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  1. Speaking of fashion, I wonder what Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is up to. Let’s take a look…

    Oh my, Richard is defending Joe Biden against the corruption scandal. It’s all based on Richard’s “gut feeling” and he thinks the scandal will blow up in Trump’s face. Interesting. This is definitely not the case where Richard is defending a corrupt piece of shit purely to spite Trump, that would be ridiculous.

    Oh look, another tweet by Richard saying MAGA is conservative Inc. and that Trump’s voter base is “slow”. I don’t know about that, it takes a certain type of special to vote for someone as slow as Joe Biden who is going to bring section 8 to every neighborhood and then accuse Trump voters of being “slow”.

    Perhaps we should give Richard the benefit of the doubt and realize he has insights that us ‘little people’ don’t have. I mean, I’m just a working class grunt, there’s no way I can have the same vision as Richard Spencer because he has ‘special’ metrosexual powers.

    • Personally I think that Dolloff event will transform the map. That incident cost Biden 500,000 votes. Scrawny anarchocommunist Millenial guns down GenX biker/veteran potbelly as Jewish news spongebob reporter cackles in the back of frame. Fucking hell.

    • Stop attacking Spencer and worry about bigger problems. He isnt my thing but he also isnt advocating for my replacement and extinction. His Tweets are not bad and when he avoids his own fart sniffing pretension he is alright. This effort to tear down our own always rings of bad actors

  2. French girl was the best one. Liked the Russian too. Swede looked goofy. Yeah, they homogenised in the last decade. All National looks vanished. German girl
    in the alpine cap…cute.

    • No, no: Real beauty was when TV was graced by the appearance of blackety black, always angry, Gap-Toothed Stacey Abram, touted as a potential running mate for Slow Joe Biden, all 400 Lbs. of her.

  3. Spenser, the Daffy Duck of right wing politics. What a wasted life he has led. He could have been someone, if he ever took anything serious. On the ladies. I love ladies who look feminine. I hate that hard edge look. And please don’t cut that buzzcut cut short look. Ugh!


    None of the above has been reflected on this site for a long time.

      • @Hunter these buzzword people make me laugh. What do those words even mean? They are things that make people feel better to write and chant. Am I a “Nationalist” if I back the fraud Trump and cheer for the multi racial soulless shopping mall of country, or what that make me not a nationalist.

        Populism in a nation of self loathing whites, Indians, Africans, Central Americans is meaningless.

        Reaction? If you want reaction stick with the Republicans. Their whole strategy is being unoriginal and reacting to progressive craziness by making compromises

  5. I am surprised they didnt go the Dr Who route and just use all blacks and browns, telling us that the past 100 years of Europe and America were defined by non whites

    • I thought of that too, after watching the standard- issue Mexican lady transform through the decades into increasingly unattractive versions of herself.

      Unfortunately, she could also be the typical southeast Nashville woman of 2020, quite frankly.

  6. Amazing that they chose such beautiful examples for each country. Proper 2020 protocol dictates that brown mystery-meat creatures should have been chosen to represent all the countries with White origins.

  7. I notice that they are all wearing paint, especially the Mexican (with lighter skin than most Mexicans, indicating she may be a Crypto “New Catholic” descendant) with the reddest mouth of all. Makeup is NOT becoming, only looking ridiculous, or clown-like. Clothing should be utilitarian. Form should follow function – for the twin purposes of modesty (not seduction) and weather protection, with good durability, light weight if possible, and other utilitarian considerations. However color dyes and a limited amount of embroidery or print decoration that expresses ethnicity, klan symbol and/or sex distinction, and does not interfere with utility, is also rational and appropriate.


      • Mexicans and “Hispanics” all the way down into northern South America have been almost obsessive followers of Yanqui fashion and cultural trends for at least 80 years. (at least those with enough money to spend on it) When you get further south into South America, the fashion trends are more influenced by French and Italian fashions but the Hollywood movies and Anglosphere popular music are still strong.

        • Flaxen,

          Well said. I was thinking that the hairstyle of the 1910’s shown in the video was the last traditional style shown. Most of the rest were heavily influenced by the Americans.

    • Who are you? Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe consultant? Bernie Sander’s five-year consumer goods output plan man?

  8. Pretty interesting! There are perceptible differences between the national fashions of a given era. I liked the contrasts of West vs East Germany and Northern vs Southern Ireland. Reflecting the politics of the time as well. Very cute!

  9. You are making the wrong observations here. What I see is the same face with different fashion trends though the ages, the constant here is race and is ultimately the only thing that matters.Trends change but race is what identifies us, everything else are fads which have always come and go.

    There is also another constant here, all the different ideas you and others like to blame (modernism/liberalism/communism/wokeism/SJWs/etc) are the all derived from the same (((people))), instead of wring about modernism, write more about them.

  10. Brilliant observation! Yes, look how quickly ALL the countries started to adopt degeneracy at the same time. Starting in the 1960’s but most notable in the 1970’s look.

        • @ flaxen-headed strumpet. I doubt it, no doubt ole jack had his moral issues , but he had much better taste in women than that , now his brothers are a different story, come to think of it, too bad her and teddy never dated.

  11. Entering late here, but I enjoyed this, especially the looks of various women. I like seeing different countries, and it’s nice that national styles can predominate over an ‘international’ look. Cristina, I thought the Mexican woman looked good and representative of Mexico, although when I visited there, I noticed on TV there was nothing but European/Spanish type women…not a hint of Mexican, or at least only the upper class.

    I noted Mexican fashions very LA dominated. It was fun going to Teotihuacan and seeing Mexican women in stilettos bound up the pyramids with nary a problem, while American and European women stuck to sensible shoes.
    I remember the movie Dracula (1931), had a Spanish version, where they shot the original film, then at night used the same sets for the Spanish/Mexican cast. I liked the women in the Spanish version better then the English types in the original Dracula. The Spanish women looked more attractive, buxom, and weren’t so pale and, I thought, skinny, but this was the end of the 20’s and the flat chested look. Not the fashion in Mexico!

    You should check out Karolina Zebrowska on Youtube. She’s a Polish costume/vintage Youtuber, and has a lot of fun and thoughtful studies of fashion. For one, she claims corsets were actually comfortable and needed, and also, in deference to Covid 19, made an eighteenth century bonnet out of toilet paper.
    Lots of fun.

    I also like the German woman show differences between East and West Germany, and the French woman differences between Occupied and Vichy France. Vichy really tried to be a conservative throwback, a kind of fascist France, and actually was where France began an economic and spiritual recovery.

    • dargason,

      Thank you for your informative comment. I never knew Dracula 1931 had a Spanish version. I also thought the woman in the video was a good representative of Mexico.
      I only looked at the Mexican woman but will now look at all of the models.

      My grandmother and mother have a lot of high heels from years past in their closets. I am allowed to try them out on occasion. They are hard on the body therefore I cannot imagine wearing them for any length of time.

      I plan to check out Karolina and see if I might try one of her hairstyles assuming she has hairstyles as well as clothes/fashion. My sisters and I have at one time or another used the 1910’s hairdo on rare occasions.

      • By the way, be sure to shake out the scorpions the next time you’re in ‘buelita’s closet playing dress-up with her high heels.

        • Flaxen,

          Ha! Yes you remembered that I have been stung before.

          Yes, the Mexican model is a good representative more than a typical representative. Good catch on the play on words. I would chat longer but I have to return to school.

  12. “I also thought the woman in the video was a good representative of Mexico.”

    Let us be clear and explicitly understand that “good representative” and “typical representative” are two entirely different things.

  13. Cristina: Karolina has a lot of things on hair, clothes, style, and she also put her cat in a corset.
    never thought Poles could be this funny and wacky. She’s currently going though a 40’s vintage look.

    You really should see the Spanish Dracula…although the count isn’t as creepy as Bela Lugosi. he kind of looks a bit pudgy and academic.

    Flaxie, a German-American girl I knew was crazy about the Scorpions (you mean the German group?) Their song ‘Every step you take/every move you make/I’ll be watching you was her favorite. She kind of dug paranoia.
    Also, what is the diff between ‘good’ and ‘representative?’ Enlighten me.

    • dargason,

      I came home for lunch and saw your comment. Upper class can leave campus for lunch. Upper class meaning what grade. I will try to find the Spanish Dracula movie to watch.

      Flaxen means real scorpions. I have been stung twice by those abominable creatures. The difference between a good representative and a typical means the model in the video was better looking than most Mexican women. Then models of every country are that way since people understandably like to be inspired by beauty not depressed by average much less ugly.

  14. ” Then models of every country are that way since people understandably like to be inspired by beauty not depressed by average much less ugly.”– Generally and traditionally true, but with LGBTQ wokeness and fat and freaky wokeness etc. (((they))) are trying to shove a lot of ugliness down people’s throats these days.

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