Sheldon Adelson Pumps $75 Million Into Trump’s 2020 Campaign

In the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump ran as a nationalist and populist who portrayed his GOP rivals as puppets of the big donors. After winning the Republican nomination though, he cut in Sheldon Adelson to fund his Super PAC in the home stretch of the 2016 election. I didn’t pay close enough attention to it at the time because we had worked so hard to push Trump through the primary.


“Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam Adelson gave $75 million to a super PAC that flooded battleground states with anti-Joe Biden ads in September, a huge investment from the GOP megadonors as President Donald Trump slipped in the polls.

The Adelsons gave the massive sum to Preserve America PAC, accounting for roughly 90 percent of the group’s fundraising in September, according to a person familiar with the group’s finances who shared details with POLITICO ahead of the group’s campaign finance filing. …”

Adelson hit the jackpot with his investment in Trump.

Trump has returned the favor by being the most Zionist president in American history. Four years ago, one of Trump’s first actions after winning the presidency in 2016 was to listen to Sheldon Adelson and the Mercer family and drop his “anti-Semitic” baggage during the transition. The Alt-Right was dumped and disavowed as soon as the election was over in November 2016. MILO, Cernovich and PJW were supposed to be the new leaders of a domesticated Alt-Lite that would become a new base constituency for Steve Bannon and Donald Trump to milk for votes like the pro-life evangelicals.

Needless to say, it didn’t work out that way. The Alt-Right gradually untangled itself from Trump over the course of 2017 and 2018. This website hasn’t supported Trump in over three and a half years. It quickly became apparent within the first six months of the Trump administration that we were going to get the same old conservatism with tweets. Trump sold out to the GOP and Sheldon Adelson, shelved his own populist agenda in favor of their agenda and hired a bunch of GOP hacks. In 2018, he saddled up with the Ben Shapiro wing of the GOP and has been their tool ever since.

Bannon himself said in 60 Minutes interview that the Trump administration we have voted for in 2016 was lost in the first six months when Jared Kushner took over.

Note: Steve Bannon sold out to the GOP establishment. The PBS documentary below explains how Bannon and Sessions lost control of Trump who was the horse they rode into power.

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      • If Trump loses next month he may give Sheldon a parting gift of an attack against Iran. Then again if Trump wins next month he may still give Sheldon a gift of an attack against Iran.

          • Trump could have started a war against Iran every day since he was sworn in back in Jan. 2017, why didn’t he?

            Trump wants to get reelected. The consequences of an attack against Iran would guarantee a Trump electoral defeat. After the election, the point will be moot, whether or not Trump wins. That is when the danger of an attack against Iran is greatest.

            Trump launched unprovoked cruise missile attacks against Syria so there is that precedent. He cited flimsy “evidence” provided by the intelligence agencies of a chemical attack. The “evidence” was later shown to be false, the intelligence agencies lied, again. They will lie again start another war if they can get away with it.

            The CIA, FBI, NSA etc. are a mortal threat to peace, prosperity, liberty and life itself.

  1. A vote for Trump is a vote for a new beginning.

    Voting for Biden, or staying at home, is a vote for union, as is.

    It does not matter what we feel about how the Trump Presidency has gone, but, rather, how The Left feels – because they are the ones who will make a new revolution – if he is reelected.

    If you think we need a new beginning, you have to like that.

    • Trump has always been joined at the hip with the Tribe – you can’t be involved in NYC real estate without their blessing.

      • c d,

        Trump’s father Fred was tighter than two coats of paint with extremist zionist jews, and DJT followed in his daddy’s footsteps with gusto.

    • He was jew-owned from day one. If you want to know how he really feels, go look up his attack campaigns from the 90s when he followed Pat Buchanan around for a decade, harassing him over “anti-Semitism” and “racism”.

      Trump just stopped pretending when his terrorism campaign against Syria was rejected. The people who voted for him were supposed to blindly accept his cult of personality rather than consider the merits of the actual direction he was taking.

  2. You can thank Arthur Finkelstein(most people have never heard of the guy) for creating the super PAC. Another gay jew just like Roy Cohn. Pretty funny that the frog has become the mascot of the groypers. Seeing that photo of Cohn from the 80s holding that picture of Blormpf in a room full frog stuffed animals was a holy shit moment for me. This whole thing has been fake and gay from the beginning. It’s unbelievable to witness.

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