various pieces of the Democrat coalition, and totally ignored the white working class that elected him in the first place.

    These democrat coalition segments are not going to vote for him. They’ll flirt with him, and then they’ll go home.

    And, maybe, whites – and especially, those who wish to lead them – will have to start confronting the fact that if whites want to improve their situation, they must start thinking and acting as Whites.

  14. Yes I agree with you 100%. You write some great articles and you’ve been on the front lines telling the truth about Trump. If more of our people would read Occidental Dissent on a daily basis people would understand. This morning I wrote a long piece for Facebook on how Christian Conservatives / the Christian Right / Social Conservatives have very little influence in the Republican Party now. That I’m no fan of President George W. Bush but he was more for Social Conservative views on being Pro Life and supporting / keeping Traditional Marriage. When President Obama got elected and the fake Tea Party (funded by rich Republicans) came about….the Christian Right became less and less important in the Republican Party. The Tea Party thing was all about less taxes and less government…..aka the right wing libertarian wing of the Republican Party. Now the Tea Party is nothing in politics but those fake grassroots groups popped up again when Covid-19 happened mad about the Economic Shutdown, Mask Mandates, Economic Stimulus, and increased weekly money for Unemployment. All the sudden the Tea Party was Taxed Enough Already again knowing it’s been MIA in politics for several years. Those people are scum of the Earth and so stuck on being partisan that Covid-19 wouldn’t even change their minds. I’m all for the economy being open and things like that. However basic safety measures must be in place like Wearing Masks, using Hand Sanitizer, Washing our Hands, and Social Distancing. Having more people work from home and more and more Students doing Virtual Learning. I personally believe that if the Christian Right was still important in the Republican Party the Republican response to Covid-19 would have been much different. It would have looked at things from a human life perspective. It’s pretty obvious that Republicans will never end Abortion because it was the Republicans who made it legal in the first place on the Supreme Court. The Republicans love the idea of Wars that not only kill Islamic Terrorists but innocent people who live in the Middle East who probably don’t even support Islamic Terrorism. The US couldn’t tell the difference between the two. The Republicans stopped talking about Gay Marriage when it was legalized through the Supreme Court and the Christian Right has pretty much went silent while still supporting Trump. What a poor decision for a political group so important for Christian Traditional Values and the good things about Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

  15. Elevating minorities destructive of the culture over the majority is an incredibly bad idea. Pandering to the deviancies of homosexuality and the nog propensity to violence and crime is just more civilizational self-destruction. Trying to force African nations to accept buttsex isn’t doing us any favors in that part of the world, either. The Chinese, at least, are engaging in economic expansion on the dark continent while mainly staying out of local affairs.

      • Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary is (and was) a lesbian who campaigned for gay marriage. The father and mother supported her.

    • To each his own, I usually say, but in these days, when we’re becoming increasingly focused on hygiene’s importance, even the most woke should be unable to accept butt sex without at least a weary and cynical pause to contemplate what a marvelous way it is to spread disease.

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