Pope Francis Endorses Homosexual Civil Unions

UPDATE: I was right.

Well, the mental gymnastics from Sohrab Ahmari and the “post-liberal” Trad Cath crowd in reaction to this development ought to be interesting to watch.


“ROME (AP) — Pope Francis became the first pontiff to endorse same-sex civil unions in comments for a documentary that premiered Wednesday, sparking cheers from gay Catholics and demands for clarification from conservatives, given the Vatican’s official teaching on the issue.

The papal thumbs-up came midway through the feature-length documentary “Francesco,” which premiered at the Rome Film Festival. The film, which features fresh interviews with the pope, delves into issues Francis cares about most, including the environment, poverty, migration, racial and income inequality, and the people most affected by discrimination.

“Homosexual people have the right to be in a family. They are children of God,” Francis said. “You can’t kick someone out of a family, nor make their life miserable for this. What we have to have is a civil union law; that way they are legally covered.” …”

If I am not mistaken, Ahmari has been loudly condemning Catholics like Dr. Taylor Marshall who have spoken out against Pope Francis in recent weeks.

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  1. Any Catholic that approves of the Francis Regime in the Vatican isn’t a true Catholic. That man is an anti-pope and nothing but pure evil.

    • If you want to call someone an Antichrist, I would say that Jorge Bergoglio is a prime candidate.
      Amazing that Fr. Seraphim Rose said, forty years ago, ‘In the end, ALL the Churches will serve Antichrist.”

      Stephen Dalton, Bonaccorsi, et al. NOW are you ready to LEAVE THE APOSTATE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN?

      Anathema sit, Papa. Anathema sit.

      • John-Boy, we Catholics eho are faithful to the deposit of faith aren’t going to leave because of one bad pope. The faithful Catholic laity is fighting back. We’ll eventually win, because the truth is on our side. The Arian heresy looked like it was going to win in the 4th century, but it didn’t. Francis, and his flunkies, will eventually fail, and things will be make right again.

  2. Not even the Pope can go against divined dogmas condemning homosexual actions. When the Pope officially teaches morality contrary to Church and Divine Law his rulings must not only be ignored but condemned. Papal Infallibility does not apply here since no new rulings may go against established divine dogmas.

    So, what are the bishops and cardinals going to do? In today’s atmosphere probably do what modern conservatives do best—which is whine and then do nothing.

    Some conservative Catholics will say that endorsing civil unions is not the same as endorsing homosexuality in itself but I disagree. After all people would say that endorsing civil unions between an adult and a 5 year old child is immoral since it promotes such behavior.

    it has long been held that when a Pope is a formal and manifest heretic then he de-facto loses the throne. I believe Francis was a formal heretic even before he assumed the Throne.

    Since this website is loaded with anti-Catholics I will only reply to thoughtful and dignified comments.

    • @Cristina…

      Most of the bishops, arch-bishops, and cardinals will do a whole lot of nothing about this.

      There are exceptions from Bishop Strickland in Texas, Arch-Bishop Vigano in Rome, Bishop Williamson, and Cardinal Burke, but, those are the highlights amongst a crowd of mostly low-lights.

      Do you see Pope Francis as fitting the prophecies concerning the fall of the church?

      • According to Malachy’s prophecy, Francis is the last pope. If you accept it as true, I’m not sure what that means for the church. Will it be destroyed, split or restarted?

        • @Boomer…

          Thank you, Sir, for chiming in.

          As far as I can tell, only The Orthodox Churches are holding out on tradition, though, some of the heirarchy, a minority, such as Arch-Patriarch Bartholomew, seem increasingly iffy on certain issues, such as the traiditions of The Russian Orthodox Church, vis-a-vis Ukraine.

          As to The Roman Catholick Church – I suspect that a new Sedevacantist (unreformed pre-Vatican II) church will arise over the next decade and became far more than what it is today – fringe.

          By the way, what are your election predictions for the Minnesota State?

          • The urban areas choose the winners here. The Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) metro area is heavily left-leaning. I’ve seen few signs for any GOP candidate, even in areas that had been conservative just four years ago. Biden averages a 6-7% lead in the statewide polls. Looks good for Nuzzlehumper Joe and the Metro’s Dem congresscritters in general.

            However…the US Senate race has recently gotten really tight, and Trump has campaigned around the state to large crowds. It has been a weird year, so who knows? To me, though, we lose no matter which wing of the uniparty wins.

            As far as church goes, I’m looking at the house church movement. It’s (in general) closer to what the early church was like. There’s little “woke” in the home churches. I’m very old school when it comes to church. First-century old school: no paid clergy, home services, singing and preaching based on inspiration, and so on.

        • At this point, Peter Griffin’s Church of the Fonz is more based than anything coming out of the Vatican.

      • Ivan Turgenev,

        You seem to be very well informed. I have heard of Bishop Williamson but not the others. He is with the SSPX. I would hate to imagine someone holding the throne worse than Francis.

        While I have a somewhat dim view of the current Russia they are less evil than the anglo countries and most of Europe as well.

        Also, I have been told that Catholic prophecies seem to agree that Russia is the country that will lead the world out of it’s darkness. Presumably, an improved Russia rather than the current version. I have not read these prophecies but it has been mentioned by more than one traditional Catholic priest. Our main library in the main house has such books. I will have to take a look at them.

        I would have hoped for Spain, Portugal etc. to be given that role due to my latin bias but the only power I have is babysitting my younger brothers/sisters when my parents are on the town.

        • @Cristina…

          Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

          Yes, Russia has problems – great lingering degeneracy following 3/4 of a century of Judeo-Bolshevik rule.

          That said, The Russian Orthodox Church has quickly regained it’s formidable stature, thanks in part to the efforts of Vladimir Putin and his collaboration with Arch Patriarch Kirill.

          So, there is some justification to think that Russia, or, at least, The Russian Church, is in a position to lead.

          Fascinating how The Russian Orthodox Church seemed absolutely finished for all times, just 30 years ago, now it seems the most formidable.

          One thing that cannot be doubted – the leadership of The Russian Orthodox Church is the most profoundly straightforward and unapologetick of all major Christian Denominations, at this time.

          Thank you again!

          • Ivan,

            Ne za stah.

            Sorry no cyrillic keyboard. I had to write it like it sounds not how it is actually spelled.

          • “the leadership of The Russian Orthodox Church is the most profoundly straightforward and unapologetick”:

            It straighforwardly excommunicates priests who deny the pandemic and teach people to disobey public health rules.

          • Ivan,

            Thank you for the cyrillic keyboard. As an aside I hope you white nationalists realize that you are never going to accomplish anything. The different religions and the pagans all hate each other. That is not going to change.

            If I was an Anglo girl I would never support you people based on religion alone. Also, I think a good portion of people on this website are deranged. Not most but a good portion.

            Blacks and Jews are able to put aside their differences and present an united front more or less but white nationalists? Nope. Not even with massive defeat around the corner.

            Naturally, none of my negative comment is a reflection on yourself. Just an obviously true observation.

        • “While I have a somewhat dim view of the current Russia they are less evil than the anglo countries and most of Europe as well.”

          I also believe this to be true. At least they are not trying to genocide their own people. It will be interesting to see what comes after Putin.

          • Powell,

            Yes, well said. It might be hard to top Putin. I do not like his ex-KGB status but that is past history.

          • @Powell…

            Yes, you are right – Russia is not trying to ‘genocide’ their own people, though, they are allowing millions of non-White migrant workers into their country, from the former Czarist republicks, such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekestan, Chechnya, Ingossetia, ad nauseum, and more than a few White Russians are pretty damn pissed off about it.

            As to what comes after Putin, that a quarter century up the road, as, just like the czar he is, Vladimirovka will only relinquish power upon his deathbed.

            This is the Russian way.

          • Cristina, Putin is not KGB as in hounding dissidents or counter-intelligence whatsoever. Putin had always belonged to the First Chief Directorate of Foreign Intelligence. It was a completely separate unit than the Second Chief Directorate of Counter-intelligence. He was a foreign service officer that was betrayed by the Globalist Coup withing the Communist Party, as where all his associates. This is important to remember, they literally imploded the USSR which was needless, plans were already made to let the Baltics leave and democratize, they didn’t need to implode it but they did. This is why Putin loathes the Globalist World order and their flunky oligarchs and technocrats.

        • Re: “an improved Russia rather than the current version. I have not read these prophecies but it has been mentioned by more than one traditional Catholic priest”:

          Russians had better beware of those Catholic prophecies about “improving” Russia. In fact, another Northern Crusade (this one mostly covert or “hybrid”) is underway now.

          Catholicism, fascism and plutocracy go hand in hand.

          • @Anonymous…

            Interesting comment, but, I do not get who you are implying will make a northern Crusade against Russia, and to what end…

        • @Cristina…

          “Thank you for the cyrillic keyboard. As an aside I hope you white nationalists realize that you are never going to accomplish anything. The different religions and the pagans all hate each other. That is not going to change.

          If I was an Anglo girl I would never support you people based on religion alone. Also, I think a good portion of people on this website are deranged. Not most but a good portion.

          Blacks and Jews are able to put aside their differences and present an united front more or less but white nationalists? Nope. Not even with massive defeat around the corner.

          Naturally, none of my negative comment is a reflection on yourself. Just an obviously true observation.”

          All well and good, My Dear.

          That said, I am not a White Nationalist.

          As to what may be or many not be accomplished, I am not quite in position of so much assurety as you.

          In fact, I really do not know how this world will be a century after I am gone, though, I do suspect, as revealed by my prayer life, that Whites will be in better shape.

          This is a bad time for White Gentiles, but, one thing I do know – bad times are not eternal – not for anyone.

          All the best to you and yours!

      • Ivan,

        In case you are interested I give the limitations of Papal authority: Wikipedia has a good article on Papal Infallibility and it’s Limits. An excerpt: Vatican I document Pastor Aeternus 1869-1870.

        Pastor Aeternus does not allow any infallibility for the Church or Pope for new doctrines. Any doctrines defined must be “conformable with Sacred Scripture and Apostolic Traditions”:

        For the Holy Spirit was not promised to the successors of Peter that by His revelation they might make known new doctrine, but that by His assistance they might inviolably keep and faithfully expound the Revelation, the Deposit of Faith, delivered through the Apostles.

        The only use of papal infallibility since 1870 was the Divine Assumption doctrine in 1950 which really angered the Jews. Those who think or pretend to think that we are bound to believe and obey anything a Pope says are either liars or fools.

        The article is an easy read for more information.

        • @Cristina…

          Interesting. I did not know that.

          That said, if you study the history of how the original church came apart, (during the several centuries leading up to the schism in 1054, you see one principle undergirding it all – the church in Rome kept restlessly trying to tweak this and that, sometimes to leverage political power over The Eastern Church – other times merely to try and ‘improve’ The Faith, the end result being that the original church underwent it’s first schism, just as the Roman Catholic Church will now undergo it’s second.

          Playing The Devil’s Advocate, however, My Dear, I could see how, within Aeternus’s criterion, Pope Francis could justify his move towards the acceptance of heretical degeneracy.

          Thank you for this, Young Lady, for therein were things I need to know!

          • Ivan Turgenev,

            As always I thank you for your letter. As for religion? If I was not Catholic I would be Russian Orthodox. I already have tested out as intermediate/advanced in the language and is there any other game in town?

            Their high abortion rate in Russia is disturbing however.

          • @Cristina…

            Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Serbian Orthodox churches are all in very very good health, but, of course, the king is Russian Orthodox.

            I compliment you on your taste in churches, for your respect for our church is not misplaced.

            As to abortion in Russia – Russian Society is still in the full on grips of the degeneracy that arose during the Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet Era.

            Sorry to say that.

            Lacking the cross, the people began to substitute copulation. Having known personally Russians born as long as ago as during the revolutionary times, I can say that, by the 1970s, sexual promiscuity had swept through the entire country, whereas, in the 1920s it was chiefly in the larger more western cities.

            For a long time I have felt that, if I were not Orthodox, I would be Roman-Catholic, though Pope Francis has made me question that.

    • Cristina, Ivan, and Boomer X,

      You are all correct.

      Nothing will happen. Ffs, have you ever seen the mansions (no exaggeration) that American Cardinals reside in? They are certainly living as 1%ers with chauffeurs, chefs, housekeeping, and butlers. Francis elevated many Cardinals and bishops that share his liberation theology, and they aren’t about to ruffle any feathers and lose their gibs.

      • November,

        This action of Francis will be the only topic of conversation tomorrow in religious class. I plan to speak heavily. I will ask what official conditions must be met for a Pope to lose the throne. I believe I know but in person I play things cautiously giving the teachers and priests the lead.

        There have been periods of time when there was no Pope. We are only supposed to obey him if he is valid and does not formally teach heresy. Every Catholic who has read our catechism knows that one has to refuse to obey sinful commands even if your own parents command you to. I have little brothers and sisters who know this.

        The problem however is not the children but the adults who are running the show!!!

        As I have written before a Pope can lose the throne based on his actions. St. Robert Bellarmine has written of this.

        • “A pope can lose his throne based on his actions” – like any other leader of a criminal gang who goes too far or too fast or fails, and the gang has to rein him in. Pope Benedict IX is one example that comes to mind. But I think the “gang” is satisfied with this Pope’s performance. He will definitely stay on the throne.

      • To All Concerned…

        The Orthodox Churches are the last major denomination that is, despite consistent attacks, holding the line.

        Not perfectly so, but, still, all in all, yes, it is holding the line, and The Russian Orthodox Leadership is bold, pointed, unwavering, and hard as nails.

        It’s not an accident, however, that the Orthodox Church is doing well where others don’t, because, after having survived long systemick Ottoman, Vatican, and Judeo-Bolshevik Oppression, the church is combat-hardened.

        Moreover, The Orthodox Church is organized as this country originally was – as a Confederacy, and, that so, it’s decentralized principle proves why decentralization was the organizing principle of this republick in the first place – because it is downright maddening to usurp an institution that has so many many heirarchies, spread out over creation.

        Even as I speak, The Jewish World Order is doing everything it can to destroy what is arguably the 2nd strongest Orthodox Church – that in Serbia.

        As bleak as things seem, and as formidable as our opponents’ arnaments are, I do not think they will prevail against The Orthodox Church which, as alluded to by Miss Cristina, will wind up leading the counterattack of Western Christendom against the vast coalition of it’s foes.

        Ironic, I know, for the rescue of Western Christendom to come down to a church from The East, yet, when you think about how this country won it’s independence from The Crown, you realize that it would not have succeeded without a lot of French help…

      • Liberation theology was big in my college youth ministry in the ’80s. Oscar Romero was a hero; we read Leonardo Boff, Gustavo Gutierrez — the Latin American Catholics that were the major liberation theologians. I even went to a WCC international youth meeting about building worldwide consensus around the ideals of leftist theology like that.

        When Reagan supported Salvadoran death squads, we joined the Sanctuary movement that brought up and hid peasants from El Salvador. In my town, we moved two people around from place to place. INS (now ICE) guys followed our local committee members around and tried to infiltrate our meetings. I wanted to start an underground railroad-style pipeline to Canada for the persecuted Salvadorans, so the local committee kept me at arm’s length. I was too radical for them. Ah, the boundless stupidity and misplaced idealism of programmed youth! Don’t tell me the Marxist indoctrination factory known as American public education doesn’t do a thorough job on kid’s brains. My heart bled profusely for every underdog leftist cause.

        • @Boomer…

          We all change, to varying degrees as we age. Some of that just comes with physical aging, though, a lot of it comes with wising up.

          It’s a deadly serious matter that Judeo-Bolsheviks took over, and continue to preside over, our ‘educational system’, if such semanticks may be employed.

          Yet, no matter how many times I write those at the top of my state on the need for a part of professorial tenure to be an apolitical oath, as General Von Seekt forced on the German Army in the 1920, I get no reply.

          No one wants to deal with the issue – as of yet.

          That issue is just as big a threat as is immigration.

    • “When the Pope officially teaches morality contrary to Church and Divine Law his rulings must not only be ignored but condemned.”

      This is false. Catholics are obligated to submit to papal teachings on faith and morals, regardless of their own personal feelings about those teachings. What is or is not catholic “divine law” is ultimately determined by the pope, and laypersons have no faculties by which they can make credible judgements of the pope’s teachings. That is Catholic epistemology, declared at the first Vatican Council and upheld since. The correct conclusion to reach is that the roman catholic church is simply a blatantly false church, so it has internally inconsistent teachings. Not that roman catholicism is true but the pope’s just a jerk.

      • Dart,

        What you said is wrong and you know it. Once defined dogmas are set no one including the Pope may go against them. Anyone can look up the complete truth on such matters rather than just snippets. No Catholic believes that whatever the Pope says has to be obeyed. Otherwise you could have one year a condemnation of homosexuality and another year support for such actions.

        A Pope cannot create a defined dogma versus another one. One is only bound to obey a Pope’s decisions if they do not conflict with previous defined dogmas. Catechism books that little children read know more than you. You should read a little more rather than just what fits your agenda.

        As I have written before the youngest Catholic child knows that not even one’s parents can command one to sin.

        • No, my statement is true. Read first vatican council writings. The pope is the ultimate arbiter of meaning and truth within the catholic church, and he determines even the interpretation of declared dogmas. Laypersons and lower clergy do not possess the faculties to interpret tradition, scripture, or magisterium above the pope. He can be compared to the supreme court of the USA. If he finds that catholicism was truly against death penalty all along, then other catholics just have to accept it and have no recourse in arguing against it. Just like the supreme court can interpret decades old laws to support gay marriage and tranny civil rights. That’s how catholic epistemology works. The pope has the final word on truth and interpretation in catholicism.

          • That is obviously not true. Anybody can read information proving you false. Read my comment to Ivan above. Look up even on Wikipedia on papal infallibility and it’s limits. No Catholic shares your belief. Quit trying to pretend you know what you are writing about.

            Either way it is a waste of my time to deal with you. Do you really think if the Pope was to say that brothers and sisters nowadays could mate or that fathers could mate with their daughters that we would have to go along with it?

          • Cristina, I do not need to read wikipedia because I have read the actual councils from which these statements are taken. Unlike low IQ roman catholics, who are almost universally unfamiliar with the teachings of their own church, I read and understand roman catholic documents. Catholics have no basis from which to criticize their pope. Catholic teachings on faith and morals do not need to be defined dogma or formally infallible for catholics to be obligated to submit to them.

            You could argue that this instance was not a case of the pope teaching on morals, but you cannot rightly argue that catholics are allowed to simply pick and choose which teachings they will accept based on their own personal understanding of “divine law” or tradition and magisterium.

          • Dart,

            I also have those documents and we studied them in Religious class. The Pope was not teaching as head of the Church making it therefore his own opinion that may be rejected.

            If he was trying to teach infallibly then the Vatican Council itself stated in 1870:

            Conditions of Infallibility are when a valid Pope as head of the Church makes a solemn pronunciation intended to bind the whole Church worldwide on pain of sin to a doctrine. Even then it is limited by the following:

            Pastor Aeternus does not allow any infallibility for the Church or Pope for new doctrines. Any doctrines defined must be “conformable with Sacred Scripture and Apostolic Traditions”:

            For the Holy Spirit was not promised to the successors of Peter that by His revelation they might make known new doctrine, but that by His assistance they might inviolably keep and faithfully expound the Revelation, the Deposit of Faith, delivered through the Apostles.

            Cristina comment: It is obvious that Scripture and the constant teaching of the Church has condemned homosexuality. That is not private judgment but fact. The constant teaching of the Church is also infallible. It is called the Ordinary Magisterium. It means what has been taught always by the Church in all places throughout history. Once defined dogmas are set they may not be changed. That is also fact.

            A doctrine proposed by a pope as his own opinion, not solemnly proclaimed as a doctrine of the Church, may be rejected as false, even if it is on a matter of faith and morals, and even more any view he expresses on other matters.

            No. You do not understand our Faith in the slightest. Consult with a Catholic theologian or competent priest for further details and enlightenment. Hopefully, finding a competent priest/theologian will not be too difficult.

            The idea that you think the Pope could say and teach anything and we have to obey is ludicrous. By that standard he could say incest and rape are valid one year and then the next year say the opposite etc.

            Anyway, I conclude the conversation. It is already becoming repetitive for both sides.

          • Dart,

            I forgot to add that there is the sedevacantis approach. Most Holy Family Monastery might have the most information on such a belief.

  3. I see several inter-related problems with Catholicism:

    Celibacy (homo or hetero) of a Priesthood, absent all priests being eunuchs, is unworkable. The only difference between now and way back then in this regard is that the ability of the Church to cover up the results of this failure/refusal to recognize reality has just about vanished in the age of modern communications.

    Celibacy of the Priesthood really has its roots in economics. It is far less taxing on Vatican wealth to care for a single retired priest residing in some sort of group living facility owned and operated by the Church than it is to provide for a Minister with a wife and children living as a separate family unit.

    All of this validation of homosexuality on the part of the Papito Frank is nothing but an attempt to pave the way for and validate, by extension, the acceptance of pederastry and other perversions of the modern Priesthood. This, by the same token, also being largely rooted in economics–i.e. not getting sued so much by victims and their families.

    None of this, of course, is to say that clergy of other religions with wives and children don’t get caught up in similar behaviors; they do, but I am of the mind that a comparison of Catholic clergy versus Protestant clergy in this regard would yield comparative statistical results evocative of a comparison of Black versus White violent crime rates. Then again, dead bodies and injured people admitted to hospitals are easy to count. The other stuff related to misdeeds of clergy is somewhat harder to quantify.

  4. I’m not a religious person myself but all I can say is that homosexuality is wrong on every level.

    Every Catholic needs to do what this Dr. is doing and protest. Speak up. Denounce the Pope.

    This Pope has endorsed relentless immigration, climate change bullshit, and homosexuality. What more does he need to do in order to have every practicing Catholic to openly condemn him in their Churches and in the public square?

  5. I think you actually care about social issues than most people, whether they’re democrat or republican, care about them. Most demcorat and republican operatives just use these issues and know it’s really about economics.

  6. I wonder when people will start to notice the Romanism (imperial globalism) I’ve been talking about for years. The roman catholic church is more romanist than Christian, and always seeks to conquer, amalgamate and then syncretize any foreign peoples and their customs, so they can rule everyone. They are like the borg. Steeped in apostacy, God bless Martin Luther for exposing these babylonian devils.

    • The reformation divided Europe and made everyone pointlessly fight over religion RIGHT when the Turks were beginning to invade. Thankfully, Catholics in Spain, Italy, Austria and Poland (among others) stayed faithful and saved all of Europe (and Christianity) from the Muslim horde.

      When western Europe was united under the Church, there were hardly any wars between brother nations. There were crusades when tons of different ethnic groups could band together to fight the wicked Mohammedian- this almost never happened after Protestantism came to be.

      Lutherans did help fight against Turks though. It was the English (Jewish-Masonic) church that supported Muslims against Orthodox Christians and only fought Turkey when it was time to make the anti-Christ state of Israel.

      • “When western Europe was united under the Church, there were hardly any wars between brother nations. ”

        France and England would like a word with you.

        And England and Scotland.

        And England and Wales.

        And England and Denmark, and Norway, and Ireland.

        And all the Italian city-states.

        And the various heirs of Charlemagne.

        And the Low Countries, with anybody and everybody who happened to be nearby.

        And France and Prussia.

        And Prussia and Austria.

        And Prussia and Russia. And Sweden. And Denmark. And Poland

        And …

        The historical ignorance it takes to make a statement like that is breathtaking. Did you buy a blank spiral notebook, write “HISTORY” on the cover, and believe it?

        • @Rollory

          “The historical ignorance it takes to make a statement like that is breathtaking”

          Welcome to the Alt-Right, Catholic edition.

          “Everything was a utopia until Martin Luther came along!”

          The only people even more obnoxious are the “pagans” – “everything was a utopia until Christianity came along!”

          To twist a phrase, when all you have is an E. Michael Jones, everything looks like an Anglo Freemasonic plot!

          • But there is a difference. Protestant Reformation actually improved upon Catholic Europe, whereas the Catholic Middle Ages were definitely NOT an improvement over the Classical Pagan Antiquity. It was not until the 18th century the civilization of Christian Europe once again approached the level of Pagan Rome of the second century. Catholicism set back the civilization of Europe by more than 1500 years.

  7. I think he is the anti-Pope, and I miss Pope Benedict. I’m not Catholic, but there’s something not right about this Pope. I speak to my Uncle’s wife, who is Catholic, and she’s very conservative and devout, but she doesn’t want to talk about the Pope, and just says you do what is right and don’t ask.

    I think homosexuality is wrong, period. A more precise statement of my thoughts is provided by Andrew Anglin if you ever visit The Daily Stormer website.

    It’s sad, because the church is a great carrier of tradition, but it seems like it never got over Vatican II. Anthony burgess, a writer I enjoyed, was a lapsed Catholic, although he said one never really leaves the church, and thought Pope John was a reformist who would have worked well in Milan with the working class, but shouldn’t have been made Pontiff.

    I remember once I went to a lecture by an ex-CIA agent who turned against Reagan, and he recalled his training as a jesuit. I quoted George Orwell who said one cannot really be Catholic and grown-up, and he took issue with that, saying that the church had over 1000 years of experience with human nature, and that simply couldn’t be dismissed. Scholl-Latour, a German journalist who reported on the Vietnam war, stated Catholic missionaries and priests were usually the most reliable because they were aware of human sin and failure, and could best describe local conditions free of political dogma. You can take that or leave it.

    The papacy seems to have no power since they have gone in with the politically correct movement and the obsession with ‘human rights.’ I was just reading David Irving’s Churchill’s War, where Churchill was demanding Rome be bombed and leveled (so the Italians would turn against Mussolini), but the Pope and church denounced any kind of bombing. The Church seemed to have some moral authority then.

    • dargason,

      Excellent letter by you as always. Very informative. I did not know that about Churchill. If Francis is not the anti-Pope as you stated then I wonder what activities would qualify for that role.

      • He or she is not “the anti-Pope” but definitely “666” (add up the numbers of the blasphemous name “VICarIUs FILII DeI” which is NOT inscribed on any known papal hat) ; not anti-Pope, but an archetypal Pope; not something new but very familiar. At least twelve popes before Bergoglio are known to have been homosexual, some of them primarily and openly homosexual. (However the transgender Popess, so-called “Pope Joan,” was only mythical.)

        We are coming up on one of the most important holidays of Puritans and other true Anglo-Saxon Protestants: Guy Fawkes Day, aka “Pope Night,” on the fifth of November. The pinnacle of its popularity in North America was in eighteenth-century New England. New England publisher Isaiah Thomas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaiah_Thomas_(publisher) described the Pope Night parades and other festivities in colonial Boston, that he took part in as a child: “In the front of these stages (floats on wagons) was placed (…) an effigy of the pope sitting in an arm chair. Immediately behind him was the imaginary representation of the Devil, standing erect with extended arms (…) The large effigies had heads placed on poles which went thro’ the bodies & thro’ the upper part of the stages which were formed like large boxes, some of them not less than 16 or 18 feet long, 3 or 4 feet wide and 3 or 4 feet in depth. Inside the wagon stages and out of sight sat a boy under each effigy whose business it was to move the heads of the effigies by means of the poles from one side to the other as fancy directed.” The effigies’ heads could also be raised, appearing to peek into second-story windows of nearby houses. The crowd shouted insults at the figures as they passed (…) The parade floats were typically about ten to twelve feet long, although there are accounts of much larger ones. One float in Newburyport was forty feet long, and so heavy it had to be drawn by several horses; it carried additional effigies of monks and friars as well as several dancers and fiddlers (…) The ‘pope’ was dressed in ornate, antiquated garb, and had an exaggerated Roman nose. Behind him, the Devil was coated with tar and feathers, and stood holding a key in one hand and a pitchfork in the other”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Night


  8. I think what Pope Francis has done is absolutely fantastick!


    Because it adds so much clarity to the situation that faithful Catholicks can begin becoming Sedevacantists.

    In fact, Sedevacantism never had such a friend as Pope Francis.

    In Catholick history there have been two schisms.

    This will be the 3rd and it will play a vital part in a time in history that The Good Lord has revealed to me will be eventually called, ‘The Reclamation

    • Ivan,

      It does draw the battle lines more clearly. If Francis is still Pope then what would it take for a Pope to not be a Pope?—–Those are my current thoughts.

      • @Cristina…

        No one is going to remove the pope, so, the falling away and restructuring of the church will have to come by those Catholicks leaving to reform under a new banner.

        If it is not the SSPX, I cannot imagine who it would be, as they are well prepared to lead.

    • Ivan, the whole sedevacantist position is untenable. If every ‘faithful Cat’lick’ is supposed to ‘obey the pope,’ to either: a) deny the papacy has a valid occupant (Sedevacantist theory) or maintain that b) the current pope is the real deal (Modernist tranny lovers and aborting whoring females) puts you in a position wherein you ARE DAMNED IF YOU DO, and DAMNED IF YOU DON’T!

      Better to just JETTISON the entire ROMAN apparatus, and realize that only Orthodoxy has maintained that Tradition that Catholics world over used to call, “the Faith Entire.”

      Of course, the Phyletism of the Orthodox is not going to cause any mass defection from the rank and file catholic laity- and for that, I pity so many of them. Luther and the Reformers were correct in their assumptions, but wrong in their conclusions. They are the whoring daughters of the Whore of Babylon.

      All the Apostles clearly said of this situation is, ‘COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE.’
      That’s the ONLY conclusion ANY catholic can make.

      I praise God every day, I left that sorry cult forty years ago.

      • @Father John…

        I understand what you are saying is logical in the theoretical realm, but, real life, as you well know, is filled full of expediencies.

        Yes, some Roman Catholicks will join their Protestant brethren in exile in the Orthodox church, in this country, but, most won’t.

        No, Sir – most are going to insist on sedevacantism and schism, after which there will be a long cat-fight over who is really Roman Catholick and who is not.

        So, expedience will, to the mind of the average disgruntled Roman Catholic, overrun thosee theoretical aspects you regard as ‘untenable’.

        That is my profound conviction, based on my prayer life, and I am making that call today.

        God bless you, Father – as always.

        • Ivan, ” expedience will …overrun those theoretical aspects you regard as ‘untenable’.”

          What is one of the fundamental sayings a catholic Christian learns in high school? “Lex Orandi, lex Credendi.” The law of Prayer IS the law of Belief.

          If you (as the average Bible-toting prot) believe that you can ‘fudge’ the Faith, and only pick and choose the parts you like, who are you kidding- apart from yourself? That gives us all the sects, denominations, and cults out there, from the Free-will Baptists, to the Televangelist’s Dispensational DTS, to the LDS, and all the rest. The massive, fractured, judaized Evan-jelly-goo subculture. Likewise, if you think that you (as a Catholic Christian- note the capital ‘C’- still not at Rome) can accommodate with those afore-mentioned sectarians, and remain in/retain your baptismal grace (now I’m talking standard LCMS, Episcopalians, even liturgical Presbyterians) you will soon find you are ‘missing something’ that can never be imported into those creedless fundies- because their law of belief DENIES the very things that make for your faith!

          Then, coming at last to either REAL Trad Anglicans, sedevacantist dead-end Romanists (still not at the Church of Vatican Eww) and/or ‘ethnic’ Orthodox, which among those three, is going to appeal to the average post-Vat Eww [sic] Catholic? I was the last grade in my area to learn the Latin Mass- it’s been fifty-five YEARS since I attended a REAL ‘Latin’ Mass. I tried to do so, over the decades, but the Sedevac parishes are DEAD, DEAD, and DEAD- and very far apart. While Williamson is brilliant, he’s stuck in a loop that stopped working in about 1978. I read his missives, and think, ‘Yes, I could be under him…. until he starts with the Roman is the one true Church drivel. Did he not learn ANYTHING from his time under Lefebvre? Driving two to three hours for a Sunday Obligation at one of those scattered Latin parishes- is that rational? And you can only do ‘spiritual communion’ so long….

          Moreover, I’ve met/seen those congregations. The people in them are wacko’s and devoid of that living ‘caritas,’ that animated once-self aware ethnic congregations of Irish, Polish, German, and Slovack RC parishes, back in the day. No parish suppers, no pierogis sales, no Bible Study (Heaven forbid!) and while they all dress as if it’s still 1959, they all leave post-haste after the ‘Ite, Missa est.’

          The Ethnic Orthodox think it’s more important to be Greek or Russian, than to be Christian- which leaves the Anglicans. At least there is a growing sense of catholicity, as well as a valid Reformational drive, that would make it rather easy for Romanists to visit and feel that ‘Yes, here was home.’ CS Lewis would be comfortable there, as would JRR Tolkien, if he had to choose between Rome and the English Catholics. But even there, Rome has done her dirty work too well, to get us all accustomed to guitars and folk masses, and not even singing in 4-part harmony. Oh, for the days of Gelineau chant once more…..

          But the most important part of all of this is, “Not MY will, but THINE be done.” I don’t live in my head 24/7, Ivan. I have a wife and kids, and teach every day. But sometimes you have to put your liturgical and theological foot down. Because people’s SOULS are at stake.

          • @Father John…

            Thank you for your thoroughgoing reply.

            Yes, The Ethnic Orthodox, as are all The Yankee Orthodox are that come to Orthodox churches in The South, are like Southern Baptists were until only very recently, and, perhaps, still are – tribal.

            After thinking about your critique here, whither many traditional Roman Catholicks will go, this in light of the increasingly blatant heresies emanating from Rome, I can only think that either Sedevacantism will grow, a different new/olde Catholicism will rise, folks will convert to Orthodoxy (I’ve already seen this) or some will lapse into an exclusively private faith.

            To put it plain, there are things about every major denomination in this country I dislike, from the Judeo-Bolshevist tendencies of the main Protestant denominations and Roman-Catholicism, to the creeping multicultural anti-Whiteness of more than a few of the clergy of our church.

            As to Latin services in the sedevacantist church – I’ve attended some of those services and I thought them as, and or more powerful, than our own Orthodox services, which certainly have a palpable power.

            Yes, Williamson is great. That I say without reservation, for he is the foremost cleric in all of Christendom, in The Western Hemisphere, not just for his profound church knowledge and understanding of where we are in history, but. for his unparalleled willingness, amongst high churchmen, to be brutally frank.

            He’s getting old, though, and I do not see anyone on the horizon to replace him, as he fades into the sunset.

            On second thought, I take that back – I like the new rising Midwestern Roman Catholic priests, like the brazen Fr. Altman and Fr. Altier.

            Have a great day!

          • It has been years since I looked into Trad Catholicism, but when I did a neighbor told me about this Latin Mass he and his wife went to in the area. The priest that gave the mass was one of the few in the Midwest willing to do it, and flew in every weekend from Kansas City. He would turn right around and go back after the mass. The trad congregation had no priest, except for 2-3 hours a week. That was one of the most unsatisfying religious arrangements I’ve ever come across. It told me that those not going along with “Vatican Eww,” as you’ve put it, were few and had largely been abandoned by their church.

  9. Plenty of good , decent rank and file catholics, who like the rest of us , walk in what light they have, they deserve better. They have been taken for granted for a long time. Its a shame, for what its worth my advice to these long suffering folks is this, ” protest!, protest! And protest some more!

    • Sorry, Terry. The Protestant-schism of ‘Jeebus, the Bah-bull, and Me’ is the UNHOLY trinity of the Filioquist heresy. You MUST be in the Church to be saved by her. And the ONLY valid Churches are now quite clearly, NOT schismatic Prots or Modernist Romanism. That limits your choices. And rightly so.

      • This whole notion of needing to be ‘saved” has made pussy’s of all European men… cucks! And frankly the whole idea of vicarious salvation is immoral. You can only redeem yourself and your nation, it will not come vicariously, fools…

  10. Good. This should be the last straw for the dwindling Catholic faithful. The Vatican and its heretical agenda must be crushed. Hopefully, this will bring that den of thieves, homosexuals, and pedophiles crashing down permanently. Good riddance.

  11. All the cultural pathogens spreading via primarily jewish reservoirs and vectors infecting the West would have never materialized had the usual suspects fallen in with St. Adolf of Braunau Am Inn.

    Take the red, white, and black pill.

  12. Which do you think the most ridiculous, paganism, Christianity, Judaism or Islamism?

    On a similar note, who do you think the most ridiculous, Catholics or Baptists?

    What do you think happens when you die?

  13. Just ponder how much larger the white population would be today if? The Catholic Church never forbade marriage and family with children concerning their clergy.

    Having natural children with marriage concerning clergy in the Orthodox Church is natural, healthy and spiritual.

  14. The Church built post-Roman civilization, so it’s a shame to see it is now helping DESTROY that same civilization. Popes of the past, including Leo I, Urban II and Pius V truly had Europe and Christendom’s best interests at heart, they risked a lot to save Europe from Huns and Turks. All the Church fathers and great theologians hated homosexuality, since it is so clearly contrary to what the Bible and common sense tell us.

    We are truly in the end times now, every Church is run by evil men.

  15. Francis is a heretic and is not competent to personally set aside hundreds of years of Church tradition and doctrine. (He is as competent to declare same-sex unions blessed by God as he is to declare the moon is made of green of cheese.) Faithful, informed Catholics will recognize Jorge Bergoglio is spouting, at best, his usual personal jesuitical nonsense.

    (Does Soros want Jorge to do for the Catholic Church what the Anglican and Methodist clergies have done for their Churches?)

  16. Who cares? Catholicism has long ceased to be a White man’s religion. Non-whites and mongrels constitute more than three quarters of the practising Catholic population. Africa has the fastest-growing Catholic population in the world. Catholic leaders know very well that the future of their religion lies in third world, and that’s the reason the Pope and and other bishops kneel before and lick the feet of non-whites.

    Regarding homosexuality, it is irrelevant whether the Pope endorses it or not, as the fact remains that the Catholic church is the largest homosexual institution in the world that has always harboured sodomite priests and lesbian nuns.

    • SPOT ON.

      I have been to several weddings in Western Europe in the past few years. Blacks are taking over the priesthood. The whites having the Catholic weddings are doing so because it’s cultural, not because they are true believers.

      Proximity + diversty = war. As racial tensions mount, the younger whites will increasingly cast off anything that gets considered African-by-default. The Vatican is chasing Africans because that’s their growth market. In so doing, they are failing ot retain their former customers. Exact parallel with the gaming industry trying to go for women and abandoning the male gamers who were their core customer base, or the science fiction & fantasy field suddenly glorifying Nigerians and forgetting Buck Rogers, and so on and so forth. It’s all about “hey look at all those people who aren’t buying from us, we’d be SO MUCH RICHER if we changed our product for them to like it”, and zero note is taken of the fact that doing so will lose the old customers. None of it has anything to do with transcendent truth or spirituality.

      The far-right French podcast Democratie Participative (sort of an equivalent of Anglin’s Daily Stormer, and takes a very similar but more extreme editorial line) has been sliding more and more into anti-Catholicism over the past few years. I can’t speak to the situation in Spain or Italy but I expect the same trends are at work there.

  17. Conspiracy! Anti-Christ Francis** made this shock announcement to get fellow Catholic Hunter Bidens laptop out of the news!

    If these sinister machinations continue Americans may wake up one day to find themselves being ruled from The Vatican & Tel Aviv!

    **Many arch-Conservative Protestants still believe like Luther & Calvin that the Pope is the anti-Christ!

  18. Does the roman catholic church have no foresight or self reflection of its satanic behaviors?! We are literally living in the endtimes with corona virus. I wake up everyday seeing what chapter,verse of the book of revelation we are symbolicly living in and this tard pope is blessing homosex marriages lol freaking seriously?! All the anti-christs truly will reveal themselfs in the last days

    Inb4 some trad catholics starts some divisive bullshit and says prots are the real heretics lol your dumb pope is literally endorsing homosex gtfo

  19. Christian doctrine is inseparable from the notion of the virtue of chastity being something that can be maintained with the power of grace, through prayer, penance and sacrifice. That people today don’t believe it’s possible or believe that it has always been a put-on and a fake says more about their corrupted and limited conceptions of human possibilities than it says about the virtue of chastity.

    Now anyone who has observed Francis carefully can see that he has thumbed his nose at basically all historical conceptions of what Christianity has always been. His ersatz pontificate, beginning with the forced resignation of Benedict (forced by satanists such as Hillary Clinton – she is openly a satanist) has been a calculated repudiation of the Catholic Faith. Before 2010, they couldn’t even extort Benedict into approving of condoms. Not to defend Benedict, who is a modernist. But what is going on in the Church is so obviously a hostile takeover by people with a pathological hatred of Christianity, and an obsession with its desecration, even to the point of publicly worshipping idols and likely burning down Notre Dame Cathedral (why was Michelle Obama drinking wine at the scene of the inferno?), that it is hard to see how people who still keep the Faith will accept Francis as a legitimate head of the Church. Nobody who is willing to go along with this garbage is going to be distinguishable from the mass of politically correct peons in the future, only people who reject it are going to carry on anything with a semblance of the Catholic Faith.

  20. Sohrab Amari more like Sodomy Amari a Jesuit funded Iranian piece of shit mouthpiece for cuckservative inc. and the elites of catholicism! Thats a good puppet Ahmari obey your master

    You know Jesuits and some regular priests even have a ritual where they lie down symbolically as cadavers to the pope?! 100% loyal indeed! become a puppet to the pope totally Christian and not at all heretical behavior

  21. What is the difference between Orthodoxy and Catholicism?

    Filioque. Orthodoxy holds that the Holy Spirit “proceeds from the Father”. Catholicism, that it does so “from the Father and the Son”.

    For those of us who were not inculcated with this sort of thinking at an early age, this reads as gibberish.

    What is the difference between Protestantism and Catholicism?

    The Five Solas.

    Sola scriptura: the written text of the Bible is supreme over any tradition or custom.
    Sola fide: faith alone brings salvation; it cannot be bought by good works.
    Sola gratia: salvation comes solely by the unmerited grace of God, not by intervention from any other source.
    Solus Christus: Christ is the only mediator between God and Man; no priestly class is required.
    Soli Deo Gloria: all glory is due to God alone, and not to any other figure.

    I am not a Christian. However, if one was to be a Christian and take it seriously, these principles are all logically self-evident. Either the religion is true and means something – in which case they all apply – or not.

    The experimentally observed problems with Protestant churches and the collapse of religion in modern society isn’t a Protestant-specific problem – American Catholics are exhibiting the same patterns, and from what I’ve seen, there’s similar trends in Europe. Orthodoxy hasn’t had the high profile of the other two, and also rebounded a bit after communism – but there’s as yet no indications that it is immune to the same collapse.

  22. It’s interesting how an Episcopalian voting Gorsuch for recognition of fags is still considered a “Catholic.”

    I think deep down that American Protestants consider Catholicism to be the genuine traditional article, and that they are aware that Protestantism and liberalism are closely allied phenomena. They seem typically more indignant about “Francis” than they are about Donald Trump or mainline Protestants embracing the rainbow flag. (I’ve heard the comment, from an American Catholic, that this is being done to hurt Trump, wouldn’t surprise me if that is a typical American attitude) Yes, Francis doing his Latin Leftist schtick is a catastrophe for the Papacy, even if, as a notorious heretic who is only in that position because his living predecessor was forced out, he is not a legitimate Pope.

    • JPS,

      Good comment. I do not see mainline Protestants in the USA being strongly against homosexual marriages. If they are I must have missed it.

        • Terry Smith,

          That was sweet calling me ma’m. I am going to cherish the compliment. At what age does a female have to attain before she gets to be called m’am in your opinion?

          • I imagine young miss, it would perhaps depend upon who she is being addressed by and for what reason or maybe by her apperance and demeanor , but i have learned good manners are a virtue and it is my duty to be polite and courteous with the fairer sex. , one of the better things in life to be allowed to conduct ones self as a gentleman for a lady such as yourself. Your post is a real treat , thank you kindly m’am

        • Terry Smith,

          Thank you for your comment. I do not know much about you but I think you must be from the South.

    • That pope looks so repulsive and sinister he could be the Devil himself. Was a Jew, an Arab, a Negro or a mixture of all three?

  23. Don’t worry about the Pope, he’s very well selected. He is only doing what needs to be done to keep the institution on the same criminal course that it has been on for more than one thousand years. It changed tack from time to time but has never changed its destination. There is an excellent history article today on The Saker, that shows Roman Catholicism to be the U.S.’s and the world’s strongest anti-communist force: https://thesaker.is/phoenix-and-the-rebirth-of-evil-part-ii/ ” “T)he religious orgy of mindless killing and torture could not go on forever (…) Pope Pius’s first lieutenant for the Americas, Cardinal Francis Spellman was more belligerent than ever and the loyal soldier of the Vatican, William Colby, was hurriedly dispatched to Vietnam to bolster Diem’s murderous dictatorship (…) the anonymous architecture and anodyne titles hid some of the worst torture centres known to modern history. In the warped minds of Colby and his many Catholic minions, the only way to purge South Vietnam of ‘godless communism’ was to bring back a turbo-charged version of the Holy Inquisition. The bow-tie wearing Savonarola understood that his war was only as good as the reports he sent to Robert Komer (the old CIA hand and Head of Pacification in Vietnam) and Johnson. To ensure a co-ordination of information, the centres were connected by telephone and teleprinter to other centres and the collation of the huge amounts of information produced by the tens of thousands of tortured prisoners was performed by super modern computers located in a dedicated centre in Saigon. This is what gave Phoenix its specific ‘flavour’—the blending of medieval cruelty and super-modern technology. And the torture was truly medieval. The prisoners were left to the tender mercies of criminal ARVN staff who employed everything from electroshocks to the genitals, deadly beatings and removal of nails, waterboarding, rape, sleep deprivation and other techniques still used by the CIA to extremely sadistic acts that remind one of the Sack of Magdeburg or Pavelic’s extermination camps. Kenneth Barton Osborn, an army military intelligence officer who worked with Phoenix in 1967 and 1968 flatly told the US House Operations Subcommittee that not a single VC suspect survived interrogation under his supervision. He discussed two of the murders that he witnessed personally: on one occasion, a piece of wood was inserted into the ear canal of a detainee and hammered into his brain; in another, a woman was simply left in a small cage to starve to death.” In the U.S., not only traditional Catholics but also the Mormons are disproportionately involved in the “intelligence” industry.

  24. The U.S. is a Catholic (and Talmudic) country now, and Britain also has been a Catholic country for years, thanks to immigration, hence Tony Blair’s politically savvy “conversion” more than ten years ago: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-504226/Tony-Blair-converts-Catholicism–immigration-means-Britain-Catholic-country.html

    Is it coincidental that so many war criminals, including Tony Blair, General Westmoreland, Shiro Ishii, and Adolf Eichmann, all converted to Catholicism? Why “the word ‘religious’ should be added to the ‘military-industrial complex’ term”: http://libertymagazine.org/article/the-war-within

  25. Betcha Jorge Bergoglio is spitting mad that ACB was confirmed by the US Senate. I seriously doubt she, as a devout Catholic, is down with the leftwing causes he supports.

    • Not so. It’s okay, whatever works in each situation, all to the same end of world domnation. Bergoglio is as fascist as can be. Look at his history in Argentina.

  26. Michael Leroy,

    I could not find a Reply button so I answer you separately. I thank you for the information you have provided. It does appear that Putin is an extremely capable leader.

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