The Daily Beast Recycles More Antifa Lies

UPDATE: Eddie Gorcenski is behind this latest smear which is interesting given that Eddie’s associates in Antifa have done the very thing which he is falsely accusing me of doing.

I was just informed of this.

By my count, this is like the fifth or sixth time it has happened.

The Daily Beast:

“The warrant sought information—including private messages and IP information—on Chad Bagwell, an Alabama man who posted on Gab and attended at least one white supremacist rally under his own name. The investigation appears to have begun when Bagwell suggested another prominent Gab user doxx (that is, reveal private information on) federal officials, particularly in the Justice Department. …

“you wouldn’t think of using your considerable doxxing talents on the Federal Government next, would you?” Bagwell wrote to Gab user Hunter Wallace, an account long linked to Brad Griffin, a prominent member of the neo-Confederate group League of the South, in October 2018. “We start with Rosenstein, work our way down to the arresting agents themselves? Get ourselves a big ole’ list of any System Pig who’s ever harmed our people in any way. Could be a useful thing to have in the event of, um, future contingencies.” …

Bagwell could not be reached for comment for this story, and was not charged with a crime. Griffin did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and has also not been charged with a crime in connection to the warrant …”

Here we go again.

Antifa have a long history of concocting absurd stories, which they recycle in the media through friendly “journalists,” which attempt to “link” me to various insane plots and people.

A few years ago, Kelly Weill of The Daily Beast tried to associate me with the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers. The whole basis of her previous smear article was that Bowers was on Gab and had “regabbed” one of my articles that I wrote about how I was disappointed with Donald Trump’s presidency. He had also replied in the comments to one of my Gab posts. I didn’t know the guy who was a total stranger. I quit posting on Gab shortly after that incident almost two years ago now.

Next up, Chris Joyner of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recycled a blog post from Atlanta Antifa which made the wild allegation that I provided an accelerationist group called “The Base” with a “hit list.” Once again, I had never heard of these people either until I saw their names in the media. The idea that I would ever get involved with a group like “The Base” is laughable. The leader of the group turned out to be some kind of federal agent. Once again, I haven’t done anything but run this website for two years now.

This is probably the most hysterical article ever written me. This time it is insinuated that I worked with some random fedposter on Gab to dox Rod Rosenstein and a bunch of federal agents. No proof whatsoever of this is given because it never happened. Instead, I quit posting on Gab because I perceived it was full of toxic people like that and I now spend most of my time here writing about American history.

I wasn’t aware that I had been contacted about this “story.” If someone from the The Daily Beast did call me, I didn’t answer the phone because I didn’t recognize the number and even if I did I wouldn’t talk to the media because everyone can now see that they are a bunch of liars. It is their friends in Antifa and BLM who have spent the last six months rioting and doxing DHS and ICE officers.

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  1. These left-wing ”Journalists” need to be sued for libel. They are the modern-day version of Pravda.

  2. Should read Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop. Naive acclaimed novelist forced by Lord Copper of The Beast to cover the Fascist/Communist coup in Ismalia in order to produce “patriotic victory” bylines. We learn early on about Black History Mumf when Waugh applies for a visa at the London embassy for Ismailia. Who invented da Pyramids? De Negro.

  3. Apropo The Beast

    “Why, once Jakes went out to cover a revolution in one of the Balkan capitals. He overslept in his carriage, woke up at the wrong station, didn’t know any different, got out, went straight to a hotel, and cabled off a thousand-word story about barricades in the streets, flaming churches, machine guns answering the rattle of his typewriter as he wrote.
    Well they were pretty surprised at his office, getting a story like that from the wrong country, but they trusted Jakes and splashed it in six national newspapers. That day every special in Europe got orders to rush to the new revolution. Everything seemed quiet enough, but it was as much their jobs were worth to say so, with Jakes filing a thousand words of blood and thunder a day. So they chimed in too. Government stocks dropped, financial panic, state of emergency declared, army mobilized, famine, mutiny — and in less than a week there was an honest to god revolution under way, just as jakes had said. There’s the power of the press for you.”
    Evelyn Waugh, Scoop.

    These fucking people.

  4. Jews are paranoid schizophrenics, the walls are out to get them. 5,000 years of Jews producing children with your sisters and cousins has had a negative effect on Jew mental health.

    The destiny of the Jews is self destruction and Jew destiny is written in the stars by the hand of God.

  5. “You would have to carry me out on a slab before I compromise my defense of the Jewish people, their greatness, their history, their safety, and the state of Israel.”

    • @ fieldsian i feel the same way sir, about jesus, that is, you should be careful, your in the wrong neighborhood. Manners are a good thing to have.

  6. Many lessons learned in the past 4 years:

    1. The FBI is the most powerful non-military criminal organization in America, by far.

    2. Antifa is as establishmentarian as it gets. Defended by the entire Democrat Party, the entire mainstream media, allies with Corporate America, pro-Israel, pro-MIC, and allies with the FBI.

  7. Antifa is essentially a capitalist establishment psyop. Antifa are, effectively, proxies in the service of real fascism.

    • @ anonymous if i may take the liberty of addressing you sir. Antifa satanic, illumanati psyop. Antifa the real virus. Antifa , the home away from home, for ugly out of style people.

  8. One of the lawyers here on OD needs to write a letter for you. There might be a few bucks in it for him, if he strikes oil. What has he got to lose?

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