Trump-Biden Town Halls

Trump disavowed “white supremacy” again. He also said that he knows nothing about QAnon. As for Joe Biden, he thinks 8-year-olds should be allowed to choose their gender. If he loses this race for the U.S. Senate, he will go back to teaching at the University of Pennsylvania.

Note: Amy Coney Barrett disavowed “white supremacy” in her confirmation hearing. Mike Pence condemned “white supremacy” in the vice presidential debate. Trump condemned “white supremacy,” the KKK and the Proud Boys on Hannity. He vowed to declare the KKK a terrorist organization in his Platinum Plan which is based on Ice Cube’s Contract With Black America. In the first presidential debate with Joe Biden, Trump also disavowed white supremacy.

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  1. MAGA BOOMER 2016 “Lock her up, end abortion, traditional values, send them back, build the wall, guns”

    MAGA BOOMER 2020 “MAGA loves gays and trans people, we want legal immigration, blacks get trillions in gibs, no wall or end to abortion. BUT WE HAVE OUR GUNS STILL. MAGA!”

    • Well, what do you suggest then? Vote for Sniffy and Kneepads, or stay home and tell yourself how brave you are for not voting for Trump.

      • “What would you suggest them to do”
        Maybe show some friggin pride, intelligence, courage and not act like clowns screaming “MAGA” when the conman talks about black reparations and Israel.
        Is that the slang that all the cool senior citizens are using

      • I hope these people will truly enjoy President Kamala and everything that comes afterward. Sometimes you really do have to choose the lesser evil.

        • The definition of insanity is making the same mistake twice knowingly. Trump is the exactly the same as Harris without giving the MAGAheads hope that won t come

    • Guthrie’s rather dull set piece attacks on Trump made me sympathise a little with him. Imagine the cabinet meetings and policy discussions with civil servants? It’s a wonder Trump hasn’t killed several subordinates.

  2. Pepe Escobar nearly always writes a great article (except on Covid):

    “Potus punk versus Dem dementia”:

    “For Republicans, the top bagman is casino schemer Sheldon Adelson – who literally bought Congress for a paltry $150 million. For Democrats, it’s Haim Saban – who owns his own think tank and is Hillary’s go-to moneyman. The Dem dementia is essentially a bagman op. To make it even more digestible, both Adelson and Saban are rabid Israeli-firsters. A dissident Beltway intel op cuts all corners: The Mafia front man Sheldon Adelson financed Trump for Israeli insurance even though Israel was for Hillary.”

    • So that paragraph is part of what you regard as a “great article”? It’s relentless knowingness. If your eyes haven’t glazed over about six words into it, there’s something wrong with your autonomic nervous system.

      Also: What on earth does he think “bagman” means?

      • Not the best part but a selection likely to draw in the dedicated “election” news followers here.

        If your eyes glazed over, this will glaze them out:

        The communist journalist gives his synonym for “bagman” in the middle of three sentences, making it clear enough.

        His writing is not my style but he’s usually very accurate and useful, except, as I said, on Covid. An even better independent communist journalist, Andre Vltchek, died recently at a young age. His website is still up, with unique and accurate information, worth looking at.

        • “The communist journalist gives his synonym for “bagman” in the middle of three sentences, making it clear enough.”

          I see.

          “My favorite feathered pet is my dog. She’s as good an egg-layer as there’s ever been, and that’s why I always have fresh eggs for breakfast.”

          There, I gave my synonym—egg-layer—for dog; thus it’s clear enough what I think dog means.

          • He uses it well enough, in accord with the second Oxford dictionary definition which is: “A political fundraiser,” Example given: “a Tory bagman.” More examples given in sentences, including: “Infighting is not confined to politicians and their bagmen: they’re at it in academe too” and “‘Victory flows from the pouch of a bagman as much as the barrel of a gun,” etc. The journalist, who writes for Russia Today and Asia Times, Counterpunch, etc. does not live in Philadelphia where the word might have other meanings.

          • Adelson isn’t a fundraiser. He’s a donor, as Escobar himself indicates when he says Adelson “literally bought Congress.” A bagman doesn’t buy things.

    • Another good relevant source on the “election”: “The duopoly (two-party) electoral configuration requires that the Democrats absorb and smother all popular movements that might threaten the corporate militarist austerity agenda, while retaining the loyalties of their multi-racial base by posturing as the bastion against Republican racism and reaction (…) it’s the only formula that allows corporate Democrats to pretend to champion their multi-racial constituency while doing nothing of substance to halt the steady deterioration of working people’s living standards. If Trump is gone in January, then the Democrats must find ways to accentuate the “great victory” that has been won on the racial front, since Biden has promised the donor class that “nothing will fundamentally change” for them under his presidency. Nothing will change for the vast majority of Black and brown people either, which is why Kamala Harris will be put forward as a kind of ‘co-president’ with Biden, as a simulation of Black Power (,…) Devouring social movements is the Party’s specialty. In place of people’s politics, the Democrats present a simulacrum of popular power that poses no threat to the Lords of Capital and their dictatorship. Kamala Harris’ opportunistic career has taken her to center-stage of US corporate political theater, where if the polls are right she will soon share a starring role in the long-running production, Saving Racial Capitalism from Its Deserved Demise, the late stage version. We may soon be seeing more of her than even her fans and AKA sisters can stomach”:

  3. As a Southerner who refuses to to do the fashionable thing for Whites (consider himself an orphan) I am used to be denounced.

    Being denounced can be shocking at first, but, like learning to play guitar, callouses develop at the the fingertips, the end result being that you no longer notice when your fingers grip the metal strings.

  4. One of the ironic compare and contrasts in the debate is that Biden just endorsed castration of 8 year old boys while Trump was badgered by Guthrie about Q theories that Democratic Party is a hive of child molesters. Btw Guthrie is married to a tribal scumbag called Feldman. Almost makes we want to endorse Q. Guthrie is an attractive woman and she’s been absorbed by the yids.

  5. Another point about Q Paedophile concerns and the Biden campaign. Biden has condemned a young man who shot a convicted paedophile in self defence, as a terrorist. That’s Rittenhouse. Biden isn’t right in the head. He’s a wrong un. There’s something there with Biden, it’s not good.

    • He also just came out and said an 8 year old child should be able to determine whether he or she wants to ‘transition’ to the other sex, meaning the child will be mutilated and sterilized. Biden is an evil, dangerous person.

      • As a Roman Catholic, Biden is just following the teachings of his Pope who donated money to a “transgender community” in Italy few months ago.

  6. Biden just revealed who he is with that comment about Transexual 8 year olds. Wtf! The clip should be cause for a criminal investigation.

    • Certain forms of child abuse are perfectly valid and moral under our state imposed, Anti-White religion of Political Correctness.

  7. Condemning “White supremacy” makes sense from an Anti-White perspective. Trump or Biden, Anti-Whitism is here to stay. If voting changed anything it wouldn’t be allowed.

    • Biden just let the mask slip. He’s basically admitted he’s a child abuser. The story about this on Breitbart has something like 10,000 comments. It is the sort of comment that loses him the suburbs.

      I don’t really understand how he survives this.

  8. Unless someone exhibits outwardly uncontrolled vicious hatred with every fiber of their being towards the white race he/she is a “racist”.

  9. I don’t know what this Qanon thing is exactly, but something funny is going on, Bill Clinton and guys like Epstein got away with sex crimes for decades, that idiot from the British Royal family is involved, who knows how many other rich guys have been black mailed, that were involved. There have been rumors for years about Charlie Sheen raping child actors, I don’t know it’s ever been proved.

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