Trump Grants Clemency To Five Criminals

It is called the Platinum Plan.

It is going to be incredible, believe me!


Your Favorite President

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  1. He is sucking more jogger dick than the half-black democrat Barack Obama did. White nationalists that support this fool is a bunch of idiots.

  2. Someone should tell Blormpf that these nibbas are ineligible to vote for him because they are all convicted felons.

  3. Truly, we got the President we deserved. But at least he’s not the Walking Dead, nor the Hindoo goddess of destruction/whore of San Fran…

    “Trump is in favor of civil rights just as John F. Kennedy was, but Trump does not see that the civil rights movement had nothing to do with civil rights. The negro already had civil rights, particularly in the old South prior to the Civil War: he had the right to raise a family and be a part of a Christian civilization, a right he was not afforded in Africa or Liberaldom. The civil rights movement was part of the ongoing Jacobin revolution. The negro had to become the new savior of the European people in order to keep the new trinity intact. A return to mere civil rights and away from the worship of the negro, which is what Trump represents, is an intolerable attack on the liberals’ faith. They won’t permit such an attack, just as they will not tolerate any effort to deal with the communists as an enemy nor any attempt to deal with unborn infants as human beings. We must progress, we can never go back. And moral progress is always measured by the illuminated minds of the liberals. Whatever moves the European people away from Christian Europe is seen as progress, and whatever seems to be taking us back, even slightly, is seen as heresy, a heresy that must be punished with fire and sword.

    If you are still a European Christian, you should take note of the liberals’ hatred of Trump. He is a millennialist Christian, which is far afield from European Christianity, and he is a classical liberal who wants whites to be included in the American dream. But that small retrogression has made him a hated figure in Liberaldom. So what would they think of me and thee if they knew our views on liberals and Christian Europe? Ask not for whom the death knell tolls, it tolls for thee and me.”-

    • Sir they do know our views, you can be certain of that and i am glad they do that way i dont have to look at their ugly faces as i explain my views.

    • After JFK’s assassination the Democrats completely abandoned White voters and pinned all their hopes on the Negro vote and later, Hispanic and other non-White voters for electoral victory. The radical 1964 Civil Rights (so called) legislation was viciously anti-White in intent and the 1965 Hart-Cellar immigration act was designed to flood the country with wogs to swamp the White population. The Democrats believed (correctly) that the overwhelming majority of colored people would naturally vote anti-White i.e. Democrat, and they were correct.

      The Democrats also correctly sized up the Republicans as being worthless and loathsome, in the pockets of big business and completely amoral. The Republicans could be counted upon to betray their own White voters for the shekels that would rain down upon them from degenerates like Sheldon Adelson. The Democrats believed they had a winning, anti-White strategy that would bring them permanent victory; “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years!” LBJ proclaimed after the 1964 legislation with its cornucopia of gibs became law.

      The only reason Republicans have won since 1964 is because the Democrats have been disasters when in power. The Republicans became the White party by default and have won elections only by default, not by their own merits. If the Republicans were the White party representing White interests they would sweep the field, this year’s election wouldn’t even be close. If the Republicans were to represent White interests – and resist the thirty pieces of silver offered by the Usual Suspects (and others) to stab in the back their supporters they wouldn’t be good Republicans, though. The demographics are now so arrayed against us that the Democrats are now on the cusp of permanent victory, thanks to the scumbag Republicans.

  4. In the war, you need to victory, not virtue signaling. Black folk is very effective in case of our side need some peaceful protesting

    In the real war, you need warriors, not braindead scared dysfunctional “gun owners” who are too afraid to take any action.

    • @ juri to take action before the police stand down would be very, very unwise sir, to defend family, friends, home and self is duty. Anything else at the moment would be very unwise.we all know what is coming, no need to hasten it . prepare , get ready and stay ready.

  5. It’s a shame that Trump has such awful advisors. I assume this was the idea of Co-President Kushner.

    What is really interesting and depressing, in retrospect, is an article I read on Amren. The author mentioned that the Democrats have turned into the party of welfare recipients and billionaires (corporate welfare recipients).

    He was looking at the “Hispanic/Latino” vote which tends to mirror working class/middle class Whites and his graph showed that most of Trump’s support came from middle class people. Trump’s whole domestic program should have been designed to grow the middle class. Had he focused on doing so, he could have built a multiracial coalition and yes, I count “African-Americans” in that number.

    The first thing he had to do was remove any penalties to recipients of welfare or disability or social security if their spouse had a good job or their teenaged children got jobs. Or even if they get employed. One expert says that money kept in private hands recirculates through the economy five times, creating more employment.

    In doing so, he would have moved a lot of poor families from marginal or poor to middle class, which is the majority of his supporters.

    The second thing to do was beat the Democrats to the punch (although I suspect they will never do it; just dangle it like a carrot the way conservatives dangle their carrot to the pro-life crowd) and sign an executive order wiping out all student loans as they were already paid off repeatedly with every bank bailout. That gets him the barista youth vote.

    When the corporations start whining for cheap immigrants, Trump can spoke their wheels by making sure they have passed documented criminal background checks and have to be bonded and insured by the companies who want to hire them. The one way to end a glut of green cards is to make sure foreign workers aren’t any cheaper than American workers, thus growing the middle class.

    • If Trump were to do the things you recommend he wouldn’t be a good Republican. The one thing above all else both the Republicans and Democrats agree upon is that debt is sacred, there can never be a debt jubilee of any kind. Ironically, one from the Left who has advocated for student loan debt forgiveness is Pocahontas.

      Even a blind pig finds an acorn every once in a while.

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