Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

If only we elect Donald Trump to a second term, we will have “law and order” and presumably this will stop even though it has been going on for five straight months in Portland.

How many Christopher Columbus monuments have been destroyed in the last five months alone? I’ve lost count. I remember seeing them destroyed or removed by local governments to appease the mob in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond and Columbus.

Why are we spending so much time on Modernism?

It is because this cultural rift opened up in the 1910s and 1920s and it has everything to do with these modernist bohemian enclaves which first appeared in Chicago and New York City around this time. It was these neighborhoods like Greenwich Village which became cultural magnets for anarchists and socialists and which nurtured the cultural liberalism of the modern Left.

The cultural cold war between modernists and traditionalists which has been going on since the 1920s has eroded the social fabric of this country to the point where it is starting to become a hot war. We had anarchists and socialists around in the late 19th century, but they had almost no support in the mainstream culture. As Modernism went mainstream in the 1920s, the doctrine of art for art’s sake changed the way that American history was written which changed our national identity.

As George Orwell put it in 1984, “He who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” This organized campaign of cultural genocide that we are witnessing was obviously hatched out of the historical narratives that have been inculcated in American youth in the public schools and universities and which now circulate in the mainstream media in things like the New York Times 1619 Project. The root of cause of all of this goes back to the late 1920s and 1930s when modernists started becoming historians. It is not an exaggeration to say that you can pick up a history textbook from almost any era and the way that a people write about their past reflects their values in the present.

What could go wrong with art for art’s sake as applied to U.S. history?

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  1. The modern left is Trotskyist.

    Trotskyist thought, which was once mostly fringe even in Communist circles, is now mainstream thought on the left – even among “moderate” Democrats.

    I scroll through reddit and I see people making Trotskyist points over and over again, although it’s quite obvious they have NO IDEA where their ideas come from.

    Trotsky also explains how these Antifa “just happen” to support apartheid Jewish states like occupied Palestine. Trotsky was a Zionist, dedicated to the Jewish nation – Israel – and was against all other nations for “the goyim.”

    Trotsky also wanted all the non-whites of the world to unite to destroy Europe. Amusingly, Charles Manson’s crazy “Helter Skelter” idea was, in fact, Trotskyism on acid – something he surely picked up from the “New Left” of the time.

    Really, people use terms like “Marxist” but that’s mostly wrong – the contemporary left is NOT orthodox Marxist at all – economically, it’s 100% neo-liberalism.

    But culturally and racially, it’s Leon Trotsky all the way.

  2. They’re going to tear down the Columbus statue in Peoria in a few weeks. Sadly, modernism is playing in Peoria.

    • You got to wonder where all of these blowhard patriotic organizations like the American Legion, the VFW, the DAV, and the Italian American Veterans to name a few, are to stop these anarcho-communist attacks.

        • November,

          I think after being on this website for more than a year I agree that you can not reason with trash. You just insult them and move on. The only thing that matters is victory. My little sister says quit being reasonable with evil just ignore them and kick them in the head.

          • Re: “The Southwest will soon be ours. Yell, scream or whatever but that is a fact.”

            But that will not be enough.

            “The only thing that matters is victory.”

            WORLD dominion is and has always been the Church’s goal, but most people think you’re not serious. White ethnic and racial preservation and Catholic hegemony are two different and mutually exclusive goals.

        • November,

          Maria has about enough mercy as a shark in a feeding frenzy. She turns 5 soon. She wants a doll and a real knife for her birthday. She will get one but not the other. I told her ladies do not carry knifes. She says that she is not a lady.

          • This is why we remember on the Fifth of November. A disproportionate number of religious fanatics are psychopathic and sociopathic, and often enjoy killing. Your sister says “kick them in the head” and your five-year-old wants to carry a REAL knife. You not-ladies (but genetically females, assuming that you really are who you put yourself forth to be on the internet) with as much “mercy as a shark in a feeding frenzy” are truly following in the footsteps of the Gunpowder Plotters, the Croatian Ustase, the Crusaders, conquistadors and inquisitors, et al, who have murdered literally millions of Christians and non-Christians in both hemispheres, for the glory of the so-called “Church” and God’s mother, and “VICarIUs fiLLII DeI” (aka Antichrist, 666 being the Roman-numeric sum of his official name), and of course, “fun” and profit.

  3. However the cause of indigenous peoples’ rights is justified. Capitalist hegemony is still taking over the ancestral lands of native peoples, and genociding them or driving them off their lands into cities and other countries, and mixing and blending their cultures and unique genetics out of existence.

    Most of our White ancestors should never have left our European homelands. We should have stayed in Europe, and solved the problem there. Now our places in Europe that were vacated have been taken permanently by other peoples and our own uniqueness is being lost.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love your neighbor as thyself.

    • Some local human migration and mixing is natural, but massive migrations, especially across oceans and other strong barriers and great distances, have always been driven by greed and barbarity.

      • Those “indigenous peoples” vermin whose anuses you lick so frantically developed their “unique indigenous cultures” by wiping out other “indigenous peoples” who held the same land before them.

        All of humanity are bloody conquerors. I choose to side with the bloody conquerors who are of my own tribe. If that shocks your pansy sensibilities, well, then, I’m just a bit more like those “indigenous peoples” you grovel in front of than you are.

        You’re a suicidal, worthless cuck and it’s walking feces like you who are the cause of our race’s groveling submission to these stinking foreign vermin.

        Go apologize to the brown rats and leave us to pursue the business of survival, you traitorous, blubbering queer.

        • Ironsides,

          Quit being wishy washy tell us what you really think. Yes, you made a good comment.

          • Re: “Quit being wishy washy”

            So “I choose to side with” tribal bloody conquerors is not barbaric enough? Advice from a devout nun with gun and dagger at the ready beneath her habit, full of the same Crusader-Conquistador-Inquisitor Anti-Christ zeal that inspired the extermination of millions of innocent White people, and other people, over the centuries.

            The Catholic Ustase set a good example. They were not at all “wishy-washy” about extinguishing Orthodox Christianity in Yugoslavia for the glory of God’s mother and The Vicar (the Pope), in close cooperation, as usual, with Islam, and, of course, the Pharisees. https://dirkdeklein.net/2016/06/16/ustase-the-fascists-that-mde-the-nazis-look-like-boyscouts/

          • That link doesn’t seem to work now but here is another source on the Balkan Crusade: “Croatia’s Catholic clergy were fanatically behind Pavelic and his unbelievably evil regime. Medals were even given by Pavelic to nuns and priests, thus betraying the fact that many of them played active roles alongside the Ustashi military. Franciscan monks in particular joined Ustashi battalions. It was an open partnership between Church and state such as the Vatican loved (…) here we have an example of the Catholic Church’s implementing all her principles, unhampered by opposition, or by fear of world opinion (…) Archbishop Stepinac headed the committee which was responsible for forcible conversions to Roman Catholicism under threat of death, and was also the Supreme Military Apostolic Vicar of the Ustashi Army, which effected the slaughter of those who failed to convert. Archbishop Stepinac was known as the ”Father Confessor’ to the Ustashi and continually bestowed the blessing of Holy Mother Church upon its members and actions (…) Unlike the Germans who were interested only in the quickest and most efficient means of mass extermination, the Catholic Ustashi, with priests and bishops participating and giving their blessing, took great pleasure in torturing before killing. Most of their victims were not shot but were strangled, drowned, burned, or stabbed to death. Serbs were herded into Orthodox churches by Ustashi, who then barred the doors and torched the timbers. One captured photograph shows Ustashi smiling for the camera before a table displaying the body of a Serbian businessman whom they had castrated, disemboweled, carved with knives, and burned beyond recognition. Estimates of the number of victims exceed a million. This is probably a realistic figure. Yugoslavia in its war-crimes trials estimated that from 700,000 to 900,000 victims were tortured and put to death (…) Both in Yugoslavia and the Ukraine, Roman Catholic priests, bishops, and cardinals, with the full knowledge of the Vatican, participated in and gave their blessing to some of the bloodiest and most barbaric massacres of the war, aimed at giving Roman Catholicism control of these regions (…) The Ustashi competed among themselves (…) Captured photographs show Ustashi beheading a Serb with an axe, driving a saw through the neck of another, carrying a head through the streets of Zagreb. In all of them, the Ustashi are smiling and crowding themselves into the picture, as if to prove they had a role in the atrocity. Some Ustase collected the eyes of Serbs they had killed, sending them, when they had enough, to the Poglavnik for his inspection or proudly displaying them and other human organs in the cafes of Zagreb. Even the Nazis were sickened by the atrocities (…) In the last days of World War II, as Soviet troops closed in, Pavelic made his escape. Disguised as a Catholic priest, he made his way to Rome, where he was hidden by the Vatican (and) was sent down its ratlines to Argentina. There this sadist and mass murderer surfaced once again, this time as security adviser to Juan Peron, the Catholic dictator who welcomed fugitive Catholic war criminals for Mother Church”: https://popelessness.wordpress.com/20-the-slaughter-of-the-serbs/

        • Re: “I choose to side with the bloody conquerors who are of my own tribe”:

          With the nuclear, biological, chemical (dozens of countries now have Novichok) and robotic and other high tech weapons available today, death for ALL – your own tribe included – will be the end of that prehistoric tribal “conquering” madness, capitalist imperialism, and the anti-Christ egoist “ethic” of “getting ahead” of others and “doing it unto others, before they do it to you.”

          Re: “wiping out other indigenous peoples who held the same land before them”:

          That is exactly what the international, cosmopolitan plutocrats who profit from wars and divisions WANT you to do. They want all nations to distrust, hate, and kill each other while “They” profit from the wars and preparations for war on both sides, and select the winners who will be their next ruling puppets. For example, two pan-European (and global) wars in the twentieth century killed off millions of us, White people, for whose benefit?

          The aggressive “bloody conquering” that you “side with” is some of the worst possible criminality. The war-profiting elite puppeteers, the psychological string-pulling masters of you “glorious” conquering warriors, have been very careful not to push you too far. They keep most of the wars running COLD, instead of hot. But if they ever do make the mistake of pushing too far or too fast, given the doomsday weapons that are available today, the entire human race could be extinguished by it, including White peoples, and even the Elites themselves.

          • comrade anonymous,

            You are not a christian. You are a communist supporter. All who support them are evil and twisted. And quit pretending you care for white people. You do not.

            A communist supporter talking about atrocities? That is funny. Why Hunter Wallace who pretends to be a christian allows you here is bizarre.

            Here is a fact. The Southwest will soon be ours. Yell, scream or whatever but that is a fact.

          • Comrade anonymous,

            Did I forget to tell you that Russia is evil. Look at their communist and Moslem allies. They are just one form of evil versus the American form of evil. Russia even has a former KGB member as their ruler. That is sick. In any war between Russia and the USA I am on America’s side.

            This website would be forbidden in Communist/Orthodox Russia.

            I would tell you to go to hell but I think you are already there.

    • Fuck the Paleolithic timber joggers!!! Too bad there wasn’t 1000 General George Armstrong Custers to finish off every last redskin in North, Central, and South America. Conquestidor Cortez did nothing wrong. Buzzards and worms gotta eat.

    • “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love your neighbor as thyself.”

      Did the Mongols, Huns, Turks, and Arabs pay any heed to this type of thinking when they butchered and enslaved millions of Whites? The American Indians didn’t think that way, either. Whites are getting rolled because they are the only group of people on the planet who care as much or more about other groups than they do about themselves. Nature doesn’t forgive that level of stupidity.

      • Powell,

        A priest in a sermon I once heard as well as my grandmother’s Baltimore Catechism dated 1954 stated that ‘loving your neighbor as thyself’ just means that you should spiritually love everyone in the same manner but not the same amount while wishing for all to attain their salvation. Examples given were that you should love most those that God has made closest to you.

        Examples given were family, community etc. I imagine that would extend to nation, race, tribe etc.

        Of course atrocities are wrong but only modern anglo-saxon types seem concerned. All other groups only care if atrocities are committed against themselves.

        • Ah, the Baltimore Catechism. It prepared me thoroughly for a full and satisfying adult life—in the thirteenth century.

        • A clarification. I am against all religions but my own as every religion is also against mine if they are serious about their beliefs. I am not however against every person of a different religion and that is a key difference to note.

          • Re: “I am against all religions but my own (…) I am not however against every person of a different religion”:

            The “key difference” is that PERSONS can be converted, forcibly or otherwise, to the rule of the world’s oldest empire and criminal enterprise. American and British Protestantism used to fear and oppose the Catholic influence, but now it has become complacent.

            The dogma DOES live loudly in Amy Coney Barrett. When there are enough Papists in power, the fangs will come out.

          • Thinking of ordering Southern Populist Thomas E. Watson’s book “The Roman Catholic Church: Its law and its literature,” published in 1917, available on Amazon, but as a rule I boycott Amazon.

    • @anon

      ” Most of our White ancestors should never have left our European homelands. We should have stayed in Europe, and solved the problem there. Now our places in Europe that were vacated have been taken permanently by other peoples and our own uniqueness is being lost.

      Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love your neighbor as thyself.”

      This sort of gay liberal argument maybe would have worked in the 1800s as something worth considering, but using it as a line of attack against Whites in 2000s, many of whom didn’t participate in the taming of the continent, and while we’re the weakest we’ve ever been historically since the 1400s, is not even worth thinking about.

      It’s a matter of survival at this point, not morality.

  4. Never had any feelings about Columbus. He is not one of us. Indigenous people is better. I bees one of them. My folks been here since 1663, we bees indigenous, same as yaal.

  5. There should be a day for Indians. If only for the geographical names they have given us, they deserve one. The thing is, no Indian thinks of himself as an Indian, he thinks of himself as a member of his tribe. You think whites are too individualistic and can’t get behind a prowhite movement because of petty intraracial ethnic, personal, and ideological squabbles? Indians beat us in that department. Their rare attempts at pan-Indianism were too little and too late. The Tecumseh-led movement was the best known but it failed. I don’t know about today’s Indians, but for example, I would think Navajo would not find any common cause with Tuscarora or Crow over anything.

    • It’s interesting that Modi’s fascist India contains more forest-dwelling tribal “primitives” (over 100 MILLION of them) than any other country, and they are denied citizenship and being slowly genocided. Fascist Brazil is better known for genocide of indigenous people, and has recently ended their “expensive, wasteful” public healthcare in the midst of the pandemic. Fascist Bolsonaro has praised the U.S. for getting “rid of” most of the Indians in North America, so it doesn’t have the “problem” that Brazil does. In Patagonia (Argentina) and southern Chile, Indian “animals” are being pushed out of the way by Israeli and other Zionist land developers. And in what’s left of Palestine, well, no one is supposed to mention what’s happening to the “Arab” so-called “animals” (indigenous people) over there: https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/tamara-nassar/israel-massively-expand-settlements-after-uae-normalization – always the same story of greed, gold, bigger guns, and germs, otherwise known as “Manifest Destiny.”

    • @Watcher, I believe you’re mistaking “French tickler ” for “Rough Rider.”

      Fagtifa would very quickly grab their ankles for the former.

  6. Finally they are tearing down a statue that deserves to be torn down. So long Lincoln. May the GOP and Con Inc. follow you soon.

  7. Antifa are the human garbage of our society. They have no decency and do not understand the concept of respect.

    “If only we elect Donald Trump to a second term, we will have ‘law and order’ ” – Hunter Wallace

    That’s correct. Put the blame on the democrats running these cities and states. Do you remember what happened when Trump sent feds to Portland initially? He was being hammered in the media and on social media for being a ‘dictator’ and ‘nazi’.

    When Trump has a second term he doesn’t have to be concerned about these labels. He will invoke the insurrection act.

    What do you expect Trump to do? Go full on curb stomp right before an election and allow the left to use that to defeat him in the election? Do you thoroughly think about the consequences of the points you make?

    You have no patience.

    • Yeah, yeah, Trump’s gonna’ kick ass when he gets re-elected! …..NOPE!!!

      I’ve heard that shit before. What’s I believe is going to happen after Trump wins, is the same thing that’s been happening under his “watch” all along. Nothing righteous. Nothing for us, or good for Whites in general. The narcissistic bag of wind will keep on tweeting if the Left allows him to do so. He’ll be too busy dealing with nebulous issues and bloviating to deal with things like censorship while he continues to cater to the nonwhite “victims” in our society, while he allows jews to steal Trillions from America.

  8. Now that I think about it, Portland is getting what it deserves. By embracing Marxists for decades, Portlanders brought this upon themselves. The metrosexual Marxist citizens of Portland and Oregon remain silent.

    When are we going to see a backlash by the citizens of Portland?

    Fuck Portland. Let it burn. I’m in East Tennessee, this shit doesn’t affect me. I don’t see Chattanooga burning and it has a sizeable minority population. You know why? Because we don’t have a Marxist culture which harbors and stirs this kind of ideology.

    When you tolerate human trash, you get trashed.

    Fuck Portland.

    • Sure, tough guy – Chattanooga just has gangs of hundreds of heavily armed blacks hassling Whites at Lookout Mountain Park.

      • I’m originally from New Jersey so I don’t know Chattanooga that well. But doing google searches on lookout mountain park and I see no evidence of your claims.

        You’re full of shit.

        Fuck Portland.

        • gryphon,

          What in the hell possessed you to move to a 36% sambo city? Oh and Portland’s 72% white and has many more Asians and Hispanics than eggplants while Chattanooga’s 56% white. Chaotic protests in one segment of the city doesn’t change the fact that thanks to demography ordinary Portlanders are better off than you guys in the end.
          Better to live among liberals in 92% white Norway than with based conservatives in 9% white South Africa imo.

          USA USA
          Wally George the father of combat TV and conservative TV entertainment!
          Nixon the most redpilled and pro-middle class President in recent history!
          Trump the start of an America First makeover of the GOP. Trump 2020!

          • “Better to live among liberals in 92% white Norway than with based conservatives in 9% white South Africa imo.”

            White areas are filled with White cucks and White trash. Try comparing White Knoxville with Mixed Chattanooga.

            Chattanooga is a paradise in comparison to Knoxville. Just ask anyone who has been to both cities and they will tell you the same. Not shitting you. I’m dead serious.

            Chattanooga is developed. White Knoxville is filled with homeless people and drug addicts.

  9. The only thing the Republican Party and Trump are gonna do is talk. What’s pathetic is that’s all his base needs is his talk. No action. His base is a joke. Yes it’s very obvious that 2020 has been a disaster for American and Southern History and he’s done nothing about it. The one and only solution is Law & Order but it’s obvious the Mayors and Police in these areas are cowards. Democrats and Republicans both believed in Law & Order until 2020. Now the Black Racists and Liberals wanna Defund The Police and the Republicans just talk about Law & Order. The Republicans run away from anything racial unless it’s talking about the Jews enemies Islamics. Then it’s game on. The Republicans are super fake on talking about Illegal Immigration because it’s Republicans who hire Mexicans and Work them for $2 an hour. He could have used the National Guard and stopped the Race Riots and Violence but he’s a coward. Stop voting for them…period! Deo Vindice !

  10. You anti-Trump/GOP cry babies are too immature and ignorant to realize the GOP is the only thing between you and cultural Marxism.

    Viva Christopher Columbus
    Wally Wally

      • You mean after something becomes law? Well obviously, once something becomes law, you have to either enforce it or the voters can try to change it by constitutional means. If government officials refuse to enforce laws they personally dislike, what kind of society would we be living in besides anarchy?

        USA USA
        Wally George the father of combat TV and conservative TV entertainment!
        Nixon the most redpilled and pro-middle class President in recent history!
        Trump the start of an America First makeover of the GOP. Trump 2020!

    • Shouldn’t you be chanting “Keep Israel Great and God Bless Lady MAGA, Candace Owens, the Platinum Plan and the Walk Away Gay movement” @Ghost

  11. This was a rough day friends. Sitting in an office while people named Rashad, Raj, Muftar and Karen all frown while pooping on six hundred years of Eurorpean history was a kind of hell. They hate us, our cultures and countries but won’t stop moving here and won’t leave

    • shill of blackpill,

      Aww poor baby had a rough day at the Social Security office? Shouldn’t you be voting and getting involved with anti-mass immigration organizations? Oh wait, that would hard work and actually getting off your duff, which is a foreign concept to those that whine and don’t do anything.

      USA USA
      Wally George the father of combat TV and conservative TV entertainment!
      Nixon the most redpilled and pro-middle class President in recent history!
      Trump the start of an America First makeover of the GOP. Trump 2020!

  12. Portland is an example of why not all White areas are a paradise.

    Nationalists love to talk about how White the Pacific Northwest and Upper New England is. What they don’t tell you is that those places are filled with White cucks and White trash.

    I’ve spoken to people who have lived in Spokane, Washington which is the Whitest city in America. They have said the Whites there are complete cucks and unbearable.

    I lived in Knoxville which is a mostly White city and it’s a shithole. Filled with White trash and White cucks and homeless people and drug addicts. Chattanooga is a paradise in comparison, much more developed and cleaner despite being much Blacker.

    When I was living in White Knoxville, I saw mudsharks on a daily basis, I had homeless people curse at me for no reason dozens of times while working night shift. I’ve had multiple instances in Knoxville where Whites tried to scam me for money.

    Fuck Portland. The citizens don’t even speak up for what is happening to their city.

    I would rather be in the based South than a cucked White cuck trash city like Portland.

    • gryphon,

      You’d rather live in Mississippi than Portland? Really?

      Despite the recent shenanigans, Portland is cleaner and safer than most American big cities. The suburbs aren’t as liberal and East OR is Republican territory.
      Living in a heavily black Southern state is like a white living in a black or brown country. The cities are shit and even if you live in a gated community or the sticks, you have to constantly be on the look out for marauding predators.

      USA USA
      Wally George the father of combat TV and conservative TV entertainment!
      Nixon the most redpilled and pro-middle class President in recent history!
      Trump the start of an America First makeover of the GOP. Trump 2020!

      • I live in the heart of the Alabama Black Belt. You couldn’t pay me to live in a place like Portland, OR. Sure, White people live there, but culturally they might as well be from another planet

  13. “If only we elect Donald Trump to a second term, we will have “law and order” and presumably this will stop even though it has been going on for five straight months in Portland.”

    So, let Biden get in because it will stop? No, thank you. I changed my mind, I’m voting for Trump again. I want to see the rioting escalate. Eventually they’ll lose control, the financial system will collapsed, and then the playing field will truly be level. Perhaps the only time there is true justice is during the absence of rule of law. So, let’s find out.

    I saw a little clip of Spencer with Nick Cannon. He did nothing to defend Western Civilization. It isn’t stolen land, it’s conquered land. Say it, Spencer! After 400 years in a civilized society, many American blacks still behave like they’re right out of the jungle.

    I am sick and tired of hearing about the supposedly massive rape that occurred during slavery. I don’t doubt that some probably occurred but like white women, those negro women learned quickly how to get themselves elevated within the household.

    The weakest links in Western Civilization are its women and its feminized/cuckolded men. Go back to your primal instincts, guys, we’ll all be better off. The women and the cucked men are the only two groups that need to be thinned and that’s for everyone’s sake.

  14. grayphon,

    We’re both race realists and not WNs, so we probably agree on the “averages mean not all whites are scientific geniuses” and that there are plenty of trash. Just look at the forums.
    I should’ve mentioned it seems the details like IQ and education within the demographics matter too. As you said, no sane person would rather live in a 100% low class white area with low IQ, alcoholic, meth head, Povich and Springer guests than in a higher class and IQ gated community that’s 75% white and 25% Asian, Jewish, nonwhite.
    TN is an outer Southern state that’s always been more urbanized with sizable Northern transplants, so it’s always been more developed than Deep Southern states. Eastern TN was pro-Union during the Civil War.

    Wally George the father of combat TV and conservative TV entertainment!
    Nixon the most redpilled and pro-middle class President in recent history!
    Trump the start of an America First makeover of the GOP. Trump 2020!

    • I’m working class, I have no love for the snooty “IQ gated community” crowd. Those are the White cucks I am talking about.

      The White cucks are even more unbearable than the White trash.

  15. This is eroding respect for the United States both on a national and international level. It is alienating the white middle and working class and and making America look weak on a global basis which is sure to encourage attacks upon America facilities internationally.

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