Ben Sasse Slams Donald Trump For Flirting With White Supremacy

I’m not sure what else Trump can do.

He has disavowed “white supremacy” at least three times this month and promised blacks $500 billion dollars to get them to vote for him. He held a BLEXIT rally on the front lawn of the White House. How many times does he have to condemn “white supremacy” to satisfy Ben Sasse?

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  1. The same Ben Sasse that is a “Big Macha” in the “Pro Israel America Super PAC”… If it Wasnt so depressing it would be hysterical “you CANNOT NAME OR ADDRESS THE WHITE, DAHNALD. THAT IS WHITE SUPREMACY”

    What about the Jewish control or Western media, finance and politics even though they have their own and only ethnostate?


    • @Captain Schill…

      Perhaps 6 months ago, Tucker Carlson did a show about a Nebraska town that suffered it’s one manufacturer to be pillaged by a certain corporate raider, by the name of Singer.

      When The Carlson Show called the office of Senator Sasse, to inquire if the senator had any plans to confront the aforementioned raider, they did not reply.

      When Carlson inquired around, about why that was, some people in the know told him Sasse was terrified to cross Singer – the latter who is apparently known to be a ballbreaker…

  2. Give up your seat to a Vibrant Lesbian Of Color, then, Ben! Sell all that you have and give to the nearest Section 8 household. If not you’re just a lying hypocrite.

  3. Kyke logic—-if whites are not supreme than how can their God the Christ be supreme? The Jews still don’t have the balls to say just how much they hate the innocent Christ, but they do in the most sick sadistic inhuman way.

    • That is the essence of the 2,000 year old, irreconcilable difference. If Christ lived, was whom He said He was and the story of the Resurrection is true, it changes everything, fundamentally. It also means, as the Church has taught for 2,000 years that the OT has been fulfilled in the Person of Jesus Christ, not negated and Christians are under the new dispensation of Christ. This, of course, negates the claims of superiority and exclusivity in the OT, a blow to their pride they have not overcome in 2,000 years and “Pride goeth before a Fall”.

  4. In accord with recent themes here, I think the best approach to understanding the Sassites of “modern conservatism” is to go back to the conflict in the early 20th century between Old Guard Republicans and Progressive Republicans. In their way, the Old Guard were traditional men of honor; men, who when they gave their word, stuck to their word. Progressive Republicans on the other hand could not be so trusted; no deal was safe from them breaking their word in a fit of “Muh Principles.” Where the Old Guard embodied a view stretching back to the classical world of politics as a form of friendship, the Progressives’ politics were more modern, rooted in ideology. No member of the Old Guard would have sought and received the indorsement of another politician and then turned around to slime him as Sasse has done Trump. And to be fair, even the most ideological Progressive Republican back then would probably have have hesitated to do a “Sasse’, so far has our political life fallen.

  5. Do they not know Democrats are the real racists? LMWAO! The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution! It will not get any better nor can it be salvaged. Instead it can and will get a H*ll of a lot worse in the decades to come. You know it, I know it! The United States is done for.

  6. Ben ” Sissy” Sasse is another of these pathetic White guys constantly sucking up to non Whites and of course, jews. As much as Trump is a b.s. artist on things he gets that passing grade to be voted for again in the putrid American system of voting. If it were a parliamentary system I would vote for the party that truly says something since a party only has to get 5% to have representation in such a system.

    Sasse is part of that Graham, Romney, Bush, Rove, Tillis wing of the Republican Party. They only get voted in because of White people but refuse to promote Whites. Sasse comes across as an arrogant cuck.

    This White Supremacist jazz is like hyping up jaywalkers as the murderers and rapists run wild. I was reading an article of an 85 year old woman sexually assaulted by a 25 yeast old. He took off when he heard someone approaching. Right away I said ” black” and of course he is.

    People like Sasse would never say the obvious. The country is doomed due to this ” all people and cultures” are equal despite reality screaming otherwise.

    Sasse would not be voted for dog catcher if lived in a very diverse state. He is such a coward he would not mention the fact most murders in his state of Nebraska come from a black part of Omaha. Paul Kersey wrote about that but a sitting Us Senator is more concerned about Trump denouncing ” muh White Supremacists” for the trillionth time. In fact that ridiculous woman hired only because she is a woman and a leftist asked him the stupid question right away last night at the townhall. The nbc chick. So much for the best being hired for jobs A truly sick country possessed by vile media and black lies matter.

    • Morons like Sasse don’t deserve to reap the rewards of living in a society that their White predecessors built.

  7. Take a look at Ben Sasse’s history related to pedo Denny Hastert’s term as Speaker of the House – IIRC Ben was a/the honcho in the Congressional Page program that was providing Hastert with grooming victims. If Ben’s not in Epstein’s Black Book there’s a page missing.

    Just checked a link – Thernobitch, YMMV – but the position’s a matter of public record.

    Ironic considering Gorilla Mind Milk’s ties with (very credibly) accused pederast/Epstein-bud Dershowitz.

  8. @Exile

    Dennis Hastert wasn’t just some Congressman either – he was the longest serving Republican Speaker of the House in modern times and one of the mot powerful Republican power-brokers in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

    And everyone knew he was a pedophile. According to 9/11 FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds, (the most gagged woman in history, kept from even revealing the languages she knew by the Bush administration during the 9/11 cover-up) every intelligence agency and law enforcement agency on earth knew that Hastert was raping little boys, and half of the intelligence agencies had him on video. He was so blackmailed and bribed by Turkey he became a Turkey lobbyist after he retired from the House.

    Bill Clinton’s team found out about Hastert when pornographer Larry Flynt of Hustler fame was digging up dirt on Republicans that had impeached Clinton over Monica Lewinsky. Instead of prosecuting him, the Clinton team classified the information so the FBI couldn’t prosecute because it was useful for the Clinton’s to have leverage over such a powerful Republican.

    Here’s your government in action, literally, a bunch of pedophiles blackmailed by foreign spies.

    No wonder the media is so desperate to stop the “QAnon conspiracy theories” from spreading online…

    I wonder what they got on Sasse?

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