38 Times President Trump Has Condemned Racism and White Supremacy

This is the closing argument of the 2020 campaign.

The people who are running Donald Trump’s campaign into the ground are putting out videos of Trump denouncing “racism” and “white supremacy.” They have him endorsing things like the American Dream Plan for Hispanic America and the Platinum Plan for Black America. They have him campaigning on Amy Coney Barrett and his “historic tax cuts” and “criminal justice reform.” Yawns.

Note: When Trump loses the 2020 election, these people will blame it on nationalism and populism, which he abandoned years ago in favor of the same old lame mainstream conservatism.

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    • The “solution here,” is to DO something. “Action” is required to restructure America into “Republics,” one for each side / group, ours being A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITES ONLY.

      “EVERYONE” wants America to be restructured now! Now’s our chance.

      Trump is merely the guy that will hold the status quo – so things don’t get way worse which they would under Biden – while we “transition.” Don’t be distracted by BS politics. OF COURSE Trumps handlers have him denouncing that. It’s not real. It’s “playing the game,” because like Spencer said, Americans have been “mind raped” from birth by academia and media to where all they care about is Q and not being racist. Trump won’t save us. WE’LL save us. Trump gives us 4 years to do so …

      WHAT will we DO over the next 4 years to save us?

  1. I get it Hunter, you really really hate Trump.

    Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager, is a total idiot. If Trump does indeed lose it will because of all this mega virtue signaling.

    It’s a terrible campaign, I will agree with you on that.

    Going back to that podcast you did with Richard Spencer, you both seemed relatively unshaken and calm considering that Biden and the anti-White left have a chance of holding total power.

    It doesn’t seem to bother the two of you that much. Perhaps I am wrong and it does concern you, however I don’t see any anti-Biden articles on your website.

    • He has me wondering myself about his credibility. Sure Trump is an asshole a lot of the time, but look at frigging biden!

  2. I keep getting panicked e-mails from the state GOP chairman begging for money. I’m probably going to ask her about the Platinum Plan or the American Dream Plan/Catholic Plan to give money to Hispanics/Latinos.

  3. “Racist” means White person. Trump can condemn it 38 million times but it’s all in vain because Trump is White.

    “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

  4. We know when somebody is against Racism or White Supremacy…it really just means the person is against White People. Think about that if you Vote in the election. Deo Vindice !

  5. Not entirely OT, Lutheran history note for Hunter –

    “Adolf Stoecker (1835 -1909) was court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm II, a German Lutheran theologian who founded the Christian Social Party and attempted to roll back Jewish control. He helped organise The last significant effort to defend Christian national values, the “First International Anti-Jewish Conference” held in Dresden in September 1882.

    They produced a manifesto addressed to “the Governments and Peoples of Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism” which shows how Jewish hegemony was a fait accompli, and explains why the West’s racial cohesion and Christian heritage are in serious disarray.”

    article by rebel Canadian Jew Henry Makow


    • Interesting. But the “rebel” (actually a defender of the Empire of the Almighty Dollar) Henry Makow wants us to not lose faith in capitalism – because “a more virtuous capitalist system is possible.” He also preaches that the global pandemic is “communist conspiracy.” He calls it “a COVID ruse to bring in (((Communism))) ” !!!

    • “Not entirely OT, Lutheran history note for Hunter…”

      Now, THAT’s the stuff that HW should be ‘discussing,’ instead of all the BS Jewish author books, HE seems to find so ‘fascinating.’

      Someone of your commenting horde (of which I am one, no doubt) noted that you keep talking shi* about Trump, but are not discussing the CRIMES OF THE DEMS,’ which are many.’ [ Lk. 7:47] And, unlike the woman in the Gospels, the Dems have no interest in ‘repenting.’

      It got me to thinking. America has descended into a pit of acedia (I’ve mentioned this before, and, as confirmation, had my post to HW deleted!) which is the last step but one before annihilation: and moreover (or in contrast) it’s only those who HAVE MORALS, who are even remotely concerned ABOUT the immoral- in short, Kamala the Hindoo Hore, and Papa Biden, riding’ on the coattails of his son’s crackhead involvement with a whole bunch of Yids and other scum… all this, while he was the token Anglo in the Occupied WHITE House under the Obamanation from Hell….

      Truly, a nation cannot last when her moral sense is not only deadened, but GONE.
      For those who give a damn, here are two posts to let you see how JEWED this entire thing, is…. and I’m not exonerating Trump, either. He’s just as guilty… but Biden and the Left are MORE GUILTY.


  6. Is there white organization HQ that are funded by corporations to advance white interests,but there are all sorts of organizations to advance non white interests.

  7. I am white and I am Christian and I am racially superior to all this disgusting filth that takes such glee and delight in tormenting and persecuting the weak and the innocent. I am with God and God made me superior to this disgusting filth. The creator of all life, God almighty made those who follow his laws, the ones to lead, the ones to rule, and the ones whom are supreme.

    • Luke 18:11 “The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are….”

      1 JOHN 2:2: “And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for [the sins of] the whole world.”

      Might not the first-century Johannine author in an eastern province of the Roman Empire have envisioned “the WHOLE world” that he writes of to include dark-skinned Africans, and “yellow,” “olive,” and “brown” Orientals, or do you think he did not know those peoples exist?

  8. The only major surprise in the 2016 election compared to previous Electoral College Results over the last couple decades was the shift in the Rust Belt. (ignoring the unsurprising results of the increasing Hispanicization of the West with Nevada and Colorado going Democrat and Arizona on the tottering point.) Clearly the lesson learned is the swing vote is the Rust Belt people devastated by Globalism and they took a chance on Trump hoping he’d bring their factory job back. Bannon said last spring how this election was going to be a referendum on China and Globalism. Well, it wasn’t, that’s not the campaign the GOP ran, Trump has grown distant from reality, let his ego go full stream thinking it’s about his personality, and probably been deeply affected by the unending hatred from the media and deep state. I don’t see much of an effective campaign, the same crap McCain ran in ’08. Not to mention traitors of fools squandered his campaign fund mailing out 3 huge fundraising packets to every Republican donor for months. How much did that cost? Is 3 a day really any more effective than say one every week or two? I’ll be surprised if Trump wins, I expect the females to obediently give the media what they want hoping life will go back to normal.

  9. Blompf doesn’t deserve our respect or vote. That’s not an endorsement of Biden who also doesn’t deserve our respect or vote.

    I will be sitting out this presidential election, but if I had to vote for a US presidential candidate, I’d go with Jesse Ventura for shits and giggles.

  10. I’ve been watching some David Icke interviews. Icke repeats that race and religion are constructs that don’t mean anything. The cult at the top merely uses these artificial divisions to keep us at each other, away from them, all of which makes us easier to control.

    If the argument is, as Icke says, that we’re all part of a universal consciousness, and we’re experiencing our lives as part of that consciousness, then the shell we inhabit is just window dressing for the energy contained within. So our appearance and circumstances in most respects is irrelevant, from that viewpoint.

    However, it’s possible to accept that premise, but argue that differences even at this lower stage of existence do matter. “Race realism” does enter into our mundane lives. Icke lives on the Isle of Wight, where he’s mainly safe from minority predation. I don’t know that he would be so philosophical if he lived in Chad of Libya. Even if he understands our true nature as energy, most others do not. And we are saddled with our circumstances and the accompanying limitations. We may be destined for higher levels of existence, but first we’ve got to get through this one.

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