Make America Gay Again

In the 2020 election, we are invited to believe that this is our only option:

This is “conservatism.”

It is up to all these grifters to “conserve” our culture or something. Stupid, feckless, lame, gay, cringe, worthless and degenerate are all terms that come to mind.

No thanks!

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  1. That M A G A! music video is the definition of a cursed video.

    I can imagine some historian digging that video up and end up having his soul sucked out of his body. Our Future Victorian-Esque descendants will make horror movies out of it.

    • Chad Wolf was one of the legion of horrible appointments Trump made, no doubt at the behest of that great “conservative”, President Kushner. Of course, Zero Hedge reports that at least two of the so-called “White Supremacists” who were (supposedly) planning to attack the Michigan State House and abduct the Governor are anarchists and wildly anti-Trump. It’s down the memory hole again with that “White Supremacist” tall tale once the truth comes out. It’s just the Government’s version of the Jussie Smollet hoax.

  2. Not voting for Blompf makes you a race traitor? Is Fuentes trying to put Latino Jews on the GOP plantation? (Is there even enough of them to form a minyan, let alone matter in an election?)

    • He was speaking about his “race,” the genetically incoherent pile of “human” garbage without the consistency of a normal race that we have given the moniker “Hispanic” or “Latino.” Otherwise known as the greatest enemy to humanity except perhaps for the J itself. This blob will consume everything it touches. Don’t play pretend and say some of them are “White,” because if you accept some of them as “White” soon enough you’ll accept all of them as White and shortly thereafter you’ll be consumed by the raceless blob. They just need to be gotten ridden of permanently regardless of how “White” they appear. To me, Spick Fuentes is a the swarthiest, mongrelest Brazilian in whiteface. That is how we should treat these people and it doesn’t matter how many generations of White fathers or mothers they have had. If they have had even one great-great-grandparent who was an Argentinian rancher they need to go.

    • I want someone from Team Trump to explain how Trump’s “Platinum Plan” for blaxx isn’t just reparations under another name, I can’t see the difference. One cannot be opposed to reparations and in favor of the “Platinum Plan” at the same time, it violates the law of non-contradiction. Logical consistency and ultimately Truth (i.e. Veritas) have never been of much concern to politicians though except as to how to bullshit people a mile a minute.

      Ultimately, Trump is trying to win the black vote through an appeal to reparations paid for by White people. Even if this pandering were to win enough black votes (doubtful) it should alienate the White voters who would be forced to pay for this unjust “Platinum Plan”. Of course in real life if Trump wins next month all of his promises go into the waste basket, it’s not like he is going to run for a third term or there will be any way to hold him accountable.

  3. I’ve always had my suspicions that both Fuentes and Spencer are sodomites. It is very unusual that Trump is getting such widespread support from the homosexual community. Spencer was an early supporter of Jack Donovan, a degenerate homosexual. Milo was another degenerate that was an outspoken Trump supporter.

    This nation is reaching peak dysfunction and this won’t last – the days are numbered before this place blows up and eventually splits up. Rampant homosexuality was present in both the fall or Rome and Greece. Laws against homosexuality need to be reinstated, but I think it’s probably too late at this point. This nation is finished. Vox Day thinks we as a United States will end sometime in the 2030’s, I disagree. I think we will see at least a few states pull away within this current decade.

    • You could have posted this instead:

      Nothing gay about that video. Just attractive Christian girls supporting their country and president.

      But instead you decided to give that metrosexual clown Richard Spencer a platform.

      You and Spencer can try to paint the MAGA movement as gay all you want. The MAGA movement is overwhelmingly straight working class Whites.

    • You had your suspicions, Ron? Oh, come on! You could tell those two were ‘pooftas’ from the first time they started jabbering. I’ve said it before, until and unless white men take control and remove the evil from our lands, we WILL be overrun, and damned… just like Sodom and Gomorrah.

      (Nice deletion of that long post I wrote about Cain, HW)

    • ‘Ron,’

      Not long ago I believe you said I was a fag and a fed in response to my criticism of another anonymous poster who I believed to be Alex Linder.

      I’m neither a fag nor a fed. But you are fact certain an insult-er to my honor. The only reason I did not respond before was because I am working on retiring completely from politics.

      Having said more than you or anyone alive today about race including our prolific Hunter Wallace and having done so under my legal name, non-anonymously from Day One, having run for public office as an openly Pro-White Anti-Zionist candidate multiple times and more than anyone in America and having received the dynamic silence treatment, I respond now to your previous insult to my honor.

      I invite you to my home where we can discuss the matter face to face.

      Jimmy Giles
      173 Pear Lane
      Pearl, Mississippi 39208

      • I stand by my previous comment and have zero interest in any further discussion with a known fed and homosexual.

        • Like most people, you are a dishonorable coward. You will talk but that’s it. You will never act. It’s interesting to note that your cowardly assault upon my honor was in defense of Alex Linder. And your talk while big is uttered from anonymity like a pussy.

          “a known fed?” I’m not that smart but it’s my sense that such an allegation would mean that I have/am acting in such a manner as to entrap another in a crime. All I have ever asked others to do is to vote for me and to give me money. They gave me very little of either.

          I did apply for a job with the FBI when I was in my twenties and they turned me down. And I have reported crimes committed against me by police officers to the FBI which they have ignored.

          “homosexual?” This is so completely unnatural to me that it’s hard for me to understand how so many engage in it.

          But the bigger curiosity is why you would choose to assail me given I’m now out of the game. Your motivation must be rooted in my past fire and fury.

          But your insult to my honor cannot go without punishment. Therefore, I call upon the Viking Gods to curse you for your lies against me for the rest of your life.

        • @Ron

          “I stand by my previous comment and have zero interest in any further discussion with a known fed and homosexual.”

          Another lie because you proceed to discuss me further after your comment above.

          You epitomize my political experience and my political career which brought me NOTHING but trouble. You are a piece of human shit. You are a modern man, no character, no integrity and no honor.

          And unlike you I will truly end this discussion with a third chant: May the Viking Gods curse you for the rest of your life.

        • If we are to revisit the past, let’s be clear my mantra was strict legality and given my unique bravery I was always cautious of everyone.

          2010 was a decade ago and I’m not bothering going to the criticism by Hunter of me a decade ago especially since he has grown robust since his younger days. But as an analyzer of history, he should not flinch from scrutinizing his youth and inexperience as well as his present posture and the future.

          A friend commented recently about Hunter:

          “I believe HW is a trust-funder living off of small dividend payments and on family-owned property. That is why he’s scared to death about any mention of violence on his website. After Charlottesville the feds put HW under the spotlight, let him know that they can and will take everything from him. HW has nothing else, except for small donations here and there.”

          As for the repeated lie that I’m a homosexual, I find it odd that another man would be so focused on another man’s sexuality.


          Repeat, may the Viking Gods curse you for the lies against me for the rest of your life.

          • Why on earth would I let total strangers who could be feds or Antifa trolls come on my site and discuss their violent fantasies? Did anyone see what just happened to Cantwell or the dozens of White Nationalists who were gulaged after El Paso? I don’t let random tards come on my site and discuss violence because I don’t want to lose my domain or hosting account.

        • “As far as your closeted homosexuality, that’s obvious.”

          Ron has finely honed “gaydar” and he can even sense homosexuality over the internet – and every time he looks in the mirror.

  4. In Confederacy 2.0 there would be NO : Blacks browns muslims gays or men in womens bodies, ( eg., women representatives judges prosecuting attorneys police – or with any police power or in charge of men in prisons or in military. ) Sound good? Sound ‘normal?’ Sound “timeless?”

    There could NEVER even be such an abomination as this –

  5. What I have learned recently from the government, state, local and national:

    If a white person calls a black “the n word” his murder by this or another black is justifiable.

    If a black murders a white person he might be sentenced to read a book and write a book report or attend anger management classes.

    If a black is attempting to destroy the livelihood of and kill a white person and that white person kills the black in self-defense the government will throw the book at him and even brand him a terrorist.

  6. From Austria it is another example why pro white platform does not work. Pro white voters have very harsh judgement for their leaders and nobody want to be pro white leader.

    Austria Freedom Party got destroyed in Vienna municipal election. One faked video was enough to destroy pro white party.

    Left letting their leaders get away with everything, our folk punishes every small mistake. Another bunch of people understood that running from pro white anti immigration platform only get your life ruined.

    Donald want to win, not wiped out of politics. Of course, this faggotry garbage pushes away some radicals but being common sense candidate will wipe his entire electorate away.

    Build that wall folk is very noisy but very tiny. Election king maker is cucked Normie and nobody interested in victory shall never scare the feelgood cucks.

  7. The Gays and the Irish, the gays and the Irish there are only two kinds of people the Jews trust to carry out their schemes and plans. Steve Bannon, Richard Spencer??? think.

    If Jews are a racist people as they most certainly are then they would see people in certain ways and possessing of certain group traits and group characteristics. Irish treachery is in the blood and the truth of this can be found throughout history. Only this time the Irish have betrayed Christ and their souls are at stake.

  8. You could have posted this instead:

    Nothing gay about that video. Just attractive Christian girls supporting their country and president.

    But instead you decided to give that metrosexual clown Richard Spencer a platform.

    You and Spencer can try to paint the MAGA movement as gay all you want. The MAGA movement is overwhelmingly straight working class Whites.

    • It is gay.

      It does celebrate homosexuality. Spencer is also right that conservatism became gay in the Trump years and that is the big change. I was making that point before Spencer as far back as the transition in late 2016.

  9. The Democrats and Republicans are opposite sides of the same Anti-White coin. Heads they win, tails we lose.

  10. Just because Trump and the Republicans are far, far, far from perfect, doesn’t mean it’s wise to let the Dems take control, who are openly just saying that they want to slaughter us all. Let’s use our heads here, people. As you’re being dragged off to the ditch, you’re not going to be patting yourself on the back because “you sure showed the GOP that they can’t take my vote for granted.”

    • “doesn’t mean it’s wise to let the Dems take control”:

      No. The Plutocrats are in control. This “republic” is a ONE-party Plutocracy with two right wings CALLED parties. One may be a little righter than the other, but both wings are right. Biden and Kamala are just about as right as Trump and Pence. Look at their records not their words.

      Let there be a mass peaceful strike: Everyone stop voting immediately, and rescind all voter registrations, because there are no good choices in these fake-democratic “elections.” All “third” parties are prevented from really running in this one-party Plutocracy.

    • “you sure showed the GOP that they can’t take my vote for granted.”

      We did not reward our children for failure, we certainly will not reward a 74 year old man and Con Inc, for failure. Took a chance, got burned.

      BTW, Conservative Inc. claims democrats have blacks on plantations and are the “real racists” The modern republican party is both a joke, and the punchline.

  11. Notice how few (almost none) Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are shown in the MAGA video, which plays to the video’s target White swing-voter audience, making them feel that integration is actually quite limited and safe, and that they (we) are still the vast majority and in control as the video depicts.

    The second video is repulsive. From the feminine detailing of the beard to the fake-masculine bragging about not wearing a protective mask, its intended target audience is obvious..

  12. Interesting news that is somewhat relevant: Kim Jong-un’s apology today at the Korean Workers’ Party 75th anniversary represents the Confucian, “mandate of heaven,” MERITOCRATIC political ideal of the East, which is completely different and in stark contrast to the motive of Western politics (especially U.S. politics): Kim removed his glasses and wiped away tears, saying ‘Our people have placed trust, as high as the sky and as deep as the sea, in me, but I have failed to always live up to it satisfactorily (…) Although I am entrusted with the important responsibility to lead this country upholding the cause of the great comrades Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, thanks to the trust of all the people, my efforts and sincerity have not been sufficient enough to rid our people of the difficulties in their lives.”

  13. Speaking of gay, I wonder what Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is up to. Let’s take a look…

    Oh my, Spencer posted a tweet which yearns for the return of Mitt Romney. I never realized Spencer sympathized with the likes of the neo-cons like Mitt Romney just so he can spite Trump. Interesting. I always was under the impression that Spencer thought the neo-cons were worse than Trump but here is Spencer posting a positive spin on the ‘good old days’ of conservatism.

    If I didn’t know any better I would say Spencer is no different than the hysterical neo-cons over at the Lincoln Project.

    Oh of course not, Spencer is being ‘sarcastic’ as usual, silly me. We should just all close our eyes and imagine an awesome metrosexual like Spencer guild us with his awesome sense of feminized fash.

    • Like him or not, Spencer was married and has kids. Same can’t be said for your idol Nick Fuentes. Hanging out with Catboi’s? Now that’s super, super ghey.

  14. Madonna looks absolutely pathetic old c*nt refuses to age gracefully. Looks like a plastic surgery horrorshow or should that be whoreshow?!

    Don’t care for her music either its trash

  15. The Christians who Vote for him are sorry individuals who obviously live in denial and have no real Christian Family Values & Morals. I’m not interested in living in a country that believes in Religious Freedom and other ridiculous Conservative Libertarian views. I’m interested in this country making Christianity the only belief and arresting / deporting all those who work against God, Family, Race, and Nation. Be a Nationalist and join together with others so We Can Retake Everything! Deo Vindice !

  16. HW,

    How did Trump mainstream homosexuality when it already was by 2016? Don’t forget B Hussein Obama was anti-same sex marriage in ’08 but switched his position in ’12 when all the polls showed the majority of Americans backed it then as well. Check every poll now and it shows all age groups except the GI and Silent Generations now support same sex marriage and LGBT rights. Trump and the GOP would have to be loony to oppose gay rights to appeal to the two oldest living generations today. Oh, and the mainstream media fail to mention that Trump was more progressive on gay rights than any prominent Democrat including the Clintons back in 2000 when he supported amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include homosexuals. Trump’s the best hope for the GOP today and its future with millennials and zoomers.

    Wally Wally

    • Trump has consistently pushed to normalize homosexuality in the GOP since the 2016 RNC and unlike all the hype about how he was a “nationalist” he meaningfully moved the Overton Window in that respect as president

      • I don’t see how the homosexuals are relevant to nationalistic issues like immigration, crime, trade, and foreign policy? Homosexuality isn’t even an issue for the nationalists in the UK Conservative Party or the French National Rally.
        The majority of the nation backed same sex marriage in 2016 and the Supreme Court legalized it nationwide the prior year. The religious right lost the culture war as James Dobson admitted. Millennials and zoomers are the most impassioned supporters of LGBT rights.
        The gays and lesbians have higher average incomes and vote at higher rates, so how would fighting a losing battle have helped Trump? You still haven’t explained that or what else he could’ve done on the issue.

        USA USA
        Wally Wally
        If Trump and the GOP lose in 2020, say hello to permanent Democrat domination

        • If one cannot see the relevance of normal sexuality to preserving the posterity of a nation then there is nothing to be done with one.

  17. Hunter and Spencer may want to spend all their time trying to portray President Trump as a faggot enabler.

    Maybe they really don’t want to talk about the fact that President Trump is WINNING on immigration.

    Check this out, here is the New York Times bitching and moaning like little cry babies over Trump’s victories on immigration.

    “This administration has attacked every aspect of the immigration system — and it won’t be easy to undo.”

    According to this report Trump has made over 400 policy changes to immigration:

    Here’s a winning song for you:

    Wall is going up. Immigration has been cut. Quit moaning and bitching.

    • It is COVID-19 that deserves credit for crashing the economy and reducing immigration, not the George W. Bush era border fence he put up. Last year, Trump was boasting about how he wanted immigrants to come here in the highest numbers ever and endorsed Kushner’s immigration plan which would have changed the composition of legal immigration while keeping the number of legal immigrants the same.

      • Read the article. Immigration has been going down to half since 2016. 400 policy changes to immigration.

      • It looks like in reality, Steven Miller is running immigration policy according to this article. So contrary to your belief, according to this article Steven Miller is running immigration and not Jared Kushner as you suggest.

        You should make an article about this NY Times article. You know if you make the NY Times cry foul over immigration you are doing something right.

        • Gryphon,

          Kris Kobach was every ‘beltway’ immigration hawk’s choice for DHS, but you are fine with (((Steven Miller))), eh?

          Ffs, Ann Coulter has exposed the utter failure that Blompf has been at building the “wall.” What little wall/fence he did have constructed toppled in a F-0 wind.

          Would you or The spectre of R.M. Nixon like to enlighten us rubes on how your tangerine colored pathological liar owned the shitlibs by caving on the government shutdown without getting anything in return to build that “big, beautiful wall that Mexico is going to pay for?”

          Nevermind the new caravans heading to the jewnited states southern border. When they arrive, perhaps, they too will be released inside the interior of the country with an immigration court hearing date that they will never appear at. That’s some 6,000,000-D chess Kushner and company are playing on the demoncrats.

          • november,

            Boy, you need to pay closer attention. I only back Trump as a lesser evil who’s less worse than sleepy Joe on immigration, trade, and foreign policy. He may be the first step to making over the GOP in the long run.
            He is not an effective savior as the Trumpists believe. Trump was a fool for pursuing an expensive wall when E-Verify is the most effective anti-illegal immigration tool there is and much cheaper and easier to pass through Congress. He should’ve tried to get it through his first two years, but he may not have wanted to since Fox and the Washington Times revealed only 5% of his company uses E-Verify. He knows E-Verify will affect the way he and other fat cats do business, so why would he want to pass it to start?

            As for Miller, he’s the only thing keeping the Trump Cabinet from going full Jeb Bush on immigration. If Trump hires Kobach and boots Kushner in his second term, patriots can be more confident in his judgment.

            USA USA
            Wally George the father of combat TV and conservative TV entertainment!
            Nixon the most redpilled and pro-middle class President in recent history!

  18. Woke: Make Amnats Grifters Again
    Broke: Make Dishwashers Great Again
    Bespoke: Make America Gay Again “KISS THE GUYS”- Potatus Blumpf said yesterday lol

    He wants to kiss the guys now “grab em by the cock they let you do it, I just go up and start kissing them” I think Blumpf took the bill gaytes sissy vaccine What do you guys think?!

  19. Gay?

    Excerpt from the novel, Retribution Fever:

    “By ‘gay’, I assume you mean ‘homosexual’.”
    “What agents of corruption! When I feel gay, I don’t feel that I want to have sex with another man ….”
    “Just when you feel downhearted?” the Doctor interrupted.
    “Dr. Funnyman! Anyhow, when I feel gay, I feel lighthearted, joyful, and of buoyant spirits not of perverted lust. Homosexuals are anything but gay. Do you know from where they hijacked the word?”
    “Not exactly,” the Doctor admitted.
    “They stole it from a street in Greenwich Village in New York City … Gay Street. The area was the site of a homosexual hangout when homosexuality was illegal. Their being ‘gay’ has nothing to do with their moods.”
    “That which you say may be true, but homosexuality now is legal, and your speech, Uncle, borders on the illegal … if not the mentally ill.”
    “Mentally ill?”
    “You, Sir, suffer from ‘homophobia’.”
    “Typical of current trends in the Western world! The accuser becomes the accused, and the accused becomes the accuser … just as the victim becomes the perpetrator and the perpetrator becomes the victim. Radical maternalism in action! If anyone is mentally ill, it’s the homosexual.”

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